Inchcock Today – Wednesday 9th August 2017: Lots of things achieved today. He say’s with head swagging! Hehe!

Wednesday 9th August 2017

Basque: Asteazkena, Abuztuak 9, 2017

0120hrs: Up and to the Porcelain Throne. No bleeding, but signs of Trotsky Terence returning. Huh! IT was still raining out side. Back into the £300 second-hand recliner and tried to recall the dreams, but all I could tell was that they were not nice again, no details.

0312hrs: Awake and in need once again of the Throne. Yes, Trotsky is coming back for sure. On the bright side, still no bleeding from Duodenal Donald or Haemorrhoid Harold.

Went to make a brew and take the medications and realised I’d not taken any of last nights medications. I took just one-and-a-half Warfarin with the morning dosages. Did the Health tests.

Nipped out on the balcony while the rain had relented a bit, and took this photographicalisation. A free unused car parking space was spotted down below.

Came back in, on the computer and made the graphic for the top of this page.

Back to finish making another mug of tea to replace the first one that went cold, and pondered a while on what needed doing today. INR DVTblood test at the City Hospital, call in the Clinic while there to see the rearranged op again. Call in the hearing centre in town, to get replacement tools for those I can no longer find or have lost so I can clean them properly. Then the train of thoughts went wonky again – how do I sort out the rota? Must go to the INR test first, then the clinic, then into town hearing centre – must take the brolly and walking stick with me in case Dizzy Dennis returns… Ah, but I have to visit the bank as well… Confusion followed by the oddest uncontrollable attitude for me. I just thought, “Sod it, it’ll sort itself out?” Is the old brain getting tired as well as the body?

Then, started this diary off up to here. Then got on finishing off yesterdays, and got it posted.

WordPress reading and Emails checked.

Worked out my hobbling route to the hospital, and to the bus stop to catch one into town, unless I time it wrong?

I just hope the rain is not too bad, but it looks set in at the moment. Tsk!

0550hrs: Might get some under-the-brolly photographs in today?

Went onto Facebooking for a while. Then started a TFZer graphic. Got it done.

Ablutions tended to, I changed into the togs and made sure the brolly and cap were in the bag.

Set off down the elevator and over and up the gravel hill footpath to the top and left down through to Mansfield Road.

As I wandered along, the rain stopped.

Not many people or dogs about, I can only see one of each in the whole place?

To the top of the hill and down Edwards Lane. Noticed some cars had been graffitied, took a photo of them, and when I got back much later to the flat to transfer all the pictures to the computer, this one was not on the SHD card?

To the bottom of the road and left going over the Pelican lights across the dual carriageway ring road.

As I limped along, whistling to myself and perusing the scenery over the tennis courts, what did I see?

Some Nottingham Street Art just outside of the outer netting to the courts.

Perhaps it had been thrown over the fencing along the road? Fly tipping they call it.

I was so intent on looking at this rubbish I tripped on some weeds and very nearly went over. Luckily being so close to the iron bars, I managed to stop myself going over by grabbing at them and holding on! Not any bother at all. No wounds or bumps.

Seconds later, this Nottingham Pavement Cyclist (Git!) nearly had me over then. Tsk!

I think I must have heard him coming from behind me. Proof for sure, that the new hearing aids are a lot better than the old ones, without a doubt! Unless I imagined hearing him approaching?

In the next few hundred yards or so, I got two shots of Nottingham Nurture, and both animals posed and gave me time to take the photographicalisations of them.

Although, the second one did not have much choice. Hehe!

No dizzies at all yet, doing well.

The French Bouille courts were well flooded, and the free-to-use (Although, I have never seen anyone using them) keep-fit equipment machines were going a bit rusty in places.

I turned right at the traffic island and up Hucknall Road, and called in the GUM Clinic.

The usual antisocial snotty Obergruppenfurher was working on the reception, and I asked if I could wait to speak with Dr Wieczorkowski – adding hastily and raising my voice a tad; He told me I could call any Wednesday morning and ask to see him in his Email!” A sneer, of an obviously well rehearsed and considerable superiority and in depth hatred, was visually shot back at me. The lips curled in well-practised and prize-worthy imitation of contempt. With a backwards flip of his head,  off the disappeared, mumbling something I failed to apprehend.

Returning a few minutes later, and through gritted teeth and with an almost growling voice, as he pointed to the waiting room, verbally spat out; “In there and wait, it may be over an hour!” An odd, unexpected painful smile crept over his lips, and the faintest sound of a chuckle was audible?

