Inchcock Today – Thr 13 Sept 2018: Failures, Whoopsiedangleplops, Mayhem Moments, Medical Malarkies, Dangerous Pedestrian Cyclists, Flea Killers… Oh, dear! Hehe!


Thursday 13th September 2018

Scots Gaelic: Diardaoin 13mh Sultain 2018

4Thu001a0210hrs: Stirred with an active mind racing away without direction or concentration. Had to wait for it to settle before I tried to escape the £300 shuddering second-hand recliner.

Got shakily up, and decided to do an Evil Boll Weevil black biting beetle assessment patrol.
4Thu01All three rooms had a few live Weevils lurking about.

But, there were many, that had succumbed to the deadly Rentokil Flea Killer Spray! Hahaha!

I bravely collected up the live varmints along with the many dead bodies. Into a tub of bleach, then boiling water on them, and put them down the plug hole.

Sprayed the Rentokil around. I was keeping a can in each of the three rooms (Well it is a large apartment, Hehe!), but they are getting low in content now. So I’ll see the bank manager to get a loan to buy some more.

I remembered today looks like being another busy one for me.

  • Morrison Delivery 0600>0700hrs.
  • The Social Hour (Although I’ll have to cut it short to get back for Deana)
  • Oberscharführeress Warden Deana due to be calling on me at 1100hrs for the yearly Nottingham City Homes investigative interrogation procedure. Haha!
  • I need to get out to buy some more Rentokil sprays.
  • The nurse may be calling twixt 1100hrs>1300hrs.
  • Get to the chemist to purchase Ease-pads for Little Inchies fungal lesion.

Got the Health Checks done and took the morning medications.


Sys back up high again. Made a brew of Extra-Strong Assam tea.

W2.2.56 Turned the computer on, Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet was down again!


I worked on CorelDraw while I waited for the just increased again in price Liberty-Global Virgin Media Internet to possibly come back on.

It had but kept going off again for a few seconds and minutes here and there. Grumph!

At last, I got the Wednesday post updated and sent off.

Making a start on this diary, and had to divert hastily to the Porcelain Throne.

4Thu05The evacuation was most satisfactory.

There was no bleeding coming from Harold Haemorrhoids.

I found a few new Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles around the wet room floor, but not many. I think the ratio was, five dead and three alive and biting.

Decided to get the ablutions all bar the showering done.

W2.2.56 Back to the computer. Dang and blast! A new Windows Update is coming. Argh! I always seem to have problems when these arrive. I’m not sure that it wasn’t due to the last update that I lost my Personal Dictionary on MS Word?

4Thu06I consulted my desk notepad, for notes I’d scribbled in a hurry so as not to forget things to put in this diary.

I’d confused myself with the third word down on this list. What a Klutz! Cannot read my own writing!

I did some work on replacing the personal MS word dictionary.

4Thu07The Morrison delivery arrived.

I got it put away and removed some well-out-of-date stuff from the fridge.

Made up some bags ready to go with me to the chute when I leave to go to the Social 40 minutes.

Readied me and went out on a hobble 4Thu07ainto Sherwood, to get some Rentokil.

The site looked busy as I left to limp up the gravel hill and through Woodthorpe Park, especially Chestnut Way.

The hill set Anne Gyna off. But this is normal. I pressed on down to Mansfield Road. Taking the time to stop and watch the dogs taking their owners for a walk and game of ball! I made a fuss of a passing dog who reminded me of Tracey’s dog, Bertie!

4Thu09Over the hill and down towards the Sherwood shops.

I went straight to the Wilko store to get some cans of the Rentokil Flea Killer.

W2.2.56 The shelves were bare, with a sign telling me the had sold out but would be restocking ASAP. Grumph! All that pain I had to get up the hill as well – and I had to face the walk back up Winchester Street yet! Double-Grumph! Spit, and Phooey!

4Thu10I bought some batteries for the radio while I was there.

Down the road and left into Winchester Street, and I took a run at the hill… Only joking!

