Inchcock – Tue 30 Oct 2018: No Hot Water in the flat – Weevils – Blood Test – Stayed awake for the NCH repair chap, no show – Virgin Internet goes down – Worra flipping day!


Tuesday 30th October 2018

Scots Gaelic: Dimàirt 30 Dàmhair 2018

WD0.51.102 2330hrs: As the brain joined the obese, pudgy body into a life of sorts, it brought the usual agitations, anxiousnesses and apprehensive worries along with it for me to contemplate and fret over for a while. Which I did, and was getting nowhere in finding solutions or deviations to avoid my getting all het-up and neurotic over… But, the good old innards helped me out, by summoning me urgently to the Porcelain Throne, thus allowing me to concentrate on the urgency of this need, and forget the earlier mind-bending incomprehensible mishmash of worrying introspections. 

Of course, this meant tackling the task of removing my overly-ample body from the £300 second-hand recliner. Which went well… WD0.51.102 up until I got to the stage of standing upright. Dizzy Dennis arrived, and I almost ballerina’d around in slow motion for a few seconds, with my dangly arms flailing out trying to find something to grab onto, to support myself as I tried to regain my balance. Thank heavens for the Hopewells 1963 G-Plan cabinet!

2Tue02fA few moments after this, Dizzy Dennis departed, and I made my unsteady way to the wet room. The evacuation was excellent, although, tending back towards a more fluid content again. What got to me here was…

 WD0.51.102 I’d better explain first: Yesterday, I cleaned the bowls and put a new Bloo Cistern Block in. When I flushed this morning, I got splashes of the blue liquid on the inside, and outside of the bowl, also on my legs, such was the force of the spray. Never had this happen before, it’s usually the other way around and ineffectively weak flushing, and the refill of the cistern can take ten-fifteen2Tue08a minutes. I got the blue stains off of the bowl, floor, my legs, and feet okay. But, the two splashes on the underside of the WC lid, would not come out or off completely. Flash spray, bleach, Mould Spray and a scouring pad all failed. The blotches on the inside of the cover are fainter now, but for some reason, they still annoy me. Ha! Funny innit!

Washed-up, and off to do the Health Checks next.


Made a brew and took the medications. I now had either a Sanmex, Rentokil or Raid bug spray located in each room.

2Tue03So, off I went with a reserve can in my pocket, on my first semidiurnal Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles and LadyBug reconnaissance patrol. In the kitchen first. I saw no Weevils at all for the first time ever since their illegal immigration. So, I moved a stand of drawers away from the wall. Ah, there they were, mostly adults lying there in the uncleaned for months, dirt. (Hehe!) A spray around and they all disappeared, but I know not where to? They were very quick movers!

2Tue04Then to the spare room. Again live adults found lurking. Big uns too! Sprayed again, after having a chinwag asking them if they would please move into another flat for me. Hehehe!

Back to the wet room and only found small weevils, all dead.

No LadyBugs were seen at all anywhere. I wonder if they have left or died, and this might be the cause for the reappearance of the adult Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle’s?

2Tue05Back to the kitchen to replace the gone-cold mug of tea.

WD0.51.102 The tap (faucet) hot water was going cold? Oh, dearie me!

I took this photograph, up and to the right of the unwanted view and light-blocking new window. It shows Big John’s balcony, he’s up late!

Got the computer on to start updating and finishing off the Monday Review, and had to return to the Porcelain Throne once again. It was a bit messier this time. But I did put down the lid before flushing, then cleaned off the new Bloo splashes straight away.

Back on the computer and got the Sunday post finished at last, and it sent off.

I went on the WordPress Reader Section, then answered all of my comments received. They were both humorous ones.

Made a start on this blog.

Then I went on TFZer Facebooking.

The hot water has not come back on yet? Could be difficult getting a wash and shave later, I’d better get the saucepans and kettle filled readily.

Messy lengthy time-taking ablutions sorted… well, in a fashion! Boiling water, using the kitchen sink to shave at, making a general mess that I did not have time to clear-up, cause I had to get off to the Warfarin Blood Test for 0900hrs. Got myself ready and took a black bag to the waste chute on the way out.

2Tue09Out onto Chestnut Walk and took this picture of the three courts with what is to be named Winwood Heights.

As I passed the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstess Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers, and visitors tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area. Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like porcelain and pottery to be stolen from. Tales of the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles and LadyBug reconnaissance patrols corner, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed, I thought it would be a little early to report hot water not working, yet.

I turned down Winchester Street. You remember the funny looking boots from Monday (on the left below)? Well, they have now been deposited in a black-bag-lined oil drum. More updates when they arrive! Haha!


2Tue10aI got a move-on (for me, like!) and seemed to be doing well speed-wise.

Not much traffic in Sherwood.

I soon found myself over the top of the hill and walking down towards Carrington and the Sherrington Park Medical Practice surgery.

WD0.51.102 The feet felt they were on fire with the pain, both corns and the callus were stinging awful!

They eased off a lot when I got sat down and the crossword book out. After spending what seemed ages on the puzzles, I looked at my posh new-to-me second-hand £2 wristwatch I got from the charity shop… I think I had made a mistake about the appointment time, cause it was well-passed 0900hrs, now. But, it mattered not, for it was Nurse Nichole who came to fetch me to have my blood taken. The heart beat faster! And all other thought drifted off into the ether!

We had a natter and a laugh and handed the nibbles with a Christmas Present in case I don’t see her again until then. Thanked her. And gave her a cuddle and kiss… Well, in my dreams, Hahaha! Handed some nibbles for the reception staff, I left them on their counter cause they were all busy.

Out and limped, for I was surely limping with the pain of the corns and callus now. Eizel!

To the Chemists on Mansfield Road in Carrington. Making inquiries of when the next lot of prescriptions would be available. This Friday!

Went to the Lidl store. I got some fresh orange juice, lemon cheesecake cakes (for pressies/nibbles for certain ladies), tomato passata, butterbeans, and two small crusty cobs. Please note: I did not get any seasoned sliced potatoes, Frikadellens, chocolate, cakes for me or biscuits! Smug-Mode Adopted! This dieting is getting me down now. What with no reduction in my weight in spite of it! Grumph!

Caught a bus back into Sherwood and popped in a charity shop to see if they might have a copy of the ‘Negotiator’ DVD film. They had not, but they did have a book titled ‘Dear Fatty.’ IT was a biography of Dawn French. So I bought it, I think she is a tremendous wit!

2Tue11Up to the bus stop at the top of the hill on Mansfield Road.

I was soon back at the flats, thank heavens. The plates-of-meat were not in good condition now.

I called into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Oberstgruppenführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room. Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed. Telling Inchcock off Zone. Things like china and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room.

The Wardens were a little busy, so I waited. I told them of my having no hot water in the flat. (While secretly hoping it had not come back on while I had been out) – Worry-Mode Adopted!

It seems that I am the only tenant who has this problem. Why am I not surprised? Hahaha!

Stabsfeldwebeless Warden Julie rang the repairs for me. They will be coming to sort me when possible, up to 2200hrs! Oh dear! I gave… no, sorry,  I forgot there that I was told not to put any conversations I have with any Nottingham City Homes Management, employees, representative or agent on my blog. Sorry about that, I’ll cross it off.

