Inchcock Today Thu 19 May 2016: Tenants Social Hour missed, but Some anacreontic moments shared


Thursday 19 May 2016

After getting off to sleep so early last night, I sparked into life this morning around 0255hrs, had to climb out of the recliner because the mechanism refused to perform the lowering motion. (Good start to the day!)

To the bathroom throne, a bit of bleeding but not much this morning. However, I did notice the usual blubbery mass hanging around my midriff was getting decidedly larger! Decided I must try to control my amandation for fattening foods.

Carried out the BP and other tests. Sys 155 Dia 69 Pul 69, seems alright. I put the record of these in the bag to show the nurse later.

I went to get the nibbles for the nurses, and… Dang dang dang DANG… I found the missing Alarm Wristlet! What a plonker!

Did some Facebooking. Ablutions carried out, nibbles for the nurses and Hut staff collected and set off to the Winwood Hut. Deana not there so I apologised to Julie, grovelled magnificently and gave her some nibbles. Then I set out on the walk to Dr Vindla’s surgery for the INR level tests.

P1070248Walking to the surgery I espied to this gentleman had parked on a one-way street, the right way, but on double yellow lines about 15ft from the T-junction with the main road.

Naughty boy!

He noticed me taking the shot and moved off.

Pressed on in the warm and un-windy conditions and the feet started giving me a lot of jip. Tsk! Still, the left knee was not as bad as yesterday.

Got in the surgery and settled to wait, reading me war book. It was the Obergruppenfurher Nurse on duty today again. She decided to take the blood from the other arm, and it hurt for the first time in years, and a feint trace of a smile came over her face. Bless her!

P1070249However, although she moaned about not having much time, she did look at the BP record and wrote down if the Sys is below 140, and the Dia is below 90 let them know. Which confused me a bit, cause the Dia has never been as high as 90? Gave her the nibbles, and made my way dangerously to the bus-stop to get one to Arnold. I say dangerously because of the two young ragamuffin Pavement cyclists that very nearly had me and a few other pedestrians with their weaving at speed through the crowds. By the time I got the camera out they were well away and mixed in the distance with the poor pedestrians.

In Arnold, I walked to Wilko and got some more of the Special Offer lavender Dettol and a packet of bath salts: I might not need these for long, though, with the shower conversion almost due?

Then to Asda to get the photographs printed and collect the pressie I ordered for a particular personage, of a mug with his photo on it. But… I could not print any pictures out due to the flaming SHCD or whatever its card, having been broken and lost the corner plastic and the machine would not read it.

Hey-ho! So I did some shopping, got carried away again, but most of the cost was on salad stuff as part of my new ‘Reduce-the-stomach-size campaign’. Hehe! I got: Fresh Bistro Salad pack, Tomatoes, radishes, potatoes, a turnip, carrots, beetroot cubes and red onions. I thought, that for tomorrow a vegetable casserole? Tonight a salad, with the chicken thighs I forgot to mention like? 

Disappointed at being thwarted with the photograph mission, I made my way to the bus stop. Had a long wait, but the weather was beautiful. Interesting collision twixt two Vauxhall Corsas en route, but of course the camera had no card for me to record it.

Stayed awake for the journey to the flats (Just).

I got the veg prepared and into the Crock-pot, potatoes, carrots, parsnip, red onion, tomatoes, Oregano, basil, tomato puree and a splash of vinegar. I’ll see how that comes out tastewise.

Swapped the card from the other camera into the best one.

Laptop on and updated this, checked the emails: Sister Jane had sent one, providing she is feeling up to it, they will be calling to see me in the morning around 11 o’clock. Cheered me up a bit.

Then, BJ rang back, he had a great holiday in Ireland. Sounded a bit perkier the lad did.

P1080001Got the salad plate laid out, just added the potatoes and my lip were then smacking.

A strawberry (Small one of course, ahem!) trifle to follow.

Very enjoyable it was too.

Rated this as a good one. 9.3/10.

Watched some Hustle episodes again. I think this series is so entertaining and dryly humorous.

Nodded off early, that was nice for a change.

TTFN all.

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