Pictorial of Inchcock’s hobble to the Tropical Gardens – Toe stubbings included!


Pictorial of Inchcock’s hobble to the Tropical Gardens

I decided to take this marathon walk, because I was in low spirits, although I knew it had to happen, because Caroline and Sonia, the Stroke Aftercare gals, had just paid their last visitation – I will never see them again! Depression is to blame for the absolute agony and discomfort that I put myself through today.

It was as if I was stubbing my toe and bad feet on purpose? It’s very sad, innit? Tsk!


Setting out, the Turf Accountants at work! Hehehe!


Mapperley Plains for some shopping, pod peas, eggs, and cobs, etc. Luckily the vehicular traffic failed to knock me over, run into me, or injure me at all!


A struggle down Woodthorpe Drive to the Tropical Gardens


Struggled down the road, I kept within the speed limit with the trolley!


Through Woodthorpe Grange Park car park


A lovely hobble to the Tropical gardens – but stubbed toe on the trolley wheel!


Through the gates, and another toe-stubbing on uneven ground!


Walk around then into the Tropical Gardens.


View on entry to the gardens, glasses and camera steamed-up!


Not much floral about today, sparse and a lot of plants had been removed.


The carp and goldfish pond, I had a chat with them – no one else in there!


Made my way back out to the doors.


Back out, in the garden centre.


Noticed this sign about the automatic doors – or are they automatic? Hehe!


I took a different route back to the flats – another toe stubbing! Tsk!


Ah! I found the way into the park. Humph!


Through the mud to the footpath.


Spotted a crow, and did my failed best to take a decent shot.


Not a lot of folks around.


Stopped for a rest and look around. Oh, the poor old toe and feet were Stinging!


At last, the wee-weeing hole and pain-killers came into sight.


Stopped halfway down the gravel-path hill for a photo.


The path had been relaid again and was much easier to use.


At last, I was nearing a warm bowl of medicated hot water and pain-killers, to help ease the agony of the poor old feet and the well-stubbed already stubbed toe! Ahh!

Photographic Tour of Woodthorpe Grange Tropical House, enjoyed by Inchcock yesterday


I really did enjoy my hobble out to the Tropical Garden, yesterday

There were some plants and flowers without any signs of details on them of what they were called etc. But the beauty of them needed recording on on my camera, I thought.

I added some nature photographs taken on my walk to the park as well. Bootiful!

7Sun23On the way there, I was pleased with this one. Catching the leaves in the wind!


Nearly lost my feet in the rain-soaked soft mud under the leaves. Hehe!


Entering the small garden



Unidentified plant?



Unidentified plant?


Unidentified plant?


Goldfish and carp in the pond

I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. TTFN.

Inchcock – Sun 11 Nov 2018: Mystery noises, Laundry done, Weevils, Early Morning and Nature Photographs, Tropical Garden visited!


?The TZS lads compete for Nancy’s potions? Hehe!

Sunday 11th November 2018

Bulgarian: Неделя 11 ноември 2018 г.

WD146.0.0 2345hrs: I was woken, I believe by a loud noise, like a sort of rustling/grating, I suppose. It lasted for only a few more seconds but was concerning enough for me to go to the effort of freeing my adipocerous body-mass from the £300 second-hand rickety, rusty recliner. Then stubbing my toe as I went on a tour around all four (It’s a big apartment, innit? Hehe!) rooms in the flat to investigate the source of the sound. I found nothing that I thought could have caused the loud grating?

7Sun05Ah, well, at least I was up and awake now. I decided to carry out an Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle assessment patrol. Collected a full can of Santex Bug Killer and went on my sentinelic tour. With great assiduity, I checked everywhere.

WD146.0.0 To my astonishment, I collected only three of the Weevils! One live the other two dead?

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Back to being a messy-squirty-fluid evacuation. Most uncomfortable. But, I’ve had worse.

I went to the kitchen to get the Health Checks done.

WD146.0.0 I’m sure I heard that rustling/grating sound again. It lasted for about a minute or so. It appeared to be coming from outside, but close? Perhaps the building is beginning to crumble? Hehe! I got the camera and had a look outside as best I could, not that I expected to see anything actually falling off of the walls. The photographs came out well but did not show any signs of what might have been causing the noise. It has stopped altogether again now.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I got the Health Checks done. The flipping Dia, Sys & Pulse had all gone up even further. Huh!


7Sun03Took the medications, and sorted the next two weeks dosage pots out.

WD146.0.0 I got in a bit of a pickle halfway through. Fancy that! As I started part -way through dispensing the tablets to the pots, I opened a new pack of the Omeprazole, they had changed to a different colour, from green and white to blue and white. The Simvastatin also altered tone, from brown to white. I got confused and had to start again to get the correct medications in the right tubs. So, now I must take care, cause I now have many tablets that are white: Paracetomal, Bisoprolol Fumarate (Beta-Blockers), Magnesium, Codeine Phosphate 30g, Antipylori, and the midday Co-Codamol. Dead easy to get them confused. Well, for Klutz me it is!

Had a wee-wee, washed the dandies and made a brew. Then got the computer going. Worked my way through the mass of comments on my last block – both of them. Went on the WordPress Reader section.

7Sun13Then started to update and finished off the Saturday blog.

Got it posted.

I had a look at the Nottingham News on the BBC site.

Another shooting had taken place. So, four last weekend, one during the week, and now this one!

I like the way the police spokesman said: They believe it was an isolated incident.

Isolated incident? That might well be grammatically true. But does that the four other shootings and the four stabbings this month, were not isolated? Beat me!

Made a start on this Inchcock Today.

A few minutes into this task, and I heard that sort of rustling/grating sound again. But it only lasted for a few seconds.

I went to the wet room for another short, sharp painful wee-wee.

7Sun14Got as far as up to here on this page, and went to get the laundry duties done. By ‘eck it smells rotten in the laundry room!

Got the washing going. Outside to take a photo of the front of the building.

Back up to the flat. Had a wee-wee. Updated this blog.

Updated this blog.

7Sun18Down to the washing room. Someone had dumped two large bags of general rubbish in the laundry room bin.

I thought it best if I took them out and put them on the draining board to photograph them. Otherwise, when the bags were in the bin, there was room for anyone to use the black-bin for natural laundry room waste. Soap powder box’s, freshener containers, etc.

7Sun15Had a look at the notice board.

They are starting a lift for residents to go shopping in Morrisons on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. 0930hrs departure, arriving 1015hrs and returning 12.15hrs, back at the flats for approx. 1300hrs.

They used to supply one like this a long time ago, before my arrival at the flats. But it was Free back then. Considering they have spent over a million pounds on updating the apartments, we can’t complain.


They even went to the bother of destroying my carpets and curtains when they plastered the new windows in for me. Furthermore, they left access for the Evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles to infest the flat, through the holes left in the sealing of the windows. By the time they have installed the fire sprinklers, new communication system, and fire alarm, I anticipate needing new carpets, curtains, and paying for someone to get the place cleaned up for me, before having to get repair people in. I’ll probably have spent hundreds of pounds by then on Bug Killer Sprays (Come to think of it, I can’t be far off that figure now!) and trap boxes and given myself another form of throat cancer by then with breathing in the spray myself! I may perhaps have to give up photographicalisationing through the too high to look down out of, vision and light preventing new windows, as well. Not moaning or kvetching, of course, just mentioning the problems! I don’t wish to appear derogatory or cavilling.

Back up to the flat. Had a wee-wee. Updated this blog. Had a search for the box of Enoxaparin filled hypodermic needles I’d lost. A good rummage around, but no signs of it.

7Sun19Down yet again to collect the washing from the dryer.

Got the togs out and folded up, into the bag.

