Inchcock’s Diary with an Ode

Thursday Sorry, Wednesday 13th July 2022

I had a terrible job getting to sleep. It was a bad night; constantly waking up with a twitch or jerk. So, I overslept by hours! No time to get the ablutions done, as the morning Carer could arrive at any time.
I’m afraid my mind was all over the place, absent, and befuddled, sufficient for me to lose what day it was. I started so many things going, none of which gained any fruition, never mind getting completed. Yet I continued to potter about in the wet room, spare room, kitchen and front room, not getting anything done but starting so many tasks and forgetting about them… I knew this, but I could do nothing about it to rectify my stupidity… Ah, that could be my motto!

I’ve just read on my memory pad, ‘rubber balls’, I think. Not the foggiest why I wrote it! ♫Oh, Susana♫ chimed from the doorbell, and the morning Carer came in, it was Richard. Which surprised me cause he doesn’t usually come on a Thursday (At this time, I’d not been informed it was Wednesday and not Thursday, all a part of my visit from Confusion Conrad, Tsk!) Poor Richard was still coughing away; been this for a few days now; the lad has. I mentioned that I hoped it was not Covid, and this seemed to upset Richard (not a lot!). He replied in a resolute unquestionable tone; it was not Covid. So I left the subject. He couldn’t stay too long; he’d got other calls to do. But we still managed a little to and fro nattering. Handed him some nibbles, flavoured water and plonk. Went to the door with him (I am a talker!), on his way out – at which he put on a heavy-duty Covid mask. It looked the business too. I think he said he was coming to do me on the morrow morning… but how I was with chronology and dates… I might well be wrong. Hahaha!

I got the computer started. Will I ever get a blog written today? Made a start on getting the photos online and sorted. Then, ♫ Oh, Susana ♫ chimed out again. It was the J Sainsbury’s delivery coming. It took me ages to sort them out, not that were any particular difficulties or problems; it was my brain!
I got the fodder sorted… with the podding of the peas as well; it took me over an hour-plus! Humph! And I have some to do for tomorrow yet. How I’m going to find time to do this blog, I don’t know… Tsk! As expected, I got sidetracked by the beautiful view from the balcony.

That was it… of out into the broad-walk balcony, Canon camera in hand, and had a battle getting the windows open at both ends, so I could take different views of the emerging sun from the rear of the tower blocks.
Interesting that out there, this view is Her Majesties Prison, Nottingham. The City Hospital, twelve murder locations (2021), and fourteen at least drug-growing homes. They were raided last year by the Nottingham Constabulary. The previous year. Jillie’s house and businesses galore. Apart from the TSB Bank, Faucet & Albatross Wines, three restaurants, three take always, a flower shop and a carpet shop. Also, a sub-Police Station, Second-hand furniture store, greengrocers and butchers; have all been closed down. Oh, and Jillie tells me that two new unwanted or needed take-aways have opened in the same shops that the earlier entrepreneurs went bankrupt. A new Charity shop is opening that’ll make eight in the half-mile length of Mansfield Road in Sherwood. Oh, and the new J Sainsbury local store that was being built where the Council closed the library, spent two years fitting out… have pulled out of the deal! I’m waffling, sorry.

I phoned Julie the Warden and told her about some strawberries and flower treats available; she said she’d pop up later. Still working on her own, I think, bless her.

At long last, I made a start on the blog. After a few hours, mostly sorting out the photographs to use, I realised I had not done any washing of my finely hones, muscular body yet.
Humph! I got the pod peas prepared for tomorrow… I was still in denial mode about it being Thursday.

I did another whole bag of the delightful and much-loved garden peas.
Got then them into the saucepan, as
from the door blasted ♫Oh, Susan♫. It was Warden Julie. Handed her the strawberries, roses and some drinkies. When I asked her if she could drop the other strawberries off for Francis: Oh, dearie me… She told me that Fran had taken a bad fall yesterday and was in the hospital, but she’d keep them in her fridge if Fran returned. I thanked her and went into worry mode when Julie had gone. Poor Francis! I hope it’s not severe. I’ll find out if she is in the City or QMC; if she’s in the QMC, I can visit her after having my cataracts done! At first, this thought cheered me a smidgeon. Then reality dawned; wot a clot! How can I go to see Fran when I won’t be able to see anything? Also, they have kindly arranged a lift both ways, so that puts the mocker on me seeing how she is going, too!

