Inchcock Today Wed 18 May 16: Deana (Flats Coordinator) to the rescue!


Wednesday 18 May 2016

Up and out of my recliner (Working again) chair and to the ‘tinkle room’. Little Inchy bleeding just a tiny bit. Heavy duty passage was okay.

Remembered that Deana (Complex Coordinatoress) is coming today to sort out a replacement wrist alarm – oh dear!

Made a cuppa and took the medications, did the BP checks then got yesterday’s diary finished and did some graphicationalisationing.

A quick check on emails and Facebook then did the ablutions.

The drizzle started, it looks like it may be going to settle in.

After several hours spent searching in one last effort to find the lost alarm and no Deana arriving, I wrote a note on a stick it thingy, explaining I’d gone to see her and I would be back if she is not there, to adhere to the door when I left to do so. (But I forgot to stick it on the door, cause going out, I had to go back for my hearing aids, Huh!). Deana and Julie were in the hut. Deana had forgotten about the replacement alarm and had also forgotten to take it with her when she visited the flats earlier. I told her not to worry as I was an expert nowadays on forgetting and losing things. She said she’ll be up later. Hope she is not too late, cause I want to go and get some chips, bread and fresh vegetables.

Returned to the min-apartment and waited.

02Did some more graphicalisationing and emailed Sister Jane, then Deana arrived: She was in a rush, gave me a reprimand or two, instructed me to give her the Wristlet if I found it later. She set-up the new one, then gave me a friendly smile as she left.

I think she might have forgiven me?

P1070238It was starting to spit with rain again; however, I ventured out for a walk up and through the park into Sherwood. Not a single footpath cyclist was seen en route at all, whatsoever… none, I was almost shocked! Mind you, the rain might have had something to do with it?

I took a nice photograph from underneath the mini-umbrella as I started down the hill towards the shopping area.

The left knee started giving way from here on and for the rest of the day? With the right one, that is usually the worst of the two playing up, I began regretting not taking the walking stick with me, Tsk! But that would have been interesting fumbling with the stick, the brolly and the shopping bag. Haha!

I only went into the Co-op store to shop, because I had the money-off vouchers, £1 off frozen foods and 50p off when I spend over £5. The veg I wanted was not in a good condition, short dated and wrinkled like. However, they did have the Blitz kitchen towels on offer again, so I got a three-pack, a packet of vegetable crisps (Beetroot, carrots & parsnip), Wholemeal loaf, Low-fat Oven Chips (McCains – horrible and tasteless!) and some marshmallows on offer 50p off two bags.

The rain had all but stopped when I got out of the store and made my way limpingly back to and through Woodthorpe Grange Park and down to the flats. However…


P1070245Hobbling by the copse on the gravel path down to the flats, I came across some of these flowers in amongst the weeds, dandelions, daisies and buttercups I came across.Wondered what they were like?

Wondered what they were like?

The wildflowers there all looked beautiful.

When I arrived at Inchcock Towers, I did my best to clean the wet, mud and grass from the shoes. But still had to wash them in the sink with the scrubbing brush, then clean the sink P1070246and brush, and when I’d dried them best I could and went to put them near the door, where I found some mail had been delivered – the left knee gave a terrible twinge and gave way. Huh! Walking about like a poor cripple for an hour or so. If I get to see the ‘Nice’ nurse in the morning, I’ll mention it to her, see what he says. The pain doesn’t feel like the work of Arthur Itis?

Made a cuppa and took the medications, slipped one extra codeine phosphate in amongst them. It (the knee) eased off after a while and I felt only the usual Arthur Itis bother after. Seems that it is coming on only after I’ve been doing a bit of hobbling.


Set to making the nosh, as was getting exhausted for some reason again.

Sliced up a large tomato, beetroot, beef slice, wholemeal bread partially buttered and the terrible oven chips (Eurgh!) followed by two small tubs of ice-cream.

Despite the tasteless chips, I ate it all up, though.

Washed the pots, then put the INR result sheet in my pocket for the mornings INR blood tests.

Watched some Hustle episodes from the DVD, but soon nodded off – blissfully.

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