Cleaned the casings and doors of both machines and the filter.

Gave the room a good spray of the fresh citrus air. Blimey, as I said before, it was reeking in 7Sun16there something awful.

Left the laundry room and out to the delicately decorated, appealing prison-like, and most attractive lift lobby, and up to the apartment.

Where I had… You’ve guessed it? Another short-sharp caustic wee-wee. Getting fed-up of these already. Hehe! They are getting me all uptight and niggly, even with myself. Humph!

I got the clobber put away. Then got back on with updating this diary. I took a break to add some words to my new personal thesaurus on Excel. I anticipate this one will disappear into the ether like the two before have done after Windows updates.

Ablutions tended to and got ready to go to the Woodthorpe Grange Park Tropical House. Sister Jane rang. We had a nattering session, but I was finding it hard to hear what she was saying. She might have been on the coke again, she was talking very fast. Hehehe!

I took some rubbish bags with me on the way out and dropped them down the waste chute. Here is the mini-hobble map of the route I took.


7Sun21WD146.0.0 As I left the flats, I limped carefully around the back onto the park. The well used uneven path through was in a right dangerous state with the rain last night. All slippery mud. A life-saver for me there was the Willmott-Dixon railing fencing around the compound for me to hang onto to assist myself getting up the hill.

Walked into the first trees and turned back to take this distance photographicalisation of the 7Sun22Woodthorpe Court building.

I then took what I’d hoped would be a super picture of the mass of leaves blowing in the high wind. What I had not taken into account, was the fact that the dead-leaves had a background of foliole! So, the loose leaves didn’t show up much, did they! Oy-Yoy-Yoy!

So, I tried again with the sky as a background.


I was positively ecstatic when I viewed the result in the viewfinder thingy on the camera. Yee-Ha! A much-improved effort! Smug-Mode Adopted!

I checked the time on my new-to-me second-hand £2 wristwatch from the charity shop. Timed it to perfection to meet with the old legion lads at the top field for the two-minute silence. Comforting each other and having a chinwag and reminiscing of monumental proportions.

7Sun24I pressed on, going through the trees up towards the Tropical Garden.

WD146.0.0 After a few yards, I realised I’d lost my feet! Hehehe!

It was a good job I didn’t get a visit from Dizzy Dennis and toppled over. They’d never have found in my khaki clothes! I did seem to be seeing the funny side of everything?

7Sun25No ailments were bothering me. Scary, I know!

I got to the Tropical Garden ground. The shop had loads of stuff out on sale, including one of the raffia street artworks. I think it was meant to be a bottle of wine or something, with the cork hanging off of it.

Not any other visitors when I got into the grounds. As I got near the door to the Garden, I could hear some kids screaming inside. But there was no trouble. In fact, there were four adults and four kids in there. Here are photographs I took while inside. The ones of flowers I shot because there were no signs giving names or details, and I wondered if any WordPress readers could help me to identify them, please.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

7Sun31I left and hobbled down to the park walkway, to avoid the mass of leaves and slipping over the mud beneath.

Plenty of folks were about now. Many of them being trained by their dogs on ball fetching. Haha!

I stopped for a few minutes and appreciated the nature all around me.

7Sun34By the time I’d walked on for about three hundred yards or so, the sun retired temporarily, and it started to look decidedly bleak for a while.

I tried to increase my speed but got distracted when I saw some squirrels near the trees at the top of the gravel footpath down to the flats, near my beloved Tree Copse. I wanted to get a picture of them. But despite my best efforts, the squirrel kittens/young were too nippy for me. Ah, well!

7Sun34aThe sky lightened a little, and I took the photo of Winwood Heights on the left, from the top of the gravel path.

I got down and into the foyer without seeing any residents, just as I saw no one on the way out.

I hate weekends! Sulk Mode Fostered.

Up to the flat and the traditional short-sharp-wee-wee was taken.

Got the Health Checks done, took the midday medications and got the kettle on.

Started to update this Inchcock Today. Spent a while on it, with having the photographs to get ready and use.

Went on WordPress and had two more comments to answer (I like it!)

Then on Facebook to top up the photograph albums.

7Sun38The cold nosh was prepared.

Mushrooms, gherkins, chestnuts, sliced apple, pickled egg, pork, beef, yellow and red tomatoes, garden peas and cooked beetroot. Another good mixture.

A lemon Fool and some clementine juice to follow.

Both the pork and beef needed either eating or throwing out, at their eat-by-dates were both for yesterday!

An 8.2/10 Flavour Rating. Cleared the plate!

Put the TV on, to find a documentary of the First World War showing, I put down the tray on the other chair and watched the programme all the way through.

Then nodded-off… Zzzz!

Inchcock Today: Sun 30th Sept 2018: Graphicationalisationing Day


Sunday 30th September 2018

German: Sonntag 30 September 2018

0043hrs: Woke and found some scribble on the notepad. I added bits I could recall of the dream to those there, to use immediately, before the thoughts were gone off into the ether.

Inchcocks Eidolon-like nocturnal reverie report Hehe!: I was walking atop a coastal hillside, and searching for I know not what. I was ferreting in the bushes and grass, delving down pot-holes, etc. when the ground gave way, and I tumbled down and down, landing in a gigantic cavern, and died the instant my blubbery body his the rocks at the bottom and burst open. My soul, Ka or ghost, floated out of the earthly body and I cognised that there were hundreds of spirits, ghouls, Angels or demons floating around the cave. They showed no interest in me whatsoever. They seemed to be holding a confab about the state of mankind between themselves.  I found I could fly, or float and went around listening to their conversations. What I heard did not bode well for the tellurians left alive. They were all to be returned to life after their death, as Weevils?

Suddenly a loud klaxon sounded, at that moment all the entities looked directly towards me and scowled… as some wild looking creatures with two heads, long claws and teeth came from nowhere and escorted me brutally out of the cave, back up on to the cliff-top where I fell-down from in the first place. I sense the journey up to the ground level, was arduous and painful for me, but no details can be recalled?

As I got dropped into the bushes, a large group of twitchers came over to me, asking where did I come from and was I alright, and did I know I had a leg missing and was bleeding?

When I told them what had happened, they mocked me, laughed, called me a lying nitwit and walked away suggesting I go forth and multiply.

I turned and started to fall down the same hole again!

I’m not sure if the apparitional dream did not repeat itself…

By gum, I’ve never remembered so much of a nocturnal vision, I don’t think.

I disentangled my ‘signs of nocturnal-nibbling covered body’ from the £300 second-hand recliner. Put the newly updated notepad next to the computer, and picked up the biscuit tub from the floor where it had fallen. Off for a short-sharp wee-wee.

Got the Health Checks done.


7Sun02Sys, Dia, and Pulse all down a bit, at last. Ye-ha!

W0.0.128 Shaking Shaun paid a visit while I was taking the photograph of the sphygmomanometer readings. Luckily for me, there was no Dizzy Dennis in attendance this time.

Off to the Porcelain Throne. Off, dearie me, another messy session. Got rinsed and sprayed 7Sun03the ‘Raid’ bug killer in all rooms. Not so many dead carcases were found this morning, although still too many.

Not a single living evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetle was found. If this is a good thing or not, I’m not sure. Or are the cunning little beasts planning another surprise attack on me?

Back to the computer, to make a start on updating and finalising the Saturday post. Not a big one, cause I could not recall a lot of what happened. Yet, today, I can remember so much about last nights dream? Mind you, can’t remember making the notes I wrote down about it!

Z02aI got the diary finished and posted off to WordPress.

Made a start on this one, up to here, then went on the TFZer Facebook site.

Then on CorelDraw to do some Graphicalisations of the TFZer and post them off to the site.

