Inchcock – Sun 28 Oct 2018: Wee-wees, Weevils, Washeteria duties, Watch & Clocks reset and Worryingly early Fatigue.


Walking down Winchester Hill last week – I saw the beauty of nature!

Sunday 28th October 2018

Maltese: Il-Ħadd 28 ta ‘Ottubru 2018

2345hrs: The body and mind activated in unison this morning. The need for a wee-wee was required. So, I parted company with the £300 second-hand rickety on-its-last-lags recliner.

WD0.60.0 As I stood up after dismounting the chair, some form of anaesthesia affected both ankles. I sort of kept my balance, but I don’t know how I did it. I wobbled and flailed a bit. Off to the wet room. Where insentience-ridden argle-bargle from the mind waffled on inside the brain, persistently for a couple of minutes. I learnt nothing from rampant fears, worries and mental inquisition whatsoever. The only thing I got from the confusing inner-prattlings, was a headache.

Washed and went to get the tea brewed, and do the Health Checks.


7Sun03By Jiminy, the Sys was high.

Took the medications. Then, set off on an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle patrol.

Back to the wet room, where I was pleased to see only five dead weevils!

The spare room had only three live ones, and five dead ones as far as I could see.

7Sun02The front room was the worst affected this morning.

They were all near the doors to the new unwanted light and view-blocking windows and balcony, which the carpenter left dirty scratched and bowed after fitting them. All the weevils were dead.

I went around the multitude of areas with holes and gaps in every room with the ‘Rentokil Bug Killer’ spray.

7Sun05Made another brew to replace the last one that went cold (this one went cold too!)

I took this photograph from the unwanted light and view-blocking new kitchen window. I thought at the time, blimey, there’s a lot of traffic about for this time in the morning.

A niceish shot though.

Got the Saturday Diary finished off, not much in it, cause not much happened. I hate the weekends! I miss my little natters and chinwags.

Out-of-the-blue, I decided (Did you note that? Me, making a decision! Hehe!) to get the paraphernalia ready to take the washing down and cleaned.

7Sun13WD0.60.0 As I got down in the lobby, the electronic signboard indicated the time was 01:49 hrs.

My new-to-me, second-hand wristwatch, that I got from the charity shop for £2, told me it was 02:45hrs?

Ah… clocks back! So, I’ve lost another hour! Oh, no! I’ve made an hour! This might explain why I thought there was a lot of traffic in the picture taken earlier?

7Sun07aAs I was about to wipe the washer drum out before putting in the clothes…

WD0.60.0 I spotted this Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle, on the outside of the drum! And they try to tell me, (insinuating they are my fault) that I am the only one with the infestation! Humph!

I loaded the washer and started it going, and nipped outside to take some pictures of the morning. Then popped back into the washing-room and took two shots of the newly erected scaffolding.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Back up to the apartment and changed the watch and all the clocks to the chronologically correctish time.

7Sun16Made the third mug of tea: hopefully, I’ll get to drink this one. (I didn’t, it also went cold)

Back down to move the laundry from the washer to dryer. Took out the washing and wiped the drum and door.

WD0.60.0 Opened the dryer door, to find that the filter was rather full, and it had overflowed into the drum. So cleared out the fluff from screen and drum and got the clothes in and spinning.

7Sun14I noticed on the way to the lift the sign for the Christmas nosh. Kind of them, but I will not be attending. There are only limited spaces, anyway.

The food will have traces of by beloved brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce and cakes. All now banned foods for me. Sprouts, cranberries barred due to the effect on the INR Warfarin Blood levels, and cakes, now a self-imposed ban, due to the weight of my short, belly-dominated, bald, bespectacled, hearing air wearing Warfarin filled body, shooting up. Sad innit?

The most substantial reason I have not to go to the celebration is, the ‘Bingo’!

WD0.60.0 When I got back up and into the kitchen, some Coccinellidae (Ladybugs – Ladybirds) one on the unwanted light and view-blocking kitchen window ledge, and one on the food counter. Oy Vey!


I set the timer to remind me of the washing. Carried on updating this blog.

Back down the last time for now to the machines. Emptied the dryer and folded the clothing. Cleaned the filter and drum. Wiped the sink area and picked up some fluff, that must have fallen out as I opened the machine. This action caused me no hassle from Hernia Harry, Anne Gyna, Arthur Itis or Hippy Hilda! Great!

7Sun18Back up and put the togs away. Refilled the pod and freshener pot ready for the next visit.

Made a fourth, or is it a fifth, mug of tea. And… drank it before it went cold, most satisfyingly! While I got the morning’s picture uploaded and tweaked for this diary.

Got caught up to here with the blog. Then added some photos to the the Facebook album, and did some posts.

Made yet another mug of tea. (Determined to drink this one).

The fatigation and feebleness (CFS?) arrived so early in the day, even I found it hard to believe it was happening.

WD0.60.0 I was useless, drained and weary. Did nothing but sat there in the £300 second-hand recliners, making plans to get some sort of a meal prepared and nodding-off frequently. With the occasional trip for a wee-wee in between horrible dreams and some nibbling from the savoury biscuit box. No meal tonight, but I probably had sufficient nibbles anyway.

Terrible time. A mismash of nodding, waking, wee-weeing and worrying.

Yet, after I’d manage to nod-off properly for four hours, I awoke in fine-fettle? I hate weekends!

TTFN all.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock – Sun 28 Oct 2018: Wee-wees, Weevils, Washeteria duties, Watch & Clocks reset and Worryingly early Fatigue.

  1. You have already fallen back to standard time? I think it’s another two weeks before we change. I suppose, out of desperation, you could try wee-weeing on the weevils around where they are hanging out. Maybe marking your territory will discourage them. Isn’t Friday, December 14th a little early for celebrating Christmas? Limiting spaces seems rather naughty when people are supposed to be nice. Well maybe all of December is fair game for celebrating Christmas since most of the fews stores I actually go into around here have had Christmas stuff on the shelves for a month already. Halloween stuff is already marked down to make room for more Christmas thingies. I like your early photos from the laundry room window.

    • I suppose, out of desperation, you could try wee-weeing on the weevils around where they are hanging out. “Maybe marking your territory will discourage them…” Hehehe! Laughed out loud at that, mate.
      bring on my own, I don’t like Christmas much, mate. Lots of folks go to see their families and stay with them, costing me many chinwags and laughs. Hahaha! Same over here with the seemingly earlier each year Santa Hysteria. Grumph!
      Really glad you liked the photos of the new scaffolding, cause taking the looking up one cost me alot of pain with Hippy Hilda. Tsk!

  2. They probably will say you brought the evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle down to the laundry with you, not that others might have an infestation, too! Just wait till they see these beasties carrying you out the elevator door to take you out to their forest lair for winter feasting!

    I’ve fought apartment management over things and got no relief. Only here it is the yard nazis who weedwhack my herb garden and hard-won rhubarb.

    Ignorance, it seems, is not bliss so much as it is just plain stupidity on a happy plane or vandalism on the probable one. Bastards!

    • “Just wait till they see these beasties carrying you out the elevator door to take you out to their forest lair for winter feasting!”… Hehe!
      Rhubarb… Glad you got that off your chest, Doug! The Swine him!

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