Inchcock Today: At least I think it is…

I’m Bewildered, bemused, befogged & bewildered!
I’m possibly… no, probably going bonkers, besides!

I seem to have carried on from yesterday’s hospital visit and afterwards; the pathetic cock-ups, Embarrassments and Whoopsiedangleploppings, and the brain is refusing to do as I ask or want! Dementia Doreen is undoubtedly playing her part. In fact: today, she’s been a lot worse than she was on Tuesday. Considering that she got me lost twice in the hospital, and I then lost the ambulance man! The worst thing was my welcoming the evening Carer with no trousers on. I got so far behind that I had to limit the content a smidge and cut it short in places. Cheers! Enough of my moaning… no doubt more will follow. (It was all different in the end, I was up for over 23hrs, but not in good condition mentally or physically. Hahaha!) Not much sleep again.

I think I need help of some sort. Let the Diary beginneth…

Inchcock Today: Thursday 5th May 2022

06:25hrs: I stirred back into imitation life and worked out that although with many waking ups and nodding offs, I’d reckon I’d had a good four hours of sleep. I forced my wobbly bodied torso from the £300 second-hand, decrepit, c1968, rickety recliner to have a wee-wee. This was a frustratingly drip-drip affair, which still gave me a load of PMAD (Post-Micturition-After Dribbling).

Washed, sorted the bin bags, and readied them near the door. Made up Carer Richard’s bag. And made a start on finishing the blog on Wednesday blog updating. A cruelly slow job!

My Carer Richard arrived, looking tired out, poor lad. He patiently listened to my moans, complaints, and groans. A bit vague of things then… until the Iceland food order arrived…The delivery chap left the bags in the doorway; I offered him a tipple as thanks (Cider opted for) and got the carriers one at a time into the kitchenette. It seems that I had overdone the kitchen towels again… I’ve not got the foggiest idea why I do this, you know. I bet there was a good one when I ordered them, Humph! I got them sorted, wondering why I’d bought so many paper towels and wondered if they were on offer, but I did not know. There are no invoices with the deliveries nowadays. And the costs had risen sharply!

I got the veggie pasties out to eat later, and they had frosted over with my taking them out of the box last week to make more room in the freezer. I recall Richard warning me about this happening, and he was right. So I ditched them and some fish fingers and fishcakes that had gone the same way. Ah, well, that will not happen again, I hope. Now that Richard has bought me the freezer bags to sue next time bless the lad.

Did some more updating on the computer, but it took far too long, with the fingers shaking and nerve ends not working, Dementia Doreen, and the occasional vicious Shuddering-Shoulder-Shirley’s outbursts – had created too much wasted time in having to correct mistakes that I’d made. Sometimes it was a job finding out how or what I’d done to get into the messes I did!

Received a call from the Ophthalmology Department at the Queens Medical Centre EENT. Told me that they would be calling me sometime over the next four days to advise me on the outcome of the third assessment and whether the referral for the Cataract surgery would be accepted. I asked if they could possibly Email me instead, but that seemed a no-no.

I rang Warden and desk-top dancer Deana. Explaining my having to stay in and why. Then begged her to come a get her nibbles and would she be kind enough to take the treats to Jenny, Frank and Norah for me. She said yes, bless her cotton socks.

Updated the blog again, and I wrote an ode for it at the end. As Warden Deana arrived, bless her. She was proper up to the neck in it this morning, too! Kind of her to take the bits to Jennie and Norah for me ♥.

At long last, I got the blog done and posted off to WordPress.

Not a single visit to the Porcelain Throne yet? And only three weak unwilling wee-wees all day, and it’s well into the afternoon now!

He was on and off with the banging this morning, then a break, and now he’s back again, constant tap-tapping with the odd clattering bout. Tsk! 

Then an: I went into the kitchenette to make a brew of Glengettie, dropped the milk bottle, and stubbed my toe to get the mop and bucket from the wet room to clean things up! A bruised shoulder from on the doorframe on the way out. Of course, I just laughed it off; I wasn’t bothered in the slightest...