I struggled up the incline, stopping a few times to let Anne Gyna ease-off a bit. I met a Winchester Court gal on her way down, we had a minute or twos natter, and I gave her a nibble from the bag. A hundred yards further on, I met Caroline from the Private Home, coming down the hill. Another chinwag and gave a pick from the nibble bag. (I had the nibble bag with me because I was going to the Social Hour on my way home)

I got in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Hauptsturmführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like porcelain and pottery to be stolen from, and residents Social shed.

A good crowd of tenants was in today. Put the raffle prizes on the tray. Jenny was in good form. Cyndy did the raffle. They all seemed to be having a good time. I took the nibble bag around. I had to leave early,  unfortunately, to get back to the flat ready for Obersturmbannführeress and Catwalk Model Warden Deana to arrive to interrogate me. Hehe!

4Thu11As I left, I made the decision to try to catch the next bus to town and try once more to get some of the Rentokil from the big Wilko store.

I got in and shortly afterward, Obersturmbannführeress and Heart-String-Puller, Warden Dean arrived. She went through the confirmative questions, and we soon had the job sorted, managing a laugh or two along the way. Bless her!

Now, I had to hurry to get to the bus stop in time. But I managed it. I had another natter with a gal on the bus.4Thu12

W2.2.56 Straight to the Wilko store, and the display where the Rentokil Sprays were – only there weren’t any there! Treble-Grumph! Spit, and Phooey!

Well miffed again now! I had a hunt around the shelves and found they had two cans of ‘Johnson Raid’ ant and cockroach killer left on the shelves further down. I thought, well this can kill cockroaches, plainly it should see off my tiny Evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting Beetles? The sprays were around a third of the price of the Rentokil, so I took the last two available.

4Thu15W2.2.56 I spotted this naughty Nottinghamian Cyclist on Upper Parliament Street. He’d shot across the road, riding between the traffic and bused with high speed, weaved around pedestrians and shot up Trinity Walk. Swine!

I took a hobble along Clinton Street into South Parade and down Exchange Walk, calling in the Marks & Sparks Food Hall. Giving the Big Issue Seller a couple of quid as I entered the shop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the food hall, I spent a bit of cash, mostly on luxuries I could have lived without. Such is the appeal of their foods. Pork Steaks, Pomme Frits, smoked bacon and cobs.

I plodded up to the Slab Square. Where I took this panoramic photographic vision. I was rather pleased with this effort, at least it isn’t as bad as my usual tries at such pictures. A lovely looking sky.


4Thu16W2.2.56 Another of the nasty Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist near the Victoria Centre also weaved along the footway between pedestrians, without hesitation or slowing down.

How he did not hit the lady walking with her sticks, I don’t know. 

Absolute Ignorant Pig!

4Thu19Made my way to the bus stop and caught the L9 back to the flats. I had yet another decent gossiping session en route, with a gal from my Woodthorpe flats.

The lady let me take her photograph as she entered the new too short ‘Safe Pensioners Pedestrian Lane,’ on Chestnut Way. (I wish I could remember names betterer than I do, Tsk!) I think she fancied one of the workmen over the road. Hehehe!

I got in the flat and had a mega, in length and pain, wee-wee. Haha!

4Thu20So tired out, I just got on with doing the nosh.

A box of the Pomme Frites, and a ready-made meal I got delivered from Morrisons, a Cumberland Pie. Minced beef in gravy under mash potatoes with a little imitation cheese on the top. I remedied this, by adding tons of grated extra-strong cheddar cheese over it all.

A side dish with cucumber slices, apple slices, a sliced tomato and mushrooms cooked in rich Balsamic vinegar. I had two small wholemeal cobs with it as well. I granted this a 9.2/10 Flavour Rating. I ate the lot of it!

The brain was closing down on me as I became more and more feeling tired out.

Once again, I attempted to watch an A-Team episode on the TV. At least this time I managed to stay awake until the second lot of adverts came on.

Messy, failure-ridden day. But, never mind.