Inchcock Today – Tue 18th Sept 2018: Trotsky Terence takes over my innards! And, I think the evil boll-weevil black biting beetles are planning a counter-attack!


Tuesday 18th September 2018

Macedonian: Вторник 18 септември 2018 година

WD173.2.2 0255hrs: I stirred and waited for the brain to catch me up. It didn’t take long. Reality merged with the senses, and panic set-in!

Porc01 The need for the Porcelain Throne had never been more urgent in my adult life! I was out of the £300 second-hand recliner within seconds. (It felt like it anyway). I was convinced I hobbled to the wet room looking like a character played by Kenneth Williams in a Carry on Nurse film, doing my best to retain the evacuation from being premature and any unsightly embarrassment. I got there on time but never has been a nearer thing, without an actual calamity. The liquified removal was not a nice feeling, and repeatedly I thought it was over, only for it to start off again. I ended up reading the aptly entitle ‘Catastrophy’ book, while I waited for some indication of the confirmation of completion having been attained.

A chapter or so later of the book being digested, I risked getting up and having a clean up of the room and self. New PP’s, and fresh air and body spray used copiously.

To the kitchen, took the medications and as I was about to start the Health Checks…

Porc02 I had to hasten back to the Throne, for another similar but not so-long session. Almost liquids evacuated once more. I freshened up and returned to the kitchen to carry out the Health Checks again.


The flipping Sys was back up again. Tsk! And, the weight was well up, despite my having got rid of what felt like gallons of liquid in the two Throne sessions.

My current mood could hardly be called hardly be described as idyllic. Rather pessimistic and sceptical I reckon.

2Tue04I carried out a recce on the evil boll weevil biting beetles situation.

Sit-Rep: After a good search around the rooms in the flat. I collected a few weevil-bodies from wetroom, balcony window bottom and the spare room.

In the spare room, and the balcony window, there were many live beetles, but only tiny ones. They were too fast for me to catch, but I sprayed the area with the ‘Raid’ spray.

2Tue02fIn the old bedroom, I had a lool put of the window to see this view and thought it would be worth recording.

Of course, one can’t tell in the picture of the scene, but by gum, the winds were blowing up a gale almost. The trees below are in for some damage if this weather keeps up.

WD173.2.2 I’d turned off the light to take this photo. On the way out of the room, I tripped over the old hoover tubes. Fancy that! I clouted my right knee on the corner of the machine. A bit of edging-plastic broke off! I hope it still works. No damage worth bothering about mentioning to Inchcock.

2Tue03Around, 0400hrs: I put my hearing aids in and made my way to the kitchen.

Where the noise of the wind blowing about the cellophane coverings on the outside of the windows, made me take them out again.

I imagine that any tenants with their plastic sheeting still not, will have got woken by the volume of the noise. I decided to make a mug of tea…

Porc03 The visit and results were homogeneous with the other two trips, other than perhaps a little less volume. Which I was beholden for! But, after this visitations, the innards started to grumble as if it was ready to go again? Tsk! Hope I can get out later… or is that a wise decision I asked myself? I didn’t get an answer.

Finally, I got to finish the Monday diary and get it posted off.

I sent an email to the Doctors surgery, asking for an appointment for the date on the Anticoagulant Therapy Record sheet as instructed. It is not until Tue 2nd October! I implored and begged them for an early in the day appointment. I don’t know why I bothered!

Started this blog off. Had to stop, to get the ablutionisationing done.

Made up two bags of rubbish that I took put to the chute with me, and a giant bag of recyclable gear and dropped it near the caretaker’s door as I left the block.

2Tue06The first thing that hit me was the power of the wind out there.

It nearly blew me beyond the recycling bin!

I took a picture upwards of the Willmott -Dixon subcontractors working on the balconies high in the sky.

Then part of the being built from scratch centre Extra Care Residential Flats building. The whole new build is to be named: Winwood Heights: Nottingham’s latest retirement village. I bet it’s not as well fitted out as the old flats, like Woodthorpe Court where I dwell. I bet the new place doesn’t get free evil boll weevil biting black beetles supplied when the new windows are fitted. I reckon their fire alarm be working too!


