Inchcock Today: Off to the EENT Hospital

Escape from the flats to the hospital

Got lost twice, forgot I’d got no trousers on… Oh, dearie me!

A Tale of Inchcock’s Day (Five Hours), Out on Tuesday

After another ever-waking-up night’s lack of sleep, I woke and was about to launch into a state of blaspheming Sweet Morpheus’s reluctance to let me stay asleep. Fed-uppedness, niggardlyness, and a smidge of feeling sorry for myself.

But, Dementia Doreen allowed me to remember about the hospital visit today, and the bitterness dissipated, to be replaced by a remarkably determined Inchcock, who set about getting all the things needed for the hospital visit. (Fair enough, he did forget some items, Humph! I felt almost reborn… not the proper terminology, but close.

I waited until it was late enough, and then I decided to get the ablutions done. What a great session! There were only two tiny cuts shaving, one clouting the head against the power box when I bent to retrieve the loofah I’d dropped in the shower. Great! That was it Whoopsie and Accifauxpas wise.

Naturally, something had to go wrong after that wonderful start to the day. Gragnangles! I sorted out suitable things to wear, got the risky job done first, and put the diabetic bamboo socks on. The comfortable-wearing long ones.

But I had to use Sock-Glide-Glenda. True to form, I trapped my fingers twice, the same ones, of course, on each sock. That thick plastic gripper is deadly! I got a welt and a couple of bruises as well. But this did not put me off cause I intended to do my best to get the go-ahead with cataract operations, and after a couple of mild oaths, I carried on and went to gather the other needs of the morning.

Comfortable shoes, trousers, jumper, and the sleeveless jacket with all the pockets in it. It’s lasted a long time this one, I said to myself, as I got the camera (not much chance to use it though, Tsk!) and emptied the pockets to place the needed items for the trip…

Oh, ‘ecky thump! After emptying things out to make room, and started to put the paperwork, keys and the Crossword book in the jacket… They each fell right through and dropped on the floor at my feet! What’s going on here, I muttered! I went into Sherlock Holmesian Mode (I do that sometimes).

  The entire lining had seemed to go rotten! Only one of the twelve pockets was useable! Undeterred, I limped into the hallway to see if those hanging up had fared better. Two of them had not, and they joined the blue one in the extra-large bin bag! Humph! I checked the khaki one’s pockets. All seemed okay, so I swapped the emptied contents in that jacket. Got the PP’s, trousers and best jumper on.

I realised that Carer Richard was due shortly, so I thought I’d better check I’d not left anything on the floor in the hallway for him to trip over; he’s a good lad.

Guess what? In my haste, I stubbed my toe on the towel airer, lost balance, and was entangled with the tipped-over airer and towel on the floor! With new welts on various parts of my knee, head and face! Unglefrogwonglingisations! I later found that I’d broken a tooth as well. My spirits were getting a little lower than they were earlier. Cor, blimey!

I worked on finishing the blog, and the ♫Oh Susana♫ tune belted out from the doorbell. I expected to see Richard come in, but no! Another… I’d not unlocked the door!!! So all that pain and hassle was for nothing! I had left some stuff on the floor on the plus side and was pleased to move them if Richard did a Whoopsie of his own on them.

I went to admit the lad; he was alright about things. He soon got on with the medicationing for me. With a wry smile on his mush at my antics, forgetting to unlock the door, the marks on my face and head etc… We both saw the funny side. Hahaha!

I finished changing and was ready for when the lift arrived to get me to the ophthalmology clinic.

The door chime rang again; the door was unlocked, but whoever it was didn’t come in. It was Josie returning her dish and tray from her Sunday lunch. She did not say she liked it… Oh, dear! At least she didn’t say there was something she didn’t like about it?

The intercom rang and flashed – Aha, it was the ambulance lift. I told the man I’d come down, saving them the bother of coming all the way up then down again.

I made my way out of the apartment and down and out through the main lobby. Two ambulance men? Perhaps they’d heard stories about me? Hahaha!

