Ode: Life used to be…

Warning: Bubonic plague may seem like a part of the past, but it still exists today in the world and in rural areas of the U.S. and in Asia. The best way to prevent getting plague is to avoid fleas on rodents such as rats, mice, and squirrels.


ODE: Life used to be…

Full of the dying from the Black Death, Bubonic!
Cause in those days people were thick but stoic,
This Ode will not be in sequence, or chronologic,
Cause I’ve got arithmophobia, to me, they’re acrostic,
I imagine in times prehistoric,
Cave dwellers were less prone to be phobic?

The caveman club was used automatic,
To fight with others, they say… and things domestic…

When a bloke wanted him and her to get at it?
Nowadays, it’s a counsellor? It’s not so dramatic!

In my young days, romance for me was minimalistic,
As were and still are, my tools used only periodic,
I think this Ode is getting confused, semantic?
Cause I think I’m becoming a smidgen autistic?

You know, I used to be somewhat nomadic,
Walking, then on my bike, a Raleigh classic,
Then the motorbikes, I was very enthusiastic,
Bought a three-wheeler – a Robin made of plastic!
Several four-wheelers, then a 4×4, fantastic!
Now no more, I’ve moved on up to a walkingstick,
Heart replacement, Cancers, Stroke, I’ve been sick!

A new walker guide, I’ve named it Dominic!
Deaf-as-a-post, I can’t hear it, the traffic!

Nowadays, so many folk Islamophobic some Israelophilic,
A reading of 168 this morning for the systolic,
A low reading of 54 for the diastolic?
No longer fit enough to be peripatetic,
In fact, life can at times feel rather pathetic!.

Seeing old photos of me can be ironic,
Even if I felt at the time supersonic!
The losses can make one feel threnetic,
This is Susan, she was warm and athletic!

Things so changed, using so much antiseptic,
My hair has gone, the mind too, and I’m feeling asthmatic,
Shaking all over, deaf, diagnosed a diabetic!
There’s little left of my body that’s authentic!
The nurses who call are sweet and charismatic!.

The carers visit, although it’s not automatic…
A few of them are disinterested and apathetic,
Most of them are kind, one even erotic!.
At times have a natter, albeit we can act idiotic!

Next week, I’m going for treatment, electrotherapeutics,
Not sure what it means, but it sounds futuristic,
It worryingly also sounds sadomasochistic,
For my Peripheral Neuropathy, I like the therapeutic,
I hope I get a mug of tea and a biscuit?

I’m a bit concerned about this! Hahaha!

Part of the Inchcock Make ‘Em Laugh-In Rhyme Series

8 thoughts on “Ode: Life used to be…

  1. No doubt about it, Gerry, you have a way and a skill with words! I also enjoy your droll collages! I used to do collages with picture cutouts from magazines. The rubber glue may have contributed to the Wegener’s granulomatosis that colors my old age, though researchers still haven’t isolated a definitive cause. Writing, however, has its risks as well in the USA, where people are easily upset about nearly everything and unforgiving about the same!

  2. We still have the plague out here. Although, the Black Death was probably not bubonic plague. But I love you going back to the Inchie Stone age image. Susan looked like a nice woman to keep you warm and in shape. She seems to have a different athlete aesthetic than Grezilda. Electrotherapeutics sounds like a euphemism for shock treatments. Clockwork Orange on the old Inchie for thinking erotic thoughts about his carers. It might just put you into sadomasochistic shock!

    • As you say, a complete opposite Susan was. She came along before I met the perfect solution for lack of natural desires, passion driven, sex-mad, Grizelda. (My mood is changing now, to self-pity in my losing her, (Hehe!) With twinges loin and memories being rebirthed.
      According to highly desirable but out of reach Hristina, you is about right on the shock diagnosis. Pads on head and nerve-contacts, telling me only the sensation, no pain caused. The gal is so up to date, bless her.
      Managed to talk about three flames today.
      Susan, Grizelda and Hristina. A reliving of certain memories is on the way… Hehehe!
      Cheers, Sir.

  3. Good of you to find that old photograph from me early days, Sir. Interesting times, in the way of that proverbial Chinese curse. I have heard that your body completely depletes and creates cells in the span of 15 years: within a generation. Wondering now if that is the scienterrific basis for that 15 years number.
    This is a time of year to glance at old photographicals and to ponder over the stuffs that occurs during that interval, you have just recently (last September) lived into your 5th generational transition. Happy 5th GT. I have to wait until next September…and so it does go…

    • Fanks, Billum.
      I did read somewhere on the net, that 15 is a number that Virgoeans have to be careful of. Someting alongthe lines; Not a danger number, but it goes along (some Virgo line, can’t recall what the words were) and is likeley to cause consternations and confusion. Summat like that. But this does not solve your 15 year problem. Don’t know why I mentioned it now? Sorry.
      Keepeth safe please all. ♥

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