2Tue12Said my cheerios, and back up to the flat. Checked the hot water situation, thankfully it was still not working. Phew!

I could hear noises outside, but not identify what they were being made by.

I took a photo blindly upwards from the unwanted light and view-blocking kitchen window.

2Tue12aNothing on the photographicalisations showing as to the nature or cause of the noises.

I had a wee-wee, did the Health Checks and took the medications.

Made a brew. Then opened a tin of haricot beans and put them soaking in a saucepan with some balsamic vinegar to flavour them for later… No! That’s wrong, they were butter beans.

I went to draw the unwanted new balconies curtains to take a look out. And found some artwork in the new balcony.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got on with updating this blog.

Went on the TFZer Facebook page again to update it with the new pictures I’d taken today while out and in.

2useGot the nosh prepared.

The butter beans boiled in balsamic vinegar tasted nicely on the tongue.

Overall, an 8.2/10 flavour rating score.

Had to boil water in the saucepans and kettle again to do the cleaning up and washing of the few bits that needed washing.

Did the last Health Checks and medications were taken.

Now, I needed to try and stay awake for when the Nottingham City Homes Repair maintenance person arrives to help sort the hot water situation out. But what agrypnotic aids could be applied? Well, no TV or radio, that always sends me off to sleep, and with the headphones on, I would not hear the door chime or telephone if they tried to contact me. This was not going to be easy. I’d already been up for seventeen hours and felt I was not going to be able to stay awake.

I left the door unlocked so they could gain access when they arrived.

3Wed01aI put the TV on, with the CCTV channel showing the front entrance foyer.

Eventually, I nodded off for two hours. I sprang awake, no notes through the door or anything like that, so I assumed they were on their way still. Possibly at an important job somewhere, so patience is essential. Warden Deana did say they will be here by ten o’clock. Which came and went. I didn’t know whether to stay up or not now.

2230hrs: I got up, and did the morning Health Checks. I had no idea if the Repair people help would arrive or not, this late in the day. But dare not nod-off again. Who needs sleep anyway, I’d already had two-hours kip in the last 28hours. Humph!

WD0.51.102 So shattered, only 120 minutes kip in what is now 29 hours. But I felt I ought to stay awake, just in case any assistance did arrive. After all, you can bet they will be up to their necks with calls for help from other tenants.

I made a brew and got the computer on to update this diary.

As the new morning arrived, I was not in good health and to top it all up…


I’m considering giving up! Hehe!

Inchcock – Mon 29 Oct 2018: Feeling betterer this morning – Mini-Hobble into Nottingham – Photographs galore taken!

Sept 21a

Evil Ironclad Boll Weevil Biting Beetles still attacking! Humph!

Monday 29th October 2018

 Yiddish: 2מאָנטיק 29 אקטאבער 018

2345hrs: I stirred into imitation life and found myself a bit baffled at how well I was feeling emotional, after yesterday’s horrible afternoonmare of gloom, depression, and self-pity had taken such a hold over me. But I was glad the dysphoria had evanesced into the ether and was no longer making me feel dark and gloomy within. However, my self-malevolence had also departed, for which I am well-pleased.

The brains thoughts became prolix-like. Darting from one subject, brainwave or idea to the next in seconds, never finding or working out any resolutions or clarifications, no taking decisions or adopting or creating any plans.

The need for a wee-wee arrived. By the time I had disentangled my over-ample, clinically obese stomach and torso from the £300 second-hand recliner, a need for the Porcelain Throne had been added to my immediate requirements.

1Mon01aaA surprisingly large amount of the evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles was on the wet room floor. Tsk! Dang things!

The evacuation was almost enjoyable. No bleeding or pain emanated from Harold Haemorrhoid whatsoever. And, negative signs of Diahorrea Derek at work. Great!

As I washed my hands, it dawned on me that there was no hassle from Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna, Hippy Hilda, Reflux Roger, Hernia Harry, Back Ache Brenda or Duodenal Donald either! A rare but nervous-making concerning, situation, for someone with my luck… or lack of success usually. Hehehe!

When I do the bug spraying next in the wet room, I must get the floor mopped up well beforehand. The effect of the bug sprays is discolouring the place.

I felt a certain degree of alacrity creeping into my frame of mind.

Into the spare room, to find that the evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle regiments in this room, had attacked with a Camisado-Camisade patrol. So many of them on the unwanted light and view-blocking new window ledge, but they were at least all dead ones.

1Mon01The kitchen only had around ten corpses of weevils and two of LadyBugs.

As I took this picture out of the unwanted light and view-blocking new kitchen window.

2Tue03 Then Reflux Roger started to give me some hassle. Sudden Big unforced breaths.

I got the Health Checks done. Then onto the computer to update the Excel graph record.


I’m off for a Warfarin blood test at 0900hrs in the morning. I must mention the high readings to the nurse. And, the blank spells and dizzies, too.

Another wee-wee, and back to the computer, and got the depressing Sunday diary finished and sent off to WordPress.

Made brew and made a start on this diary.

Then onto the WordPress Reader section. Next TFZer Facebooking. Then a mug of tea and a few (Honestly!) Scottish Shorties biscuits.

I took this photograph, supposed to be a panoramic shot, but it didn’t come out right. (Something that Mother said about me, that… Hahaha!) But it showed the frost and ice covered; landscape, houses, and roads on the high ground. I love it that you can see the footmarks across the bottom field where the out-very-early dogs had been walking their owners. 1Mon05a

1Mon06I got three small black bags of refuse made up to go to the to the waste chute, later when I get back. Too early to make the noise now. Then I made up a white bag of reusable rubbish, and put two glass jars in the shopping bag to go to the caretaker’s door on my way out.

Got the ablutions tended to. No shower this early in the day, of course, too much noise.

Did the medicationalisationing of the areas in need. Haha!

Hearing aids in, the right glasses on the head, picked up the new-to-me second-hand £2 wristwatch – Oh dear, it had stopped! I could see the battery-man in town later and get a new one; so I put the watch in the jacket pocket so as not to forget to take it with me…

2Tue03 I’m afraid to report that I put it in the wrong jacket pocket! Klutz! I set off down the lift with the bag and jars.

This map is of the mini-marathon walk/hobble that I took.

1Mon070730hrs: I dropped off the bag and glass, and set off along Chestnut Walk… the very icy slippery road and pavement in front of the apartments.

I hope the car windscreens thaw-out for the tenants before they get up and out. You’ll have noticed the parking on the double yellow lines I suppose? Rules have been removed for the period of the upgrading work with there being 1Mon07aso few spaces available.

The sun kept trying to get through, not that it was warm enough yet to help with the thawing process.

This single leaf of the thousands laying frozen on the corner bit of grass at the corner of Winchester Street caught my eye. I cannot recall why I took this photograph. Something to do with nature, I suspect.

I plodded on down the hill. The sun got stronger. The ailments were not harmful to me at all at this stage, and I soon began to enjoy my perambulations.

1Mon07c2Tue03 Until I neared the traffic light junction with Mansfield Road. This ‘Herbert’ of a Nottinghamian Pavement Cyclist flew by me from behind at high speed, and close enough to startle me a bit.