The journey was uncomfortable, but all of the old ambulances I’ve been in were. So I anticipated it.

When we arrived, friendly and slowly driven, at the Queens Medical Centre, both lads came with me to the ophthalmology department waiting room.

Then took me to the waiting area. I could not hear anything the receptionist said, and one of the men translated for me. I realised then that I’d not put the crossword book in the coat or walker trolley. Shame that, cause it’s the only book I can read the clues on at the moment.

So I sat there, nosing at all around me. Bored rigid! But it didn’t take long for a lovely, attractive young lady to call my name out – but I didn’t hear it at first, and the gal took the bother to come and ask me, Hehe!

She led me to a small room with many machines for an ophthalmology-specific procedure. The blast in the eyes and many tests were patiently done on the beads. Deep family history was gone into, and about an hour later, I was returned to the waiting area to await being called by the Ophthalmologist.

During my wait to be summoned, I learned a lot, such as the lady in a cream coat is having smoked haddock for supper tonight. The man and woman and an elderly pair do not like the TV cookery programmes other than Gordon Ramsay’s. A lady in a uniform but not a nurse or medical one was annoyed when someone phoned her. I could not hear the other natterings, the acoustics are not good in a big hall. Hehe!

The Ophthalmologist lady came for me and led me to an even smaller room this time. Heck of a lot of examining and questions were gone through.

With Peripheral Neuropathy, I had trouble keeping my chin on the plastic thingamabob and had to look up all the time. The lady was not impressed or amused. She had to keep starting whatever she was doing again. I don’t think I was very popular at all. I did explain my conditions when I went in.

The eyes were tested using a log mar chart. In-depth history and current problems with sight. The Doctor knew what she was doing alright, it seemed to me. But I had to keep asking her to repeat things. Very quietly spoken lass.

I guesstimated about an hour later, and she gave me her diagnosis. Cataracts in the right eye only would be done; although you have cataracts in that left eye, they are not as bad as the right one. We’ll see how you are going with it when this operation is done before tackling glaucoma. She will refer me to the surgeon, 12-week an average waiting time.

During my appointment, she’d noticed Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley and my right-leg dance. She was concerned because of the delicate nature of the operation. Even seeing in one eye sees is better than none. It can only be done with no movement from the patient at all! This doesn’t bode well! Nevertheless, I was ticked pink at it going ahead.

I was told to go to the main reception to arrange a lift home. I didn’t expect a lift back, so I was even more gee’d up now.  I was feeling perkier now.

But I was soon back in my typical frame of mind, feeling a bit of a fool! I could not remember where the main reception was. I set off, trying to retrace my earlier route in reverse, and ended up in a room that looked like it had many babies all over the place? I withdrew hastily! Found someone to ask where the main eye clinic reception was located. And realised it was one of the receptionists I couldn’t hear talking a few hours ago when I arrived. Hahaha!

Anyway, I found it, and I had the job of hearing what the gal at the counter was saying again. She scowled at me and pointed in the direction of a two-seater settee in the corner near the door. “I’ve to wait there, then?” I think she almost clapped when she realised I’d got the message. She put a thumb up for me! Har-har!

I don’t know how long they were coming, but I was glad they were. When Richard arrived, he was cheerful enough. Then I made yet another cock-up…

By pure luck, I took a right turn and found my way to the outer door, seeing the two men looking for me! I couldn’t keep up with the chap and lost him and my direction again! Now I did feel like a complete idiot!

They got me inside and buckled in and went to get another patient from across the roadway. No problem. While they were out, I got my Canon camera and took some photo’s inside the ambulance. The first one is through the window on the back of the driver’s cab (above). Then one through the top side windows. At least I got a few photographs on my trip out, my escape from the flat.

Finally, one of the side doors and my beloved, makes-me-feel-safe three-wheeler walker. No patient came with them. So we set off for Sherwood and Woodthorpe Court independent living flats!

We were soon back at the flats after a carefully driven journey. The lads refused a treat of the cans in thanks from my bag. Ah, well!

