Inchcock Today – Saturday 5th August 2017: Flat clearing and cleaning, Shelving assembled, Accifauxpa. Tsk! Hehehe!

Saturday 5th August 2017

Yiddish: שבת אויגוסט 5, 2017

0505hrs: Woke feeling a lot better than I did last night, physically speaking. Although, I considered advertising for a famulus to train up to help with the wandering brain. Hehe!
After battling briefly with my own reasoning, thoughts and lack of perspicacity, I decided I would start the big cleaning up sessions. The plan was laid; I’d get the laundry done first, the tackle the cleaning of the balcony windows and door, then get the kitchen sorted, starting with those pesky ever present and growing in number, little tar-marks on the outside. After that, I knew no plans could be made. Because my EQ told me things would get bad again later with the ailments.

Proudly forced myself out of the £300 second-hand recliner, and nearly toppling over, such was the pain from the right knee and hip as I stood up. Straight to the medical drawer took a 60g Codeine, then the rest of the morning medications, with a brew of tea in the new little cup.

Sys 153. Dia 76, Pulse 81, Temp 33.2, Weight 14.82 – Nothing to complain about there… well, maybe the weight? Humph!

Did the health checks and off to the Porcelain Throne. After some examinationalistic activity, I found Little Inchy in remarkably healthy, pain-free and not bleeding, Duodenal Donald absolutely no bother whatsoever, Hernia Harry trouble free, Haemorrhoid Harold barely bleeding at all, and no visitations from either Shaking Shaun or Dizzy Dennis! Only Arthur Itis and Hippy Hilda any bother, and they had calmed down since I got up. Excellent start I thought.

Checked on the CCTV on the TV, no one lurking about downstairs. Got the clothes sorted and accoutrements gathered, out of the door. Oh dearie me? Dirt dust and bits all over the communal entrance, out of the door to the lifts and found, even more, mess all over the place. Tsk! I’ll have to hoover the flat entrance later.
I’d have thought one of the caretakers would have done it before they left, knowing they would not be around for the weekend? (Did I actually ask that question? Maybe they are going to have their mobile phones surgically removed from their ear-holes? Hehehe!)

Down and got the laundry in the washing machine and nipped outside to have a nosey.

Back up and had a wee-wee.

Got the things ready to have a go at the windows later. Razor-scraper, vinegar cleaner, paper towels and just in case they are needed, the bottles of nail-varnish-remover.

0559hrs: Down to move the laundry from washer to dryer. I timed it spot on, as I arrived at the cleaning machine, it stopped its cycle. (I’m getting a bit worried about all this good luck today you know. Ailments being kind, health- readings being almost perfect, no Accifauxpa, most unsettling for me. As history has made me a cynic and alarmist, I can often get into a panic when things do not go wrong. Haha!)

As I went to get the lift back to the 12th floors, this little mite was there on the builder’s carpet protector strips.

I tried to catch him as he panicked and shot all over, easily avoiding my efforts to put him outside. It even took me several shots with the camera to get a clear photo of him, bless him.

Once back home, I had another wee-wee and gathered all the pieces of the stand I’d bought to give to the Nottingham Hospice, another go at erecting it.

After several attempts and nearly two hours of trying to understanding the vague instructions and a failing to get some poles linked that I found were the wrong ones, I gave up, defeated and annoyed with myself.

Spotted some new posters on the OBergruppenfurheresses and Tenants notice boards.

So I had a perusal of the same.

The first one informed us only: ‘It’s been confirmed. Sliding doors will be installed!!!’ I was not bothered either way much which type of doors were fitted to the balcony. But, being a Profit -of-doom and a worry-wart, I anticipate trouble more likely with the slider ones than the regular opening one?

Nice to know that the cleaning of communal areas has gone from daily to weekly now? No wonder we don’t see them very often. And of course, their telephoning other caretakers with updates and possible financially beneficial gains and the latest bookmakers odds… No, no, no, only joking!

Mind you, when I do see him he’s on his mobile 90% of the 2% of the time I can actually find him. And I get the hand in air palm facing me, indicating ‘Not now, I’m on the phone!’, as he natters away into the ether, with a grave expression on his face. Not the most helpful or polite person. Unless there is a big tip promised, or other financially based inducement involved. But I’m not saying this, in case he sues me for telling the truth.

Down a final trip to retrieve the washing from the dryer.

Cleaned the filters, sink, taps and drums of both machines used.

Back to the apartment did the health-checks again: Sys 159, Dia 78, Pulse 90, Temp 35. Then got the clothes stored away, had a wee-wee and bravely (I thought) Had a go at the kitchen window and the tar marks again! Sprayed lots of cleaner stuff onto the window (Which I opened without getting any bruises, blood-blisters for cuts to my hands or fingers), set about the window with the Razor-scraper.

 This was a long, tedious job. Some came off, some just moved to another position on the glass, and some would not move at all! Percy Verance helped, and eventually, I got most of them off. After much-repeated spraying and scraping, scuffing, scraping and scouring – and, without my cutting myself once on the blade!

Which, as you can see here, the scraper acquired a brown tinge that is unremovable. This might be a clue to someone more cleverer than I am, as to from where the marks came from and what they consisted of? Something potent and corrosive, judging by how quickly they turned the razor blade into rust?