My prayer that he slips on the ice then falls off and is mangled underneath the wheels of a pantechnicon lorry, were not answered. Tsk!

1Mon08The traffic in Carrington was almost at a standstill on and off. I think at one stage I caught up with a static red cat in the queue!

It was getting warmer now, or rather, not so cold? Haha!

Starting to walk up th1Mon10e steep grade on Mansfield Road, then the next even steeper hill near the Rock Cemetry, created a lot of hassle and discomfort from Anne Gyna and Hippy Hilda for me.

As I passed by, I could see the moon still in the sky – amazing! So I took this picture.

As soon as I started on the downhill stretch to the flat Milton Street and beyond, the ailments gave me a welcome rest. Unfortunately, the plates-of-meat were beginning to sting something awful. Ah, well, you can’t win ’em all.

1Mon09The plates and in particular the fibrous corn and callus on the left foot were up to at least Pain-Defcon-Three now. Haha!

The traffic was building up as I got into the City proper, onto Milton Street.

I did some window shopping for a while. Observing that for some reason the Nottinghamian Citizenry that came into view, looked to be far less troubled and depressed than they did on my last hobble to town… and with it being a Monday, this surprised me.

1Mon11I called into the Tesco Metro store and bought a packet of wholemeal cobs. Paid at the self-serve till.

Did even more nosing around and window shopping.

Then made my way down King Street into the Slab Square.

1Mon12Where they are constructing some amusements etc. for Halloween and or bonfire night, at least I assumed that is why.

Nowhere near open yet, the Ghost Train – Ghost Gator ride was massive!

Still, I kept seeing smiling faces on the Nottinghamians. Very disconcerting this was, I began to question my sanity.

1Mon13I took a shot of the Debenhams Store and Long Row. Showing the scarcity of members of the Nottingham shoplifting, alcoholics, muggers and druggies, populace.

I made my way to the Fletch Gate branch of the Poundland shop. A certain lady is living in the flats who loves Pork Farm Pork Pies, and if Poundland has any, in I was going to treat her to one. Which, luckily they had in stock. Not so lucky perhaps, I came out with an overloaded bagful of other stuff as well! Most of an edacious nature! Yold! Chocolates, Social Hour Nibbles, cheese biscuits, Ritz, and a bag of Jelly Babies. But to be fair. 90% of them would be used as pressies for Christmas. Another £16 spent.

2Tue03 I paid at the Self-Serve till – and it was not until I had put them all through, that I realised it was a cash-only checkout. When I explained this to the lady assistant, she gave me a well-rehearsed, but welcome look that said: “Ah, poor old fool!” She cleared the till and took me to a Cash Card one, and even put the things through for me. Bless her Cotton Socks!

1Mon14I thanked the woman sincerely, departed and went back to the Slab Square to take some more photographs.

It was a little dangerous around there now. Pavement Food Delivery Cyclists were starting to appear.

And the delivery lorries and vans and cash-in-transit wagons needed an eye keeping on them 1Mon14atoo!

A bloke came up to me and gave me a free newspaper.

Then a youth who reminded me of a drunken student in wearing posh clothes, and muttered some words that I could not understand. Not in a foreign language, I reckon he was drugged up or drunk. “Oblski darum owd un?” It sounded like a question. I replied: Oh no, but thanks!” He just walked away decidedly wobbly. No hassle at all.

I made my way up to Queen Street. The ever-changing lighting prompted me to take three photographs as I hobbled up the hill to the bus stop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2Tue03 I caught a 40 bus back, cause I’d just missed the L9. Being early in the day still, the driver got me home to Winchester Street so quickly. With the now really-aching feet, I crossed the road and walked down to the Winwood Height Complex. (Sounds posh dunnit?)

I didn’t see a soul, worker or resident all the way down Chestnut Walk to the Woodthorpe Court. Not that this mattered, all I wanted now was a wee-wee. Got in the flat and Mo was sat in the foyer. We had a chinwag and laughed, and she picked a nibble from my bag.

2Tue03 When I got to the wet room, things had gotten into a pickle. I hadn’t managed to hold things in thoroughly. So after the belated wee-wee, a washing session and change of PP’s was needed. For once, I was not as embarrassed like I usually would be? Washed things and to the kitchen and did the Health Checks and medication taking.

Got some mushrooms in the saucepan, and the oven warming up for the bacon later.

Sister Jane rang, and we had a chinwag of an enjoyable nature. I can’t remember her telling me off about anything. Hahaha!

2Tue03 There was a break in the nattering session, cause I could not remember if I’d left the saucepan on high heat or not, and had to go and check. The pot was on a low light… but I’d left the tap running. I didn’t tell Jane. Hehe!

The drizzling began outside, and the sun took a rest. Compare this panoramic shot above of the one I made around 0700hrs this morning? The sun came out half an hour later again. Odd weather.


I caught up with the Facebook Photo Album updating.

1Mon30Got the nosh served up.

Wholemeal bacon cobs, mushrooms, gherkins, and little tomatoes.

A 9.5/10 Taste Rating.

Went to clean the pots up, and the view of the fiery looking sky was grand.

So, I took a regular frame and then three zoomed in ones across the skyline.


It looked as if somewhere in Nottingham was getting a bit of localised rain. (Pic 3).

Settled onto the recliner to watch a Die Hard 4 DVD film and… Zzzz!

Inchcock – Sun 28 Oct 2018: Wee-wees, Weevils, Washeteria duties, Watch & Clocks reset and Worryingly early Fatigue.


Walking down Winchester Hill last week – I saw the beauty of nature!

Sunday 28th October 2018

Maltese: Il-Ħadd 28 ta ‘Ottubru 2018

2345hrs: The body and mind activated in unison this morning. The need for a wee-wee was required. So, I parted company with the £300 second-hand rickety on-its-last-lags recliner.

WD0.60.0 As I stood up after dismounting the chair, some form of anaesthesia affected both ankles. I sort of kept my balance, but I don’t know how I did it. I wobbled and flailed a bit. Off to the wet room. Where insentience-ridden argle-bargle from the mind waffled on inside the brain, persistently for a couple of minutes. I learnt nothing from rampant fears, worries and mental inquisition whatsoever. The only thing I got from the confusing inner-prattlings, was a headache.

Washed and went to get the tea brewed, and do the Health Checks.


7Sun03By Jiminy, the Sys was high.

Took the medications. Then, set off on an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle patrol.

Back to the wet room, where I was pleased to see only five dead weevils!

The spare room had only three live ones, and five dead ones as far as I could see.

7Sun02The front room was the worst affected this morning.

They were all near the doors to the new unwanted light and view-blocking windows and balcony, which the carpenter left dirty scratched and bowed after fitting them. All the weevils were dead.

I went around the multitude of areas with holes and gaps in every room with the ‘Rentokil Bug Killer’ spray.

7Sun05Made another brew to replace the last one that went cold (this one went cold too!)

I took this photograph from the unwanted light and view-blocking new kitchen window. I thought at the time, blimey, there’s a lot of traffic about for this time in the morning.

A niceish shot though.