But I wanted to make a start on this blog, which I did. I got in the flat, had a wee-wee, got the kettle on, got my trousers off, cut up, and cubed some potatoes to do in the oven. After an hour or so, the floor chime burst forth again…

To my utter surprise, it was the Evening Carer Nichola… no, sorry, Natalie. My inner clock had gone all pear-shaped with the visit to the clinic. After she’s been here a few minutes, I realised that I had no trousers on!

I apologised hastily when I realised; it must have been a terrible sight for her. We managed a laugh about it, but I felt awful and openly cursed Dementia Doreen! Embarrassment, shame, self-loathing and feeling an almighty, right a proper twit, all flourished!

Worked on this blog. (I did get it finished) I’ll do this in the morning (Now). I was up late, and when I realised it was gone midnight, I was getting fed up with myself.

I concentrated on getting some much-needed food and made myself a quick meal. A can of the wonderful-tasting Morrison’s saver chilli con carnie and some potato cubes did them in the oven, to crisp them a little. A simple and cracking meal! It could have been because I was ravenous and tired and frustrated. I added only liquid salt and a splash of Worcester sauce and vinegar for the potatoes. I gave this effort a mammoth flavour rating of 9.2/10! Really enjoyed it!

The mess that I made making the potatoes, and doing the washing up, soon brought me back down to earth. Hehehe!

Review of the Day – In Odes

Sweet Morpheus didn’t allow me much sleeping…
Throughout the night, I would wake up jumping!
But I did remember, today, the EENT hospital visiting…
The best session for weeks, the ablutioning…
The Porcelain Throne visit was messy and paining…
I forgot to unlock the door; the Carer couldn’t get in…

A stubbed toe fell over the airer, got entangled within,
Sock-Glide-Glenda left me with cuts, bruises, hands and shin!
Emptied my jacket, things fell out, on the floor dropping…
The inner lining had apparently been rotting!

Took me hours to sort another coat out,
And swap things around the pockets…
Got it sorted and dressed to look smart…
Almost forgot to put the drops in the eye sockets…

Then the ambulance arrived, and I was soon in…
Thanks, to them, for to the hospital were driving…
The receptionist, I could not hear talking…
Some advised me of what they were saying…
Then to another waiting room, I was soon going…

First examination in-depth, the lady was engaging…
Back to the waiting room, results awaiting…
Got the okay, then moved to another area of seating…
Had a chat with a lady who was fortysomething…

The second exam, even deeper, by a lady appealing…
Eye drops were applied, and my head was reeling…
Back to the waiting room, I did some earwigging…
Awaiting being called back for assessing…

More tests on a machine and blinking…
I smiled and gave the lady some blinking…
But I didn’t get any return acknowledging…

To the Main Reception, to get a lift home, I was pleased!
But Dementia Doreen sent the memory adrift…
I got lost en route; I panicked and wheezed…
Felt a fool, ashamed and almost had a tift!

Found the reception, a stranger helped translate,
Sit in that chair (pointing) and for your transport wait…
So I did and didn’t have long to wait…
A driver came, said, follow me, mate…

I tried to follow him, but he walking relatively swift…
Chasing after him gave me a glift, boy, could he shift…
I lost him and got a bit miffed…
Panicked a bit and gave a little snift…
But found him outside, looking a bit squiffed…

Got home and lost all sense of timing…
The mind felt like it was abseiling…
Took my clothes off, nice and cooling,
Started with the day’s blogging…
Along came the evening Carer; I was welcoming…
Until I realised I had no trousers on, and started scaring!
Felt like an idiot, started self-caterwauling,
Embarrassed, ashamed, frustrating!

Well gone midnight got some nosh cooking,
Canned chill and potatoes, no casseroling,
Then turned my attention to sleeping…
Dreamed about Jillie and me, canoodling…
I think I started sweating and drooling…
A mortifyingly humiliating day, disconcerting!

The Nottingham Lad’s True Tales of Woe

35 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Off to the EENT Hospital

  1. That’s progress on the cataracts. Nice to make a great escape. Legs look good in your stockings. A great looking meal.