This is Shirley, with me of course, handily placed to respond to her call for any needs, nibbles, or a massage in an instant.

I’d just done the stairs for her in her weekend pad. Flipping hard graft up and down them there steps… But, she deserves it.

Young04aThen, I did Julie. She is a Cat-Walk Model and Manageress of the local Alcoholic Addiction Treatment Center, you know. And, Part-Owner of the Double Dip eatery in Chariton, Iowa. So she is handy for her to give AA-Councilling for Thomas and Keith.

One of her more stubborn patients, Keith, was having an AA meeting at the time the photograph was taken. Hehehe!

Then the most desirable Pole-Dancer Sandie was visited and graphicalised.

WoolShe had TFZer men visiting at the time.

But, you can’t blame the lads.

Luckily I had Nurse Janet with me to help me get better viewing position. Haha!

Ah-well, I enjoyed doing them. But, I must stop now, to get the ablutionisationing tended to. It could take a while today, I didn’t shave yesterday. Last time I left it for two days, I ended up with five cuts on the face from shaving, so must taketh care this time. Haha!

Back in a bit…

I’m back, but later than planned.

I collected around 22 more dead evil ironclad Boll-Weevil black biting beetles from the wet room. I did the ablutions (Only one cut shaving).

7Sun15Then decided to take the black bags to the waste chute, and tied the large recycling bag to take down to the caretakers’ door as I went on a little min-hobble.

Just a trip around the block – so as to put it. To get a bit of exercise.

I got down and outside, and it seems that a lot of other tenants had decided to dump their recycling bags at the same place on 7Sun10the same day?

I walked part-way along Chestnut Walk, then I decided to go the other around instead. I think my My irresolute, vacillating aboulia had returned. Haha!

Anne Gyna gave me no bother as I walked up the gravel footpath into Woodthorpe Grange 7Sun11Park. No, that’s not true. I should have said, walked up the newly sanded walkway! That looks nice and smart. I don’t know how long it will last, but it is a lot more comfortable to walk on now they done the sanding of the walkway hill.

As I hobbled down the park footpath, I was glad to see that many dogs and owners were back on the football pitch and fields again, now 7Sun12that the travellers had moved on.

The lads were limbering up ready for their match on the bottom pitch.

On to Mansfield Road, over the hill and down into Sherwood.

Called into the Wilko store to see if they had any Raid spray in stock, but they had not. I bought a brown shoe polish. Didn’t realise how much it was until I got to the checkout. £3!

7Sun13Out and to the Co-op, got some ice-cream cornets.

Uphill along Winchester Street back home.

Sister Jane rang, the reception was terrible, and the battery that I’d charged up this morning was over a third down after the call. Humph! She only told me off once, too!

7Sun14Back on Chestnut Walk, not a soul in sight. It felt sort of eerie.

Got in the flat, and knew I was about to fade fast, even this early in the day… mind you, I had got up early, even for me.

Wee-wee – Health Checks, rinse and got the meal cooking.

1Mon001Nosh on, minted lamb hock, gravy, peas and roast potatoes.

Updated this diary a bit.

Nosh served up. A most disappointing one it was too. The Iceland lamb was fatty tasting and bland in the extreme. I shan’t bother with buying one, again, and I have the other hock in the fridge to eat yet. Tsk! Still, the minted peas and roast potatoes were very flavoursome and the gravy I made, was so-so. A flavour rating of 6.5/10. Apart from some of the lamb, I ate it all up anyway.

I got down earlier than usual in the £300 second-hand recliner and soon started the nodding-offs. I was off into the land of nod proper in no time.

Inchcock Today – Thursday 9th November 2017: Tenants Social half-hour, Photos of Nottingham, Whoopsidangleplops and an Accifauxpa thrown in! Hehe!

Thursday 9th November 2017

Indonesian: Kamis 9 November 2017

0045hrs: Woke up thinking it was very late for some reason. Bits of the later dreams remained lingering in the grey-cells. Factory, machinery breaking down, no spare-parts and getting lost in the workshop?

Then I cheered up a bit when it dawned on me that the Fire Alarm Strobe and Pillow-shaker alarm had not activated as it has for the last two nights.

Wind fluttered out of the rear-end, stomach ache instantly arrived and I was out of the £300 second-hand recliner in record time and off to the Porcelain Throne. Luckily with no injuries, stubbed toes or Whoopsiedangleplops. The evacuation was instant (The moment I sat down), foudroyant and without doubt, prompted by the return of Trotsky Terence. Another messy session, and yet as the blood spurted out, it reminded me of a book I read years ago, with the title of “Through Gritted Teeth”. It was a horror story. Blimey, now I have the Trots and Haemorrhoid Harold hassle at the same time! Haha!

Cleaned up and into the kitchen to do the Health Checks and take the medications, with an ADRC capsule added to the recipe of legal drugs as usual.

I made a small mug of tea in the delicate China cup and cleaned some cutlery I had missed from last night. Luckily I had some of the Germolene cream handy to put on the finger that was scolded in the too-hot water I used. Tsk!

Took this ‘Moody’ but not very good photographicalisation while hanging out of the kitchen window.

Showing the mini-compound used by the workmen doing up the complex. I can’t make out what is what.

You can see the support racking they have erected across the bottom. I think the men will raise this to the level required, to give them access to knock the balcony of each storey down. Then again, I have frequently been wrong about these things, and most other things before. (Oh, you noticed? Haha!)

The computer on, mustn’t get carried away this morning, I don’t want to be late to miss the Tenants Social Hour. While I thought of this, I assembled the raffle prizes and nibbles in the bags to take with me.

After doing this task, I got further distracted from working on the diaries done. I went to make another brew and saw how the kitchen window had got splashed with greasy whatever it was by the workers yesterday, and set about cleaning the outside of the glass.

Eventually, I got it finished, made the brew and returned to the computer and finalised yesterday’s post and got it sent off.

0345hrs: Started on updating this day’s diary of woe, to here.

Caught up on Facebooking and TFZing.

Then WordPress Reading and an answering comments session.

Just about to start on creating a graphic for a page top, and Trotsky Terence forced me to hobble swiftly as possible to the Porcelain Throne. A close call, but I made it with seconds to spare. It was a sloppy session again.

Cleaned-up and made another mug of tea and returned to the graphicationalisationing.

I got the ablutions done and changed into the day clothes.

The Morrison delivery arrived at 0815hrs. Some naughty Pensioner had let her in the foyer. So when she knocked on the door, I thought it was him up above, or workmen on the outside making the noise and kept searching for what it was, holding the girl waiting. When I peeped through the keyhole viewer and saw her there, I was surprised. She took the bags through to the kitchen for me.

I didn’t ask, but wondered if the doorbell had packed up? Off she went, and I got the stuff sorted. There were three fewer bags than last week, but cost me more? The only nibbles I got were some chocolate and yoghourt peanuts.

I made a small mug of tea to try out the new Twinings Strong Tea Bag on offer from £4.98 down to £3.00. I had to try these, cause Morrisons had stopped doing the wonderful Thompson’s ones. (Swines!) The Twinings ones were nowhere near as good either… but not too bad on the Special Price I begrudgingly admit. (Gits!)

I tested both door alarms, and they were operational. Bursting forth with Dusty Springfield’s ‘I only wanna be with you’ tune.

I can hear the drilling from the work lads now. I might go to the Tenants Social Hour and then had a bus ride somewhere or a walk to escape the worst of it?

Readied bags etc. Sorted the bin bags out and on the way to the lift, I dropped them down the rubbish chute.

Out through the worker’s materials and along towards the Temporary Social Hut

Halfway up the incline, I turned and took these photographicalisations of the block. It surprised me to find my guess about what they had built yesterday, was right. It was to gain access to the balconies.

