Inchcock Today Mon 23 May 2016: Socialised a bit today – oh yes!


Monday 23rd May 2016

Roused into life around 0100hrs – drifted back out of life, until I stirred again around 0400hrs in substantial need of the attention of the porcelain rather urgently. The recliner shuddered a bit worryingly as I battled my way out of it and to the bathroom. I knew straight away Little Inchy had been bleeding by the tell-tale signs of dampness and warmth. Tut!

03 04 ABCMessy job sorting myself out, but it wasn’t too painful today. Kettle on and made a brew and took the morning medications near the laptop as I started to complete yesterday’s diary post.

I noted that the back and shoulders were itching and found it hard to resist scratching away at them. Had I put the wrong stuff in the bath last night? The itching, has moved to the neck now? Maybe something I put in the washing machine, as I felt a bit cold, I am wearing the dressing gown for the first time in ages since last washing it? This prompted me to remember to do the BP etc. Sys 139 Dia 71 Pulse 74 Temp. 32.6 KT (Kitchen Thermometer) 61f, recorded these on the graph.

0500hrs: Pondered on what needed doing today. I would like to take another Nottingham book to Jenny, but I’ve forgotten what number her flat was. Tsk! Also, I’d like to go to Arnold and get some photographs printed. No medical appointments today, strange feeling.

Started this post off and did some graphics and got some photographs onto an SDHC thingamabob card, and put in in the camera, to take with me to Asda (Walmart) for printing later.

Sister Jane rang (Also sent me an email) telling me to buy a Nottingham Post today, as the article about Nottingham Pavement Cyclists was on page 8, and an interesting bit on page two.

Ablutions carried out, Little Inchy losing a bit of blood from the lesion. Then I hurriedly got the things ready. Down to the lobby and had a jolly chinwag with some other residents. Then we went out to catch the bus. All bar one lady and I got on the first bus. Another friendly gossip as we travelled into Arnold and got off at the same stop.

I wandered along to Asda to get the photographs done and bought two new camera cards, on 32gb to use at the flat, and one 8gb to use on the camera.

Went to but a Nottingham Post Newspaper, but found that they had sold-out. Humph! Did some shopping. After paying the kind lady, the time to catch the L9 bus back was getting close, so I nipped out the front of the store to find a newsagent to purchase a Post from, but, none in sight.

Got to the bus stop and the lady tenant I’d travelled there with arrived and we had a sit down on a bench and we nattered while we waited for the bus. I realised I’d not got a Post yet, and the lady suggested I drop off the bus in Sherwood and get a Post, then walk back up to the flats through Woodthorpe Park. So I did that.

She then reminded me of the meeting tomorrow night at the Social hut, 1730 > 1830hrs, about the ideas for doing up the flat complex and surrounding area? Not that I’d forgotten about it of course. Ahem! 08

07I got off the bus and waved goodbye to the lady on the bus, I called into a newspaper shop, got two copies of the Post and a Nottingham Bygones.

As I paid him, the newspaper shops owner, sneered through his beard and kindly overcharged me. Swine!

I walked back up the hill, and as I approached the top of it, yet another Nottingham Pavement Cyclist came 05pelting down towards me, swerving in between the poor pedestrians.

The execrable bully!

But I must not dignorate all Nottingham Cyclists in this way, just those vile ones who endanger and or scare the dotard like members of the pedestrians like what I am, with their dangerous activities.

08Limped back to the flat and to the WC, Little Inchy still bleeding a tad, cleaned and creamed him up.

Mail from utility company had been delivered.

Put away my purchases of the day:

The SDHC cards, Irish Batch bread, a tin of potatoes and stewed steak in gravy and the pack of new Walker’s Bugles. (I got these to share out at the next Winwood Hut Social meeting.

Placed the photograph envelope on the kitchen window ledge, surely I 09can’t miss or lose them here?

Oh, and as for how that pot of Raspberry dessert treat got in my bag?


Visited the porcelain again, Little Inchy had finally stopped bleeding.

I took the pork shoulder steaks I got on Saturday, you know the ones – those I thought were Lamb should steaks when I bought them. Sad innit? To warm them up a bit before cooking them later.

Made another brew and got the laptop on to update this hogwash.

Did a bit of work on another post and checked emails, then got on Facebook for a while.

P1080985For Monday’s fodder ‘s I got the BBQ pork steaks in the oven for half an hour, then later warmed the seasoned BBQ beans up in the saucepan. I used the Patti Beckert recipe for the beans. (Thank you again Patti) Added the last of the tomatoes and consumed all this with some Irish batch bread. The sundae for afters.

Not as good as I thought it was going to be, though. The beans, bread and tomatoes were excellent. The pork tasteless and the raspberry sundae thingamabob was terrible! Hey-ho!

Watched some DVD episodes of Hustle and realised I’d done the washing up yet. Cleaning up pots and pans was not easy because: ◊ I’d left the hot tap running earlier and the hot water was now cold. ◊ I boiled some water in the kettle, to use and spilt it on my right hand. ◊ I found I’d left the oven on, and ◊ I now have one less milk jug after a Whoopsiedangleplop and it fell to the floor.

On the bright side, I did not cut myself when I got down to clean up the broken pieces of pottery – getting back up was another predicament I struggled with. Hehe!

TV on and I drifted off into the land of dreams at the first commercial break…

Hey-ho again!

7 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Mon 23 May 2016: Socialised a bit today – oh yes!

  1. Bugles? You can get Bugles in Nottingham? I haven’t seen them in years — I haven’t looked for them either — but still I’m quite surprised to seem them on your blog! Bad, tasteless jokes are much easier to swallow than truly tasteless pork.

    • Yes, I saw them for the first time in Walmart (Asda here Tim) on offer. Not tried them yet, but I might tonight at the residents meeting. Had them out like? Never heard of them before yesterday. Take care.

      • A venerable Bugle virgin eh? Let me know what you think. I don’t remember what they tasted like because it seems like 40 years or so since I had any, but I think they were pretty standard snack fare.

    • Hahaha! thanks. The music was just right too. It’s only Pavement Cyclist I have a gripe against though. The naughty little monkeys! Take care.

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