Got the Saturday Diary finished off, not much in it, cause not much happened. I hate the weekends! I miss my little natters and chinwags.

Out-of-the-blue, I decided (Did you note that? Me, making a decision! Hehe!) to get the paraphernalia ready to take the washing down and cleaned.

7Sun13WD0.60.0 As I got down in the lobby, the electronic signboard indicated the time was 01:49 hrs.

My new-to-me, second-hand wristwatch, that I got from the charity shop for £2, told me it was 02:45hrs?

Ah… clocks back! So, I’ve lost another hour! Oh, no! I’ve made an hour! This might explain why I thought there was a lot of traffic in the picture taken earlier?

7Sun07aAs I was about to wipe the washer drum out before putting in the clothes…

WD0.60.0 I spotted this Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle, on the outside of the drum! And they try to tell me, (insinuating they are my fault) that I am the only one with the infestation! Humph!

I loaded the washer and started it going, and nipped outside to take some pictures of the morning. Then popped back into the washing-room and took two shots of the newly erected scaffolding.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Back up to the apartment and changed the watch and all the clocks to the chronologically correctish time.

7Sun16Made the third mug of tea: hopefully, I’ll get to drink this one. (I didn’t, it also went cold)

Back down to move the laundry from the washer to dryer. Took out the washing and wiped the drum and door.

WD0.60.0 Opened the dryer door, to find that the filter was rather full, and it had overflowed into the drum. So cleared out the fluff from screen and drum and got the clothes in and spinning.

7Sun14I noticed on the way to the lift the sign for the Christmas nosh. Kind of them, but I will not be attending. There are only limited spaces, anyway.

The food will have traces of by beloved brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce and cakes. All now banned foods for me. Sprouts, cranberries barred due to the effect on the INR Warfarin Blood levels, and cakes, now a self-imposed ban, due to the weight of my short, belly-dominated, bald, bespectacled, hearing air wearing Warfarin filled body, shooting up. Sad innit?

The most substantial reason I have not to go to the celebration is, the ‘Bingo’!

WD0.60.0 When I got back up and into the kitchen, some Coccinellidae (Ladybugs – Ladybirds) one on the unwanted light and view-blocking kitchen window ledge, and one on the food counter. Oy Vey!


I set the timer to remind me of the washing. Carried on updating this blog.

Back down the last time for now to the machines. Emptied the dryer and folded the clothing. Cleaned the filter and drum. Wiped the sink area and picked up some fluff, that must have fallen out as I opened the machine. This action caused me no hassle from Hernia Harry, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis or Hippy Hilda! Great!

7Sun18Back up and put the togs away. Refilled the pod and freshener pot ready for the next visit.

Made a fourth, or is it a fifth, mug of tea. And… drank it before it went cold, most satisfyingly! While I got the morning’s picture uploaded and tweaked for this diary.

Got caught up to here with the blog. Then added some photos to the the Facebook album, and did some posts.

Made yet another mug of tea. (Determined to drink this one).

The fatigation and feebleness (CFS?) arrived so early in the day, even I found it hard to believe it was happening.

WD0.60.0 I was useless, drained and weary. Did nothing but sat there in the £300 second-hand recliners, making plans to get some sort of a meal prepared and nodding-off frequently. With the occasional trip for a wee-wee in between horrible dreams and some nibbling from the savoury biscuit box. No meal tonight, but I probably had sufficient nibbles anyway.

Terrible time. A mismash of nodding, waking, wee-weeing and worrying.

Yet, after I’d manage to nod-off properly for four hours, I awoke in fine-fettle? I hate weekends!

TTFN all.

Inchcock – Sat 27 Oct 2018:


Saturday 27th October 2018

Saterdag 27 Oktober 2018

0100hrs: Woke up with a bit of the Shaking Shaun bother going on. By the time they had stopped, the brain had joined in, and things could be assessed. Hippy Hilda was far much more relaxed this morning, only Little Inchies fungal lesion bleeding a tad, was of any concern. No Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Dizzy Dennis… physically I felt rather good.

I even disentangling my obesely potbellied short torso with its fluid filled legs and dangly arms from the £300 second-hand recliner was without toe-stubbings, or knocking anything off of the Ottoman! Smug-Mode Adopted! I went into Super-Smug-Mode when I noticed I had the cheese biscuit pot on the side, and I had only nibbled a couple of them!

WD181.9.9 The Super-Smug-Mode did not last long. Off to the wet room for a wee-wee, that turned out to be a Porcelain Throne session by the time I got there. Hehe! The evacuation went well, but I had to accinge my loins when sorting and medicating the haemorrhaging fungal lesion. A disagreeable and unsettling experience. Why so much bleeding this morning? Maybe the INR Warfarin level had got too high? With them now doing less frequent blood tests to save money, does concern me. This may explain the pallidity of my skin? Took me ages to clean up the splattered red liquid from me, the floor, sink and WC! Humph!  You can see why I permanently keep overstocked with kitchen towels. A good job my friend had kept me in a good supply of PP’s, too.

Ah, well, I pressed on to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.


6Sat01The sphygmomanometer took four tries to get it to operate.

WD181.9.9 Every test resulted in an increase. Syn, Dia, Pulse, Temperature and Weight! Grumble-clunk!

WD181.9.9 Took the medications from the drawer, and realised I had not taken last nights doses. So, I took them straight away and will take the morning ones later on. What a Shmo!

I carried out an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles patrol, Sanex Killer spray to hand, of course. I started in the wet room. Where I came across many dead weevils, spread all over the floor, but they were only very tiny ones? Then into the spare room, and found just a few dead and live ones, on the unwanted light and view-blocking new window ledge, the carpet, the clothes rack and on the scales! These Weevils were bigger beetles. To the kitchen, again not many seen, but they were al tiny weevils and dead? I wonder what’s going on with them? I’ll get the carcases hoovered up later when the noise will not bother any neighbours.

Made a brew of English Breakfast Tea, and got the computer going. Started to finalise the Friday blog, and got it posted off to WordPress.

WD181.9.9 When it came to starting this post going, I realised I had not got any advance templates made-up! So I did this as I went along, getting up to here. Then began to create some templates for future use. A long, monotonous (and for me, a usually error-ridden) job, but so helpful later on to have them ready.

Three hours, two mugs of tea and three wee-wees later, I’d got caught up. Haha!

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6Sat24Weariness and fatigue arrived so early today.

I got the nosh prepped and served up.

As part of my ‘Lose-Weight-Inchock’ campaign, I cunningly used a smaller dish, so that hopefully the food would look more than it actually was. I don’t know if it was for this reason, but I didn’t eat it all?

Mushrooms smoked back bacon and tomato passata. Three slices of bread, but I only ate two of them.

Got the pots washed and sat down. I put the TV on and commenced watching some absolute rubbish, and still, I could not get to sleep! Although I did manage a lot of little nodding-offs. Later, as ‘Britains most Evil Killers’ came on Freeview channel eleven for me to take an interest in viewing… I fell asleep!

