INCHIE TODAY: Friday 20th January 2023

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What a day. Easy-Link cannot get me to the doctor’s in Monday
Internet Banking farce. Kara tried to help in her own time. Smashing that was so kind of her. Had to phone the bank, with Kara translating what was said. And ran out of time; she had to get to work. Said she’ll try again later to get it sorted. Nothing is getting solved, and I’m spending so much time failing! I’d have been right in the Phoo if it wasn’t for her help.
So, here is a condensed, fact-missing version of Inchie Today, today. Thank heavens for the photos to remind me; too busy to make reminder notes!

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Bad night’s sleep.
But the wee-weeing was betterer, more of it!

Morning view.

The front room searched for the missing Nokia.

Carer, First time putting a new catheter in.
working well, new valves confused me at first.

Porcelain Throne. I think that Trotsky Terence is weakening his grip on the evacuationing… had time to have a go at the crossword.

Stripped and got a stand-up wash and shave.
Cut shaving, tooth bleeding, and stubbed my toe on the damned dangerous Sock-Glide Glenda. (Didn’t use her thought) No socks on unless I have to go out. This week coming, I’ve got three medical appointments to go to… So Sock-Glide-Glenda will no doubt have fun injuring me. Haha!

Oh, I left the hot tap running again!

Later, view after the ablutioning, medicationing and dressing.

Computer on, Email from Iceland.
Yes, that;s the order I thought I’d made for next Wednesday.

Iceland Order arrived.

I love those mini roast potatoes. But with them coming so early, had to open the packs and put them in lose to get them in the freezer. Not only that but to get the cheesy potato special offer ready-made meals in, I had to dish some of the stuff already in the freezer to make room!

At least the wee-wee was, I thought, flowing much better.
Until I realised how minuscule the new bag was! Huh! When Kara left. I was little confused with all the lava over the banking and decided to have an early meal. One one the cheesy meals…

Oh, Boy! It was delicious! The best ready-made tasting meal I’ve ever had!
Of course, I added some ersatz lardons and BBQ sauce after it was cooked.

Oh, the bag is full again.
Is the urine infection clearing? Smile...
Oh, no, it’s a small pouch. I forgot there.

Sunset through the balcony window!

Blimey, that filled up quick!

Carer Kara came to put the night bag on and give me medications.
Medicaitonalised me. Then went to the computer and in five minutes, You should see her fingers go! Hehe! She’d sorted the banking card out, now working, and put the new card on Iceland, Asda & Amazon for me! ♥
What a Wizard! Thanked her muchly.
I would have been struggling to do any of those things on my own. Well, I couldn’t have done it at all!

I finished this blog and got the TV on. New Tricks followed by Hustle on the box. What are the chances of me staying awake? Minimal comes to mind.

Morning Catch-Up

Mystery Photo
Any guesses?
I’ve no idea!

Worked on the computer for a while longer.
Carer Kara had set things up with the leak bowl on the

hand side of the chair for me.

A comfortable set-up. Thanks, Kara!

I watched TV. I Fell asleep, of course.

And this morning, I found these photos while searching for another…

Some old Favourites from years gone by.
Quatermass is just about my favouritest one.

Cheery-bye, thanks!

INCHIE TODAY: Monday 16th January 2023:

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Sorry again; lots of hassle and ailments today. Photos mostly.

Jolly Good Morning each… although that was not the case. Hehehe!

Catheter Problems.

Caught out too slowly to get to

Morning view, first photo.

Car parking on Chestnut Way

Delivery arriving for someone

The carer, Jodie, tried to ring the Doctors for me.
No answer – She’ll try again later.

Dropped mug of Glengettie.
Luckily not much tea in it.
Started the
going again with the bending down to clean up.

The sun tried to come out for a while.
Knocked the knife box of of the kitchen shelf.
No damage or harm, other than when trying to pick them up.

Starting to get dark early today.
Or is it me getting confused?

Where did I put the hearing aids?
Not that it mattered that much, they
were well passed their workable age.
Mind you, so am I. Hehe!