I think Andy from Canada had the best guess, of airborne bits of tar, so far?

I then moved onto cleaning the inside and outside of the balcony windows and door.

Feeling rather proud of my efforts, even more bravely, I had yet another go at assembling the stand for the Hospice. I really would like to get it done and delivered today.

The lady in the shop was saying about how they would like it donated and would sell in moments, last week when I chatted with her.

So I set about studiously working out the oh-so-simple instructions.

After much sweating, profanity, frustration, bruised fingers and knuckles, a wee-wee and more swearing – I ended up as pleased as punch with my progress until a Whoopsiedangleplop took place.

I was pressing hard on the screwdriver when it slipped and stuck itself in my left hand, which I had foolishly put in a position to enable it to. Hehe!

The blood flow seemed to stop quickly. This made me think that perhaps the INR Warfarin level had gone down? A moment later, strangely I hear the letter box clap to, and it was the INR reading from the Deep Vein Thrombosis unit. It had indeed gone down, to 3.9 now. They had left the dosages for this week the same. (Good timing that delivery, just as I was typing about the blood, too!)

Amazingly, after only about two-and-a-half hours or so, I got it finished, and it looked okayish. All ready for me to carry to the shop later.

Full of pep with my little victories, I set about finishing the kitchen cleaning. Cleaned the counters, shelving, drawers, cooker sink cabinets, hoovered and mopped the floor.

The feeling of threat of an impending further upset, Whoopsiedangleplop, Accifauxpa or Farcicalisational occurrence,  still lingered?

Took the rubbish bags and put them down the chute. Seeing the mess on the carpets in the access area near the doors, I got the vacuum out and hoovered it. Still, no tiredness or hassle from Anne Gyne or Arthur Itis, in fact, no bother at all? Am I dreaming? Haha!

I part cleaned the wet room, just around the Porcelain Throne base where it was bad, then got the ablutions tended to.

A few orange recycling bags came through the letter box… is the caretaker doing over time? I really will feel bad if he is working and I’ve cleaned the entrance for him? Grumph at the thought!

All clean and fresh now, I got dressed and somehow managed without too much difficulty to carry the erected shelving and a bag of clothing up through Woodthorpe Grange Park and to the Nottingham Hospice Shop.

En route, I noticed some food stalls getting ready for customers near the Mansfield Road entrance.

Limped along, without too much bother with the shelving and met a lady Tenant in Sherwood and we had a gossip for a while.

On to the Hospice and gave them the bag and shelving.

A thank you from the lady, who was very busy, and I departed back through the park to the flats. Stopping a few times to enjoy watching the dogs walking their owners, and training them on how to fetch the ball themselves. Hehe!

Top of hill on the footpath and right down to the apartments, and as I descended the gravel path, 93-year-old Polish Eddie was walking up it. I don’t know how he gets about so much, often and without any seeming effort, he can walk faster than I do. A grand chap too. Had a little natter with him as we passed each other.

At the bottom of the path near the car parking on Chestnut Walk as I crossed over to get to the foyer doors, this little squirrel kindly froze and gave me time to get closer and the camera out again.

When I got in the wet room, had a wee-wee and got the kettle on – it hit me! Suddenly a drainage of power, enthusiasm and tiredness, weariness. All hopes and interest in doing any more cleaning faded. Still, I thought I’d done well up to now, so I hope that a similar situation; No ailments to bother me in the morning, and I can get the front room and wet room cleaned properly, and the paperwork sorted out.

I got the garden peas and potatoes on the boil and set about starting this diary off to here.

Into the kitchen to make a mug of tea, and noticed this lady collecting blackberries. Nothing new or of particular interest in these shot, you say? Well, it was the poor dog’s oh so obvious, displeasure with his owner that tickled me pink.

He, or she, did not like all the stopping off and Mother going into the bushes. Hehehe! Bless her/him. Did his best to stop her, one time, laying down and she had to drag it to get to the fruits. Just a thought, but I hope that the berries have none of these tar like spots like the one on my windows falls on these fruits?

Then I realised I had not finished yesterdays diary yet. Not surprising, it was a bad, bad day for me. Which makes today’s good day even more enjoyable! (Up to now?) Got the Friday post finished and posted, better late than never. Tsk!

Feeling a bit drained now, but still smug with myself.

Got the meal all ready. Used the portion plate.

After so many successes with my fodder lately, this disaster was all the more sad for me. Everything, apart from the fresh peas and the potatoes, was disappointing. Mostly due to my own fault and after getting it presented for eating, demands for the use of the Porcelain Throne, added to the meals misery as it had gone cold by the time I got around to eating it.

Maybe it was because I was feeling tired after my many physical efforts, and was feeling well worn-out.  Perhaps the screwdriver holes in the hand starting to bleed over onion bhajis and mushrooms as I dined, did not help? I’m not sure which or if it was a combination of all of them. But, definitely have had to leave so much of the meal uneaten and to drop the plate, as I took it to the kitchen and the non-slip tray, did not help things. Tsk!

Raining now, glad I went out when I did and not leave it until later on.

Health checks and medications were taken.

Had a wee-wee, and settled into the £300 second-hand recliner to fall asleep during the first set of commercials to come on.

Long sleep followed I reckon I got in a six-and-a-half hour session in.