Inchcock – Fri 26 Oct 2018: Brain control regained, Graphicationalisationing done, Will-Power engaged (Most likely temporarily)


Friday 26th October 2018

Welsh: Dydd Gwener 26 Hydref 2018

0040hrs: I woke with such a start! The brain automatically went off on one of its magpiety ridden, penitential, convoluted tours. Nit-picking, criticising and lambasting its way through the minds memories, fears, desires, regrets, hopes, and dreams, that dwell in my labyrinthine grey-cell box. Talk about self-chastisement and castigation. It felt like the brain was talking to me, as though I was not part of the body, a non-entity… that’s the best way I can describe it.

These, (possibly insanity prompted) discursive, fault-finding and animadversions, toyed around with and tested my saneness, for what seemed like an age. In fact, they lasted only a few minutes. Without any outcome, reasoning, reason or logical assessment of them ever being found. Going Bonkers comes to mind!

It’s a little concerning how easily I accepted these morning mental wanderings, almost as if they should be expected. A degree of reality returned.

WD0.60.0 As I regained some control over the brain, I realised I 5Fri003had a terrible thirst on me. I took a drink of the clementine juice from the mug on the Ottoman. Oh, dear, I seem to have grown several mouth ulcers on the upper gum and lip during the night? Now, how and why did that happen so quickly? Fortunately, I keep some medications on the tray on the Ottoman with the spare hearing aid batteries, including a tin of Lip Balm that has been there for months from my last bother with the ulcers.

I manipulated and coached my obesely potbellied short torso’d body, with its fluid filled legs and dangly arms out of the £300 second-hand recliner. (Not an easy task sometimes, Hehe!) The ailments were of no bother whatsoever, even Hippy Hilda and Arthur Itis both seemed to be calm and kind to me. No signs of Shaking Shaun or Dizzy Dennis, either. (This pleased me greatly after yesterdays hassle from them)

A call to the Porcelain Throne arrived, but not an urgent one for once. I had already placed cans of either ‘Raid’, ‘Rentokil’ or ‘Sanmex’ bug killer sprays in each room to facilitate occasional spraying throughout the day. I gave the wet room a dose of anti-bug juice, (Five dead weevils, two live ones) before settling on the Throne. Read a page or two of the Clarkson Biography. The evacuation was fine, no bleeding from either the rear end or the Fungal Lesion.

Aug 28cThen into the spare room, where there were only around eight weevil corpses and just one live LadyBug.

To the kitchen, I couldn’t see any live Weevils, but the Bug Trap I had placed underneath the draw sets, had captured a good few of the little varmints. Some bigger ones, too!

How these Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles are still here in this cold weather beats me.


5Fri001bI put the kettle on and set about doing the Health Checks.

The weight has gone to a new highest-ever result. I am still determined to stop this increasing body mass (well, stomach-mass!) if I can.

The Sys, Dia, pulse, and Temp all seem okay.

Made the brew and took the Medications.

Got the computer on, and up to now as I type (0250hrs) the internet is still working reasonable fast, apart from a couple of moments of it sticking?

5Fri002I let the tea go cold, and nipped into the kitchen to make a fresh brew.

I took this photographicalisation from the window. I thought it looked somewhat eerie but beautiful.

Got the computer on and began the updating of the Thursday post. It had a few blank spots in it, where I could not be sure of some bits of what had taken place after the Dizzy Dennis attack, but was not too bad, I think. Got it posted off.

0200hrs: Then I made a start on this diary, as far as here. Had a wee-wee. Made another brew of tea.

0305hrs: Then I had another go on CorelDraw, to see if I can get the TFZer Halloween series of graphics finished at last.

0800hrs: Phew! Got the TFZer Halloween graphics done and posted! I feel like I’ve been on them for hours… Silly me. The things I come out with! I have been on them for hours! Hehe! Here are a few of them.

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Going to have a wee-wee and make a mug of tea now.

WD0.60.0 When I washed after passing, I noticed my facial pallor had a certain cadaverousness to it. Seeing this ashen hue, baulked me a bit.

I decided against working on the urgent diary page top graphics and to get the ablutions done. Shame that I haven’t any rouge in the wet room. Hahaha!

1130hrs: Changed my mind, doing the page headers. Got the ablutions done.

Took a panoramic shot from the kitchen window.


5Fri26I called to see Angela and Roy, but they were not in. I’ll call in on the Obergruppenfurheress Wardens to ask if they can advise me about Angela and Roy’s situation.

I took this photo of Winchester Court, showing the swift progress being made on their balconies and new colour scheme.

I called into the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin.

There were very busy, so as I waited, I took these three photographicalisations through the window in the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin.

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These are sturdy lads out there in the sunlight. Proof of how cold the sunshine was shows up in their choice of attire.

The Oberscharführeress Wardens made a moment to chinwag with me. I informed them of my concerns and asked if they could… Ah, I remembered, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself on my blog. Stabsfeldwebeless Deana was very kind and assisted me muchly. Thank You, Deana. ♥

I departed5Fri31, on my hobble down Winchester Street to Sherwood and the Wilko store.

Where I came across some Nottinghamian Street Art. Shame, because apart from the dust on them, these boots looked newish to me.

5Fri32Down the hill onto Mansfield road and called into Wilko’s. I came out with just some liquid soapflakes, a bottle of bleach and a pot of Ginko tablets.

I paid the girl on the checkout, and departed, out up the hill towards the bus stop at the top.

I observed in the Charity Shop window, the display in the window of the man in bandages, had been Incockyfied! Haha!


The original photo I took is on the left. Now, the living-dead model has glasses on, a bug on his stomach (possibly a large Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle?) and a book he will never read! Hehehe!

Further up the hill, I met Paul (I think that’s his name, but it might be Roger?) from the flats. I love listening to is tales of his younger days. We chatted as we waited for, on the bus and walking back to the apartments.

WD0.60.0 Unfortunately for me, Hippy Hilda started to play up as soon as I sat down on the bus? And stayed bothering me for ages this time.

Paul got off the elevator, and I made my way home. A wee-wee, the first task.

5Fri34Got the nosh sorted out and served up.

Haricot beans with some tomato passata added as they cooked, then drained them. A beef pie with the rusty lid removed. (Calorie-fat reduction tactic wot I adopted) And a few low-calorie oven chips (Eurgh!)

Flavour Rating of 6.2/10 was given.

All as part of my newly adopted diet-plan.

I ate this deliberately slowly and masticated the food thoroughly. Not easy with all my missing teeth! Haha!

WD0.60.0 I did do a bit of nibbling afterwards. Guilt-Ridden Mode Adopted! But I stopped myself when I realised what I was doing. (Well, I fell asleep!) This food abstaining and attempted slenderisationing is not easy. I’m having my pathetic will-power tested to the extreme! It’s when I get feeling down, depressed and the ailments are bad. That’s when I think my weakest points will come. My resolve, discipline and moderateness will be at their most significant risk of failure at these times! I feat that dysbulia will let me down.

Did the Health Checks, took the medications and settled into the £300 second-hand rickety recliner.

I put in the Das Boot DVD into the machine. Back in to the recliner to watch the film… Zzzz!

Inchcock – Thu 25 Oct 2018: Weevils, Whoopsiedangleplops, Social Hour, Shakes and Dizzies, today, Ah, well!