Well, well, well!… The Blood Pressure results came out nicely; at SYS 122 DIA 57 and the pulse at 77bpm. I was well-pleased pleased with those readings. Which really were much betterer. Phenomenal! Moved on to the body temperature. Another decent result here, too! Giving a 33.5°c, only 1.25°c from the target level. Thank you!

Found some lost sky photos. Put them on here on the left. Nice!

I was not entirely Compos-Mentis, yet, the brain was a little hazy. So I decided to check with the Google Calendar to look at any entries that may need attention…

A few items certainly needed to be logged in the grey cells by gum. Being reminded of the Morrison order, Joe the window cleaner, and the DVT Warfarin INR blood test, all coming my way this Thursday! Grobbleturds! I bet I get something wrong, forget summat, or lose track and wander off into Foggy-Land, at some time? Hahaha!

Got back to updating Wednesday’s blog. But not for long.

My friendly window cleaner, Joe, arrived, who, despite my checking of his visit on my Google Calendar, I had forgotten about! This launched me into one of my boring ‘Telling my troubles’ sessions, which I think Joe enjoyed oddly enough. For there were many laughs and smiles distributed among us. Hahaha! I dug around and found some cash to pay him.

The Amazon shopper arrived and rang the intercom. But I could not hear it at all, although the infamous was banging about up in his flat… again!!! I was lucky enough to have to go to the WC for a wee-wee and saw the light on the panel was lit. Also, the man was patient enough to try again after the timer had stopped things.

I thanked him and offered a can of his choice in thanks. I think he went for the Woo-Woo can. I got the bags into the kitchen, and there were a good few and some heavy ones. I’d stocked up on the treat cans before they go up in price again! I’d also got as many cans of the Chilli Con Carni as they would let me.

The cupboards were looking fullish again now. It took me ages to get the things sorted; unsurprising how many there were. But I even got that wrong and had to move stuff from the wrong places to the right ones – getting fed up with myself again. I was struggling to concentrate just like yesterday? It must have taken me over an hour to get the job done.

I was pleased to get back to blogging, no matter how slow I was doing with it. Such a busy day, and interruptions all the time. This means when I get back to the computer, Doreen Dementia has stolen some memories of where I was up to, what I was going to do, and needed to do… I’ve already found a timing error, items out of chronological sync! I’ll leave them now. As I write these words, it is already past 22:00hrs, so another sleepless night? Humph!

Next, a beautiful patient laughed at my jokes, haematology nurse arrived to take blood for the INR DVT Warfarin test. I didn’t mind being disturbed by her. When she came close to me to dig the needle in, she told me my nose was bleeding. (I think it was because of when I hit the doorframe yesterday with my chin and nose, Tsk!) Hehe!

But DD (Doreen Dementia)  would not let me remember it at that time. I had no idea it was bleeding. I got a tissue, and only a few spots were on the kitchen towel. We had a natter while she inspected the Enoxaparin loaded hypos use-by dates. However, she inquired how you manage to inject needles in your tummy four times a day while shaking and wobbling like you do. I explained that the INR level has been so good for the past month that I’ve not had to do it. I had to practically insist she took a can in thanks with her.

I think that she may well have taken to my sense of humour, good looks, flowing locks, taut body, witticisms and youthful, masculine, muscled, young, vibrant body… Well… or not, like! Har-Har!

I took a photo of the darkening sky from the kitchenette window, and I dropped the camera on the floor!. Wot a clot! Still, it seems to be working, which is more than can be said about me. Will I ever get the blog finished? I tried again…

The ♫Oh, Susanna♫ tune came from the front door. It took me a while to get there, to find this box on the left near the door. Ah, the bowels/basins from Amazon?  I’d ordered them to replace the ones that Josie had broken, so I got plastic-porcelain ones and these enamel ones. The enamelled ones, they were all made in China, of course. I got the enamelled ones, cause the advert said they will keep the food hotter for longer. I got three of these for Sister Jane as well. The problem with them is that each bowl has a sticker with Chinese writing; it didn’t matter if it was too small to read; I’d not have understood it even if I could.