Had a job getting any of the collection of old
spectacles that would help me see as it
got darker. Ended up with a narrow reading
, but they are not working well this time.

Two teatime shots of the sun setting

Getting nosh done, I may return later, or
maybe in the morning..
Yes, that seems more likely…
I’m feeling shattered!

Morning: Continued from Monday

I made start eating this great-flavoured nosh.

Carer Richard Arrived as I was tucking into it.
Got the meds sorted. A quick natter of what I cannot recall.

I get a lot of things that I cannot recall lately. Tsk!

Richard  .
I put the pots in the sink, and Richard helped me bag the waste

and took the bags with him as he left. I hobbled with him,
walking stick and night pouch with tubing, to the door
and locked the door after we’d said our farewells.

I . The usual routine, waking up often and falling
back to the land of nod with no bother.
At about 02:30hrs, I woke in a different style than all the others were; I was.
convinced a loud noise had woken me (Could have been me dreaming?)

I struggled up, got the night bag tubing in hand, put the light on, and had a look around the flat in every room. But there were n signs or indications of
anything untoward that may have woken me up?
Was it the Mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the hobgoblins, spectres, gnomai, phantasms, ghosts, the grotesque succubae, extraterrestrials, ectoplasms, spirits, or the Fata Morganas, that have been sent to taunt, irritate and terminate my already limited saneness of mind?.

Or mayhap Doreen Dementia toying with me?
A Nightmare or dream?
The late meal may have contributed…

Anyway, after I finished the search around, put my Deerstalker on the hook,
the spyglass and torch in the draw. I decided to stay up and get the

Fare Thee Well!

Inchie Today: Wednesday, 21st December 2022

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NOT SO GOOD TODAY: Very little time to get anything done. The Urine Infection is returning. Anne Gyna has not yet gotten over the shortages of medications that laid me up for three days of agony nada frustrations. Between them caused a lack of concentration and depression beyond belief. I think I’ve also got the lurgy that Richard had. Link above to first Snippet. So not so much diary news, sorry folks,

06:15hrs: Spent the first hour of wakefulness between the wee-wee bucket and the Porcelain Throne. So many trips were needed, and all like the urine-fungal infection started last week. Putrid-smelling pee, pains starting in the bladder area, then moving all around the torso, almost to the back.

The Asda order arrived. Carer Richard arrived as I was putting it away, and he gave me a hand to do so; bless him. We spoke of the infections and my symptoms, and he said they were exactly the same as he suffered last week. His doctor told him of a new ‘bug’ going around. (Please see the link in the First News Snippet)
Richard told me to ring the Doctor, bearing in mind that last week I was late in doing so, nada paid the price in pain and lack of sleep. He even wrote it down on the whiteboard for a later carer to see.
When Carer Ty arrived, he rang the Doctors for an appointment for the infection to be seen quicker this time. I got an appointment for 6th January. About 15 days’ time, that’ll help me with the urine agony, won’t it?

Spent many hours on updating the Tuesday blog, at least five! Before getting it done. Accident and mistake-ridden, I’m sure. All to the accompaniment of the blasts of tap-tapping and bang-banging with either sawing or drilling noises supplied by the blocks the smart-alecky, insensitive, unsympathetic, toffee-nosed, self-important, naff, noisy nasty man, from the flat above on the 13th floor?

The pains, the noises from him above, and my still tripping to the wet room regularly. All, shattering my concentration.

Carer Ty arrived. He got the appointment with the doctor booked for the 6th of January, and he wrote the details on the whiteboard.

Eventually, I got the updated Tuesday blog posted to WordPress. (Well into the afternoon now!)

The pains seem to be easing a smidgeon from the innards. Not, I hasten to add, from Anne Gyna, she was in the full crippling, agonising, concentration-destroying form!

gave another blast of thudding and knocking; just to keep me on my toes. But it was a shorter session this time. Phew!

Sorry, I said that… just gave a little, almost musical again a blast of mechanical abbellimenti, with tempo and rubato. Once again, it didn’t last too long, but he was putting plenty of effort into it. I do hope that he hasn’t broken his hammer or chopped his chopper off, and that was the reason for his sudden silence. Or had too much of the Single Malt Whiskey and fell over, cracking his head against one of his train engine models.