Thursday 25th October 2018

Danish: Torsdag den 25 Oktober 2018

0000hrs: Woke, reluctant to stir. Fell asleep again. Had a dream, something involving my younger days and the mistakes and wrong choices made.

0105hrs: I was still reluctant to leave my pleasant nocturnalness.

2Tue03 As an unintended agrypnotic, as I dismounted the £300 second-hand recliner, I gave myself a toe-stubbing of nocive agony! I caught the corn at the same time. That woke me up alright! I managed to contain the urge to cry-out, so as not to disturb my conjoining neighbours.

Limpingly, I responded to the call for a wee-wee and made sure I had some Rentokil Bug Killer with me, so I could do an investigation and elimination patrol for the Evil ironclad 4Thu001aBoll-Weevil black biting beetles.

2Tue03 In the wet room, they seemed to have called up their Territorial Reserve Battalion from somewhere. There were some dead ones, but mostly the little illegal immigrants were alive and active. Not for long, the spray did its job. I’ll hoover up the corpses later when I can use the noisy vacuum.

4Thu01Into the spare room, where I found far less of the little varmints on the unwanted light and view-blocking new window ledge.

All of these were dead, so the spray is still working on some of them, at least.

Then I went off to the kitchen, got the kettle on, the sphygmomanometer ready for the Health Checks to be done.

4Thu001I’d got a recycling bag made up from yesterday to take down later. It had some Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles on the outside of it, and a LadyBug as well. The Weevils on this bag were much larger than the others elsewhere in my infested Nottingham City Homes apartment. A few dead ones found around, but not many.

These invaders count seems to change every morning. And, how come no other flat has them? This is highly discriminatory. I may write to the European Court of Human Rights about it… No, maybe not! Hehe!

The hemadynamometer worked first-try this morning.


4Thu02The Sys and Dia were both well down for a change. But, the Pulse and Temp remain at the same was yesterday, high.

I shall try to get a bit of hobbling, perhaps around town done today, after the Winwood Social Meeting. Or, maybe a walk to Arnold and feed the mallards… maybe not though, I’ll be tempted to but fodder I don’t need? No, best a bus to town and wander around the side street 4Thu03aand alleyways taking photographicalisations to put on the TFZer site.

Took the medications, made a brew… and had to go for a Porcelain Throne visit. I hope it’s not going to be like yesterdays multiple sessions! I took a Dia-Limit capsule, just in case.

On the computer. Got the Wednesday diary updated and posted off to WordPress.

4Thu04Went on the TFZer Facebook.

The Morrison fodder is arriving twixt 0600>0700hrs, so I’d better get the ablutions done now. No shower, cause it would make noise this early and get me in deep-water with my neighbours.

He showed up as I was typing in the above paragraph.

4Thu05I got the bags sorted out.

I’d ordered some Sourdough sliced bread for today. Not cheap, but I do hope its good and tasty.

I received a free tea-bag of Yorkshire Evening Tea, decaffeinated. And a can of Pale Ale. I’ll give these away later.

I now have a well-stuffed refrigerator with lots of fodder, to keep me going for a few days at least, Hehehe!

Off to the Social Meeting, taking the big white bag of recyclable waste down with me, and dropping off two black bags of rubbish, popping them in the chute on the way down.

The welcoming, but, the cold sun was shining outside.

I took the recyclable bag to the caretaker’s door.

4Thu06Where I noticed one of the workers working on setting up some window frames.

I wasn’t sure if he was doing these for the new Extra Care Block, or for finishing off the few odd balconies on Woodthorpe Court. These are the ones that could not be finished earlier due to support bars for the hoist going through to the wall.

4Thu06aThen I took a snap of another chap in his giant fork-lift come plant machine as I passed him by.

I suffered a very mild Dizzy Dennis attack at this point. It did not last for too long it was a bit too strong for my liking.

However, things were back to normal within a couple of minutes, and I managed to keep my balance without too much effort.

4Thu07I spotted that some of the scaffolding had been removed from the new Extra Care Block.

This revealed some of the outer skin of the building, showing the new, different colouring for the block.

I like it!

I pressed on and arrived at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights Flats, and Administration shed for the Oberstgruppenführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room. Where a scarcity of tenants was found to attend.

I put the prizes on the trolley, handed around the nibbles and has a few chinwags. Things were going well thanks to Cyndy helping by taking over while Jenny is in India on holiday.

2Tue03 Abruptly, the need for the Porcelain Throne arrived. I had hoped to catch the bus to town, but would now miss it, as I had to get to the flat and the wet room sharpishly. I had to say my farewells and leave hastily.

4Thu07aI did take this photographicalisation of the crowded road near the bus stop outside the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Catwalk Models Wardens Temporary HQ. Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and somewhere to rest while waiting for the bus, shed.

2Tue03 As I was walking along Chestnut Walk to the apartment, Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun paid me another visit. This time a long one from Dizzy that put the wind up me for a while. I stood for ages leaning up against the fencing, pretending to be looking at the New Build progress. I’m not sure what happened then, but I found myself in the lift cage as things came back into perspective. No hassle from Dizzy Dennis or Shaking Shaun now, and I felt okay, apart from the urgency of needing another visit to the Porcelain Throne. Bit of a blank period, I think. Not much distinctness about the last few minutes.

I got inside and to the wet room instanter!

2Tue03 Sat upon the Throne, the mind wandered over and considered the situation. I decided not to risk going out. This being my third or fourth visit. Plus the apparent threat of Dennis’s Dizzies and Shaun’s Shaking returning. The evacuation was no bother.

I took a magnesium and Ramipril capsule with the midday medications and got the Health Checks done. Pulse still high?

I’ve made notes to tell th2U01e nurse about at Tuesday’s INR Warfarin blood test.

I tried doing some graphics, but the concentration went after doing a couple of them. No more Dizzies, though.

Then, I just know that you are going to find this terribly had to believe.

Even staggering, amazing, astonishing, astounding, confounding, incredible, mind-boggling, overwhelming, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, mind-blowing, and that it all a fantasy… but


Computer abandoned.

I did a good bug spraying in each room bar the one where I sleep in the £300 second-hand recliner.

I took this panoramic shot of down below, from the kitchen window when @I did the last Health Checks and took the medications.


4Thu24Sorted the nosh. Served it up. Ate most of it.

The slice of Warburtons Toastie bread with sourdough was unstimulating, bland and flavourless. The rest of the meal just about passable. 5/10 Taste-Rating.

I put the TV on after consulting the programme listings and picking out a few to watch… but I fell asleep within a minute… Zzzz. Nice!

Inchcock – Wed 24th October 2018: Mixed sort of day, good and bad, highs and lows…


Wednesday 24th October 2018

German: Mittwoch 24 Oktober 2018

2320hrs: Early wake-up time, I know. But I had a funny turn yesterday and fell asleep really early. Yet on waking-up, Dizzy Dennis, Shaking Shaun, and Duodenal Donald had all stopped giving me hassle! (Fair enough, Duodenal Donald returned with his stabbing pain an hour or so later, Humph!) The brain seemed to become active sooner as well, no blague nonsense rumbling around in there either. (I wasn’t sure if I should be happy about this or not?)