    • Thanks, Tim. Despite the embarrassments of getting lost in the hospital, twice, losing the ambulance man, and having no trousers on when the evening carer came (Tsk!), the cataract business progressing, still cheered me up, Sir.
      Danged comfortable those balsa diabetic socks… no that’s not right, erm… Bamboo! Gorrit now, it’ll be gone again next time I need the word. Hehehe!
      Those cheapo Chilli-cans are great, I’vew not been able to get any for months now, I intend to order some more today,. A smidge hot for me, but I’m getting used to it now.
      Keep safe out there, all the best to the entire clan! ♥

    • Despite my mind wandering off, and loosing my way, the nlost the ambulanceman, then semi-flashing my loins and limbs at the Carer mangeress, then losing track of time – I’ve still not got back to reality yet, Tim. I’ve done it again tonight. I was convince the time was around 14:00hrs, when the evening caller arrived (Valerie) at 0:630hrs… I’ve since burnt my finger on the oven putting the food in a few minutes ago, stubbed my toe opn the heater, and hot my shopulder on the WC door going in. I feel like I’m on drugs, nop cconcentration at all… well some. Despite it all, I’m chuffed that I’ve been asessed by two of the three already, the last one she told me, was the lady who is going to do the ooperation, but only if she thinks it is safe to do so… waiting now to be summonded to see her… I’ll make sure I’ve got my trousers on, though. Hehehe! Thanks mate.

  2. Despite all attempts by certain aptly named ailments, this outing succeeded. Even Glenda was only able to inflict non life-threatening injuries. Nothing of importance forgotten, some decent medical helpers along the way who recognized your slight loss of hearing. Altogether, a sign that good stuff can happen when least expected. The only notable item missing: that pair of pants. Even then, it were not as if you didn’t have some form of fashionable underwearage on. More than is often worn at the beach. Truth be told.
    A nosh with a value of 9.2/10 made it a red-letter day, did it not, Sir!

    • Well scribed there, Mon Ami, merci.
      A smile emmanated a few times in reading that assessment, Sir!
      That meal went down a treat. Tha veffie-chilli is Grrreat! I’ve ordred some more from Morrisons through amazon for tomorrow, mate… Hang on, have I not already mentioned this somewhere…? Confusion Conrad at it again!
      Love to all, and a cuddle for HRH please, and a scxritch or two for the furries! ♥

      • Very glad that you enjoyed that assessment, ailments are tricky customers that keep trying to return merchandise to a store where you did not purchase them. Would be like burning potato cakes into hard black hockey pucks, then trying to obtain a cash refund from a sporting-goods store.
        I enjoy veggie chili as well, one of those food stuffages that fit with any nosh plan. Sometimes they are also photogenic.
        We’re getting to that hour o’ the day when HRH and meself settle down for the latest scary episode of Evil. The next season begins on June 12, so it seemed a good idea to watch the old episodes. Last night’s contained a particularly scary bit of outrage by the most evil character: a certain Leland. Then, we dissolve the scares by watching Bodhi Vet shows on YouTube. An Australian series where they go to incredible ends to rescue pets and wild animals who get injured on that continent. Here be a link:
        Will thereupon share your kind request for a cuddle and several scritches! ♥

      • I see adverts on TV watching Heartbeat (if I don’t nod-off, but there’s not a lot of that going on at the moment… I seem to wake upwith a jolt, more often than I nod off… is that possible my hero mathmetician? Hehe! I nearly got carried away ther and forgot what I was going to write, Tsk! I’ve got it, sometimes when I do not nod off, I turn from channel ten, to 103, and the Aussie, Bondie Vet is on, but it seems they only show it when Heartbeat is on. Swines! Case I’d love to watch it all the way through. Grangleturds!
        I’m not up to Evil, methinks, Billum. Har-har!
        I keep thinking (not a lot, of course), about t rying those NoBull burgers again, they really were the tastiest on any tried – well at least a match to the Heinz ones, but I fare not, in case they give me the runs. it’s noteth fair!
        Please keep well, and thank you for the returned good wishes, all! 🧡