Better get summat to eat then.
Got settled to watch the TV and eat the meal off the tray on my fulsome belly.

Carer Cheeky Charly Arrived. In a perky mood as per, bless her. Fed me the medicine, tablets and capsules. Soon off again on hare rounds.
The meal was tasty enough even when not so warm. The vegan bacon from Asda was a bit better than the others I’ve tried. But their Sourdough rolls (Cobs to us Nottinghamians!) were pretty tasteless. Hence a Flavour Rating of 6.5/10.

while watching TV. I was having an odd dream, something about frustrations, involving me working in a giant office complex. Couldn’t get out of the building…

But I was rescued. When woken up by arriving. He soon got the medications sorted out. The old Anne Gyna was still giving me stick, so he gave me two extra Paracetamol. He gave me some clues on marinating, we had a mini-chinwag, and Richard checked the taps and stove, then emptied the NWWB (Nocturnal-Wee-Wee-Bucket) for me; bless him.

Was not too keen on letting me get to sleep, so I put the TV on. That helped. I nodded off as the first round of adverts came on.
And, not so many waking-ups overnight. No more than about ten or so, as I recall things. I managed another weird dream. On a country lane, nighttime… and in my old Diahatsu Fourtrack; lost. For some reason, I started walking and whistled to the car, which followed me… vaguely recall going into a caravan with a radio playing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers… and finding dead bodies that turned out to be mannequins?

Evening all!

Inchie Today: Tuesday 20th December 2022

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– – – – – – – – – TRUE! – – – – – – – – – – – – –
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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

04:25hrs: Ann Gyna giving me some mild bother, but not as bad as she has been.

Got up and weeded; I had to use the Porcelain Throne, then got the computer on and did the Health Checks.

Well, just look at today’s results, will you… Fan-Flipping-Tastic!

Go on, have a close look. .

When I copied the Excel Health Log this time, I added a few more days,  just to show off how well I did, if you know what I mean? Hehehe!

It had to happen! Mr Fries, the Smoke & Mirrors man. The money manipulator, the $26.4 million salaried, high-flying, number-crunching good looking the boss at LIBERTY-GLOBAL – who bought Virgin Media, Three and did deals with Vodafone… Al three doing barfly now, thanks to Fries not having the foggiest idea how to get a signal ot stay on – and doesn’t give a toss about his customers, just like a bank president, and still gets his phenomenal wage.
Even after telling all call-centre staff of Virgin to never speak the name Liberty-Global to any customers. There has to be an ulterior motive behind all this – Wall Street based, likely as not.
Not sure if hate the crud-nut or admire him?

So, I turned off the computer and went to get the tended to. Things were going well, very well… too well.
acci-whoop One minute I’m hunched over the sink, viewing my tremendously scary face as I shave.
I don’t really know how or why, but I took a tumble, landing on my knees and twisting my right wrist. “Now I’m in a pickle, I thought…”

From nowhere appeared at the door. I’m not sure of the chronology of these happenings; I was a bit shaken up. After several attempts to get me back on my feet in the wet room failed, we moved into the hallway, but nope, I just could not get my leg up.

I got on my hands and knees and crawled slowly, painfully, to the front room, and there with the assistance of Richard and the recliner, got back upright. I was in a mini-panic, but once back up, felt a lot better. Apart from feeling a right embarrassed fool!

Had to go; I’d taken up too much of his time. He made sure I was alright,  and he had other customers waiting. Before he left, he fetched a towel to wipe of the shaving foam I got myself covered in and didn’t know it. And put the diabetic sock on for me. I just had the protection pants on! I did feel like a fool!

I’d gotten away with things pretty well, but that was only due to . Thanks, mate, Grrreat timing there!

I have to admit when the landlines went, and the nurse I had the appointment with called, she explained that the DVT nurse was not coming. She asked if I was attending. I explained that I’d just taken a tumble and was unsure… then I found a positive mode, and I said Yes, I’ll be coming. I’d just remembered the lift was coming in an hour or so. So, I agreed to go. She offered to rearrange it, but I was curious as to why I was going, not remembering with the help of .

