Inchcock Today: Sun 22 May 2016: No buses on a Sunday, so computerisationalistic activities ensued. (Say that when you’ve had a drink. Hehe!)


Sunday 22nd May 2016

010115hrs: After a few hours of trying to sleep with repeatedly dreaming similar nightmares about excavating tiny coffins from the red hot sand and soil in a desert somewhere: they were miniature coffins in sets/blocks of twelve. We (Me and several unknown others) would wet them and they grew to normal size instantly and we had to remove the contents to check for signs of Mad Cow Disease?

All of them had the body remains inside, but although sealed and unbroken, all were packed solid with a sandy greenish mud?

I gave up trying to sleep and tried to get out of the second-hand recliner chair. The back of it had gone down so much, it had affected the reflux valve and I started hiccuping and belching painfully.

There was no response to my pressing the remote control thingy, and I had to climb out of the chair to get to the WC. Dodgy that!

I was in the bathroom by 0125hrs. Returned to the death-chair after a bit of whining and clunking from the mechanism, it seemed to reset itself again and was working once more?

Made a cuppa and got the laptop on.

Did much WordPressing and graphicalisationing, then made another cup of tea and took the medications. (0415hrs) Titivated some options on CorelDraw 8.

Finished yesterday’s post, then went on Facebook. Got carried away, four hours later I made another cuppa.

P1080017Many hours later I got the Crock-Pot minced beef stew in caramelised grave with onions and potatoes all prepared, added some roast potatoes, wholemeal sliced bread, with lemon yoghourt for afters.

Did the washing up, returned to the once again working recliner chair and fell asleep for a few hours.

Woke up in time for the programme about Sir Alf Ramseys boys. Stayed awake throughout the programme! (BBC, no advertisements?)

After which I again returned to the land of nod.

That was the end of Sunday for me.

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