Inchcock Today Tue 17 May 2016: Admonished or losing the Alarm Wristlet – Shamed!


Tuesday 17th May 2016


Not a bad night, gorrup still feeling tired at 0405hrs, the recliner chair refused to lower itself, so I climbed carefully out of it and made my way to the bathroom, the mind running like an express train. All sorts of things seemed to be trying to get my attention at the same time? The throne duties passed without any hiatus, although at first for a second I had some bother, then I remembered the beetroot I ate last night. 

Made a brew and took the morning medications.

The mind still bubbling with turmoil in the background? The house and hopefully all the bills and payments were sorted and that should have cheered me.But the worry over the bathroom being turned into a wet-room and taking up to five days bothered me, The Warfarin level and extra test falling on my tenants meeting time? The bruising on the hand and wrist?

But the worry over silly things, were getting to me this morning, why?

Over the bathroom being turned into a wet-room and taking up to five days bothered me, The Warfarin level and extra test falling on my tenants meeting hour, I look forward to this every week? The new bruising on the hand and wrist?

I suppose the loosing of the alarm thingy should take precedence, I’ve still not informed anyone cause I can’t get to find them in the Community Hut? I was, still hoping to find it, but after yet another search earlier, I’ve resigned to my having lost it. I must call again to tell Deana or Julie and throw myself on their mercy!

I must call again to tell Deana or Julie and throw myself on their mercy!

Laptop on and did the diary and started this one. Then made some graphics to use on the TFZers Facebook page.

Did the ablutions, a bit of bother getting out of the bath again. Swapped the bin bags.

Got some empty jars for the recycling bin, shopping bag ready, checked I’d got bus-pass, spectacles, mobile, camera and crossword book in my bag, and set 0ff to take the bags to the refuse chute on my way to see Deana and or Julie at the Community hut.  Got about five foot from the door and returned to collect my hearing-aids.

Arrived at the shed, Julie was busy on the phone and Deana came in, also looking busy and I forced myself to explain to her about the Alarm wristlets catastrophic loss!

Within a few minutes, I was red-faced, admonished, embarrassed, ashamed, received notification that if it happens again, I will have to pay for any further replacements and a stiff clout around the ear-hole! (Only joking! About the stiff clout around the ear-hole that is!)

A wasp that had gained entry into Julie’s side of the hut – a brave but foolish manoeuvre on the part of the wasp, was despatched with great speed, aplomb and skill by Julie. I was greatly impressed indeed at her well-honed execution skills! (Merciless, but efficient she was! I was proud of her. Hehe!)

P1070229I departed, well chastised and dropped the beetroot jars in the recycling bin on my way up through the park and down into Sherwood to catch a bus into town. 

I felt a surge of joy as I walked down the footpath in the park. The glorious fresh greenery and dogs happily on their walks, mothers and babies in the sunshine… and no Footpath Cyclists!

I caught a bus and someone stood up to let me sit in the front seat and they moved to one at the back of the bus. Nice that was!

P1070232The City was less busy than yesterday. However, the pavement Cyclists were still belting about.

Made my way to the bank and got some spending money out.

Walked to the M & S food hall and had a wander around, but didn’t buy anything.

P1070231Then on the way to Primark to see if they had any of the ‘Loose fitting’ underpants in stock, I fed some pigeons on the raised display near St Peter’s Church.

In the Primark shop, I wondered where so many people had come from. It was like an old-fashioned jumble sale, full of aggressive folk fighting for the reduced priced items? They didn’t have any of the things I wanted so I left without buying anything.

I called in the Poundland shop to see if they had any of the little plastic lidded pots in yet, but they hadn’t, so I left without buying anything again! (Doing well wasn’t I).

P1070234The legs were getting a bit bothersome and the right foot turned making it hard to balance, so I made my way to the L9 bus stop.

Called into the Spar shop on the way and got a hot bacon buttie, TV paper for next week, burger thins and beef slice.

Ate the buttie at the bus stop.

I could hear tannoy announcements coming from the Slab Square area and see people wandering toward the square. Couldn’t hear what was actually being said, though. Too tired to bother.

Caught the bus and had a natter with some passengers about leaving the Euro Zone. Which was good, because if I hadn’t, I’m sure I would have fallen asleep again on the bus. (Sad innit?).

P1070235Got in the flat and put some BBQ beans in a saucepan and sausages in the oven for nosh.

Had some burger thins with this and was soon falling asleep in the recliner, which incidentally, worked perfectly tonight?

But not for long! When I had to get up to go to the bathroom for me ablutions, I lowered the mechanism to get out of the chair okay.

When I returned, it was in the raised position? Or, had I got it wrong again? Did I lower it? I must have lowered it to get out surely!

I watched some DVD episodes of Hustle, nibbled some crisps and chocolates and fell asleep while doing so.


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