      • I’m thinking that someone (well, Herbert actually) sneaks into your flat white Heartbeat is broadcasting, then he hooks your sleeping self to a defibrillator, says “CLEAR”, wakes you up with a jolt, and then returns to his noisome orchestra.
        Evil is definitely some very scary stuff, but it is so well written that we seem unable to avert our eyes.
        You can find complete episodes of BondhI Vet on YouTube, no need to worry about channels 10 to 103, cause it’s on the interwebs. Of course, it is only available when Sir Michael Fries permits.
        The variety and quality of vegan burgers has increased enormously in the last few years alone. HRH is always has a BOLO (Be On the Look Out) going for tasty and healthy vegan fare. I remember how little variety there was when I first ventured into becoming vegan. Strange foods in those days. Glad you are finding them tasty and nosh-worthy.
        I shall now head off to Laboratory 57, the one where I invent many varieties of noshes for the good folks at Heinz.
        Grangleturds make awful-tasting barfburgers. Terrible they be.

      • The funniest opening gambit yet, Sir! Hehehe!
        When I get the time.. if… I’ll check out the beach of the tube, Sir.
        Aha, that’s where the burgers have gone, to you lab to be studied? Hehe!
        Cheers, Billum.

      • Thank you, Sir!
        We had to test the burgers for authenticity and taste, then to see if burned burgers would not be banished to a bin. A cursory resemblance to hockey pucks suggested that burnt burgers might be durably bouncy enough to survive a Hockey match. Research into finding uses for hardened peas is ongoing. So far, it appears than discovering an after-market for hardened old peas is sketchy at best, but we forge on.
        Cheers, mate!

      • Hahaha! Cheers Proff Billum. Ive had a thought on the rock-hard escaped peas, Sir… From experience, I’ve learned they have a cunning way of hiding for months, then creep out nocturnally. So when the SM disturbing need for a wee-wee arrives, and one grabbed the stick for the few paces to the overnight wee-wee bucket, they shoot out under your bare foot as it descends to the floor. It’s like an electric-shock – that has been known to set of Shuddering -Shoulder-Shirley, cause aNeuropathic Schuhplattler drop-something and flail-about dance – involuntary right-leg Neuropathic Schuhplattler Dance, and on a few occasions, they have had me over on the floor! This may not be any use for your kind scientific studies of the problem, but I feel betterer now, having told someone. (Hahaha). Also, as well as and besides that, I am aware this may be of no use to your aerolithology, and acology studies. But I fink it might help with you, algedonics studies, Sir?
        Another cleverly worded laughter bringer comment recieved! Cheers!

      • Thank you muchly for this illuminating elucidation, Sir! Timing is, as those who say, everything (if not more than everything…well, at least owt). The nocturnal nature of those well-tempered orblets is critical to an understanding of the dynamic. Receiving an electric shock energised under the cunning twists of Shirley and her friends. Finding oneself suddenly prone upon the floor after a right-leg neuropathic Schuhplattler Tanz must never be dismissed as mere acrobatics. These are the details not explained in my lab books, their omission within those notes is something I shall now address in full (fool?) measure.
        I fank you for their inclusion within the Crowell Manor labs. I must herewith also admit that algedonic studies are sorely (something like finding your corpus upended by a mere pea) lacking. Including the very word itself. Tomorrow morning, HRH and I will break ground — after breaking bread and cutting cheese — on a new wing to our present laboratories, a facility for algedonics studies. Of course, this will provide jobs for those who are presently graduating from university, those who majored in algedonics. An alternative to working at McDonalds.

      • By gum, that was almost a disitation on the meaning of life… Hahaha! Encapsulating the concerns of mankind as well. Great!
        Love the alternative bit. Hehe!

