Inchcock Today Fri 20 May 2016: Long day. Visitation from Sister Jane and Pete – nice!

Thursday 20 May 2016

Awake at 0245hrs, no chance of nodding off again, the old brain was racing away. Off it went: What day is it? What needs doing today? Ah, Jane and Pete are coming to see me… I must get the laundry done early and out of the way. Might be getting a visit from the maintenance department before 1000hrs, must ring to find out what the INR dosage is now and I’d better get up and go to visit the porcelain now. Hehe!

04Laptop on and finished the Thursday article and posted it. Made a cuppa and took the medications, did the BP tests and recorded them. After which, I got the washing and accoutrements ready, then went as quietly as I could manage in the lift down to the laundry room. How time flies, it’s 0325hrs already.

Got the washer going on ‘Quick mode’ and back to the flat, laptop restarted and updated this post.

0405hrs, down to the washing room and moved the clobber into the dryer.

010425hrs: Back on the laptop after making a Whoopsiedangleplop with setting the dryer mode. Somehow I pressed for ‘Woolen Dry’ instead of ‘Cotton Dry’, fortunately, the cycle for the woollens was only four minutes. So I waited until it finished, luckily having plenty of 20p pieces with me, and set it again at the proper setting. It displayed ‘1 hour 1 minute to completion, then seconds later it changed to ’50 minutes to completion’? Back up to the flat and added to this page.

Doing this, I remembered Jane had sent me two photographs of herself with her musical hero Dave Berry. She had these taken at the Concert last week.

Jane DB Jane DB1Her exact witty words to me on sending the second one were:

“Attaching a dafter photo of me and my idol Dave – in awe, or wot!”

Luv Jane X

Jane DB2For a bit of fun, I found a photo from years ago and doctored it with Jane as she was.


Not changed at all has she?

After getting this far with the post, I got the washing bag nd went back down to the Laundry Room, creeping about as silently as I could, cause it is still only 0515hrs yer know.

Collected the gear from the laundry room, cleaned the filter and brushes, back to the flat and put away the clean washing, put some socks that are a bit tight in the Nottingham Hospice Charity shop bag and back on the laptop to this post, all by 0558hrs. Did this bit of the diary, now I have some time to titivate the flat.

Back in a while folks…

Well blow me down with a feather duster, the new Dyson cleaner packed up with a dead battery after 15 minutes of use! Humph! All I did was the front room carpet and some of the skirting board in the hallway. Grumph!

Janet and Pete arrived 1039hrs. We had a good chinwag, I gave them their bag of nibbles for themselves and the cats. Jane brought me some books from the Jumble sale she is a volunteer at. Everyone looks interesting too, bless her. All I need now is time to read them. Hehehe!

Made them a cuppa after they had taken a peek here and there in the flat, then Jane tried out the recliner chair. It didn’t play up when she was on it?

They were off on the 1139hr L9 bus, walked them to the bus-stop and Julie from the fourth floor got off and I walked her back to her flat.

P1080007The vegetable casserole was about done in the Crock-Pot, so I put some roast potatoes in the oven and will add some potato cakes to them later (If I remember – I did remember!).

I really enjoyed this effort. 9/10. I must remember the recipe and ingredients I used: Small potatoes, carrots, turnip, parsnip, red onions. Gravy from Bisto caramelised, Asda (Walmart) Vegetable granules and stock cube, splash of vinegar, oregano and rosemary. And in the Crock-Pot for seven and a half hours on low. Cooked roast potatoes added when serving.

Cleaned the pots then watched some TV until late (For me).

Felt in decent spirits as I drifted off.

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    • Cheers Duncan. less than an hour, but very welcome and gratifying mate. By the way, I’ve found the ‘thingy’ that I had made for you at last. Now yer thinking? Hehehe! TTFN cocker. Take care mate… er Sir!

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