Inchcock – Sat 27 Oct 2018:


Saturday 27th October 2018

Saterdag 27 Oktober 2018

0100hrs: Woke up with a bit of the Shaking Shaun bother going on. By the time they had stopped, the brain had joined in, and things could be assessed. Hippy Hilda was far much more relaxed this morning, only Little Inchies fungal lesion bleeding a tad, was of any concern. No Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis, Dizzy Dennis… physically I felt rather good.

I even disentangling my obesely potbellied short torso with its fluid filled legs and dangly arms from the £300 second-hand recliner was without toe-stubbings, or knocking anything off of the Ottoman! Smug-Mode Adopted! I went into Super-Smug-Mode when I noticed I had the cheese biscuit pot on the side, and I had only nibbled a couple of them!

WD181.9.9 The Super-Smug-Mode did not last long. Off to the wet room for a wee-wee, that turned out to be a Porcelain Throne session by the time I got there. Hehe! The evacuation went well, but I had to accinge my loins when sorting and medicating the haemorrhaging fungal lesion. A disagreeable and unsettling experience. Why so much bleeding this morning? Maybe the INR Warfarin level had got too high? With them now doing less frequent blood tests to save money, does concern me. This may explain the pallidity of my skin? Took me ages to clean up the splattered red liquid from me, the floor, sink and WC! Humph!  You can see why I permanently keep overstocked with kitchen towels. A good job my friend had kept me in a good supply of PP’s, too.

Ah, well, I pressed on to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.


6Sat01The sphygmomanometer took four tries to get it to operate.

WD181.9.9 Every test resulted in an increase. Syn, Dia, Pulse, Temperature and Weight! Grumble-clunk!

WD181.9.9 Took the medications from the drawer, and realised I had not taken last nights doses. So, I took them straight away and will take the morning ones later on. What a Shmo!

I carried out an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles patrol, Sanex Killer spray to hand, of course. I started in the wet room. Where I came across many dead weevils, spread all over the floor, but they were only very tiny ones? Then into the spare room, and found just a few dead and live ones, on the unwanted light and view-blocking new window ledge, the carpet, the clothes rack and on the scales! These Weevils were bigger beetles. To the kitchen, again not many seen, but they were al tiny weevils and dead? I wonder what’s going on with them? I’ll get the carcases hoovered up later when the noise will not bother any neighbours.

Made a brew of English Breakfast Tea, and got the computer going. Started to finalise the Friday blog, and got it posted off to WordPress.

WD181.9.9 When it came to starting this post going, I realised I had not got any advance templates made-up! So I did this as I went along, getting up to here. Then began to create some templates for future use. A long, monotonous (and for me, a usually error-ridden) job, but so helpful later on to have them ready.

Three hours, two mugs of tea and three wee-wees later, I’d got caught up. Haha!

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6Sat24Weariness and fatigue arrived so early today.

I got the nosh prepped and served up.

As part of my ‘Lose-Weight-Inchock’ campaign, I cunningly used a smaller dish, so that hopefully the food would look more than it actually was. I don’t know if it was for this reason, but I didn’t eat it all?

Mushrooms smoked back bacon and tomato passata. Three slices of bread, but I only ate two of them.

Got the pots washed and sat down. I put the TV on and commenced watching some absolute rubbish, and still, I could not get to sleep! Although I did manage a lot of little nodding-offs. Later, as ‘Britains most Evil Killers’ came on Freeview channel eleven for me to take an interest in viewing… I fell asleep!

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