      • I am always looking for patterns that connect disparate things, seeking to explain the inexplicable. Hence, all those imaginary laboratories.
        And, somehow, working at McDonald’s always enters the argument. As I have mentioned now and then, my first job was at McDonald’s. Within a couple days the manager realized that there were two of us working a station that needed only one employee. So my first experience in the world of employers ended in job loss via redundancy. A pattern established. Haha!

      • T’was a well written record, that I found amusing, and entertaining, Sir.
        I started late in the redudancy stakes, Billum. I done well for years and years. Then I got my first boot at about 60 then…61, two at 62, 63, and finally at 64. I gave up then. Now there’s some figures to work on, Mon Ami… Will you need the slide rule? Hehe!

      • Actually, I had misspoken about the first job. I delivered newspapers every two weeks until one of the deliverers dumped all the papers on his route under a tree. We were all made redundant, though none of us had anything to do with the little arsehole who did the deed. Taught me something about due justice, it did. McDonalds was much fairer than employer number 1.
        Wowsers, what a series of bootings that were spread out like bell curve. Now I simply *must* find that slide rule and use it to determine various distributions of central tendency. I was suddenly redundant at 55 at Procter & Gamble. They were very well known for trimming the workforce before a normal retirement possibility. On the other hand, it was a highly stressful place to work and I was able to extend unemployment benefits for a reasonable period of time.
        Now, on with the search for that slide rule… Haha!

      • McDonalds to the resucue! Thank heavens! The battle twixt P&G & Levers cotinues over here, Sir. In my Tesco managing days, the P&G rep, always had an advantage, be it a case of aftershave or perfume, and the odd box of Daz, slipped in the boot of your (my) car. Hehehe! Not so with the Levers rep, but he did do discounts.
        Best of luck in your search, Billum. Haha!

      • P&G is only interested in acquiring businesses that have the potential to generate a billion dollars in sales. Even longtime divisions of P&G that slip below that billion-dollar mark are divested. Pay offs are never part of any cost-cutting schemes. Slipping goodies into the right car is rule number one.
        Rule number one for me is finding my rule (slide variety). Perhaps it is in the dishwasher? No. With the garden tools? No.

      • So, the slid-off slide rule is still in escaped mode? Have you checked under the kitchen sink, Sir? Just a thought. I’m still trying to finds the door key. I’ve paid for a replacement, it was ordered three weeks ago, and still not arrived? Wonder if they are getting a slide-rule to send with it?

      • I have yet to check under the sink, but will go there next. Possibly your door key is with the slide rule. I have not yet ordered a replacement slide rule since I can find one online until my the real thing appears, I haven’t taken it out of the house, so that is a relief.

      • Ah, do you think the Council delivered it to the wrong Manor? You just may come across my yellow and black pair of scissors, Sir. Hehe!
        The mystery deepens… Dan dang dang… Dang!

      • Now the slide rule is missing again, how is that even possible? I have called the local police to send a team over to ascertain the location of the missing rule. Am waiting for the doorbell to chime.
        We have a pair of yellow scissors. If I paint one side black, they would then become *your* scissors.
        Let me know if that recalcitrant slide rule shows up in 72, I am wanting to calculate 13 divided by 0, since today is Friday the 13th. Google does not know the answer, hence my need for that slide rule. Dung!

      • Hahahaha!
        Was it not under the lamp then Billum? I’ll keep a lookout mate, Herbert has been a noisy git this morning, scraping moised that could have been made by a pair of scissors? With intermittent ‘clunks and droppages’. (Weekend again!)
        Nice thoughts on my scissor-escapage, thanks Bill. I investigated on Mr Google: “The rarest slide rules are 19th Century hand-engraved instruments such as Palmers Computing Scale (a circular model), first published in 1843, or the cylindrical ‘Thacher’s Patent Calculating Instrument’ slide rules produced by Keuffel and Esser Co in the 1880s. These can run close to $1,000 in good condition.” Though they’re no longer produced, the company still stocks around 1,200 or so and occasionally gets an order for some. Why would anyone still want to buy a slide rule, when inexpensive calculators are so readily available? According to Haase, slide rules are better suited to some functions than are calculators.” They have no class!