A lot more chaps on site today. I also noticed in the distance, a lot more tenants than usual going into the portacabin.

I arrived and was actually greeted by two people. Jenny busy working away on our behalf.

I dropped the raffle prizes on the tray, but could not find a seat near the other folks.

I reckon there were about 30 people in the room. Nice and busy. This might be due to some of us going into the place to escape the noise in the flats? Sensible. Jenny asked me if a wanted a drink, I thanked her but declined, as I was going out to the Audio Clinic.

I took the nibble around, I enjoy doing this and trying to get a conversation going with the others.

Being as I could not get a chair without taking one of the few remaining that others usually sit in, I decided to leave and take a walk up through Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Said a cheerio to the couple near me and set off along Chestnut Way to the gravel hill up by the fantastic Tree Copse. It was too wet to risk walking through it today, although I had the time.

The Audio Clinic was not an appointment one. I just needed some more batteries.

I was only about half the way up the hill when visits from Anne Gyna (As is usual) and unexpectedly from Dizzy Dennis.

I stopped at the top, and Anne Gyna subsided quickly, and I took this photograph of the unfortunate lopped trees near the Pitch & Putt course. They had suffered more bits being cut off recently.

Down the footpath onto Mansfield Road, over the hill and down to the bus stop. I soon caught a bus into town, but the only seat was one of those side-daddle affairs. Like the one, I had to sit in on the trip to Mansfield the other day. Tsk! Hehe! Only a short journey of about two miles, though.

I alighted at Victoria Centre (Mall) and was walking along Milton Street and went to get the Audio Clinic Authority Booklet out of my pocket,! I’d not taken it with me! What a Pillock! That was the end of that mission then.

So, I thought I’d have a hobble around and get some pictures of this diary and the TFZer Site. Starting with the giant advertising screen, Victoria Cente (Mall).

The weather kept changing from lightish to dark. ! I’d left the umbrella behind as well! I’d put it in the spare room to dry and forgot about it. Humph!

I poddled along down Clinton Street.

There were a few folks about, but even the McDonald’s, with its regular young beggar, but with a different dog outside today, was not busy.

No smiling faces were either.

A few spots of rain descended but soon stopped. For which I was glad.

At the end of the street, I turned right onto Long Row. The Christmas Fair and Food stalls were being erected. I seem to be burdened with building all around me? Haha!

The Slab Square was a hive of activity.

I hope they are building the little sentry-like box or the lady with the Roast Chestnuts again this year. I foolishly bought a bag last year in November from her. I got five chestnuts in the packet that cost £2, and one of them had gone off!

The Kangaroo and Aligator steak sandwiches, if I recall correctly, were selling for between £5 and £10.

Peoples expressions here also gave off the aura of malaise, anxiety and simple unhappiness. Even the youngsters were looking and sounding grumpy. I know not the reason why. Perhaps it was the building of the so-called entertainment attractions that is depressing them? Was something in the air?

The £4 a go Helter-Skelter is back again as well, by the way, being put up now.

As I limped around and struggled up the hill, Queen Street to the bus stop, the feet started stinging something awful, and Dizzy Dennis gave me another visit. Not that this made dispirited in itself, the Nottingham Street Art near the bus stop did, though.

And to think that Nottingham is bidding to become the European City of Culture? What with Brexit and the Nottingham Street Art, I guess not?

I had a jolly good natter with a lady at the bus stop. She gave me some tips on cooking the belly pork when I have it again.

When I got back to the flat, the workmen had encircled the building. Hehe! I had a job getting into it! The white lines I added to this photo I took as soon as I got up into the apartment, was the route I had to make to gain access. Not complaining, just saying. Can’t be helped if we want the upgrading work done.

Got the Health Checks and medications tended to, and Dizzy Dennis returned. Not good this.

Updated this diary to here, and I was all-in health and energy-wise by then.

Got the nosh started. The last of cooked beef, some chips from an out of date part bag found in the freezer bottom, vegetarian skinless hot dog sausages and baked beans is the plan.

Did a Morrison Order for next week, while I waited for it to cook.

A delightfully flavoursome feast. The teeth suffered a bit, but still.

I placed the tray on the next chair, thought about what to watch on the TV and drifted off into a Nocturnal Nibbling filled sleep.

Inchcock – Saturday 13th May 2017: Risk nipping out for a hobble


Saturday 13th May 2017

Hausa: Saturday 13 May 2017

Hausa is a Chadic language with about 44 million speakers. It is spoken mainly in northern Nigeria and Niger, and also in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Eritrea, Germany, Ghana, Sudan and Togo.

0315hrs: I stirred to find the footstool cover in a bundle on the carpet? But first things first, an urgent need of the utilisation of the Porcelain Throne had to be responded to, so off to the wetroom I went. Not a pleasant experience, but I got a chance and the time to read the Emotions vade mecumsvade. Again, I reread what I had read to get it to sink into the brain so I could understand what she was writing and getting at. But it’s coming, and I am rather pleased that my persistence and progress, slow as it is.

Cleaned things up after ten minutes efforts and into the kitchen to put the kettle on, do the health checks and take the medications. I got as far as getting the kettle on and had to return to the Throne! A longer session this time, so I enjoyed reading the book again.

Back into the kitchen and did the checks, all right I think. Sys 150, Dia 80, Pulse 86, Temperature 35.5, and the weight down again! 14.59 which was nice, considering I did not have a meal yesterday but did nibble on and off, should I be glad? Took the medications with another anti-diarrhoea capsule.

6Sat03I felt rather visurient and decided to take a photographicalisation from the balcony of to the North to get the beautiful new greenery in the shot. Got into the front room and noticed the pile on the floor, so investigated.

Sometime during the night I’d wrapped up the slippers in the footstool cover and put it on the floor?

Released and put the slippers on (No wonder I couldn’t find them earlier, Tsk!) and replaced the tartan cover on the stool thingy.

At which time, another demand to use the Porcelain Throne arrived and had to be responded to, back into the wetroom and on with the book again. Getting fed-up with the bowel problems now. But, at least I got some reading in, and the previously copious evacuations had got far less this morning even if they were more frequent.

6Sat01Out onto the balcony and took the image.

Back to the kitchen to make the mug of tea, No desire for any food at the moment, not even a small pot of porridge interested me.

Got the computer on and as it started, yet another trip to the Throne had to be done. More reading less bothers but unfortunately, things had begun, Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding and cleaning and medicating was needed. So, currently, I thought I was doing well really. Duodenal Donald was being good to me, Arthur Itis very fair, Roger Reflux not bad at all, the right foot wound pain was easing off very well, Hernia Harry was in a good mood with me too. Only Anne Gyna and Diahorrea Derek were really bothersome. I decided to wait and see how things go before opting to risk a walk out today, cause sure as heck I’ll be trouble if the Trots start while I’m out and about. Oh dear!

Apart from Sister Jane and Pete and popping to take the keyboard stickers to Bill in flat 33, I’ve not spoken to or seen anyone for days now. Nice to know I could have been laying dead in the apartment and would have been no bother to anyone. Hehehe!

Got yesterday’s diary and the funny retirement poem finished and posted off.

The innards have started rumbling again now.

Started this post off and did the graphics.

Did some WordPressing, then went on Facebook to catch up with the TFZers.

Started some graphics.

Google Chrome keeps freezing repeatedly? Tsk!

Back to try and get back on. Gave up and got the ablutions done.

6Sat06Went out for a hobble into Sherwood and back.

I ranged up the hill through my beloved Copse. Bootiful… apart from the beer cans, crisp packets, McDonald’s boxes, plastic coffee cups etcetera.


Up to the path and left down in towards 6Sat07Mansfield Road.