The ‘Clanger’ about them is that the glue stays firmly stuck to the metal! So, another hour or so lost trying to clean off the glue! Then I could not get it all off, but I’d scratched the gloss trying to! What a waste of time!

I rang Sister Jane, we’ve not spoken for a while now, to tell her about the dishes. We had a delightful chinwagging session for ages, but I enjoyed it. For ages, the thought of never getting the blog finished got to me afterwards. We nattered about many things, and both agreed that the way old folks are spoken to by some medical personages is getting worse lately. That prompted a tale from each of us; Hahaha!

I gave up with bowls. And made up a bottle of Spring Water with some orange juice, then took this photographicalisation of the changed sky view.

Cleaned up and got the box’s cut up, all ready to go to the chute later or in the morning. The landline flashed! It was Esther asking how I went on at the hospital. She’s calling to see me on Tuesday, that was nice of her.

Then on the blogging, and again…

The Landline chirped and flashed again; Gawd, I’m popular today? It was Ethel from the QMC DVT Warfarin Clinic. Giving me the new dosages for Warfarin. The INR level was spot-on the button… that’s twice on the trot now, after years of never attaining it! The nurse had told her of my nosebleed, and  I mentioned my walking into the door frame… I think she would have been laughing over there at this time. She’s a cheerful character. I’ve not seen her for years now. When (if) I go to have cataracts done, I’ll nip in to see her… that’s if I can see at all. Har-har-har!

I got the nosh on, and I did some work here while it cooked for 30-minutes. Pots, tomatoes, peas and veggie pasties. The pasties were Gregg’s, the meat substitute was not very nice, but the vegan pastry was delicious. Taste: 6.5/10.

Washed the tray and utensils, and along came Carer Natalie. I’m pleased to report that I had some trousers on for this visit (Fool!)

Ode To The Day

Lots of other stuff, good & bad, ‘appened today…
Dementia Doreen lets lots of them get away!
Bit, I expect this; often, I accept it almost casually…
Cause there’s summat worse, causes me to worry,
That may also be due to Doreen, alackaday!

Memory Maureen forgets, not always straight away…
Doreen installs her daily brain-storms melee…
Some thought I’d like to keep others to shoo-away,
Usually, the nasty Thoughts stay, as they did today…
Pleasant Thoughts always seem to keep well away!

I’ve many mental & physical ailments, and they stay!
So everything I need to do takes longer each day…
I’ve become a hoarder, who can’t throw anything away,
Not short-term memories, of course, or clamjamfry…
Fears, embarrassments, and shame flourished today!

Didn’t start this blog until well-gone midday…
Carers, nurses, cleaners, deliveries this Thursday,
I was awake from 04:00hrs until past midnight, I say!
Concentration was replaced by tomfoolery and complacency…
Time, dates, ideas, and fears, were in constant disarray!

I think it’s next Tuesday, my next pension day…
Price-Rises, rent, power, rates, insurance, even pasta!
Everything foodwise cost me much more today…
Price of desserts and drinks, a 20% increase… Nasty!

My life is becoming confusing and delusionary!
Gone are days of joy, contentment and the odd jamboree,
Are Dementia Doreen’s influences really necessary?
I suppose they have sort of become customary?
Either way, she can be so bloody cruel and scary!

 The Nottingham Lads Diary – with Odeing

Evening, all!