I’ll have to get a rush on; it’s almost midnight, so I need to rush from here on.

I hastened into the wet room, mind all aflutter, thinking of having some bread and butter? Chinwagging to myself, a constant mutter? Concentration going, but the ankle ulcer looked a treat; so much calmer and no pain whatever! Cut myself twice shaving, but they were very minor. The session went very quickly, although I took the time to have two toe-stubbings.
Got the belated Blood Pressure done. Fair results all around! The body temperature was also a good reading! No complaints whatsoever today. Apart from the brain’s stubborn, at a loss status.
I got back on the computer to work on this blog, only to find I couldn’t find the new set of subtitles I’d done yesterday on CorelDraw? So another plan and route to go, gone! In the extreme, more time is lost
Hours later, the Amazon delivery arrived, forgot all about it? Me? Yes! I’ll sort the photos of it later, sometime.

No, I’ll do it now.

Carer Valerie arrived; I showed her the new years supply of hemp capsules; I couldn’t read what was in them. Val had a look and told me Hemp and Omega 3, 6 & 9?
No, I’m not going to have time to finish this and post it! I’ll post the stand copied from Blogger
. Then in the morning, I can get the Ode created.
Have to get something to eat soon.

♫ Oh, Susana ♫ chimed out again; it was Josie, Bless her, bringing me the bananas to make up for the terrible, split-open mushy ones that Iceland delivered. How kind! I thanked her, took them into the kitchen and tried one straight away…

Oh, dear! These bananas, too, were bruised but not as bad as the others from Iceland were; they’d been split in transit. I opened another one to try again to satisfy my craving for an edible fruit… Look at the bottom photo, please. This one had brown-black pieces of… well, I’ve no idea what they were. I think they were given birth from the inside cause the inner part of the peel had traces of the same colour? Does anyone know why the bananas are affected in this way? Obviously, with the Iceland ones, it was just lousy packing and handling. But Josie bought these at the shop. Could it be the not weather? Or will it be put down as usual to the Mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the hobgoblins, spectres, gnomai, phantasms, ghosts, the grotesque succubae, extraterrestrials, ectoplasms, spirits? Or the Fata-Morganas, that have been sent to taunt, irritate and terminate my already limited saneness of mind?

I took a snap of the evening sky as I was prepping the late nosh. The first one had a different hue for a change, just after the sun had gone below the earth’s horizon.

Ten minutes later, I took the second picture. The rippled clouds were now showing. I seem to recall my neighbour Jack, who’d just arrived from Kingston with his family, telling me something about rippled clouds and what they portend. Tsk! But I need not have written that cause I’ve forgotten while typing it what it was they indicated…

I carried on cooking, and as I set out the food tray, the need for a wee-wee arose. I didn’t make it in time! Shucks! I had to strip and change into the night attire and put the trousers in the bucket to soak in disinfectant and liquid soap. I forgot to add this sort of occurrence in the Ode, so any whippersnappers can be reminded of what’s to come. And when it wants to. Hahaha!.

As I took this rather tasty-looking feast into the main (other) room, I gave myself a relatively superior toe-stubbing. I just smiled, laughed it off, didn’t swear or curse, and merrily continued to get settled.

Whippersnapper Advice in Ode

Medicines, tablets, injection and tincture…
Morning routine, you get the picture?
Bladder & bowels, things get murkier…
Definitely, much more messier!
Bleeding; things get nastier,
I don’t mean to be a minger…
Or even a panic-monger,
Whippersnappers must know of the danger,
Awaiting them, after they are a teenager,
Life will slow down; it gets drearier,
The disbeliever and the God-fearer,
We’ll all have to disappear…
Which can bring on fear…
But fret not, my dear…
Death can’t be as bad as living here!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Nemo Mortalium Omnibus Horis Sapit