Inchcock Today – Sunday 12th March 2017: The odd, sporadic moments of activity, but they really were sparse!


Sunday 12th March 2017

Hindi: रविवार 12 मार्च 2017

Woke and laid there again doing my best to recall the dreams, which I just knew I’d been having, but without any luck.

0245hrs: I thought it was Monday for some reason at first, and dragged myself out of the £300 second-hand on its last legs recliner and to the porcelain for a heavy duty session – oh dear me… The blood didn’t half flow via Haemorrhoid Harry this morning. As I was cleaning myself and the WC up, I came to the decision that maybe, perhaps, just possibly the cause was the well cooked crispy batter from the Chip Shop Sausages yesterday? More extra washing to do, and it is a good job I have a good supply of kitchen towels. Hehe!

7Sun02aWashed up, and to the kitchen, made a brew and did the health checks.

Sorted next weeks medication pots for morning and night, then did the midday ones.

Then I put some salad potatoes in the saucepan on a low light to boil.

As I began to get the things ready for the bank meeting, it dawned on me that it was Sunday not Monday. Sad or what?

I’m not very happy with this lack of Whoopsiedangleplops the last couple of days. I think it’s the fear and expectancy of the next one being more serious in nature? Hehe! And it doesn’t half make these diaries more boring than usual.

Computer turned on and finished yesterday’s diary and started this on off. Did the graphics.

After many hours this one below was finished for the TFZer Site. Hope they like it.


I espied something as I looked out of the front window…

One of the itinerant wayfaring disappearing garden peas, that I managed to tip off the plate two day’s ago (I think?)? How it managed to end up there I have no idea? Any suggestions, please? Hehehe! 


Facebooked a while, then back onto graphicationalisticalisationing.

7Sun02bGot an early meal cooking. Smoked streaky bacon, minted potatoes and garden peas to have a fight with. Hehe!

Did a bit of cleaning up, then back to the CorelDraw, TFZers and Facebook.

Ate up the fodder and really enjoyed it too.

The smoked streaky bacon web was gorgeous and tasty too!

Got a late shower and ablutionising. Took the evening medications and applied the creams and lotions to the required areas. (Hehe!)

Tiredness overcame me really early and I was no good at concentrating on anything whatsoever.

So I tried reading the book, but that only sent me to sleep.

But on the Doctor Who DVD, which was successful for a while until I drifted off into oblivion.

Put the TV on to watch a film on BBC2, that I thought I might manage as there are no commercials on this channel. But, the film story being so slow, I was soon in the land of nod… where I stayed for hours and hours!