63 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: At least I think it is…

  1. It’s a pain they can’t email health stuff. Same here. Great photos and health stats.

  2. It makes sense that Doreen made a day of it, trying to maintain some kind of order when it all seems to occur at the same time. I think you did a good job of getting to completion what would have challenged anyone, and Doreen wouldn’t be Doreen if she did not know what buttons to push. Yet, it all got done and Doreen gets no credit for making it all happen. Doreen and Alto have that in common — making tempests in your unbroken teapot.
    HRH knows full well what happens when staying awake for days on end. I read some information on the Daily Google regarding the symptoms that accompany sleep deficit. The confusion that it elicits brings along a host of symptoms that arise from the simple fact of not getting enough REM. It must involve all sorts of false synapse snaps that make it seem that the sleep-deficit sufferer doubles or triples the number of ailments that you already suffer. It doesn’t help to have characters like Doreen around to spread misinformation. Another Alto sort of trickery. Altos and Doreens enjoy it that way.
    Much activity in the nosh-delivery logistic systemic messery. Not having invoices with the deliveries helps not an iota. Perhaps you could wallpaper a wall or two with those extra paper towels?
    The red vehicles do enjoy parking on those chevrons, such parkers must think that those diagonal lines indicate free spaces designed with those special Sovereign Citizens in mind. These cretins live by a set of moral compasses based on the principle that I am calling “WhatCanIGetAwayWithTodayism”. Let’s submit it to the OED.
    Esther and Ethel. I like it when names of workers in similar kinds of professions sound alike, these even look like some sort of petrochemical processes. I shall now guess that they are also twins!
    The nosh arrangement was quite well balanced, but a 6.5 rating threw some water on the taste value. At least the vegan pasty was grand.
    Remembering to wear pants, a good sign, kind Sire!

    • I just lost my reply on this one mate. Not the foggiest why, it was long one too, Humph!
      Some nice droplets of humour dropped in their, Sir. I fang you!
      I’m thinking (I try to at times), the kitchen rolls cock-up, might have been assistedby my EQ, cause since they have been delivered, Harold’s Haemorrhoids have not really stopped bleeding… handy having a roll in each room just for when I sense the warm wetness dribbling. Hahaha!
      “WhatCanIGetAwayWithTodayism”, Haha!
      All i need nw is an Enid, or Ethered, Hehe!
      Doing well with the pantaloons…
      Cheers Sir… Oh, just posted a Crowell Manor Laboratory blog off, Sir.

      • Would that WP saved a draft the way that Gmail does. My cleverest bon mots are the first to disappear in that dismaying way.
        And I am pleased that those worthy droplets o’ blood made it all the way to 72.
        You’ve a highly developed EQ, one that is capable of vanquishing the bleedage from an haemorrhoid in an instant. Now there you have mind over matters that matter. And yer warm wetty dribbles pose no problem.
        WhatCanIGetAwayWithTodayism spreads faster than Covid in our society, do it not?
        Esther, Ethel, Enid, and Ethered are quadruplets perhaps.
        I shall submit a request to calendar makers and memorialists: “Panlaloon Remembrance Day.” The motto might be:
        Don’t Forget to Wear Yer Pantaloons Day. By wild coincidence, I am presently wearing me pantaloons.
        Looking forwardeth to reading about that Crowell Manor Lab, kind Sir!

      • By Jimminee, Billum, you make it sound so real and a workable cure, too, and with a larf or two, too! Thanking you! Hehe!
        There’s alot of it about nowadays, mate.
        Ah, a title: ‘The Two Pantalooners’ – took me that long to type that I’ve forgotten what it related to… I’m gerrin’ worse here.
        Tim thought it what it was “Nice Waffling” he commented, and he was right!
        Lovely Carer this morning, not seen her for months… trousers were on, b the way. Har!

      • Waffling makes for good reading, sometimes the most valuable insights occur while waffling. Other valuable insights occur while faffing about. And in combination, they cannot be beat.
        Research results:
        Number of valuable insights arriving while waffling for 8 hours: 7.7
        Number of valuable insights arriving while faffing about for 8 hours: 6.72
        Number of valuable insights arriving while sitting on the porcelain throne for 8 hours: 5.79.
        Good to encounter a lovely Carer not seen for some months. Even gooderer when yer clothed in trousers at the time.