Not too many folks around this lunchtime. But some were being taken a walk by their pet dogs, and I took a while to watch them and their differing antics when it comes to “Running and fetching the ball back” to the owners.

Some did so, some partly so and one actually looked in amazement at its owner, ignored the ball altogether and wandered off to have a pee near the trees. A Scottish Terrier dog that was, I think.

6Sat07aComing out of Woodthorpe Grange Park, and left up to the hill, a young Pavement Cyclist, who I assumed to be drunk or drugged was swaying all over the place on his little bike.

Up over the hill and down to the shops.

Called into Wilko and got some black refuse sacks.

6Sat12Then down into the Co-op store and got two cobs, potato waffles, a TV paper and some mushrooms. Got a £1 off my next £5 spend before May 20th voucher with my change.

Left the store and had a very slow hobble up Winchester Street hill.

As I approached the junction, two ‘Pavement Cycling youths passed me, nowhere close to me, mind.


They saw my camera and got off and pushed their bikes near where the pedestrians were. Jolly decent of them I thought. Well done lads!

The woman on the disability scooter banged into one of the chairs and broke it moments later, it would have been good to have caught her in the photo.

Up the hill, looking at flora and fauna occasionally. The legs and feet were not bad at all today.

Finally getting to Chestnut Walk and left down towards the flats. As I walked on the verge looking down through the trees and bushes I came across so much detritus it was disheartening.


6Sat10As I got near the bird poop covered seat, a squirrel was on the bench, and I decided to try and catch his image…

I was too slow.


Further to the end to cross over the Walk to the flat entrance doors, and a lovely bird on the 6Sat10agrass caught my eye.

It was very windy, and his/her constant moving meant I had to take several shots before I could get one that was reasonable.

Shared the lift with two nurses up to the flat.

First things first, a visit to the Porcelain Throne, nicely times and not too bad a session… still had to clean things mad me up afterwards, though.

So glad I managed not to get caught out on the hobble, cause me taking my time could have cause problems?

6Sat11Got the purchases out of the bag.

Put the mushrooms with an added tiny tin of peas in the saucepan, got the oven warming up and then the computer on to update this tosh.

Several wee-wees were needed during this process, but no heavy duty session, despite the now rumbling innards again. Humph!

Fish into the heated oven added some of the waffles later, and Heigh-ho, off to the Porcelain Throne. Duodenal Donald had been and was bleeding and so very sore, and a session of mammoth proportions ensued.

6Sat12aServed the meal up, with the rather very much more well-done fish that I would have liked due to the time demands of the last Porcelain Session.

I thought it looked inviting and rather tasty, but the newly inflamed innards would not allow me to risk eating anywhere near all of it.

Somehow I did the health checks in between some false alarms and one or two mammoth, lengthy and messy evacuations. Sorry. It had to be said; I’m in a pickle here! Hehe!

Finally, the stomach seemed to settle down a bit.

Watch some of the “Still Open All Hours” DVD. As for nodding off, the rumbling, rambling, bubbling and grumbling that seemed to be getting suddenly worse again, made sure there was no kipping for ages.

Sister Jane rang to see how I was – I must have looked bad when they visited because she didn’t tell me off about anything? Hehehe!

Somehow I did the health checks in between checking things in the lower region, passing wind and belching. 

Whenever sleep arrived, I don’t know, but I was up and on a mission to get to the Porcelain Throne on time at 0300hrs.

Inchcock Today: Saturday 18th March 2017 – Early Whoopsidangleplops today.


Saturday 18th March 2017

Afrikaans: Saterdag 18 Maart 2017

Awoken with a start around 0230hrs. Sweating shivering and in low spirits. Tried my best to recall the dreams, but other than a vague belief that they were about my schooldays, nothing concrete.

The mind was riddled with concerns over the banking problems and my failure to sort things out This I think, decided me to try and keep busy to avoid them. I chose to get the laundry room duties done straight away. No washing or cleaning just got the glasses, pants and shoes on, picked up the bag of laundry with the everything needed for the task, in it and went down to the ground floor and got them in the machine and going.

6Sat10To the apartment and got the medication pots for the week done and sorted.

Started on Facebooking for a while before it was time to go down and move the washing out of the washer and into the dryer. Note how well I worked out what needed doing this time?


0325hrs: Down to the laundry taking the camera with me. Moved the togs and cleaned the washer.

6Sat07I popped out of the front doors to take a photo of the view across the road, hoping it might come out as a ‘Moody’ type one.

It was warm and wet, and I could hear some of the bird calls, and make out they were different ones, even without my hearing aids in.

Luckily, I’d got the key fob in my jumper pocket to let myself back in with. Phew!

Shot back up to my tiny dwelling called home, and got the computer on, finished the Facebooking session, and got some graphicalisationing started. Must keep the brain from wandering back to the problems!

0425hrs: Back down to collect the things.


6Sat11Timed it well for once, the Finish sign flashed up as I got in the room. Took a photo for no particular reason, and noticed how oddly shaded it came out? Very nice, but unplanned?

I think I’d moved the selection dial to this icon in mistake, but having no idea what it means didn’t help me solve the mystery. I changed it back to auto and took a photo of the clothing. Okay.

As I unloaded the clothes and folded them ready to go into the bag – I realised how few items there really were there? How, I inquired of my stunted confused brain, did I go five days since the last wash, and only have two pairs of socks, and three underpants in a pile? No towels either, in fact only four jumper-shirt thingamabobs? I was puzzled yet again?

Cleaned the dryer and fluff filter, wiped around and returned back up to the flat. The first task was to respond to the late call to the porcelain for a heavy duty session. Oh dearie me… Haemorrhoid Harry was still bleeding, after a check of things I decided to have a strip wash and put the clothes into the laundry bag after soaking them. Did the teggies and had a shave while they were soaking. Didn’t want to have a shower in case of disturbing the neighbours so early.

Then back onto the porcelain for another session! Blimey! Harry’s internal’s was still leaking.

However, I put some padded protection pants on… Like a giant nappy they are! Hehehe!

I put away the washed items and returned the bag to the other room… and spotted another bag with laundry waiting to be done in it! I did feel a fool (Nothing new there, mind!). I must have started two bags of laundry? Ah well, I’ll see if I can get this lot done in the morning. Tsk!

Computerisationing again. Worked on the diaries off, foolishly starting this one off first, thinking so much has happened already and I’d gone photographing mad too, better get it down now while I remember. This will make remembering the yesterday ending even harder! I’ve confused myself more and more today already, and it’s 0nly 0700hrs!

6Sat12I could hear the wind getting up outside (Mind you, the wind was starting inside. Hehe!).

I nipped bravely out onto the balcony to take a shot from a different angle. Facing North (To the right of the flat).

The wind and rain had soaked me within seconds. It was that dead thin and small drops rain that catches you out innit?

6Sat12aI then went into the kitchen to take a picture while hanging out of the window, of the view below. Catching my head against the frame and knocking the hearing aid at the same time. The tubing came out and I tried to catch it – fumbling and trying not to drop the camera, I dropped the tubing…

Went down the lift and outside, but could not see it anywhere, despite my determination and getting blown about by the wind and soaked in the rain, again! Made it worse cause I went down like a clot, wearing the slippers! It probably got blew away in the wind. So, if anyone in France, Germany, Holland, Russia or America see a plastic hearing aid tube landing anywhere nearby, it’ll probably be mine. Hope some bird doesn’t mistake it for a worm?

Back up to 72 and into the wetroom to dry myself off, swap slippers and have a change of clothes. Tsk!

I’m fed-up with today already! Still, it’s bound to improve innit?…. Innit?

