Inchcock Today – Tuesday 4th September 2018: Woke up to a Whoopsiedangleplop… or two! Tsk!


Tuesday 4th September 2018

Filipino: Martes Setyembre 4, 2018

 0310hrs: I woke up and fleetingly toyed with making plans to get up, reluctantly for once. Not like me usually. Soon, I’d decided to go on an Evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles search and destroy mission. Belched, and I decided not to bother.

2Tue07aaWDP01a I noticed signs of my having been nocturnally nibbling.

I found resting firmly in the ample folds of my abdomen, twixt the thorax and midriff, a partly squashed plastic container, empty, that earlier had been full with beef flavoured chip sticks in it, the lid was entrenched under my right armpit!

It must have been there a good while, cause the ribs were bruised. I just could not remember eating them at all!

Then, as I struggled out of the second-hand £300 recliner, I felt something like pieces of grit crunching under my feet!

2Tue02fWDP01a Ah! I’d not nibbled all the chips. I suppose I fell asleep and tipped the container over?

Am I a Klutz or what? Huh!

Much, time, effort and pain later, I’d got most of the mess picked up. Couldn’t use the hoover this early in the morning cause of the noise. So I got down on my knees and hand-picked-up as much as I could find. As for my getting back up again… it was not easy! Tsk!

Did the Health Checks.


The monitor failed to work a few times, but it came right eventually.


2Tue04Although, some of the readings on were a little on the high still.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Decent evacuation this morning, although a tad loose and messy.

There was no haemorrhaging from Harold’s Haemorrhoids. Second blood-free day, now. Good!

Not many evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetles in the wet room this morning. One near the shower drain, and another on the curtaining.

There is a spit in the floor sealing on a corner, and I thought I saw some of the weevils shoot into the gap. But I’m not sure.

Finished the ablutions, and went to the spare room to check on the evil ironclad boll Weevil black biting beetle population.

The trap-card seemed to have the same amount of bodies stuck on it, like yesterday. A few of the weevils were lurking on the window ledge, but not many.

1Mon04I took the medications, and checked the weeks dosage pots, as there were no Ramipril capsules in this mornings. But all the others were okay.

WDP01a I had a super-duper Dizzy-Spell as I was making a brew. A right humdinger! It only lasted a few minutes, though. But was of concern, cause I’d never had such a forceful one like this before.

2Tue03I soon felt okay again. No more attacks came.

I think someone has been cleaning the cellophane outside the kitchen window. I reckon some of the blemishes seem to have disappeared?

Maybe, the Aliens or heavy rain to blame? Oh, no, I don’t think we had any rain. Beats me!

Updated Monday post, and got sent off to WordPress.

I made an Iceland order, for delivery Thursday twixt 0800 > 1000hrs.

Started this post off, but had to stop and get things ready to catch the bus.

I took three black bags of rubbish to the waste chute, and on the way down I grabbed a bag of recyclable stuff and dropped it off at the caretakers’ door.

The work taking place on Chestnut Walk has expanded, and what bit of pavement we had, we have no longer.

I joked the other day, about are they building a graveyard for the tenants who get knocked over and killed by the traffic, but it might be they are building us a paddling pool or could be accessing the water pipes to connect up the New Extra-Care block building. Hehe!

Well, as I passed the chaps, I saw a big roll of tape, with ‘Caution – Electric Cable’ written along it. So, no paddling pool – Haha!

I arrived at the Nottingham City Homes, Winwood Flats, Unterscharführeress Wardens Temporary HQ, Willmott-Dixon workers breakfast and tea-break room, Sarcasm & Insult distribution area, Tenants Socialisation Shed, Telling Inchcock off Zone, Things like crockery and pottery to be stolen from, and residents room. A few folks in there chatting away.

Out to the bus stop, Caroline from the residential home came over for a natter. The bus soon arrived.

I got into Arnold and shot straight to Asda (Walmart). Rushed about the store and ended up getting, Cheesy Curls, bread thins, brown oven-bottom muffins, apples, seasons sliced potatoes and… erm… er… Two Fresh Cream French Horns. Guilty! Paid at the self-serve tills and rushed out to catch the bus, the moment I arrived at the shelter, it came! Bit of luck there!

2Tue11I got to the Hospital in plenty of time and without any chance of my being late.

Within minutes I was being pampered by a team of students and nurses in a side-room.

My problems were discussed and thrown to the others, for ideas, suggestions and identification guesses and prognoses.

They all abandoned the room after putting a cloth over my lower regions.

I lay there under the giant microscope for a few minutes, with the odd person coming in and asking me questions about my medical history.

Then even more medics came into the room. All of these lads and lasses wore severe facial expressions. I later found out these people were more students.

In the end, they all wished me well, and I was left with one nurse (A lovely meaty one), and the bloke. No one called him Doctor, but Mr whatever his name was?

So, a week so from now, I will be called back to see them again and should learn what is to be done.

I thanked him and went to catch the bus.

A lady and gent were on the bus. I did some crosswording, and we arrived safely home.

How I wish I could remember peoples names! Tsk!

Shared pleasantries with some people getting on the bus.

As the three of us limped along Chestnut Way, I hobbled as rear guard and warned them each time a vehicle approached from our rear.


Got to the flat, and Doris (I think) showed a way into the flats that we could use when the caretakers’ door was open.

I gave them a choice of nibbles. And up in the lift, we went. Bade our farewells as they got off before me, 6th floor I think it was.

Got into the apartment and put the kettle on and had a very painful-short-wee-wee.

Did the Health Checks and medications were taken.

Just two evil Boll Weevil Ironclad black biting beetles spotted. The first one appeared in the small washing up bowl, but after I’d just filled it up with soda water and washing-soda? I emptied the pan and made sure that the insect went down the hole and I put the plug in the hole. Filled a saucepan with cold water, took it to the stove, returned to get the saucepan lid from the drainer, and blow-me; Another weevil was in the sink! Oy-yoy-yoy!


2Tue09I got baby spuds into the saucepan seasoned with just sea salt.

Started on updating this diary, as far as here

I went on to the TFZer Facebooking.

Then the WordPress reader section.

2Tue26Got the nosh finished and served up.

It looked appealing enough.

WDP01a However, the belly pork slices had the texture of shoe leather, the taste of cardboard, and I have no idea why I ate them. I spent most of the time removing bits of gristle and lumps of solidified fat from the meat. The naughty fresh cream French Horns rounded a horrible meal off nicely though.

I was so tired and weary, I put the tray down to get up, and fell asleep, deep, blissful sleep.

WDP01a About half-an-hour later, the landline bust forth, with its most unwanted ringing tone and flashing light.

It was the Catwalk Jaguar, Generalfeldmarschalless Patch Manager Angela. I was a little confused having just woken up from a deep sleep, but I think I got the messages.. no, I lie. (In the morning I found scribbled notes I’d made during this conversation, now, if I can decipher them…)

It must be difficult for ordinary rational night-time sleeping tellurians, to grasp my problem with being an early-bird, morning person. Who is at his most active and alert post-prandial, and dies-off fades, loses concentration, interest and logicality early every afternoon. This is when the galimatias rules the brain.  This must seem like an Alice-in-Wonderlandish situation to most folks. But it’s true.

Did the last Health Checks and medication taking done.

Got settled into the rickety £300 second-hand recliner, started to watch a programme on TV, and off I drifted again.

Evening all!