      • You’ve done it again, Sir, broughteth on a smile on the face of a Nottingham falt dweller, ith a noisy git above. I appreciate that.
        Yet another one not seen for many months this morning… Carer, can’t remember her name, but she’s a young one, tall pleasant very busy. Took some nibbles this morning, whe offered… with my trews on, on course… Hehe!

      • The bringening of smiles is the measure of a good day, particularly when the evocation occurs during the awful, miserable, pathetic noise making of HERBERTS, but not to mention the callous fellow by name. In other words: H**B***R**T.
        A fine day may also be defined as a visit by a Carer who qualifies as young, tall, pleasant, and busy (in a good way).
        A fine day may also be identified by the humber of times you meet a member of the public while not forgetting earlier to pull on the trews.
        A nibbler as well, as is our furry Nibbles.

      • Haha! Done it again Sir, I larf and appreciate this!
        I do hope that the horrendously snotty Mr H e r b e r ? reads this.
        You’d have taken to Chloe I think, sweetness seemed to emit as she was present… but it went with her when she departed, Sob!
        Nibbles are good, but your nibbles sound wonderful, mate!

      • I am going to include Mr. H e r b e r t among those who call themselves Sovereign Citizens. He claims a natural right to making obnoxious noises at any hour of the day and is too haughty and snotty to listen to anyone who does not think that he is God’s gift to us underlings, and your flat is literally “under” him. My regards to Chloe, a shame that her sweetness does not remain when she departs. Sob-worthy indeed. Not to be confused with snob-worthy enough to qualify as an Herbert.
        Yes, and our Nibbles loves to nibble from HRH’s plate until she has eaten half the contents of said plate.

      • By gum, do you know him? You described hom to a tee, Billum!
        It was back to a erm… a diferent kind of carer today. I get the feeling that I’m not here sometimes, with a little help. Har-har!However, I was temporarily cheered, when Josey returned the tray and pots, and anthused over how it tasted! Yes! She didn’t mention the Woo-Woo, bless her. Deferably back to G&T next Sunday.
        Richard was done in this morning, so it was a rushed visit, still had mini chinwag though, bless him. Oh, dear… off to the Porcelain Throne I go…
        TTFNski, love to all, including Nibbles. ♥

      • You have described Mr. H to such a perfect degree that I could pick him out at a line up of 144 persons. So I am chuffed to read that my description hit the mark so well.
        Different kinds of Carers can bring variety to the day, unless the Carer is an Herbert.
        Nice that Josie enjoyed the meal, expressing appreciation in words this time. G&T works every time. Richard does appear to carry a load on his shoulders, I am hoping that something dispels it at the earliest possible moment. Masters of the chinwag are hard to find. Actually, any kind of chinwag is difficult to find.
        Nibbles is sitting at the corner of the desk as I type. Well, she now just decided to walk behind the monitor, then returned to the same corner. She thanks you for your love, as do all occupants of the manor. ♥

      • Oh, yes! Spot on, Sir!
        I worry about Richard a smidgeon, so tired out every morning at the end of his shift. He was telling me that the council are doing road-works right outside his flat, and he’s woken up evvery morning (this last week), by the noise; afte a copuple of hours in bed. We must both hope for an improvement for the lad, throughthe ether, thanks.
        Another few cuddles given for me if you please, Sir. Lisa HRH, Nibbles and a man one for you. Hehehe!

      • I am a worrier by nature, and so was my mother. We share the same birth day and month: 9/17. Maybe there is some astrological stuff going on. I probably need my slide rule to figure that out, but have to find it first, then take a photographicalisation of the slide rule for your blog. But I digress, I also worry about Richard, even though we are on ‘tother side of the ether. Hope that the road works complete their noisome business real soon now. As we all and each know, sleep is rare and precious. Too bad that Mr. Morpheus gets to portion it out, that does not seem terribly fair. Well…it does seem terrible though.
        Cuddles to Lisa and Nibbles. And a traditional European one for you, Sir! Hehehehe!!

