Inchcock Today Sat 21 May 2016: Alive and Active! (To start with)


Saturday 21 May 2016

Bounced into life late today, around 0500hrs – I think I got in seven hours straight kip! Pondered on the dream I’d been having, recalling something about ladies and me in a room and having a good time? Memory dream that was.

Then bits about one with Lynton Cox lecturing me and hitting me on the knuckles with a ruler at a desk in what appeared to be taking place in a classroom or similar in a sewer?  Hehe!

P1080007Then I nodded off again, another rarity for me. I was forced into getting up and visiting the porcelain throne and found the proceedings easier that I have for a long time.Maybe the vegetable casserole last night helped?

Maybe the Crock-pot vegetable stew last night helped?

I rang brother-in-law Pete and we had a little chinwag.

Made a cuppa, took the medications and got the laptop on. I want to save some favourite photos to a card, to take to Asda and get printed today. I’ll walk, if the rain keeps off, we had a lot of wet last night judging by the roads and vehicles outside.

I finished off the Thursday post entry. Did the ablutions and ready to go for the bus to Arnold – which turned out the bus to Nottingham, due to me managing to misread the timetable and getting on the wrong one bus. (I know, I know it’s hard to believe that I could get myself into such a muddle – Ahem!)

All ready. Then, I set off with little time to spare down the lift on the way to the bus stop for the number L9 one and realised I had not got my hat on. So, I looked in the bag to see if I had a spare woolly-hat in there like I usually do, but couldn’t see one. It was too late to go back to the flat or I’d miss the bus. The L8 arrived, and who I have always called Julie got off the bus, and I had a natter and discovered her name is Jean and she lives in flat 38, not 48. (I know, I know it’s hard to believe that I could get myself into such a muddle – mark two – Ahem!)

Arrived in town and called into the Pound World Shop on Milton Street to see if they had any woolly hats in stock, asked an assistant lad and he said not. So I walked back to the Poundland Shop on Upper Parliament Street and asked staff, got the same answer, but I did find some Camping Hats and got one of them. Lovely warm lining and waterproof on the outside, even if I do look a plonker in it Hehe! I bought some Lotus Caramelised Biscuits 8×2 packs, and Haribo Jammy Chamalous sweets as well as the hat. Naughty boy!

The feet were stinging a bit then. Hobbled through Victoria Centre (Mall) and out and over to the Aldi store.

05Purchases some fodder: Lemon yoghurts, fresh mushrooms, a 5% Minced beef, Minted lamb shoulder cuts, pots of porridge, Brown craft loaf, Cod liver oil tablets and a pack of bread thins.

Spent £12.33, t’was the beef and lamb that were expensive, but I treated myself and no feelings of guilt either!


07As I limped back, through the Victoria Centre, a git on a bike almost had me over as he sped through the shopping centre at great speed!

The Swine!

I plodded through, out and up into Trinity Square, where I perused the second-hand jewellery shop windows to see if owt new was on offer for me to photographicalise for the TFZ gals. Evening Post

09Made my way towards the number 40 bus stop. Being a Saturday the next L9 that goes all the way to the flats was not due for over an hour, so decided to catch the 40. I called in the Spar shop en route and got a Bacon Sizzler cob, aim to have it early, then the wait for the planned Minced Beef hot-pot in the slow cooker will not drive me mad with the smell coming from it cooking for six hours. Hehe!

10I had a walk down into the Slab Square and there was a demonstration, peaceful mind you and some I think, Vietnamese students trying to get up a petition against cruelty in their homeland. I was going to take a photo of them, and the arrival of several policemen put me off.

I was going to take a picture of them, and the arrival of several policemen put me off.

Not many folk about on Exchange walk today?

Walked back up to the bus stop and caught the 40 bus.

As we passed 08the end of Clumber Street, I tried to take a photo of the crowd, but, at the rate of knots, that we were travelling at, it came out blurred.


Got off on Winchester Street Hill. No falling asleep today!

Got over the road without any hiatus and limped back to the flats.

P1070248On the way, I noticed the falling petals from the Chestnut Trees.

I took these shots from underneath one.

Pleased with how they eventually came out, out considering the wind was moving the flowers and leaves about something awful at the time I tried to take them.

Got in the flat and began preparing the beef stew in the Crock-Pot. Then nipped down to fellow tenant Jean’s flat with some DVD’s she wanted to look at.

Started this post update, when I got a telephone call… from the Nottingham Post newspaper! They were going to do an article on Pavement Cyclists, to see what others thought, in response to my email and photographs I’d sent to them last week! Yippee!

 I’m Going off-line now, to watch the cup final and eat me bacon sizzler with a hot strong cup of tea and take the evening medications!

See yers later…

Well, what a match!

I wonder how much Man Utd slipped the referee this time then?

Got the fodder ready.

Watched the Haye vs. Gjergjaj ludicrously farcical boxing match. (If I may use that term?)

Although I felt tired, sleep did not come quickly and I think I managed about three hours… Tsk!

TTFN folks.

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