Pressed on with the diaries again. Then answered some nice comments on WordPress, and got ready to walk down to the shops for some bread and fruit… not any cream cakes of course, though, oh no… Ahem!

Dressed, a spray of deodorant, long distance glasses on, hearing aid inserted, normal underwear on, hat on, bag ready and off I set.


6Sat17Down Winchester Street hill first and to the continental shop for a loaf of their delicious bread – but they had some of the belly pork with herbs and peppers on display, and I weakened. Shame number One!

Up the hill to the greengrocery shop and bought just one potato – I say one potato… look how big it was when I got it into my full sized oven cooking later. Ginormous! It’ll probably take two days to bake and last me a week!

Then the simple task of walking passed the cake shop and not looking in the window display… which I failed (Shame number Two!). Two Fresh Cream Buns with strawberry jam inside and vanilla icing on top. Of course, 6Sat20 I would never have been tempted or interested in buying such unhealthy foodstuffs normally. It’s just that I thought Olive would like one.

Carried on up and over the hill and right up through Woodthorpe Grange Park.

A few yards up the path, and I espied a rather beautiful lone wood pigeon on the grass. I got out the camera, convinced with my luck he’she would have flown away by the time I


got it out, but was lucky and took several pictures before it did fly away. It seemed to me, a bit like a search for twigs for the nest was taking place? Bootiful!

6Sat15Up to the top of the path to turn tight down the gravel path passing the copse, when I realised how kind Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were being to me. When I got to the Copse, I took a photograph showing the flats and the edge of the trees. I wondered if this one would do for Maries Nature Challenge Photo on her Facebook page.

Down the rest of the path, and met 93-yeat-old tenant Eddy coming up the path, and a lot faster than I can get up it! He was feeding the crows.

6Sat18Up into the flat, and I got the giant potato into the oven and took a piccy of the other stuff for you slaver over. Hehe! The belly pork looked and smelt so irresistibly tempting. I’ll have it for nosh tonight with some cheesy mashed then baked potatoes.

That is if the mega-spud ever cooks. Haha!

I’d like to have some garden peas with them, but fear another battle with the exasperating little vegetables. Hehe!

Made a mug of tea, and for some reason thought I’d hand-washed two shrunken kippah style 6Sat16caps. I must remember to keep turning them over.

Did them in warm water and used washing-up liquid. So I did.

Also washed out the cleaning cloths afterwards.

Rang them out best I could, and put them on the towel warmer in the hallway. It will take ages for the thick caps to dry ready for use again, but I have some others in the airing cupboard.

Going to see Olive in a bit, I’ve to call first to see if it is okay, mind. Hope she wants the cake, I know she likes these ones, ’cause last when I took her one and told her it was a cream iced scone (Thinking that was what they were called), and she told me off for getting the wrong ones. Luckily her grandson was due to visit and I left it in her fridge for him. She had a look later and realised it was the one she loves so much and ate it up. So now I know they are called Iced Cream Buns!

Got the computer going and did some diary updating, then awhile on Facebook.

6Sat21Oh, nearly forgot I took this one in Sherwood near the top of the hill.

Very sad place Sherwood for shopping.Three

Three stores have closed down this month. One of them a large supermarket, Budgens.

Of the other two, one I think was a ladies hairdresser the other a sadly failed florist.

Looking at this photo: It is Saturday and around 1130hrs, not many folks about is there? Too many shops, not enough people. However, the regular Big Issue Seller was in attendance and there were some stalls forming a Farmers Market, I felt sorry for them, no customers there while I was in the vicinity. Sad.

Went to see Olive, remembering to take the Cream Iced Strawberry bun.

She looked and sounded to be in good form. Even told me off, just the once mind. We had a jolly chinwag and laugh. She is still waiting for the date for her operation and has organised the after-op help she’ll need. Assistance for dressing and bathing lady all sorted. She’s even filled her freezer with ready meals to save hassle and walking/standing afterwards too. She’s been shopping for these this morning with her grandson, Malcolm. An amazing woman, no wonder I admire and love her so.

Best moment of my day when she smiled when she saw the cream cake.

7Sat24Back to the flat and got the giant potato out of the oven and halved it ready to scrape out the flesh into the bowl and mix it with cheese…

This is not a photo of the actual potato, but one I found on the web that resembled it the closest. Oh, gnashfumbleandammit! A large area of pure white, what looked and felt like soft plastic was around the dark area.

I removed the infected flesh and used the rest of it. A good bashing and mixing with some extra strong cheddar cheese, and out it in the oven with the potato spread wide and thin, which made it look like a lot more than it was. Turned the oven up high and did some Facebooking with the TFZers. Added the sausages later.

So, it turned out fortunate that the lady gave me such a whopping potato, didn’t it? Hehe!

7Sat23The weather turned a bit nasty, high winds and rain.

Popped in to use the WC, and found that Little Inchy had been bleeding again.Got the ablutions done and the meal prepared.

Getting fed up with this leaking blood lark. I’ll have to get some more of the extra large PCP’s, (Protective Comfort Pants) and they are not cheap.

Ah, just realised why I had so few underpants to wash now – I’d been wearing the throw-away PCPs! If it isn’t Little Inchy its Haemorrhoid Harold bleeding lately. Tsk!

7Sat22Served up the meal. Pleased with how the potatoes had browned off, the thin chipolatas were tasty, as was the beetroot, pickled mushrooms, siverskin onions, and best of all the garden peas – I put some demerara sugar in the saucepan with them when I warmed them up. 

The naughty cream cake was a pleasurable indulgence again, but I managed to drop the banana, got out of the £300 second-hand rickety recliner to retrieve it… and trod on it! I thought I’d cleaned it all up… more, later.

Put the washing in the sink to soak, checked the bobble hats on the towel dryer; they were still wet? then got the Boon DVD on to watch. Which went well staying awake-wise. Turned to the TV to watch the football on channel five. 

To the Porcelain room, and checked Little Inchy and Haemorrhoid Harold, both of which seemed to have steadied up and indeed neither was bleeding at the time. Got the PCPs off and returned to settle down and watch the end of the football, this is when I realised I had not got all of the banana up off of the carpet. Clouted my elbow as I tumble slipping on the tiniest blob of squashed banana.

If this diary was to made into a book (Comedy of course), folks reading it would think something like; Rubbish!, No one can have such bad luck! or maybe, Utter Tosh, don’t believe it!

Anne Gyna stopped me getting any sleep much, or rather getting off to sleep for hours, the latest I’ve been in getting the head down for months.

And yet, I don’t remember being concerned in the slightest about this?

Inchcock Today – Friday 9th September 2016: The indistinguishably of logicallity lingers

Friday 9th September 2016

p11108030500hrs: Woke with the same light-headedness that I had last night, coughing a bit, hard to concentrate. But no actual dizzies, this combined with the £300 second-hand recliner chair working correctly to release me for a WRHD session, that was painful (Nowt new there though) but blood free and I didn’t stub any toes, almost convinced me that things were getting better already! Hehe!

Noticed the note I’d left for myself under Koala Katie, and out the paperwork in my pocket for later.

Took the medications and made a cup of tea. When putting the weekly morning pill pots back in the drawer, I spotted just one tiny tablet stuck in the corner of Thursday mornings.

Ah-ha! I thought. Perhaps a possible explanation for last nights feelings of lethargy and weakness? It was the Bisoprolol tablet that I’d missed yesterday morning when I emptied the pot out to take the doses?I got 

I got the laptop going and searched for “What if I miss a Bisoprolol dose?” As anticipated, it said if you are within 4 hours of the next dose due, do not take any extra. So I didn’t. This could be the cause of my depression and fogginess? I thought about whether or not to take some cough medicine to counter this nagging tussis I’ve had for 24 hours of so? After failing to find the bottle of cough medicine, I decided not to take any. Hahaha!