      • I be a fretterer as well, Billum. Dad used to call me a whitterer… amongst many other things, of course.
        I’m concerned about your slide-rule, HRH’s doctors, my doctor – whoever that is, a lady I think, can’t remember her name… Haha! Poor Richard was not good this morning. I showered him with his favourite nibbles, it didn’t do a lot, but I got a smile as he left. Bless him.
        Oh, did you check on the third book case for you slide-rule, Billum?
        Thanks for for the cuddle, I like em!

      • I have not been called a whitterer, but that does not mean I am not one. So I shall claim to be one then. Of course, I worry about poor Richard, so that makes me a whitterer most certain.
        I actually decided to take a break and to search for the slide rule. A good idea because I found it on the closet shelf to the far right and underneath some stuff. Now I need to photographicalise it and keep it in the drawer beneath the computer. You absolutely never know when you might need one on short notice. So that is one worry I can check off as resolved, leaving 9,999 yet unresolved.
        More cuddles are on their way, Sir!

      • Welcome to the WNSWC, Wandering None Spotted Whitterers Club, Billum. Lovely to have you with us… well, I say us, I mean me!
        Hallelujah, I can rest easier knowing that the fandangled instrument that has caused such anguish and whittering on both sides of the pond, has been recaptured!
        I se we both have approx the same amount of frets needing attention yet. Haha! A virgolean trait, mayhaps?
        I send ehter-wise, peaceful sleep for HRH, and a good old back-slap (A gentle one, though) for you successful Sherlock Holmesian finding of the slide rule!

      • Good to be a member of the WNSWC, I shall order the T-shirt.
        Fortuitously, I have re-found the crafty slide rule, ’twas atop the clothes chest, next to the back scratcher. I should order one of those chips that can be affixed to an object and tracked on this computer. Alan knows what they are, so that would help.
        Fretting is indeed a mark of the Virgol, I wonder what the sign of a non-worrier might be.
        HRH is sleeping at this very moment, fanks to S. Morpheus.
        Fanks to you for the gentle back slap, kind Sire!
        Now, I must attend to ordering that T-shirt.

      • That cheered me up, I fank you.
        HRH akip, that sounds great to me! I shall not be cursing him then, today. He even allowed me over 5-hours – Marvellous!
        Mach weiter so. TTFNski

      • Absolutely always happy to cheer you up, kind Sire. Five-hours akip is also a rare experience for HRH.
        So weiter müssen wir es machen. Bestimmt.

      • A naughty man, a rich man. Suitable terms that come to mind: Lucre, payoffs, smoke & mirrors, profit, gelt, money, are his sort of thing? And, the incapability to run Virgin Media with any reliabilty comes to mind automatically as well, Billum. A few others, deception, flimflam, hocus-pocus. illusion, legerdemain, and under-hand professional prestidigitation? There, you done well there in getting me going… Hahaha!

      • I am a trouble maker, am I not? Criminals with ties to the mafia, those who own politicians, those who wish to own more politicians, lucre lovers. Those guys have the most opportunities in today’s political environment. Virgin Media serves as a textbook example of the dynamic.
        Trump has made it possible for the most self-serving sorts to get away with anything. They do not even try to act as if fair play was ever a goal. And they maintain that Mr. T tells truth. Illusion is reality. As I have noted here and there before: in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man gets healed via the surgical technique of enucleation. This makes him normal.
        Well, there you have got *me* going as well…Hahahaha!

      • The integrity of the voting equipment is far greater than Mr. T’s integrity. But, of course, those who love the guy can somehow overlook thousands of lies and believe the impossible. No one has yet been able to replace him, he owns the Republican Party. He was a pawn of Putin, who is effectively a resurgent Czar of the Russian Imperial dynasty.

      • He still believes that he won the election. He is definitely running, my thought is that he would expect to be granted 8 years in office to make up for the 4 years stolen by Biden in 2020. Crikey indeed.