      • No wonder the lamp is tilting. 🙂
        No telling where that crafty and wily rule will wander to, including 72 of course. I used a Keuffel and Esser slide rule in my high school chemistry class and was the only student who used one in class. I could triple check my math in the time allotted at quiz time. The equations looked like this:–MCrF6A&usqp=CAU

        One of my classmates at university told me that some calculations could only be done performed on a slide rule, that was circa 1970. I doubt that this assertion is true in 2022 (a year that rhymes with true too).
        In 1970, we shared an electronic calculator that was the size of a bread box and cost $1,000. No fancier than a $1.00 dollar store pocket calculator.

      • Well, as a confirmed arithmophobic, that was all gobbledigook to me, Professor Billum. Bt it may find its way into a graphic as part of a white-board background, Sir.
        I can sense a Crowell Manor laboratory is about to get fitted out for an upated slide-rule creation? Hehehe!
        Cheers and best wishes to all! ♥

      • Our math class featured a gigantic working slide rule at the top of the blackboard. The prof could move the working parts and the results would be viewable from the back of the room. Having a last name at the end of the alphabet often found me in the back of many a classroom. Perhaps I should construct just such a rule in one of the laboratories devoted to arithmophobia. ♥

  3. Hello Mr. Inchcock, this is charly priest if you remind me but with a different account now. Glad to be back to wordpress and nice reading you guys again and also nice that you seem to be doing good. Little things here and there but overall pretty good

    • Sorry I’ve not answered sooner, eye hospital and all that, and my time clock has been mucked about with.
      Pleased to see you back mate.
      I hope things are sorted and you are in a better positon now. I shall get to your blog in the morning, to follow it.
      Chuffed your back!

  4. You boys!!! Just out in your clubhouse smoking and chatting about the babes seen in the day, and how you can work out letting then catch you with your pants off!! haha! Seriously – I was happy to see you made a great leap forward! Billums gets in trouble at home when he doesn’t wear his 56 dollar each hearing aids! They are really, incredibly fantastic. The hearing mechanisms are housed in the behind the ear blue pod – and only the connected soft ear pod goes in his ear. Funny thing is a person who can’t hear very well had to listen to little pips to choose out of four modes for background, and then use the toggle for volume. I have him set at 4 pips, and 4taps for volume. ONLY I CAN HEAR IT! haha! So, when he tries to talk to me and hasn’t put his hearing aids in – I make him go get them. They really are fantastic.
    I’m sorry it’s 12 weeks to wait for surgery and surely, they will manage to find a way to keep your eye steady. It’s not like most people would not cringe away and close their eye automatically! And they can accommodate your tremor!! BY DINGIES! That’s hillbilly cussing. Enjoy please.
    Thank you for that hug and I scratched Dingo Friskey’s ears quite a while yesterday -and Sticks rode downstairs on her Valiant Steed’s back (Alan) and found her Mama had used the lotion she responds to the way most respond to cat nip! She held my hand and rubbed her head and cheeks very hard over me, then grabbed on and rubbed her wet gums all over my hand! I love it when she does that! She loves Jergens. Her adoptive father (the indomitable Jifffy) taught her to love weird things. He also raised our old sortie Loki who died last year. It was amazing bringing home kittens to this boy cat who liked to stand up high on his hind legs, hop towards his Dad’s knees and take a bite! He did it on the back of his brother Alan’s knees! AND he did adopt the kittens and made them settle down in his basket while he groomed them. What a special boy!! Now is Frisky, Nibbles and Sticks. All enjoying your vicarious scritches! I’m so happy you got out my friend!! Love and hugs, Your Petal

    • The trousers not on… A bit red-faced about that, my petal. Heheh, at least Natalie seemed pkay about it – Phew!
      I love hearing of cats and dogs and ho thye react differently. And your description of them was heartwarming. Thanks for letting m know, Lisa 🧡
      Now is Frisky, Nibbles and Sticks, each one a special case. 💜
      As are you HRH, Billum, and Alan. ♥

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