I got things ready and did the checks. All done and off, getting to the lift, in it, going down… and remembered I’d not got the camera with me. I planned to walk back from Carrington into Sherwood and take some snaps along the route. So back up to the apartment (sounds posher, dunnit? Haha!), and I  collected the Lumix camera, then back down to the block foyer.

These are the photos I took earlier that I forgot to put in the blog. Tsk!

The chair used after sorting me out from the tumble to issue the medications for me.

I used the Lumix in auto mode to take this shot as I walked into the kitchenette. Made me jump a smidge, didn’t realise the flash would work.
I tried not to look at the untidy state of the room – and did a decent job of it, too. Hehehe!

This may have been the first shot I took. I usually start with an outside view
I put the Lumix into night-scene mode.
Nothing like what it looked like to my eyes. But, considering I have Cataract Katie in both eyes, Glaucoma Gladys in the left, and Saccades-Sandra in the right, this shot may be more accurate? Har-har!.

Back to the trip to the Doctor. When I first glanced out to the view on offer from the lobby windows, there was the mini-bus already, bless him. So we set off with plenty of time to spare. Ten minutes later, he was dropping me off on Mansfield Road in Carrington, outside the surgery.

I entered, and I had great difficulty hearing the receptionist. We ended up having to do sign language… really! Both hearing aid batteries beeped dead at the same time. following the traditional pointed finger in the direction of the chair, I nodded and got down in one. Gonna be a long wait. So I got the thin crossword book out, put the reading glasses on, and had a bash at the clues. And was doing a great job; there seemed to be no stopping me.

The Doctor came to me, and I could not hear a single word she was saying. She wrote a note on the crossword book and returned to her room. I think it was written in Prescription language, couldn’t make out a word of it!

A nurse came to me, and I could just hear. Now to find out what the appointment was about. We went into the nurse’s room, and she asked about how I manage different things at the flat. Cooking, washing, cleaning etc. Went through my medical history, which took us a while. Hehe!

Ahw weighed me a took measurements. Then took my Blood-Pressure. This was just one point off of the figure I got this morning with my old Boot’s Sphygmomanometer, which told it it was still working okay! .

She asked if the falls team could be arranged to come and see me. I explained that they came after I’d had the stroke, and they gave me a three-pronged walking stick, Sock-Glide-Glenda and instructions on how to put my trousers on. I laughed as I told her that I’d never forgiven them for giving me . He gave a knowing look!

She wants to get me some more help, if possible, with washing and cooking? She diagnosed the writing on the crossword book for me. Apparently, the doctor has sent a prescription electronically for a box of Omeprazole or Lansoprazole for my Anne Gyna; I’ve to go and fetch it when I leave. I told her of my going four days without any medication, and the constant pain I was in prevented any sleep for four days and nights.

We parted with a smile, and I bade them farewell. I went out onto Mansfield Road, crossed over and made my way towards the Pharmacy.

As I was passing the Co-op food store, I got a vague idea that they may have a cash machine inside. So I ventured in and asked the manageress. Who sent an assistant with me to show me where it was. I was so glad the lad came with me, either to see my pin number or help; I’m not certain. But being as I had yet again forgot not the pin, but which way the card fitted in.
It would not let me take out what amount I wanted to, but I got enough to pay the window cleaner and buy some bread rolls.