As I tackled the exiting of my torso with the tremendously bulbous stomach attached, from the £300 second-hand recliner, I spotted signs of my having committed some nocturnal nibbling! The contents of the pot of potato thins and cheeselets had decreased dramatically! Eizel! The summoning from the innards to use the Porcelain Throne arrive.

The evacuation was a decent one.

3Wed001 I spotted around ten dead Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles, one alive, a big un as well! So got the can of spray and squirted the wet room, emptied the spray, so I got another to investigate the spare room. About fifteen Weevils on the unwanted light and view-blocking new window ledge, all around the little holes in the sealant, all dead. Into the kitchen. Only about ten Weevil bodies found in there, none alive and no LadyBugs today.

Did the Health Checks and tool the medications. Results were not good, mind.


I set about creating a post with all the sky pictures from yesterday and adding writing pose and some humorous drivel.

3Wed001 A second call to the Throne arrived. Longer session t his one, I got a couple of pages of the book read.

Back to the computer, and concentrated on the Picture/funny Poem blog.

3Wed001 Two hours or so later, a third demand for the Porcelain Throne arrived. Evacuation same as the last one.

Back to the blog making. Eventually, I got it finished and posted off. Phew, a long job that one was!

Then I had to update and finish yesterday’s blog.

Made a brew and then… 3Wed001 Back to the Porcelain Throne for the fourth time! Getting worried about this, now. Where is it coming from? Hehe!

Went on the WordPress Reader section, then finished off the diary and posted it off.

Next, on to the TFZer Facebook to add photographs to the albums.

I went on the YouTube thingy while I waited for it to be late enough to use the noisy shower to do my ablutions.

Had a spray around with the ‘Sanmex Bug Killer. Then went to get the ablutions sorted out.

3Wed001 Dang and botherations! I needed a fifth session on the throne! Oh dearie me! Not runny either?

Several Weevils had appeared again, so I collected to bodies up.

Teggies and shaving were done, I was about to get into the shower and what came over the air-waves on the Radio Nottingham News…

3Wed001 There had been stabbings and attempted murder! All with a short distance of the Nottingham Arboretum!

  • Police in Nottingham are investigating after two separate stabbings in the city in the space of fewer than six hours.
    Detectives investigating the first stabbing in Nottingham yesterday have found a black car believed to have been used in the attack. Suspected attempted murder.
  • A man in his twenties suffered life-threatening injuries behind flats near North Sherwood Street at about 14:00.
    Two arrests have been made in connection with the second stabbing in nearby Burns Street, Arboretum, at around 7.30pm.
    Residents living in the Arboretum area have been left terrified and on edge after two stabbings in a matter of hours.

Blimey, that is close to where I was hobbling around on Monday, too! Oy Gevalt!

Visitors and tourists are all welcomed to Nottingham.

I took two black bags to the waste chute on the way out.

I took two black bags to the waste chute on the way out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3Wed03I had a quick natter with Pint-Puller and Perambulator Paulius and another chap. I forgot to ask his name. 

Took a shot of Winchester Court and part of the New Build. The lads were up on the hoists grafting away.

I got to the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Heights, Generaloberstesses Wardens Temporary HQ, WC, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisationalistic Area, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents porta-cabin.

I had a natter with Oberfeldwebeless Deana and Stabsfeldwebeless Julie and Hauptbereitschaftsleiteress Lynne. Ah, I nearly forgot, I am barred by the Nottingham City Homes Management, from mentioning anything taking place between Nottingham City Homes agents, representatives or employees and myself. Suffice to say we spoke.

3Wed04aA new bit of Nottinghamian Street Art was spotted, towards the end of Chestnut Walk.

3Wed001 Apparently, the inspection pit and had been destroyed by vehicles, most likely wagons or lorries parking up on the grass verge.

Not that poor devils have much choice in the matter, like!

3Wed001 Still, it’ll come in use, as somewhere for folks to throw their half-eaten fooder and bottles down into. At least somebody has put a damaged piece of barrier over it for us old fogies. So, we can trip 3Wed05over it, as opposed to falling down the hole. Which I think is prospectively the better choice, injury-wise? I thank you!

I pressed on down Winchester Street Hill.

Pleased to report that part of the footpath was accessible this morning, mind you, some of the workers, merchants, and tradespeople had not yet arrived on site. Those that had parked had left me with up to 3Wed05a - Copythree foot of pavement width to walk on, as opposed to Monday’s three-inches, so things were improving.

The expressions the Sherwoodite’s faces depicted that a mood of Dysphoria was being shared around by all and sundry.

I went into the shop and grabbed two of the orange and vanilla croissants. They had no lemon that I could see. But being on offer, I still bought two. I want to be able to treat Frank when he gets back off of holiday, I’d already got a treat in the spare room for 3Wed05aJenny. Oh, and Pennies Birthday present too. I got a sliced loaf, some Sopocka and a tin of beef and peas as well.

I hobbled back to Winchester Street. As I turned the corner, with the feet aching like crazy, I noticed that I had just missed two buses, the L9 and the 40. As they both past me by, it dawned on me that it didn’t matter really, for two reasons.

  • One: It was too early for me to use my free pensioner pass anyway!
  • Two: I was quite happy to suffer Anne Gyna, the accompanying shortage of breath and Arthur Itis giving me stick as I struggled up the hill. Cause the exercise would be good for the metal-ticker and Hippy Hilda. Bloody painful, but therapeutic. Hehehe!

3Wed07As I got about half-way up the hill, I had to stop to catch my breath. Anne Gyna was giving me bother.

But, it was not all gloom. For the sunshine got through straight ahead of me before the first bend in the road. I didn’t think that the photo on the left would come out good at all, but as you see, it wasn’t too bad an effort.

3Wed001 I then turned to my left, to take a long distance snap, of the top of both blocks of flats, up Cavendish Vale. But the picture did not show up on the viewer? I’m confused about what I did wrong here?

3Wed06So, I took this shot of Winchester Street instead.

I tackled the last stretch up the hill, and within a minute of getting on the flat on Chestnut Walk, Anne Gyna eased off. Even Hippy Hilda was not so bad now.

I only saw one resident on the walk along to the flats. I think the workers might have been on their lunch break.

Up the elevator to the flat, and had a wee-wee. As I did, I thought I felt a little gurgling from the lower regions, surely not a sixth Porcelain Throne session brewing up, I thought. What’s going on here?

3Wed08I got the fodder from the bag, put the Sopocka cooked pork in the fridge. Sarnies and sliced potatoes with tomatoes methinks later on.

I want to stay awake and get some graphics prep work done if I can. It will depend on when the sudden Weariness and tiredness dawns on me. Humph!

Made a brew and did the Health Checks and took the medications… then…

3Wed001 It arrived. Incredible! The sixth visit to the Porcelain Throne! Not loose or anything, getting fed-up with this though.

Washed up well, and back to the computer to update this blog as far as here!

Then added some photographs to the TFZer Facebook.

3Wed29Got the nosh sorted and served. And very nice it was too!

Buttered fresh bread, tomatoes, sliced seasoned potatoes, pickled gherkins, smoked mackerel in veg sauce, a few potato thins and a lemon mousse to follow.

Gave this effort a 9.2/10 Flavour-Rating.

Did the last Health Checks and took the medications.