This white rusty-van-man came a bit closer to me as he drove up the drive than I would have liked. I think he is waiting to get into the delivery compound of the new block.

I pressed on and into the Nottingham City Homes, Winchester and Woodthorpe Court’s Winwood Flats, Hauptsturmführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room. Noticing the wind had knocked down the sign and barrier that tells us the Footpath is Closed.

The hearing aid batteries on both aids packed up as I was chatting to Sturmscharführeress Wardens Deana and Julie. But of course, I have been forbidden from mentioning any communications I have with any Nottingham City Homes personnel or agents, on this blog by Cat Walk Model and Obergruppenfürheress Angela. So, I won’t.

I had to go back up to the apartment to get the old hearing aids. I’d forgotten how the new SpecSaver hearing aid batteries last… or rather, don’t last.

Many tenants were in the shed when I got back, and I listened and chatted with them and had a few bits of fun, verbally.

The buses arrived, and I got on the Nottingham bound one. But was only going a few stops to the top of the hill on Woodborough Road. Where after the driver kindly ran me to the end of the road, so I had less far to walk to the Aldi store, I thanked him.

The wind much worse on the top of the hill, and I had to struggle against it as I hobbled to the shop.

I bought: Hoisin Pork Ribs, mini-potatoes, fresh cream doughnut, some nibbles to restock the bin with, a lemon yoghourt, brown sandwich thins, chicken legs, fresh green beans, tomatoes, sliced cooked pork, and some crispy bacon slices.


I’d spent a good while in the store, and when I came out, although still windy, it was far less so.

I spotted an additional board had been put up beside the Welcome to Mapperley Community Centre poster. ‘All lead been removed from this roof & replaced with a substitute that has no resale value!’ A Sad world nowadays innit?

I walked along the road to Winchester Street Hill. I coped alright with the wind – I think the heavy bag helped.

2Tue08aAs I turned right down towards Winchester Street Hill, I saw three police cars (I didn’t know we in Nottingham had that many left?), parked in the Belle Vue Lodge Nursing Home.

I plodded down the road. All seemed eerily quiet to me. Apart from the traffic, even the wind seemed to drop, and the mind went off on one its meandering through the past routines.

2Tue07bI came back to semi-reality as I approached the number 40 bus stop, where when I catch that bus home from town, I drop off.

You can see what I mean about it being dodgy crossing the road here, with the traffic coming fast down the hill, and the sudden appearances of vehicles getting a run up the steep incline.

I hobbled on down to the Sherwood Vale turn-2Tue09off and onto Chestnut Way.

I shall miss all this vehicular mayhem when the building and upgrading finishes.

A few fellow tenants at the bus stop gave me a hello-there Gerry, and wave, and I returned a cheery greeting to them.

The Willott-Dixon lads were all busy, mainly on the new extra-care block.

I took this photographicalisation depicting how difficult it must be for the lads working within such a confined space.

I plodded on along the narrow pedestrian and traffic-sharing Chestnut Way.

Roys other half came along in the opposite direction. She told me that Roy was now home from the hospital. This was good news. I said I’d nip up to see him.

I think I’ll take the cream doughnuts for them to celebrate with.

2Tue11Porc04 I got into the apartment. Amazing how lucky I was here. I went in the wet room for a wee-wee, and it turned into the fourth Porcelain Throne session!

I must report that a few of the baby evil boll weevil biting black beetles were running around the wet room floor. Gnash!

2Tue10 So, I investigated in the kitchen and spare room. The kitchen only had a few of the weevils, and they were all dead ones.

Worryingly, in the spare room, there were plenty of the dang things on the inner window ledge come shelf. I sprayed an adult one with the ‘Raid’ killer spray. The beast moved and shook off the poison and trotted off to the hole in the plaster?

Not a good sign, this happening!

Eventually, I got round to sorting out the purchases. Got the oven warming, and checked the potatoes in the crock-pot.