Onward down to the Carrington Pharmacy. I waited while they made up the prescription, and a girl brought them to me. Then it was off to the Lidl store.
These are the things purchased at Lidl.
Well, most of them. Some were in the saucepan cooking when I took this photo much later on. Ahem!
I departed, a carrier bag of food on the three-wheeler-trolley and a  new determination to find something to mention about each photograph taken.
Most of the following comments were triggered by memories of times gone by. When I lived in Carrington.
I started the long walk, passing a row of shops. Many closed down, and some were new businesses. I did observe that there were now two men’s barbers in the short row. Both barbers sat with mo customers reading a newspaper and looking mighty bored!
Crossing Watcombe Road.
Bit of record this place has, well, had. It held the record in 2002 for the most murders in Nottingham. I think it was eight. A taxi driver and four illegal immigrants were duped, and they reported the gang that got them over here from Lithuania and made them work for almost nothing in a drug operation. The families of murdered lads came over and killed two of the gang members. And a traffic warden.
The one on the left, I’ve no idea why I took it.
Oh, yes, I remember now, vaguely, something to do with the shadows, methinks.
Top of the first hill, the dreaded escooters.
It seems that three of them had been nicked or were in use.
Last year, the Council had eleven of them stolen, yet, still, they pay a fortune to replace them with new ones?

I thought I’d try to put this one n larger.
About a quarter of the way down the hill, it shows the traffic and a multitude of traffic signs and directions.

These get knocked over, vandalised, driven into and even stolen last year… no, this year!

I was nearing the spot on the other side of the road, where I was walking back from the Doctor’s a few months ago, and went arse over-tit with the walker-guide as the front wheel got stuck in some broken concrete.

I noticed it had now been repaired, tarmacked, and the grate removed.

This is why I was walking on the opposite side of the road!

Bit of a ding-dong with the driver of this bus and a passenger.
Much bad language but no physical violence.
I’m glad to say.

Oh, much memory searching and happy times at the site building on the corner here. Flats now, but was the Sherwood Social Club for Working People. Or summat like that! 
Great beer, darts, dominoes, angling club, great beer, bar skittles, long alley skittles, great beer, Thursday League Football, Gals who didn’t find me odd, Parties galore, great beer! 

I spotted blue lights in the distance as two police cars sped towards me. I’ll photograph them, I thought
But they were moving very fast, and I couldn’t get the Lumix out in time.
So I spun around and tried to get them as they sped off, but as you can see, I failed. Sob! One was a traffic car, the other an ARV vehicle.
I did see the Sherwood Social Club building as was once again.
Did I say the beer was great?
In Sherwood proper now. As I passed a shop, I realised it used to be a J Marsden Grocery Shop.
How I loved going in it. The smell of bacon permeated throughout.
Sides and Spencers hung up on the high rails.
No fridges during those days.

An even bigger escooter point in Sherwood.
I went to the next Hood Street corner, and memories flooded back into my mind and loins.
Maureen was her name.
Started up the hill on my way to the top bus stop to catch a number 40 bus up Winchester Street and back to the flat.
The car behind this white car here held me up for several minutes.

She wanted to turn right, and this was not an easy place to turn right from.
Seeing the bus coming down the hill, I checked on the time on my second-hand shop-bought £4 wristwatch.

I realised I had only about six minutes to get up to the bus stop in time to catch the 40; the last thing I needed was to miss it and wait for another hour.

The lights were not in my favour. So I hobbled as rapidly as I could up to the pelican lights, and I got over the road.
as I put my best speed on available, I realised this was an error.
Anne Gyna soon let me know what she thought about my moving fast. And she had been at me ever since. 22:20hrs as I write this, and now she’s giving it to me with a vengeance.

I had to slow down and thought I’d be sure to miss the dangled bus. But no! It arrived late, boy, was I glad!
I went up to the flats and dropped off the bus… actually I did very nearly drop off the bus with the walker. As I was dismounting, I had a mini , folks at the bus stop moved away from me; it made them nervous, I think. But all was well within a minute or so, and I went into the Winchester Court flats and through the passage where the Meridian offices are located. I rang the bell; and told the ladies that I was now back in residence at the flat.

Walked through to Woodthorpe Court, up in the lift, and into the flat… A wee-wee being the most urgent need!

I was tempted to take a Lansoprazole capsule, but I decided not to – wish I had now!

I got started on this blog.
Two carers came up, and we had a mini-chat and were given Peptac. The noise began from flat above man.
Can’t be sure if he was metal polishing or drilling, but it went on for ages and ages. Later came , we took the medications and had a mini-natter.

I continued with the blogging duties. Although I had been on it for about six hours now, I was getting ever slower, and making endless errors, now.
Anne Gyna was now in destruct mode!

