Inchcock Today: Monday 27th March 2017


Monday 27th March 2017

Italiano: Lunedi 27 Marzo 2017

Up late 0445hrs. Feeling fatigued, enfeebled, wearily tired and with so many ailments and pains, I could hardly believe it myself. Shattered and feeling so depressed.

The memories from the dreams I’d had in my marathon sleep session were not pleasant either. I think I must have had at least 7½ hours kip, a lot for me.

As soon as I moved to get out of the £300 second-hand on-its-last-legs recliner, the innards started rumbling away, and nothing else mattered other than to get to the porcelain throne ASAP!

1Mon07In my panic to do this, as I stood up I trod on the headphones. The torch and TV remote thingy fell onto the floor, and I stubbed my big toe against the Ottoman footstool, and then again, against the wet-room door as I scrambled in, then hit my already bruised elbow from yesterday’s Accifauxpa on the cabinet as I sat down!

The evacuation was over in seconds, with much blood loss from Haemorrhoid Harold as well. I cleaned everything and myself up, and plonked myself back down on the throne; Feeling right sorry for me! I think all my common ailments were acting up, apart from Arthur Itis wh0 was little bother this morning – the elbow I clouted when I fell backwards over the Ottoman yesterday was stinging a bit too. I took a few second to try and compose myself.

Into the kitchen to make a brew and take the medications. This was when I realised I had not taken last nights doses or had a meal yesterday? No wonder I feel so rotten.

1Mon05I’d planned to do the laundry this morning, but it was too late to get a machine by now. So I got the computer on and found an email from Sister Jane. She informed me that Arthur had been put to sleep.

Email: “Poor old Arthur is no more, but lovely Vet was so kind. Pete gave him a kiss before he went (not the Vet).
Arf had a lump on his side and had lost a lot of weight and being almost 20, we all decided the inevitable had to be done. They wrapped him in a lovely blanket and Pete dug a grave next to his Mum and Sister in the back garden.
Strange now only 21yr old Fooey Posh Cat and Alberto (about 8yrs).
Sending v.last pic of Arthur on his cushion on the floor as he couldn’t jump up on his fav chair anymore.”

Poor Jane and Pete. I feel so for them. Had a little sob.

By now, I felt horribly down, discouraged and pessimistic about life. The bank problems and the Bully problems joined the health ones in going around and around in my head. I don’t know how long I sat there in a dream world of disturbingly confusing thoughts.

1Mon06Never felt like this before!

Got a good stab of pain from Duodenal Daniel, into the kitchen to get a healthy swig of the rather ineffective medicine, and saw the street lights going out below.

Somehow, I associated this with my life as it is today? I’m sure at this time I was going to sink even lower in spirits… down to the next level of incapability, a resignation, the need for Nepenthe… Luckily, as I was dropping to this level, things suddenly felt not so bad. I thought of the family members of the victims of the terror atrocities, the children, old and young dying in the bombs… and I felt so ashamed of myself.

I’m not saying there was sudden bright light and I felt elevated or anything like that, just that I stopped feeling sorry for myself, and felt a little guilty for doing so in the first place.

By gum that was an intense few moments of writing from me? Sorry about that.

Got yesterday’s diary completed and started this one off up to here.

Did some blogging followed by Facebooking.

Carried out the ablutionisationing, put some antiseptic cream on my battered elbow and dressed ready to catch the L9 bus into town to look at the cameras on offer at Jessops Camera Store.

Took the rubbish bags, four of them today, cause yesterday I wasn’t up to bothering. (Shame indeed!). To the refuse chute on the way down to the foyer.

Hat a gossip with some residents also waiting to go out for the bus of their choice.

The Newcastle Lady from the 14th floor told us that the L8 bus is stopping the service next or this week !?!?! We don’t know it this is for the period of the updating the flats (Mind you, that is going to take a minimum of two years and six months!) Or if it is being deleted permanently? Not good news that!

1Mon09Got into town and walked straight to the Jessop Camera store on Clumber Street.

Where I succumbed to the selling skills of an annoyingly young fit looking assistant with hair. Haha!

Ended up by buying a Nikon Coolpix B700 – ANIKOCMO 85282559 camera.

Well, that’s what the receipt says anyway.

1Mon16I tried to remember the tips kindly given me by Timothy Price, an expert on these things. Being reduced on special offer might have tainted my choice, but the main thing was, the bloke said this one had the highest zoom at X60. I think he said it was a ‘Bridge Camera’, not aware of what this means; I’ll try to remember to look it up later.

I tried to remember the tips kindly given me by Timothy Price, an expert on these things. And, I think I understood some of the things he said, thanks to the advice and tips given me by Tim. Thanks, to Timothy Price.