The emptied plate and tray on the chair and I drifted off with the TV on, within minutes!

Inchcock – Tues 23 Oct 2018: Aches & Pains assessed – Weevils Counter Attack!


Tuesday 23rd October 2018

Marathi: मंगळवार 23 ऑक्टोबर 2018

0025hrs: I woke with the brain and body in (semi) alignment for once. The aches and pains from yesterdays marathon hobble to the Arboretum were assessed, as I slowly moved and prodded the affected areas and passed wind.

Arthur Itis in the ankles and knees was not too bad. Lower-Back Pain Petunia and Hippy Hilda were both niggling, but acceptable under the circumstances.  Duodenal Donald and Hernia Harry were of no hassle whatsoever. Both of the fibulas were painful and stiff, as to be expected, though. Anne Gyna was no bother. The only thing that was of any real concern was the possible returning pains in the ribs. I just hope that the Pleurodynia is not beginning, this would be unwelcome. Last time I suffered with it, I had to use far too many painkillers to cope with it. I’m trying to reduce the medications I’m on, not increase them. Still, I’m off the morphine now and trying to get by with fewer Codeines. If the Pleurodynia does return though, I shall not hesitate to use more opiates for pain relief. Not much gets to me pain-wise, but if this pleuralgia pain, I do not like. There I go waffling on again! Klutz! Expecting the worst. Fool! Not that I’m all that keen on the other ailments. Hehehe!

2Tue03 When I dismounted the £300 second-hand but working circa 1972 recliner, the ankles and plates-of-meat were worse than I had expected. So, I decided to rub in some of the Phorpain Gel. Sounds easy doesn’t?

2Tue03 Not the rotund shape my fat-wobbly stomach is in, it isn’t! In my younger years, I honestly never thought I would ever have such trouble getting to reach my feet. By the time I’d got the pain-gel partly rubbed in, I had started Anne Gyna off, Reflux Roger had kicked-off, and Dizzy Dennis paid me a visit! I just can’t win, can I? Humph!

Then the innards summoned me to the Porcelain Throne. A much-improved evacuation session. I got three pages of the ‘Catastrophy’ book read, and they are big pages. Haha!

2Tue03 Cleaning up after the blood-free session, it dawned on that I could only see about ten or so dead Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle bodies on the wet room floor this morning. Dare I think that things are improving and I am winning the battle at last? Oh, no! Had a heavy spray around again, depleting another can of Bug Killer! I got a new can of ‘Raid’ Spray and had a reconnoitre in the spare room.

2Tue03 2Tue04Oh dearie me! I found about 22 dead weevils and four live ones (Of questionable breeds if beetles?) on the sill of the unwanted light and view-limiting new window.

I thought, and feared that the dang things might be getting some sort of resistance, developed an ability to withstand the expensive bug killers that I’m using?

Off to have a patrol of the kitchen. Where only a handful of dead corpses were found.

Got the hands washed and tended to the Health Checks.


Astonished, at the Sys Dia and Pulse, results all being higher today compared to Monday. But, I must not allow myself to get all valetudinarian-like!

I made a brew of Assam tea with just a splash of milk in it. And got on with updating then finalising the Monday post. A long gruelling job, with all the photographs from the Arboretum visit to sort out. I got it finished around 0400hrs.

2Tue05Got an email from Asda (Walmart).

I’d forgotten why I stopped using them for deliveries.

I remember now!


2Tue07I went into the kitchen to make another mug of tea and decided to take a photograph from the window. Low and behold, there was the Asda (Walmart) delivery van.

Everything was there as the Email. Although why I would want Cheese Sticks as a substitute for shredded potato hash browns still puzzles me.

Got the stuff put away and went on WordPress Reader, then CorelDraw to do some blog page header graphics.

2Tue03 Oberstgruppenführeress Warden Deana rang. ‘Had I done my alarm wristlet battery check yet this month’ Of course I hadn’t, so I did. Hehe!

I did some graphics prep work for hours on end.

Health Checks were done with medications.

2use2Tue03 Got a visit from Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun again. Incapable of concentrating on anything. Turned off the computer and got an early nosh sorted.

I did notice how beautiful the sky looked with the suns crepuscular rays coming through the clouds. Thanks to Tim in New Mexico, for telling me the word for them in a comment!

Here is my favourite of the photographs I took of the sky.

In the morning I made up a post with all of the pictures taken and added some humorous prose to go with them.


View from Inchcocks window, with prose

Got the last Health Checks done early. 

Dizzy Dennis and Shaking Shaun left me alone, and this hated weariness arrived. I did nothing but sit until I fell asleep ridiculously early… Ay-yay-yay!

Evening Skies, from Inchcock’s Kitchen Window – Part of the The Nottingham Lads True Tales of Woe series

Evening Skies, from Inchcock’s Kitchen Window


Views that started Inchcock’s brain rambling off, thinking, pondering over and worrying about everything. Frustrated that he can do nothing about anything nor even comprehend, understand or communicate with his own mind!


The sky tonight: It’s polymorphous really did impress me,

The dying sun, struggling through the darkness, expressly,

Should have inspired a song, probably from Elvis Presley,

Magnificence flowed, from apex to apogee,

The above line is wrong, I couldn’t find another word to rhyme, you see!


Ah, the joys of living up high up in the clouds, primarily,

Where I can feel abandoned, sometimes get a bit dizzy,

Seek happiness… but that’s another story,

Viewing this landscape installs much inner psychoactivity,

I had to break off a while, I’d had too much curry,

So off to the Porcelain Throne in a hurry.


As to the reason for the natures ostentatiousness, I’m not privy,

Why mankind’s existence? Finding out is no tantivy,

No point in searching, so close to my logging out of life’s activity,

I blame my failure, on my brains under-activity,

Also on my abundant  impecunity,

My lack of faith and the absence of any divinity!


I’m aware my brain has an impaired cognitivity,

My physical condition deteriorated, no longer of its high-quality,

Ailments abound, and the midriff is a superabundant mass, too much quantity,

My life’s actions have had little bioactivity on others, that’s a sad pity,

Relationship-wise, there’s been a paucity!


Fellow workers seemed to be more successful, with greater superiority,

They had confidence; that bosses mistook for ability!

Too late for me now, as I approach my senility,

Now I’m classed as having a disability,

I mean apart from my natural stupidity!


Porcelain Throne evacuations, now show great fluidity,

This occurs now with a pungent consistency,

The monthly medications increasing, remind one of mortality,

The brain wakes in the morning with even more veracity,

Often with thoughts lacking in reality,

But I do my best to keep my humour and morality!


I try to keep my medical appointments with accuracy,

I do my bestest, to avoid any turpitude and degeneracy,

Keeping my perambulations regular and ambling, not sprightly,

Sometimes I forget to take my medicines nightly,

When I do miss them, I accept the pains, quite quietly,

For it was me who caused them by acting deficiently!


I wrote these words in a mood, benignantly,

I dream of helping others to have a laugh, but not confidently,

For I fear that humour’s now being received with severity,

Not with a smile, merriment, or joviality,

Still, the photographicalisations came out chromolithographic.


I blame folks worrying, over the UK’s Brexitaliticalisationing!