Turned up. I had to thank him again for his help this morning. He got the dosages sorted, and I told him about the visit to the nurse. He checked taps and cooker etc. He was very tired.

Did hours more on this blog, then could concentrate no more. 23:45hrs I made something to eat.

Inchie Today: Saturday 17th December 2022

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

They have my support, at least!

How come he avoided prison?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

05:20hrs: I woke; well, I wasn’t asleep really, just the odd fitful half-dose, with my rear end hanging off the cushion out of the c1966. charity shop bought, second-hand, wincingly grotty, beige coloured, not working, crumb-covered from the nocturnal nibblings, itch-making, uncomfortable, virus-breeding, easy-to-fall-out-of, recliner. .
A bad night again for sleeping.
I was so tied last night I felt sure that my bosky would force me to get some respite and rest in the dorm of sleep.
But, No!.
My friendly, compassionate neighbour above had seen to that. Two gays now, of constant banging, ta[[ing, drilling, clunking, with very elite respite; I hoped to get to sleep early, but that was a no chancer, as he started giving the hammer a bashing. Fair enough, he gave his last mechanical concerto just after ten o’clock, but I was on edge after so many days and hours of putting up with it, and I feared he may start again at any time.
He is making some things to give to the children he likes to support and visit, for Christmas, I believe.

I usually get his banging away every day of the year from Herbert (Nickname). But the last two days have been horrendously noisy for him. Doing my health no good. Even the Carers and Nurse Hristina heard him tap-tapping away relentlessly.
More so now that I’ve no Omeprazole medications to counter the pains from Anne Gyna. It seems that when the Doctor told me to double the dosages of the caps;e, she somehow forgot to tell the chemist! It got slowly worse, and no chance of getting any. Might call 111 later.
Had poor not gone sick, this would not have happened, I’m sure. It’s Richard that controls the Prescriptions. Still, excellent news on that situation; they tell me that Richard will be returning to work on Monday. I hope he’s not coming back too soon; as much as I am pleased about it, I hope he is not returning too early and gets himself poorly again. Crossed fingers!

Let’s assess the problems I’ve had to endure these last few days: or should I?

Maybe best not to…

Go on, then; I’ll make a list on CorelDraw and see how it reads. (Perusing engaged) Perusing ended)

Not nice, is it? But self-pity is not the answer! Mind you, I don’t know what the answer is?
I’ve got a little muddled up here. Things may be out-of-chronological timing from here onwards.
Sorry. The stress and pain from Anne Gyna are getting to me.
This photo is, I think, the first one I took this morning.

acci-whoop When I was brewing my first mug of Glengettie tea. I put the milk in and got blotches of manky milk floaters in the mug. Humph!
Threw the milk away and tried the semi-skimmed – same again? Threw that carton away. rinded the bottle and box and got them in the waste bag. Tried the last box of milk, and it seems okay. Another of the mysteries of Woodthorpe Court, with the hobgoblins, spectres, gnomai, phantasms, ghosts, the grotesque succubae, extraterrestrials, ectoplasms, spirits, or the Fata Morganas, that have been sent to taunt, irritate and terminate my already limited saneness of mind?

I got the health Checks tended to. (Ann Gyna is going to be a bother here; She’s getting more and more painful!

The results, as decreed by the NHS analyser, put me in the Hypertension – Red One Zone. But, so close to being in the High-Normal pink. So that’ll do me.

I see I’ve put the photo above in with the second lot of pictures I’d taken as well. Rather sad, but Anne Gyna has got my mind all over the place now.
When I get this done, I’m going to ring 111 and ask for advice.

He said, forgetting all about doing it afterwards.

I espied in these house shot photos that the frost and bits of snow were spread around liberally.
But you’ll notice the richest house on the block (Last house photo).
That will either be the richest family in Sherwood; who can afford to heat the attic room?

Or an efficient drug dealer den.
Specifically, a cannabis growing factory, with e plants being hidden in the loft and the heating on 23/7.

I wonder if they have rerouted the electricity from next door? Well, you never know! I can’t remember taking the sky one.
But that’s not unusual.