      • The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, is having second thoughts about investing 44 billion smackers on a website that contains millions of bullies and millions of the bullied. Trump is also famous for his highly developed ability to lie as often as possible. So if he states that he has no interest in rejoining the fray at Twitter, it’s most likely that he will rejoin at the earliest possible moment.

      • A civil war, actually. Trump blew enough dog whistles to motivate hundreds of his supporters to storm the Capitol Building on Jan 6, 2021.
        TTFNski, Sir

      • That’s the bit O meant, Billum. I recall seeing it in TV, and it reminded me of a film, couldn’t be real… What a shock! “We must retake America…” I think he tweeted? Horrendous response!

      • It was ghastly stuff to witness in real time, murder broadcast as it happened, calls to kill Democrats, a gallows brought to the Capitol grounds… There was nothing ambiguous about their intentions of effecting a coup. Ballot boxes were brought out of the Senate offices minutes before the doors were breached.This action was also effected minutes before it would have been too late. They were not, as had been reported by certain propaganda
        media sources, tourists.

      • Terrible, I watched on the news… even I could see the anger from the mob, Bill. I read on the web, last month I think, someone being interviews by Sky News it was I think, being asked why they took part… “Cause we were cheated at the ballot box…” (or something similar) I can’t find any details of this fiddling on the web? Just accusations… Sad!

      • They forced a recount for the States that were anywhere close in ballots cast. As I recall, every recount resulted in *more* votes cast for Biden. Instant karma.
        Indeed, baseless accusations are sad realities over here.

      • It is sadly ironic that the Presidential ballots cast in 2020 were independently determined to be the most accurate in the history of vote vetting. Yet, when the Trumpster proclaims that the vote was stolen, his base responds by demanding numerous recounts, whereupon the accuracy of the voting machines is again demonstrated. No apology from Mr. T ever arrives. Fucking turd!

      • He lives in a fantasy world *and* convinces his followers that it is the real world, much as would that computer behind the fantasy world in the Holodeck appear real to those who enter it. Entering Trump’s mind would send me to the psycho ward within minutes.

      • Oh, my Gawd, the very thought. You’d me lost, Billum! Nowt would make sense to you mate. Billum would go in, and a jibbering wreck would come out. Nein, nein, nein, don’t do it… Please!
        I do enjoy out little fantasies, and imagine the Red-Wig would just as confused if he entered out minds… Please, not that! Hehehe!
        Keepeth safe!

      • Some thoughts are best not thought, particularly the very idea of having a trump-ridden thought. Nein, nein, nein. Emergency.
        What of all those people who think tht they are doing their own thinking, when they are actually parroting the peculiar words of Trump?
        Safety to you and to all who know the value of critical thought.

      • I fear the Trumpers are responding to his Clarion call to arms, and believe they are doing the right thing. The hat on their faces on the newsreel made me cringe.

      • Trump specializes in mean-spirited ventures designed to destroy. His latest efforts focus on the state of Georgia, he lost that state in 2020. So he is looking to scorch earth with what is termed “a personal vendetta tour.”
        Cringe-worthy faces indeed.

      • Dwelling on T is not good on the mental health, is it? Rather, we should be grateful that he was unable to corrupt the system more than he had planned. Not seeing his face or hearing his voice every single day is an enormous blessing to everyone on the planet.

      • Ignorance and arrogance trumps (hahaha) a civil society every time. They really do believe the conspiracy theories that offer no evidence. When you make grand statements, you should be able to back them up with evidence. The lies that Trump creates every time that he chains one incomprehensible word into a chain of other incomprehensible words is accepted by his followers as the purest distilled wisdom. And he has been succeeding in this way for many decades.

  3. I just got the munchies after seeing your supply of food and I still have 2 more hours to eat something, bad man you are……… hey, I really liked the poetry at the end of the post. Your real name should be Shakesinchcok.

    • Glad you lke the odeing, Sir. I think i was you long ago (of course I may be wrong, I often am nowadays, Hehe), yiu whoi mentioned chilli-con-carne? And I tried it, hooked now! Haha!
      Keep safe.

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