Inchcock Today: Sun 30th Sept 2018: Graphicationalisationing Day


Sunday 30th September 2018

German: Sonntag 30 September 2018

0043hrs: Woke and found some scribble on the notepad. I added bits I could recall of the dream to those there, to use immediately, before the thoughts were gone off into the ether.

Inchcocks Eidolon-like nocturnal reverie report Hehe!: I was walking atop a coastal hillside, and searching for I know not what. I was ferreting in the bushes and grass, delving down pot-holes, etc. when the ground gave way, and I tumbled down and down, landing in a gigantic cavern, and died the instant my blubbery body his the rocks at the bottom and burst open. My soul, Ka or ghost, floated out of the earthly body and I cognised that there were hundreds of spirits, ghouls, Angels or demons floating around the cave. They showed no interest in me whatsoever. They seemed to be holding a confab about the state of mankind between themselves.  I found I could fly, or float and went around listening to their conversations. What I heard did not bode well for the tellurians left alive. They were all to be returned to life after their death, as Weevils?

Suddenly a loud klaxon sounded, at that moment all the entities looked directly towards me and scowled… as some wild looking creatures with two heads, long claws and teeth came from nowhere and escorted me brutally out of the cave, back up on to the cliff-top where I fell-down from in the first place. I sense the journey up to the ground level, was arduous and painful for me, but no details can be recalled?

As I got dropped into the bushes, a large group of twitchers came over to me, asking where did I come from and was I alright, and did I know I had a leg missing and was bleeding?

When I told them what had happened, they mocked me, laughed, called me a lying nitwit and walked away suggesting I go forth and multiply.

I turned and started to fall down the same hole again!

I’m not sure if the apparitional dream did not repeat itself…

By gum, I’ve never remembered so much of a nocturnal vision, I don’t think.

I disentangled my ‘signs of nocturnal-nibbling covered body’ from the £300 second-hand recliner. Put the newly updated notepad next to the computer, and picked up the biscuit tub from the floor where it had fallen. Off for a short-sharp wee-wee.

Got the Health Checks done.


7Sun02Sys, Dia, and Pulse all down a bit, at last. Ye-ha!

W0.0.128 Shaking Shaun paid a visit while I was taking the photograph of the sphygmomanometer readings. Luckily for me, there was no Dizzy Dennis in attendance this time.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Off, dearie me, another messy session. Got rinsed and sprayed 7Sun03the ‘Raid’ bug killer in all rooms. Not so many dead carcases were found this morning, although still too many.

Not a single living evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle was found. If this is a good thing or not, I’m not sure. Or are the cunning little beasts planning another surprise attack on me?

Back to the computer, to make a start on updating and finalising the Saturday post. Not a big one, cause I could not recall a lot of what happened. Yet, today, I can remember so much about last nights dream? Mind you, can’t remember making the notes I wrote down about it!

Z02aI got the diary finished and posted off to WordPress.

Made a start on this one, up to here, then went on the TFZer Facebook site.

Then on CorelDraw to do some Graphicalisations of the TFZer and post them off to the site.

This is Shirley, with me of course, handily placed to respond to her call for any needs, nibbles, or a massage in an instant.

I’d just done the stairs for her in her weekend pad. Flipping hard graft up and down them there steps… But, she deserves it.

Young04aThen, I did Julie. She is a Cat-Walk Model and Manageress of the local Alcoholic Addiction Treatment Center, you know. And, Part-Owner of the Double Dip eatery in Chariton, Iowa. So she is handy for her to give AA-Councilling for Thomas and Keith.

One of her more stubborn patients, Keith, was having an AA meeting at the time the photograph was taken. Hehehe!

Then the most desirable Pole-Dancer Sandie was visited and graphicalised.

WoolShe had TFZer men visiting at the time.

But, you can’t blame the lads.

Luckily I had Nurse Janet with me to help me get better viewing position. Haha!

Ah-well, I enjoyed doing them. But, I must stop now, to get the ablutionisationing tended to. It could take a while today, I didn’t shave yesterday. Last time I left it for two days, I ended up with five cuts on the face from shaving, so must taketh care this time. Haha!

Back in a bit…

I’m back, but later than planned.

I collected around 22 more dead evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles from the wet room. I did the ablutions (Only one cut shaving).

7Sun15Then decided to take the black bags to the waste chute, and tied the large recycling bag to take down to the caretakers’ door as I went on a little min-hobble.

Just a trip around the block – so as to put it. To get a bit of exercise.

I got down and outside, and it seems that a lot of other tenants had decided to dump their recycling bags at the same place on 7Sun10the same day?