My concentration is well-shot now. No notes on the memory pad from here on. Anne Gyna was stirring again.

The beloved neighbour of mine was nowhere near as noisy as the last two days. I don’t think it was my responding to every single noise he made over about three hours by banging back on the tall bookcase cabinet; every time it started tap-tapping, banging or knocking with copied noises with Metal Mickey.
But after around 02:30 hours, things went strangely quiet on the Western Front. Hehehe! He’s probably gone to deliver some of his creations to his children and friends.

, came. Kara took the washing and returned it, putting them away for me ♥.

I went to get something to eat. After a look at what food options I had, I decided on Cottage pie, rosti potatoes, cobs and BBQ sauce. I got settled, the TV on, and took the first bite of the evening meal… Carer Cheeky Charlie arrived to give me the medications. No Omeprazole, of course, and this was the reason for the pains in my chest that had been lingering all day long and getting worse the longer I went without any pain relief from Ailment 19 – Anne Gyna! Charly gave me two extra Paracetamol tablets and Took the waste bag with her as she left for the chute.
I ate the by-now nearly cold meal and still enjoyed it. Flavour-Rating 7/10.

While watching TV. Woke an hour or so later, took a wee-wee, getting bad again. Washed the pots and returned to watch the end of the film; it had about 5 minutes to run
Woke up as the screen credits for the end of the film were showing. Tsk!

And Carer Cheeky Charlie returned to give me the Peptac and check on the taps and stove. I sent to make a brew of Glengettie. Decided to take some evening shots from the kitchenette window.

The first effort was taken hanging out of the window straight down on Chestnut Way, the road and the car park. What looked like a fire engine, or stretched limousine, was, in fact, it was a normal car speeding out of the complex. I hope it wasn’t one being stolen!

A wide view of the horison and lights was taken next.
Not one of my better efforts.

The last photo was taken as I returned to the front room...
Completely forgot about the mug of Glengettie I’d just made.
The TV had been left on, and taking the photo purposely in the dark to ass a bit of mystery to it, I managed to get a .

Settled down and . Moments later, this caught me out somewhat: By what must have been the longest-lasting ever  . I had to retrieve the leg from over the arm of the £300, second-hand shop bought nine years ago, c1966, discomfiting, alarmingly beige-coloured, crumb-containing, TV remote hiding, not working recliner.

By when I got up in the morning, I’d sprung awake at least a dozen times and had taken five wee-wees. Advice for Whippersnappers: Sleep is not easy when one wants it, but becomes rife when one doesn’t want it.
Oh, and be prepared to be accompanied in your slumber… or rather, to be awoken from your slumber by ailment 13: each and every night!

Evening all!

Inchie: Sunday 11th December 2022

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

04:00hrs: I woke up with a jump and start and immediately knew I was in need of an urgent wee-wee. By the time I’d risen and caught my balance, was joined by an even more pressing need for the .
Grabbed Metal Micky and tumbled my way to the wet room. Dropped the stick, tore open the fessing gown, whipped down the jammie bottoms and tore the PP (Protection Pants) in the process of getting in position before the overly-eager evacuation started of its own accord.
acci-whoop I thought that Little Inchie was giving some CMD (Cessational Micturitional) after dribbling. But on inspection, I found the .
The tube of Hydrocortisone cream in the wet room was virtually empty. So I nipped to the medicine drawer in the kitchen and got another tube.
I got back to the WC and went through the usual painful, teeth-gritting routine of applying the aforesaid ointment.
As I put the resealed tube back in the box, I noticed what I thought to be a use-by date on it. So, fetched the spyglass to read it…

Oh, Heckithump! The date was November 2021 on it! I must have used them in the wrong order
. What an absolutely unquestionable than I already knew I was!
Now I have to explain things to , and hope he can get me another prescription from the Doctor for me.

I had, while sitting on the , got the idea that I was going to get some cleaning up done in the kitchen. But my morale and willpower had sunken, and I got on the computer to get the Saturday blog updated and sent off.
I forgot all about having a shave and shower; Doreen Dementia had toyed with me again. Never gave washing and shaving a thought. Now I’m involved in an addiction to my blogging again. I can’t see myself stopping to get a shower and shave now. More chance of Putin apologising to the world and stopping the war!