That’s the cough linctus and the new umbrella still to be found then, oh and the electric razor. I feel satisfied all three are lurking somewhere in my apartment?

Sod-it! The dizzies back, I thought I was doing well this morning.

Hello, another WRHD session! No bleeding again, though, just pain. Sneezing now!

Laptop back on and got yesterday’s diary finished and started this one off.

p1020586Went into the kitchen to make a brew, and this was the view. Fantastic I thought.

It looked like the homes in the centre, as they were lit by the upcoming sun from behind and to the left, were, The Chosen Ones!

I still get astounded by the views from here. And feel lucky to have them to look at.

0815hrs: Closed laptop down and readied for the trip to the dentists.

0001After the shower and shave, I bravely mounted the new scales.

Up just a pound (and a few ounces, but let’s not be pernickety eh?).

Called to see Olive on the way out, but no answer, perhaps a little early? 

A little overcast this morning, but the sun got through on the odd occasions. I struggled up the gravel path into the park. But it was worth it and so beautiful up there. The trees and bushes so green, and occasionally stopped to watch the dogs walking their owners.

One dog, an elderly looking grey and white greyhound had really got this owner trained well. The ball was thrown, and he chased it picked it up and stood waiting, for the boss to get to him to pick it up and throw it again! I really enjoyed the walk through today.

Seemed to be feeling a bit better too. I did forget to get the cough medicine as I ambled down into Sherwood, passing the chemist on the way to the Dentist! Humph!

01fTwo girls crossing the heavy traffic on Mansfield Road drew some horn tooting from some of the drivers.

The pelican lights were about 100 yds further down the road. The gals just gave them the finger and carried on laughing.

I had to laugh too!

Into the dentist, to find they had knocked a wall down and changed the reception area to accommodate three receptionists now. The thick coating of gloss paint had only recently been done by the potent smell of it. Had to fill in a mega form and permission sanction form, then waited to be called.

The nurse called me I assume, but I didn’t hear her, so she came and shook me shoulder as I was doing the crossword book.

Up to the surgery, very quick they were today, I noticed the light fitting above the chair was much more populated with dead insects than on the last visit. They soon had me checked asked if I was in any pain, said you are okay, book another appointment with the receptionist on you way out… All done!

01hSettled the bill with the Obergruppenführeress on the desk. When she told me I’d to pay £19.50, it was only time she smiled. I thought it was £18 last time, maybe it’s gone up a bit. Not complaining mind, a lot better than having to go private and pay hundreds of pounds – although a private dentist may have higher quality flies in their light fittings to look at? Hehehe! 

Out and was lucky enough to be in time to catch the L8 bus back up Winchester Hill and to the flats.

Had a blether with a lady from the 4th floor in the lift, we were both intent on getting our slippers on, making a cup of tea and visiting the porcelain!

Called in to see Olive, but no answer. Her family might have taken her out for the day.

I returned to the apartment and visited the porcelain, made a mug of tea and got me slippers, then laptop on. Added the dates to the Google and paper diary, then did a shopping order from Morrisons. Updated this post.

More work on the TFZ ‘Who’s watching’ graphic series. Got about 10 done now, but many more to do yet. 

Got the chips in the oven and nipped off to visit Olive, and she was in. Lovely chinwag and mutual fondness seemed to be in the air. A kiss and a cuddle, and back to the flat to sort the meal out.

0001Although the fodder looked appetising, with the cold or whatever it is I’ve got, the taste-buds let me down and I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I should have. Mind you, I ate it all… out of habit more than relish I think?

Made an order online for delivery from Morrisons for tomorrow.

I’ve ordered some tiny cans of garden peas now the fresh ones are finishing. A lot dearer getting these little tins. When I was checking to see if I needed any more bleach, I found the missing cough medicine! Took a good swig of it.

Climbed into the £300 second-hand recliner chair with a mug of orange juice, some nibbles and the TV paper at my side, to settle and watch a DVD, “Quatermass 11” from the 1959 TV series and took the medications, remembering the ulcer medicine, not that it’s very effective but better than nothing.

Minutes later, I realised I’d not got the mobile phone nearby, got out of the now reluctant £300 second-hand recliner and retrieved the phone from my jacket pocket in the hallway. Climbed back into the £300 second-hand recliner chair to settle.

Minutes later, after I’d just started to watch Quatermass, I saw the curtains had not been drawn. Got out of the now reluctant to work and shuddering a bit £300 second-hand recliner and pulled them too. While doing this, I spotted I’d not got the alarm wristlet on – hobbled to the Wetroom where I found it on top of the porcelain, put it on and returned to the £300 second-hand recliner, and sat down without any hiatus, as it was now refusing to operate at all.

Then the nerves started, ‘Had I turned off the taps, locked the door, left the oven on, closed the kitchen window,  left the heater on in the wetroom?’

Got out of the now dormant £300 second-hand recliner yet again and checked around, all seemed okay, so back to the £300 second-hand recliner and found it working? Okay, it shook and whined a little, eventually, I settled again.

I started to watch the DVD and got through it without any nod-offs!

Had to dismount the £300 second-hand recliner in request intimated from the body for a WRHD session. (Tsk, no rest is there! Hehe!) I put down the extra WRHDs to the bug I’d caught.

The TV programmes I watched, after the DVD, were scattered with the nod-off moments.

Woke from a long doze around 0200hrs, coughing. Another trip to the porcelain was needed, this time, the £300 second-hand recliner worked seamlessly?

I’d been dreaming about high cliffs and trying to jump off but couldn’t get down, repeated efforts, nets would appear and catch me, giant birds scooped me up and replaced me the top again, as I tried again I’d find myself in a bath full of bubbles, got sucked down the drain and fell back at the head of the cliff again? There were so many other failed attempts and reasons for failure I’m sure, but of course, I cannot recall the others?

I sprang awake at 0415hrs or so, again in need of a WRHD session.

Inchcock Today Tue 9 Aug 16: Nowt much to get excited about… Tsk! But I did see Olive for a good natter!


Tuesday 9th August 2016

Woke a few times for a WRWW during the night, finally roused and moved my bloodied flobby-body around 0550hrs for another WRWW.

The memories of yesterday’s and last nights Whoopsiedangleplops still heavy on my mind, the bleeding from Haem Aroid, Little Inchy and the two wounds on the right legs shin, the pain from stubbing my already blackened left foot toe on the scales (I’ve now moved them) didn’t bother me much. I was too depressed and pitifully saddened. I felt I was not connivent with reality somehow.

Made a cuppa and got the medications taken, laptop on and updated Monday’s sad tale of woes. One of the worst days for the amount of Whoopsiedangleplops ever I think. Humph!

10bWent to make another cup of tea, and oh dear, I felt so bad with myself again when I saw the Fresh Cream French Horn in the fridge – with the mayhem of last night’s meal on the floor Whoopsiedangleplop and altercation, I’d forgotten to eat it!

Too late now, it was dried up, so into the bin, sadly. But I am so glad I got the other one to Olive earlier.

Got some graphics done, and finalised Monday’s real farce and got it posted off.

Did some Facebooking, too much Facebooking again. I was nearly late for going to the surgery in time to get there for the INR Warfarin blood test!Rushed about and had a shave and shower, changed into clean togs and set off in a bit of a panic on my journey.

MC001It was brightish weather, with the threat of rain in the air, as I legged it as fast as I could manage to Carrington and the surgery nurse. And, what’s more, and further as well as, I made it in a record time of 39 minutes!

This despite the new injuries joining in with the regular ailments today. I amazed myself in getting there just in time for the appointment. The feet were aching something rotten, but no other hiatus. (Should that be hiatuses?)