I really have learnt how to annoy him back now. I put on my sweetest smile, put my head to one side and whispered; “Well, thank you so much!”

I sat down with the other waiting patients and got the crossword book out before I could take a look at a clue, a nurse came in and called my name and beckoned me to go with her to see the Doctor.

An embarrassing examination under the giant magnifying glass, with a huddle of student presentations. Then after he had spoken to and advised them after listening to their answers to his questions, they departed, and the questioning started.

My record was consulted. I will get a date for the op within a week and will be doing it at the QMC instead of the City Hospital. This is because my problem is so rare (The type of fungal infection he said) that they want to take this opportunity for the students to learn from the treatment. (Grafting from wherever, the knee maybe as I recall from earlier meetings with another medico, he did not say and onto Little Inchies lesion.)

Well, that went well and speedily. The Obergruppenfurher receptionist was not in sight when I departed, just as well perhaps.

Out and up into the hospital grounds and right, to the Blood taking hall. A few patients waiting today, about 50, but some of these would be waiting for the ladies only section. I got a ticket and sat down and got on with the crossword book again. They were nipping through us quickly today. I was in and be done within half an hour. Had time for a laugh with the nurse who did me, too.

Thanked her and gave her a bag of nibbles to share with the other girls, and out to see if I would be lucky again and catch a 40 bus just nearby to the clinic.

I turned the corner and just had time to photograph it as I missed it and pulled away. Tsk!

As I walked down towards Hucknall Road to catch another bus, I kept hearing a right loud double clanging noise?

Turned out, it was sunken and sinking further with every car, ambulance and bus that went over it, manhole cover in middle the road.

Even the bus came within seconds of my arriving at the stop? Worrying innit, all this good luck?

Dropped off in the town near the Victoria Mall and walked into town and down to the Nottingham Slab Square.

And took a picture of the beach and fountains. The rain had kept off, and a few people had ventured onto the beach.

But there were very few folk about, what with the storm warnings and all that, I wasn’t surprised. Some with their kids had climbed over into the fountains area and were apparently quite happy to get soaked. Hehe!

I could hear a lot of sirens and klaxons from somewhere nearby but had no idea what was taking place.

I hobbled to the hearing aid place and explained my stupidity and misfortune in breaking the plastic thingy that removes and replaces the wax protector on the new hearing aids. The young man patiently listened to my sob story, and asked me to take a seat on one of the green chairs and someone would come to see me, but it might be while before they are free to do so. I expressed my gratitude and told him, no problem. Then took a green seat and got the crossword book out, again before I could start on it (Like t the clinic earlier) Another young agent was calling my name within seconds of my having sat down. Brilliant Service or what?

Into the room explained things and he had cleaned the hearing aid and given me another thingamajig to take home with me within ten minutes. Thanked him and poddled out of the store, only to have to dodge another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist.


Took this picture of some brave fools up on the high swing ride, as the weather started to get a bit more threatening?

Had a walk around for a while, because the L9 bus was not due for 45 minutes, but I enjoyed the hobble around, and the rain still kept off!

A final display of Nottingham Street Art was outside the book shop on Lister Gate.

I went in and bought a pack of five pencils and sharpener and eraser, for only £1.79. Also, a TV paper for next week. So I can work out which programmes to fall asleep watching. Haha!

Got on the bus at the same time as Horace and his Carer.

I feel pain for Horace. His handler always sits away from him on the bus, and I’ve yet to hear the man talk to Horace. The carer is in the seat in front of where I took a photograph from. Of course, it is not my place to criticise anyone, and do not! For I don’t know the illness, handicap or nature of things that poor old Horace suffer from. So I have no idea of what that carer has to go through while caring. I often meet Horace on my bus trips and have started saying cheerio to him. No recognition from him of course, and he can apparently only grunt. He loves doing this while pointing at things. Life can be so unfair to some folk.

Up to now, the ailments have been so kind to me as well, today. I feel almost guilty.

Back at the flats, I visited the Throne and put the new tool for the hearing aid in the box they came in, to try not to lose or break this one.

I shelled some garden peas and got them into the saucepan on the simmer. Out the onion bhajis and bubble and squeak cakes into the tray ready to go into the oven later.

Got this diary updated. Boy, am I making some grammar errors. Don’t know what’s the matter with me. I’m  aware I do make silly mistakes generally. It took ages and lots and lots of correcting. Humph!

Nosh served up. An unfunny few moments followed. I got it all on the plate and had to go for a wee-wee again.