Took some photographicalisations of the beautiful, if cold morning views from the kitchenette window.

Despite the freezing cold weather, I later bravely took a picture of the bottom field across from the car park. The now ease melting now.

A brave dog walker or two appeared later.
The dogs were lapping up the weather. I think the clear air of the frost makes it easier for them to trail the scents of other dogs they pick up? The two, who were having a sniffing party didn’t stop wagging their tails. Just thought I’d mention it, like.

Got the blog updated and sent it off to WordPress.

Then back to the . Ah, that was easier! No bleeding from the , I’m glad to report.

I got the growths coming from the new potatoes removed and got them in the crock-pot.
Flavoured with balsamic vinegar, Ben’s Hickory Liquid Smoke, and sea salt.
Which gives the water in this photograph a red hue.
Then, I de-eyed two baking potatoes ready to use later.
They can go in the oven to be baked… providing I remember, of course. (I didn’t)
This depends on Dementia Doreen’s frame of mind, my not falling asleep on the computer chair, and if I get any mind-Blanks. Or, of course, if Putin decides to attack with his missiles.
Arrived, by which time my mind was all over the place. Got the medications done, had a natter, and he took the waste bags with him to the chute for me.

Not the foggiest idea what happened over the next few hours.
But I had done some work on this blog as the brain re-engaged.

I’d also opened the Christmas present from Jane & Pete that they left me yesterday.
A lovely woolly hat, a nice shade of maroon, I think.
Still not feeling so good now; distant might be the word.

Arrived. We had a chat and laughed. She took the biscuits from the giant shortcake box and found some tubs to put half of them in, leaving the other bag unopened.
Remembered to give her a choice of Christmas pressie.
Must get some more bottles in
Made up the ode of the day and patched together a graphic on CorelDraw.

Again, I’m not certain what happened for several hours.
Woke up in the recliner feeling unsettled and bemused. I stayed there, even after noticing that I had still not had a wash and shave… That’s not me usually.

Many hours later, after having a few minutes of sleep, then waking and worrying about anything I could think of or dream up, I rose from £300, bought eight years ago from the second-hand shop, Harold Haemorrhoid testing, repugnantly beige-coloured, crumb containing, virus-breeding, acne-giving, rickety, itch-producing, none-working recliner.

Finding that while I was supposedly having old man naps, Carers had called? I even wrote this on the memory notepad. (Can’t remember them calling or making the notes?).
, and had been.
These Blanks are worrying. I believe they are getting to me more and more. What if something important was said or arranged during the sessions? How do I know
? I must put these on the list of things to tell the MH nurse.

Yet, I felt pretty fair when I last woke up. And got myself a meal made, although scarily, I do not remember actually cooking it. The photo of the meal triggered memories of enjoying it – feet up on a chair, tray on my knees… Oh, dear! I even found a score for the flavour rating in the pad. 802/10!

I washed the pots, took a painful reluctant wee-wee, had a wash, got into the jammies, and sat down to watch the TV. A Star Trek film… to which I promptly fell asleep when the first set of adverts came on.

Arrived. It was nice to see him again. Sorted the medications, and we had a natter. Richard checked the taps and stove. The lad looked tired. He took the waste bag on the way out for me.

Had a wee-wee (Still reluctant), and I got my head down in a serious search for proper sleep. And I got it at long last. I think I must have had an unninterupted good six hours! Dream-filled mind you, wish I could remember what they were about.

Morning all!

Inchcock: Monday 5th December 2022

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

06:10hrs: I woke up in the usual fashion with a jerk after having already woken up several times in a similar fashion. Had a wee-wee, quick wash, utilised the , the first time, which was followed by four more by midday! Changed into socks, PP’s, trews and dressing gown.
The second visit to the, . Made a brew of Glengettie.
Got some spuds cooking in the slow cooker.

Got the fridge dates checked. There were some I could not see or decipher, thanks to