I walked part-way along Chestnut Walk, then I decided to go the other around instead. I think my My irresolute, vacillating aboulia had returned. Haha!

Anne Gyna gave me no bother as I walked up the gravel footpath into Woodthorpe Grange 7Sun11Park. No, that’s not true. I should have said, walked up the newly sanded walkway! That looks nice and smart. I don’t know how long it will last, but it is a lot more comfortable to walk on now they done the sanding of the walkway hill.

As I hobbled down the park footpath, I was glad to see that many dogs and owners were back on the football pitch and fields again, now 7Sun12that the travellers had moved on.

The lads were limbering up ready for their match on the bottom pitch.

On to Mansfield Road, over the hill and down into Sherwood.

Called into the Wilko store to see if they had any Raid spray in stock, but they had not. I bought a brown shoe polish. Didn’t realise how much it was until I got to the checkout. £3!

7Sun13Out and to the Co-op, got some ice-cream cornets.

Uphill along Winchester Street back home.

Sister Jane rang, the reception was terrible, and the battery that I’d charged up this morning was over a third down after the call. Humph! She only told me off once, too!

7Sun14Back on Chestnut Walk, not a soul in sight. It felt sort of eerie.

Got in the flat, and knew I was about to fade fast, even this early in the day… mind you, I had got up early, even for me.

Wee-wee – Health Checks, rinse and got the meal cooking.

1Mon001Nosh on, minted lamb hock, gravy, peas and roast potatoes.

Updated this diary a bit.

Nosh served up. A most disappointing one it was too. The Iceland lamb was fatty tasting and bland in the extreme. I shan’t bother with buying one, again, and I have the other hock in the fridge to eat yet. Tsk! Still, the minted peas and roast potatoes were very flavoursome and the gravy I made, was so-so. A flavour rating of 6.5/10. Apart from some of the lamb, I ate it all up anyway.

I got down earlier than usual in the £300 second-hand recliner and soon started the nodding-offs. I was off into the land of nod proper in no time.

Inchcock Today – Sat 29th Sept 2018: Lost the day to six-hours of graphicationalisationing and a blank-spell. Another lonely see nobody day, indoors. Ah-Well!


Saturday 29th September 2018

Dutch: Zaterdag 29 September 2018

0100hrs: Woke up, the mind almost alert straight away, but uninterested in anything at that time, other than to get the two graphics I started yesterday finished off? No meandering off on complex subjects or galimatias this morning.

Getting my heavy but wobbly body free of the £300 second-hand recliner seemed to take little effort. Off to the kitchen, and got the Health Checks done.


Started the computer, to finish off the two outstanding graphics for the diary headers…


Come to think of it, their CEO, Michael T Fries, does look like a Mafia Boss, doesn’t he?

I did the last two graphics updated on CorelDraw.

The internet stuttering eased off, and I pressed on with finalising the Friday post and got it sent off to WordPress.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Once again a messy affair. Tsk!

Not so many Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles around at the moment. Good!

6Sat03Got my first mug of tea of the day, and started this post off.

Took this photo from the kitchen window.

Then, concentrated on getting the drafts made up.

Five an a bit hours later… I got them finished! Phew!

6Sat06Prepped some bags for the chute, and made up a large recycling bag to go down with me when I leave. (But I never did leave)

Got mushrooms sliced and in the crock-pot on a low setting.

Back on the computer.

6Sat04After 0630hrs, I leant out of the kitchen window to take these photographic efforts.

The one on the left here was taken blind, upwards to show the new balcony pods with their multiple thick bars that block out the light and view.

6Sat05Then on the right, another blind shot down towards Chestnut Way below.

The reason they were both handicapped in being taken? The new windows with the sticking out ledge means I cannot see below, as the opening in the window is much higher than the old one. Which were heaven for any budding photographer.

One heck of session of at least six hours or more was spent on the Diary-Top-Graphic creating. So glad I got it done, but the concentration seemed to take a lot out of me.

Did the Health Checks and had a sit-down in the £300 second-hand recliner, and had an iced lolly and took the medications.

6Sat24As for what occurred then, I think I must have slept a lot, for few memories remain until I was eating a right odd mess of a meal?

It felt like I was in a dream or something. Or, fell asleep?

I suppose I could have had a blank period.

Not much of the meal was eaten. I consumed half of the pork pie contents, a few slices of mushroom, two tomatoes and a third of the rye bread slice. I threw the rest away. I was just not hungry. My having nibbled during a memory-blank or not, I don’t know.

When I took the things into the kitchen, I did find the biscuit container with suspiciously, few bikkies in it? Haha!

Got settled to watch some TV, and the nodding-offs and waking ups started repetitively.