The nurse soon had me in her room and taking the blood. I asked her if she would take a look at the black toe on me left foot and the two scars on me right shin for me, which, she did. She could not help bursting into laughter when I told her how they had occurred. She said to take the new plasters she’s put on them off tonight and dab with lesions with antiseptic cream or TCP, then leave the plasters off so they could dry naturally.

I thanked her, gave her the nibbles and walked down into Carrington proper and called in Lidl to get some fruit and veg. Apples, bananas, yellow and red peppers, some nibbles for the nurses later and a pack of four cheese covered cobs. I thought perhaps tonight I might have two bacon cobs, with tomatoes beetroots and gherkins maybe? Oh, and I got some Magnesium tablets at an excellent price too. Since Sandra Lentz recommended them to me, the night cramps have got a lot less often and severe. (Thanks, Sandie my flower XXX)

The lady on the checkout didn’t sneer at me or overcharge me either (I checked) a new employee obviously, mind you she has got the knack of throwing the goods at me all off pat.

Out to the bus stop, I must have looked knackered or something, because a lady offered me her seat in the shelter? With the state of my piles, I thanked her and declined the kind offer.

The bus came, and I rode into Sherwood. There I alighted and went to the Pelican light to cross the road and hope a bus to the flats would be coming soon. It wasn’t, I’d missed it by three minutes, the next one due in 57 minutes, Tsk!

So, I hobbled, and I was hobbling now, the haemorrhoids and feet were giving me grief, up over the hill and into Woodthorpe Grange Park, as a few drops of rain tried to force their way down.

MC01The park was free of Pathway Cyclists, and many dogs were enjoying taking their owners for a walk and ball games. I loved seeing the wagging tails. (On the dogs like, not the owners).

Up towards the end of the footpath, there were groups of young lads in twos with their mobiles out – I think they might have been looking for the, erm… what’s it called, the new thing where they chase after an icon figure? Sorry, I mentioned it now I can’t remember the name of it, a game of some sort? A new craze, I saw it on the news the other night. Never mind!

On the way down the gravel hill to the flats, an old chap was walking up with what might have been his grandson, and he spoke to me as I hobble passed him: “Where’s yer skateboard, that’d make it easier?” I replied, quick as a flash: “I’ve been bungee jumping and left it on the platform!” Well, they both laughed out loud at that! I’m doing well at making folks laugh today up to now. Hehehe!

Got in the flat and put the fodder away, WRWW and made a cuppa.

I got the Appointment letter from the Treatment Centre at the Queens Medical out of the ‘Medical File’ and put it in the jacket pocket ready for tomorrow afternoon. Felt a bit proud that I had not lost it really. 

Had a pork loin cheesy cob. Feeling a bit better now. Took the dressing off the arm and I got the laptop on and updated this tosh. Did some graphicationalisationing.

Took some apples and bacon and went to visit Olive. It was super-good to find her in better spirits and welcoming me with her wonderful smile. We had a great chinwag and reminiscing session which I enjoyed so much. Kiss and a cuddle, and back to the flat to make use of the throne.

10Decided to have bacon cobs for my meal tonight.

Kept it smaller than usual, having had the pork loin cob earlier.

Two bacon (That I cooked in the oven) cheesy cobs, Gherkins, yellow tomatoes, a rice cake and beetroot. Followed by a banana and lemon flavoured yoghourt.

I placed the tray after eating it on the chair next to the £300 second-hand recliner, put the TV on, and faded fast! Eyes drooped, and I spent hours nodding off, waking to see what was on the goggle-box and nodding off again. Amazingly I had no calls to the water closet at all?

Around midnight I think it was, I gave up and turned the TV set off, and drifted into sleep, Sweet Morpheus!

Inchcock Today Wed 18 May 16: Deana (Flats Coordinator) to the rescue!


Wednesday 18 May 2016

Up and out of my recliner (Working again) chair and to the ‘tinkle room’. Little Inchy bleeding just a tiny bit. Heavy duty passage was okay.

Remembered that Deana (Complex Coordinatoress) is coming today to sort out a replacement wrist alarm – oh dear!

Made a cuppa and took the medications, did the BP checks then got yesterday’s diary finished and did some graphicationalisationing.

A quick check on emails and Facebook then did the ablutions.

The drizzle started, it looks like it may be going to settle in.

After several hours spent searching in one last effort to find the lost alarm and no Deana arriving, I wrote a note on a stick it thingy, explaining I’d gone to see her and I would be back if she is not there, to adhere to the door when I left to do so. (But I forgot to stick it on the door, cause going out, I had to go back for my hearing aids, Huh!). Deana and Julie were in the hut. Deana had forgotten about the replacement alarm and had also forgotten to take it with her when she visited the flats earlier. I told her not to worry as I was an expert nowadays on forgetting and losing things. She said she’ll be up later. Hope she is not too late, cause I want to go and get some chips, bread and fresh vegetables.

Returned to the min-apartment and waited.

02Did some more graphicalisationing and emailed Sister Jane, then Deana arrived: She was in a rush, gave me a reprimand or two, instructed me to give her the Wristlet if I found it later. She set-up the new one, then gave me a friendly smile as she left.

I think she might have forgiven me?

P1070238It was starting to spit with rain again; however, I ventured out for a walk up and through the park into Sherwood. Not a single footpath cyclist was seen en route at all, whatsoever… none, I was almost shocked! Mind you, the rain might have had something to do with it?

I took a nice photograph from underneath the mini-umbrella as I started down the hill towards the shopping area.

The left knee started giving way from here on and for the rest of the day? With the right one, that is usually the worst of the two playing up, I began regretting not taking the walking stick with me, Tsk! But that would have been interesting fumbling with the stick, the brolly and the shopping bag. Haha!

I only went into the Co-op store to shop, because I had the money-off vouchers, £1 off frozen foods and 50p off when I spend over £5. The veg I wanted was not in a good condition, short dated and wrinkled like. However, they did have the Blitz kitchen towels on offer again, so I got a three-pack, a packet of vegetable crisps (Beetroot, carrots & parsnip), Wholemeal loaf, Low-fat Oven Chips (McCains – horrible and tasteless!) and some marshmallows on offer 50p off two bags.

The rain had all but stopped when I got out of the store and made my way limpingly back to and through Woodthorpe Grange Park and down to the flats. However…


P1070245Hobbling by the copse on the gravel path down to the flats, I came across some of these flowers in amongst the weeds, dandelions, daisies and buttercups I came across.Wondered what they were like?

Wondered what they were like?

The wildflowers there all looked beautiful.

When I arrived at Inchcock Towers, I did my best to clean the wet, mud and grass from the shoes. But still had to wash them in the sink with the scrubbing brush, then clean the sink P1070246and brush, and when I’d dried them best I could and went to put them near the door, where I found some mail had been delivered – the left knee gave a terrible twinge and gave way. Huh! Walking about like a poor cripple for an hour or so. If I get to see the ‘Nice’ nurse in the morning, I’ll mention it to her, see what he says. The pain doesn’t feel like the work of Arthur Itis?

Made a cuppa and took the medications, slipped one extra codeine phosphate in amongst them. It (the knee) eased off after a while and I felt only the usual Arthur Itis bother after. Seems that it is coming on only after I’ve been doing a bit of hobbling.


Set to making the nosh, as was getting exhausted for some reason again.

Sliced up a large tomato, beetroot, beef slice, wholemeal bread partially buttered and the terrible oven chips (Eurgh!) followed by two small tubs of ice-cream.

Despite the tasteless chips, I ate it all up, though.

Washed the pots, then put the INR result sheet in my pocket for the mornings INR blood tests.

Watched some Hustle episodes from the DVD, but soon nodded off – blissfully.