Inchcock Today – Wed 12th Sept 2018: Busiest day of the year so far. Overdid the cleaning up. Tsk!


Wednesday 12th September 2018

Bulgarian:  Сряда, 12 септември 2018 г.

0255hrs: I awoke with astonishment this fair morn. As I lay there in the £300 second-hand rickety rattling recliner, I could sense no ailment attentions whatsoever! Pleased-Mode-Adopted!

3Wed02I glanced up at Koala Katie, who was watching over me from her position on top of the DVDs. I swear she smiled at me when I spoke to her.

W128.0128 Accepting that I was utterly insane, I pressed the button on the remote thingamabob to lower the recliner.

It moved a short way and stopped! The Pleased-Mode I adopted moments earlier, dissolved to be replaced with an ‘I-Should-have-known-better’ mode. What a kesil, I am to have expected things to go right for me. I mean with my record, you’d have thought I would have learned by now! Huh! But it got worse…

W128.0128 Trying to get my legs and more than ample torso over the protruding flap support, I had a bad Dizzy Dennis spell. I ended up on my bottom with one leg sticking on the Ottoman and the other bent underneath my fifteen and bit stone flobby body! I thought I heard a loud disturbing metallic ‘click’ on my way down. I banged both elbows, and the back en route to the carpet as well. Humph! I had the presence of mind (presence of mind? I like that it makes me sound educated, Hehe!), to remain where I was, well, I moved the trapped leg and then stayed in that position, while I assessed the damage.

I knew straight away that Little Inchies lesion was either bleeding or leaking into the PPs. Dennis Dizzy had run off, no doubt feeling ashamed at attacking at the wrong time and his hurting me. Hehehe! I did not consider pressing the Wrist Alarm for aid, as I know my body usually recovers well from falls, trips, walking into things and tumbling off of the steps. Let’s face it; I’ve had enough practice this last couple of months. The odd bruise will no doubt appear, but I think I got away with the calamity rather well.

Of course getting back up from the floor was a risky business in itself. I impressed myself with how quickly I managed to regain my stance and equilibrium.

Since the Doctor took me off of the water tablets (Chlorothiazide they were perhaps?) last year, the Labyrinthitis has affected me more often. I can’t remember why she stopped them, but it must have been for a good reason. Most likely something to do with the Warfarin changes? I’m sorry I started writing this, cause I’d got myself all mind-muddled, now. Humph!

No cleaning up or sorting out yet, off to the wet room to investigate the fungal lesion. Some good, yet embarrassing results. It was not bleeding, but the bladder had had its own little Whoopsiedangleplop and had oozed a bit. I expect I banged the bladder against something during my departure from the recliner?

Had a clean-up and returned to the recliner room. The place didn’t half look like a hand grenade had gone off! I decided not to clean anything up yet, just moved things to a safer location. I did this, cause I know I had plans to clean the room up after I’d got the diaries updated anyway. So, I’ll sort it all out then, hopefully before the nurse arrives.

The lower back was aching a bit, but not seriously. Both elbows hurt but they were getting less so all the time. I decided to make a brew and do the Health Checks.


3Wed04aNearer to normality was being approached according to some of the resulting readings.

I was glad that the weight had gone down a little.

I took an extra Omeprazole and Codeine 30 mg. I shan’t be taking any more extra Codeine because it has side-effects that include dizziness, but it does help with any pains.

2Tue04Back to the wet room, to use the Porcelain Throne. As I was getting seated, the lower back stung a bit. I’ll have to put up with it or try some Paracetomal if it doesn’t ease off soon. I had a read of the book, an exciting chapter about Sultan Mehmed V of the Ottoman Empire and Tsar Ferdinand Ist of Bulgaria.

The evacuation was very satisfying, even if a bit aromal. Having calmed down a bit now, I noticed a lot of the Evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetles around the wet room floor. I chose to go on a search and seek mission with the Rentokil Flea Spray in hand.

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I think that 50% of the weevils were dead. So I sprayed around with the Rentokil spray in the nooks and crannies again.

Got on the computer to finish off and post the Tuesday Diaries. The Liberty-Global Virgin Media, who have just increased my fees for their unreliable pathetic internet service, went all stop-start and slow again. Fancy that!


I went on the WordPress Reader section and then the TFZer Facebooking. But could not get things done as the service was so slow, so I gave up.

3Wed06Put the kettle on again.

Then went to the wet room for a long, painful wee-wee.

I collected some live Evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetles from various placed on the floor. Put them in the sink to rinse em down the plug-hole, and four of the five that I thought were dead, made a dash for freedom. You can’t blame them! Hehe!

Into the spare room on a weevil inspection. I didn’t see any new ones.

But I took two photographs out of the window. One upwards, and one down to the car block. A chap was taking stuff in and out of his rental mini-warehouse come garage, I think. A Nottinghamian entrepreneur!


I made a brew of tea and made a start on this blog.

Got caught up with it to here.

3Wed29aThen decided to get the cleaning up done.

Oh, and do a Rentokil Flea spray around as I go along.

Back in a bit, I hope.

I’d just about knocked myself-up by the time I’d got the titivating-up done.

4Thu001aI checked the electrics, to make sure that no misshaps had taken place when I cleaned the power sockets and plugs.

The workmen had been putting the wooden flooring in the balcony.

The rain that leaked, well, poured in earlier was still everywhere. Looks like slated wood.

Having sprayed the Rentokil Flea Killer Spray on the carpet in the kitchen (This is an old carpet I am keeping in the kitchen to spray onto daily, in my efforts to free my Nottingham City Homes little apartment, of the weevils), and in nooks and crannies.

Then the same spraying on the wet room floor, then the spare room. I found that all three of the aerosols were nearing empty.

I’ll try to get some more soon as I can get out.

A costly procedure, but it has to be done.

The back, knees and Anne Gyna were all giving me bother by the time I’d got around to doing the front room.

I finished as much as I was physically capable of doing in the cleaning up department.

I got myself off to see if either Warden Obersturmbannführeress Deana or Unterscharführeress Julie were in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, WC, Willmott-Dixon worker Del-Boy’s breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin. I forgot to take the camera with me. Tsk!

I arrived, a lady was doing some charity needlework and informed me that the wardens were on another site and would not be back until later. I explained that it is not essential, I’d called to tell Obersturmbannführeress Deana that if it was better for her, I was now free (No nurse calling today) and if she preferred, she could do the yearly interview-interrogation updating now, instead of tomorrow morning. The lady accepted a nibble from my bag, and I hobbled back to the flat. Meeting Obersturmbannführeress Deana and Unterscharführeress Julie as they were walking from their vehicle to the shed. I explained the situation. The verbal inquisition will be done in the morning, after the Social Hour.

Back to the apartment.

3Wed29I stripped off and had a rinse.

About to settle down for a rest, and realised how cold it was. I had to turn on the radiator again, and put some night attire on.

Sat down and put the TV on, to scan for which if any, programmes I wanted to try and fail to stay awake to watch. Hehe!.

2016-06-14 11.28.23W128.0128 Argh! I had an itch on the back of my shoulder and head at the same time…

I picked off two of the Evil Ironclad boll weevil biting beetles! Eurgh!

4Thu001Got the fodder prepared and eaten.

Smoked bacon sarnies with thick sliced wholemeal bread, a few pickled cucumber slices, cheese pastie and an apple.

The clementine juice was for some reason, a lot tastier than last nights?

There were two episodes of The A-Team I intended to watch. Of course, I fell asleep during the first set of commercials!