About to carry it on the tray to the £300 second-hand recliner to consume it, and the phone rang. Tsk! It was the surgery with the DVT blood test results. New dosages, as the INR level had dropped to 2.1 – this is not good news at all. It might mean the cancelling of the Little Inchies graft op yet again. A most off-putting possibility! They made the next appointment for Wednesday 16th, and I remembered this was the Tenants meal-out day and mentioned it. Rearranged for… wait for it… 0750hrs on Tuesday 15th. 0750hrs! Great! I queried the time, and the lady thought I was intimating that this was too early and said; “Well, you always ask for an early time for your appointments!” (Not that I get them usually!) I told her no problem at all and thanked her kindly.

Then a call to the Porcelain Throne arrived. This was a messy one and required some cleaning up and medicationalisationing afterwards. So by the time I’d got around to digesting the meal, it was well cold! Grumph!

I thought about putting it in the oven to warm it up again but decided this would not be a good idea. So I ate it as it was. Actually, it was not too bad at all. If the phone call and Porcelain Throne had not interrupted the proceedings, it would have been super-tasty I think.

The walking must have taken more out of me than I thought because when I got the TV on to watch Boon DVD episodes, I drifted off and woke at 0130hrs, many hours later.

I recall musing over a dream I’d been having and must have scribbled this note, I found later.

Monte Casino defender from Italy?

Soon drifted back to sleep.

Sprang awake with a start, at 0250hrs.

6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today – Wednesday 9th August 2017: Lots of things achieved today. He say’s with head swagging! Hehe!

  1. Quite a nice array of photos with the slug and cyclists and all. Did you ever figure out what’s become of nurse Nichole? I always allow the students to participate, and use me for practice. One time a cute young nurse needed to learn how to access a port, and I was kind enough to let her stab me with a 1 inch, 18 gauge needle. She missed the port twice, simply stabbing me in the chest. All I said was “you missed” and the other nurse said “I thought that went in awfully easy!” The poor nurse started to fall apart, but I told her “no problem, you have to learn. Try it again!” She was so young and so cute, I couldn’t get mad at her. Besides, she did need to learn how to access ports. I was a nice, patient patient who has a high pain threshold, so she probably couldn’t get a better pin cushion. I wouldn’t let her give up, and she learned to access a port that day. That’s good dinner turned out pretty well despite all the interruptions.

    • Glad you found the photos alright Sir. Makes me feel proud.
      Nurse Nichole’s situation remains a mystery to me, I’m afraid. As you see, I went to the hospital for the INR blood test, which the surgery tell me I am not to do anymore and must go to the surgery nurse. But they did not make me an appointment so I went to the City Hospital. It is better me doing this all round. I get a quicker result, the yet one, too. And like happened, they had to ring me with the dosages and made an appointment for the next one at the same time. Too easy for them to just let go to the hospital and get it done every week. Tsk! (Waffled on a bit there, sorry)
      Good work with the student nurse there, Tim. Proud of you!
      I think that the meal going cold before eating it could be the reason for Flatulence Frank’s attentions this morning? But still enjoyed it.
      I tried to do another panorama shot earlier, from the kitchen window. Hope I get it right this time. I have trouble with holding the camera steady and the stand thingy I bought is too short to use. I’ll post it tomorrow, whatever it comes out like.
      Hope the gunfire dies down soon.
      Cheers Sir.

    • Naughty little INR! Hehe!
      I must have covered some mileage there Corin.
      It’s good I could though.
      How’s you plates gal? I think I’ve got two or even three weeks to go before the foot lady returns. Tsk!
      Taketh care. XXX

      • My feet are not too bad at the moment, but I am enjoying my final night off from my “weekend” (I work Saturday night through Wednesday night) after I get to work tonight things might be different lol <3

      • Glad you’re doing well wiv yer tootsies, gal.
        Work! S distant memory for this old un Corin.
        Considering the hours that I worked, in my last week I did 90 hours, sleeping on site when I could straight through. I’m not fibbing. Oh boy, am I glad and happy it’s all stopped now! Hehe!
        My plates are bad today, but not complaining, cause the other ailment are all being kind to me.
        I sense something is about to go wrong, mind. Haha!
        I used to be able to buy liquid Ether from the pharmacist for my feet, it was so effective too. But laws changed and we can no longer get it. Tsk! Wish I could. I wonder if Amazon sells it? I’ll have a look later.
        TTFN and all the bestest. XXX

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