Inchcock Today – Thursday 10th August 2017: Tenants Social Hour Day – Depression and fatigue attacks. Ah-well!

Thursday 10th August 2017

Maori: Rāpare 10 o Akuhata 2017

0250hrs: I woke with a start, an immediate decision made to get the laundry done first thing. This sudden decisiveness surprised even me! Hehe!

A wee-wee, assembled the required things and down, taking the camera with me, to the Laundry Room.

I saw that the notice board had been cleaned up somewhat.

Reflux Roger started giving me some gip, and Flatulence Frank was busy. too.

Got the washing into the machine and popped outside to take a photograph, proving that the rain had stopped at last. Hehe! And, there were two free car parking spaces available.

Not that this will of a lot of benefit to the two caretakers, the four-night working residents, the two Obergruppenfurheress Wardens, the four NCH staff or the dozens of the building team yet to arrive and find a space to park?

Back up to the abode and got the Health Checks done. Sys 152, Dia 76, Pulse 87, Temperature 34.8 and weight 14.89.

Took the medications and applied the lotions and potions and put the kettle on. Set the timer to remind me when to go down again. Started to finish off yesterday’s post.

0320hrs: Down to move the stuff from the washer to the dryer. Cleaned the machine and poddled back up to carry on with the diary, set the alarm.

0430hrs: Down to collect the clothes. Cleaned the filter and machine, swept the floor and set off back up the lift.

When I observed that some new; ‘Please do not remove any materials from the ceilings in this area’ signs from the builders had appeared.

I got into the lift and pondered on just what might have been disappearing from the ceilings?

As I got out of the elevator, into the barren sparse looking communal area, I decided to have a good look at the roof to see if I could see anything that might be worth removing by anyone.

But no, nothing that might seem worth anything or stealing could be spotted.

Surely the emulsion painted old pipework was not being swiped? Would we have known about that?

A mystery.

Got in and put the things away in the airing cupboard and had a wee-wee.

0535hrs: Back on the computer and finally finished yesterdays post off. Started this one.

0610hrs: Flatulent Frank is still with me, and seems to be getting a bit more volatile as time passes.

Perhaps eating the cold meal last night has encouraged Frank’s fervent flatulent festival of frightfully fully fledged escapes of the wind from the rear end activities, do you think?

Checked the Emails and responded.

Did some WordPress reading.

Did a bit of Facebooking.

The rain stopped and the morning brightened up. Bootiful!

Did a bit of work on the next TFZer Graphicalisation. Had to cut it short to get the ablutions done, or I would be late for the Tenants Social Hour.

Had a good clean and scrubbed up. Then got the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bag and set off to the Temporary Windwood Hut for the Social Hour.

Not many there this morning. Very sparse it was. Those there were not in a particularly social mood. Handed in the raffle prizes and dished out the nibbles. No one, not even BJ, was in a very talkative mood. This, along with no Obergruppenfuresses on duty to speak with, about my phone company bill cock-up, brought on a depression of sorts. I left early to go into Sherwood to use the £1 off voucher at the Co-op store.

The footpath was again unusable due to the vehicles parked on it because they have nowhere else to park.

As I passed the bus stop I had a chinwag with a few of the tenants waiting for the bus. Much-moaning was going on. One bloke was cursing about the Social Hour, claiming; “Huh, ____ing coffee morning, ___k that for a lark. If I want a coffee, I’ll have it in my flat when I want one!” Not a nice man. Very derogatory towards others. He looked a bit young to be in these apartments. (I later found out they are admitting the 55- year-olds now). This did not help the depression.

Hobbled down into Sherwood and went to the Polish Food Shop. Got a loaf of the Lithuanian recipe Sweet Sourdough sliced brown bread. Walked up the hill and to the Co-op. Where I got some raffle prizes, kitchen towels on offer, apples and bananas. Used the £1 off voucher.

Passing the fresh cream cake shop, I resisted going in. I must be depressed. Hehe!

Popped into the Nottingham Hospice Shop for a look around.

Then to the bus stop to catch one back up to the flats. Roy was at the bus stop, and we had a chinwag and laugh of sorts, but Roy was not feeling well in himself.

Back in the apartment, things took a turn for the worse. Shaking Shaun visited, and the fatigue came over me so quickly, it surprised me and made me a bit apprehensive. But, needs must, so I set about sorting out the food for the meal. This did not go well either. Haha!

Sliced the apple in the shaped tin thingy and managed to cut myself down the thumb nail, as I laid out the plate. Tsk!

I got some rosti potato cakes and fries in the oven to cook.

Smoked mackerel, tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, mushrooms, onion bhaji and a slice or two of the sweet sourdough bread, followed by a plain yoghourt with Maple Syrup added to it.

By gum, despite the ailments and feeling so depressed, this went down very nicely. The best meal for quite a while. Rated it at 9.2/10.

Doing anything constructive was now out of the question. All my energy had been depleted, sapped!

All I could do was sit in the recliner and fall asleep for a few minutes, wake up, try to watch whatever was on the TV at the time, and nod-off again – repeatedly for hours on end.

I did burst into life around 2100hrs with a sudden start. Unsure of how or why I had no choice but get up and investigate in case any alarm or noise had been the cause of me sudden awakening. I found nothing untoward. But I was glad I did have a look because I’d left the light on and heater on in the wet room.

Took the much-belated medications and did the Health Checks.

Back in the recliner. Notwithstanding the mind rattling away about all and nothing, I drifted off and seemed to wake a few seconds later. I’d had a dream, something about me being underground in the tunnel with a torch and water was slowly filling up the channel, then it gushed in, and I was drowned, but happy about it?

Soon got back to sleep again, despite Flatulent Frank busying himself. Hehe!

TTFN each.

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  1. Who be stealing from the ceiling?
    What are they wheeling and dealing?
    This also puzzles me,
    Confused it leaves me feeling,
    There is now to take as I can see,
    Oh, what it worth owt on that Ceiling?

    I hope I find out Corin and let you know.

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