Made a start on updating this diary.

I nipped to see Jenny, to ask her which flat Roy lived at, cause I couldn’t remember the floor number. Bless her, she put me right straight away. And she was looking in fine form, too. Back to the flat to collect the cream cakes and off to Roy’s flat. Welcomed by his better half, we had a chat and laugh. Roy had done amazingly well, considering all he had gone through. Newkie visited as I was leaving. A favourite couple, much loved. So glad the lad is improving, he had a terrible time and big operation in the hospital.

Back to the flat. Checked the slow-cooker and got the seasoned potatoes in the oven.

Had a go updating Facebook while I waited.

2Tue26Nosh served up.

The meal looked fair enough, it smelt nice, but for some reason, l did not enjoy it as much as I expected to and ate only about a third of it.

I suppose I might have been worried about the Trotsky Terence situation being made worse?

Hopefully, things will calm down soon. (He says, full of no confidence. Hehe!).

2Tue24Once again, there were some programmes on the TV that I wanted to view. I got it all sorted and written down. Times and channels.

Got the pots washed, did the last Health Checks and medication taking.

1600hrs: started to watch TV.

1609hrs: Nodded off.

Woke at 2103hrs.

Nodded off at about 2115hrs.

Woke at 0130hrs, in need of the Porcelain Throne!



9 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Tue 18th Sept 2018: Trotsky Terence takes over my innards! And, I think the evil boll-weevil black biting beetles are planning a counter-attack!

  1. Wind whistling through the plastic on the windows must have a wonderful tone to it? And then you went out in the wind. Pretty spry sounding. Nice of you to visit Roy it will do both of you good. So the EBWIBBBs are going on a counter offensive? They’re probably reading your WWI history behind your back. That’s a well arranged dinner. Too bad it wasn’t quite right.

    • Haha! The sounds from the windows reminded me the music used in Quatermass and the Pit (the second version). All eerie!
      ‘They’re probably reading your WWI history behind your back.’ well put and thought of, Tim. I like it!
      Still not right with the Trotskies yet, Tim. Likely th cause of me not enjoying the nosh?
      Cheers, mate.

  2. I agree this is critically interesting, but I am still reeling about the BBC refusing to televise Princess Eugenia’s wedding.
    I just don’t think I can properly live without another 4 hour broadcast of a Royal Wedding.
    You Brits are so much luckier. You put up with the royals, while we are being decimated by Donald Dump.
    Where is the Queen when we need her?

    • Hehe! Cindy, we have our expenses fiddling, lying, money-grubbing, predatory, rapacious, selfish, deficient, bloody-minded, self-absorbed, self-serving, covetousness MPs to contend with. Haha!
      Your leader is probably worse that all of our MPs, though.
      My sympathy.
      TTFNski, thanks.

  3. Why does the mere mention of “Carry on Nurse” make me think of the first daffodils of spring??? Oh, yes! LOL! (One of my favorite English film series, thought the naughty girls of St. Trinian’s certainly gives them a run!)

    • Hahaha!
      If you get a chance, although you may have seen it already, Carry on Cabby is one of my favourites. In black & white, it shows how London really was in the 50’s-60’s.
      I don’t like the new St Trinians films though. Now I’m thinking of Hyacinth Bouquet (Bucket) Hehehe!
      Cheers, Doug.

      • Onslow and Daisy…woo woo! And Our Rose and the vicar. Poor Richard! Yeah, the newer St. Trinians fall short of the first ones…. Mr. Bean! the one where he went to the dentist and dressed in his Mini while driving is a favorite! Of course, the turkey on head business was comedic genius, though I nearly gave myself a hernia laughing through the complete Black Adder series! Allo! Allo! – WWII was lots of fun…if you weren’t in it! Waiting for God- never missed it! And Are You Being Served? with Mrs. Slocum and her pussy (I love cats, of course!) Gad! British comedies are an addiction! The Vicar of Dibley… ah!, Poor Emma Chambers – not laughing now.

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