Being reduced on special offer might have tainted my choice, but the main thing was, the bloke said this one had the highest zoom at X60.

I plodded down to and through the Slab Square to the M & S store and up to the Gentlemen’s outfitting department.

Where I bought some braces and a pair of comfortable looking cotton jammies.

Down the escalator’s, I went into the food section in the basement. Coming out with some Lamb Stew meals and a small loaf of batch bread.

Leaving the store, I  gave a Big Issue Seller a bit of cash. Oh, the look on her poor face as she was totally being ignored, got to me.

I decided to go to the Primark store to see if they had any cheaper braces in stock so as to treat myself to another pair. They did not have any in. So I checked the timing for the bus and decided I had time to go to Victoria Centre and get some nuts and have a look around the market.

Leaving Primark, I came across another Big Issue Seller; he was so obviously trying to look cheerful I gave him a bit of cash too. If I saw any more of these poor soles, I’d have to avoid them, or I’d go broke. Haha!

1Mon10To Upper Parliament Street and over the walkway into the place. Got some nuts and a pair of trousers cause they were 27″ leg, and I don’t often see them this size, just my barrow too!

Left by the same route. The canned tinny music as normal, the leaking roof with buckets and a warning sign near them at the end of the passageway, the flakes of cheap paint dropping down looking like small leaves.

1Mon11Had a hobble around with the now cumbersome and full bags hindering my progress. I know, it’s my fault! Huh!

I timed it well as it happened, arriving at the bus stop and taking this photograph at midday.

The L9 was due at five past the hour.

I enjoyed a little chinwag with a lady at the bus stop.

Getting on the bus, the heavier of the two bags slipped but being the fit quick wizard that I am; I caught it before it fell onto the floor… clouting my damaged elbow on the door edge as I did. Humph!

Toyed with a crossword en route, off the bus, and up to the flat and into the porcelain room. Checked things out, and found the blood had been flowing again. Change of clothes, a wash-up and into the kitchen to put the kettle on. I thought how annoying it was that I overslept for the first time ever, and had no time to do the laundry, now I was getting short of clean clothes due to the extra dirty clothes thanks to the bleeding starting once more. I really must get my head down quick tonight, so I can rise early in the morning and get the laundry done!

Not having a lot of good luck the last few days. But still, no complaints from me (I lie! Hehe!)

1Mon17Got the food away, new apparel and put the new camera away ready for later, when I hope to have the time and concentration to work out how to set it up, and it works.

But, while storing the box with the new camera, I thought it best if I was to put it on charge.

That did it, I got all confused. The charging plug was in three pieces. I had bits and pieces I cold not identify and didn’t know how to fit the strap. Got the booklet, tiny print.

Got it on charge an hour or so later, but no lights or whatever showing. Tried to use the camera, nothing happened.


Eventually, I realised after opening it, there was no battery in it. Back to the box and found it. Fitted it and put one of the old SD cards in.

Ah, it was charging now. Unplugged and took a photograph of the radio in the kitchen to try out.

The real test will come when I try to get a distance shot later.

Well, it works!

1Mon19Put it back onto charge, took the photo.

The green ring light was flashing on and off. I assumed that means it is nearly charged?

Must keep my eye on this. Don’t want to spoil the new battery now, do I?

I got the mushrooms in the saucepan of water, added some Soy Mushroom Sauce them simmering.Put some chips in the oven.


Put some chips in the oven.

Updated this blog up to here.

Checked the TV magazine to what to watch, lots of interest tonight. But the eyelids were growing heavy, and I knew the chances of any viewing would be rather slight. 

Got the fodder ready.

1Mon20Cooked meat, cheeses, beetroot, mushrooms and chips. Not cooked enough, but there you go… further proof I’m not a cook or chef. Hehe!

Best I could grant this effort score-wise was a 5/10.Took the medications and tended to Haemorrhoid Harold’s discharge.

Took the drugs and tended to Haemorrhoid Harold’s discharge.

Got the goggle-box on and managed to stay awake for a full programme.

Yet another weird dream. I was flying (literally) all over the world (in seconds) trying to bring peace and harmony. Of course, I failed, then I decided I had no option other than to blow-up the Earth and hung in space watching the explosion. Felt pleased that I’d eradicated the violence, hatred, greed and animosity… then I faded out of the dream – and believe it, cause it’s true – I found myself in a TV commercial for Fairy Snow soap powder as a women doing the washing, but singing the 1962 Pepsodent toothpaste jingle ♫ “You’ll wonder where the yellow went – When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent!” ♫

I woke again and realised I’d only been sleeping for few minutes? How can one do so much in a dream in seconds? Anyway, I know I wrote down all about this dream cause I found it on the pad in the morning.

I couldn’t get this tune out of my head!


Insanity has arrived in my brain!