Inchcock Today Tue 9 Aug 16: Nowt much to get excited about… Tsk! But I did see Olive for a good natter!


Tuesday 9th August 2016

Woke a few times for a WRWW during the night, finally roused and moved my bloodied flobby-body around 0550hrs for another WRWW.

The memories of yesterday’s and last nights Whoopsiedangleplops still heavy on my mind, the bleeding from Haem Aroid, Little Inchy and the two wounds on the right legs shin, the pain from stubbing my already blackened left foot toe on the scales (I’ve now moved them) didn’t bother me much. I was too depressed and pitifully saddened. I felt I was not connivent with reality somehow.

Made a cuppa and got the medications taken, laptop on and updated Monday’s sad tale of woes. One of the worst days for the amount of Whoopsiedangleplops ever I think. Humph!

10bWent to make another cup of tea, and oh dear, I felt so bad with myself again when I saw the Fresh Cream French Horn in the fridge – with the mayhem of last night’s meal on the floor Whoopsiedangleplop and altercation, I’d forgotten to eat it!

Too late now, it was dried up, so into the bin, sadly. But I am so glad I got the other one to Olive earlier.

Got some graphics done, and finalised Monday’s real farce and got it posted off.

Did some Facebooking, too much Facebooking again. I was nearly late for going to the surgery in time to get there for the INR Warfarin blood test!Rushed about and had a shave and shower, changed into clean togs and set off in a bit of a panic on my journey.

MC001It was brightish weather, with the threat of rain in the air, as I legged it as fast as I could manage to Carrington and the surgery nurse. And, what’s more, and further as well as, I made it in a record time of 39 minutes!

This despite the new injuries joining in with the regular ailments today. I amazed myself in getting there just in time for the appointment. The feet were aching something rotten, but no other hiatus. (Should that be hiatuses?)

The nurse soon had me in her room and taking the blood. I asked her if she would take a look at the black toe on me left foot and the two scars on me right shin for me, which, she did. She could not help bursting into laughter when I told her how they had occurred. She said to take the new plasters she’s put on them off tonight and dab with lesions with antiseptic cream or TCP, then leave the plasters off so they could dry naturally.

I thanked her, gave her the nibbles and walked down into Carrington proper and called in Lidl to get some fruit and veg. Apples, bananas, yellow and red peppers, some nibbles for the nurses later and a pack of four cheese covered cobs. I thought perhaps tonight I might have two bacon cobs, with tomatoes beetroots and gherkins maybe? Oh, and I got some Magnesium tablets at an excellent price too. Since Sandra Lentz recommended them to me, the night cramps have got a lot less often and severe. (Thanks, Sandie my flower XXX)

The lady on the checkout didn’t sneer at me or overcharge me either (I checked) a new employee obviously, mind you she has got the knack of throwing the goods at me all off pat.

Out to the bus stop, I must have looked knackered or something, because a lady offered me her seat in the shelter? With the state of my piles, I thanked her and declined the kind offer.

The bus came, and I rode into Sherwood. There I alighted and went to the Pelican light to cross the road and hope a bus to the flats would be coming soon. It wasn’t, I’d missed it by three minutes, the next one due in 57 minutes, Tsk!

So, I hobbled, and I was hobbling now, the haemorrhoids and feet were giving me grief, up over the hill and into Woodthorpe Grange Park, as a few drops of rain tried to force their way down.

MC01The park was free of Pathway Cyclists, and many dogs were enjoying taking their owners for a walk and ball games. I loved seeing the wagging tails. (On the dogs like, not the owners).

Up towards the end of the footpath, there were groups of young lads in twos with their mobiles out – I think they might have been looking for the, erm… what’s it called, the new thing where they chase after an icon figure? Sorry, I mentioned it now I can’t remember the name of it, a game of some sort? A new craze, I saw it on the news the other night. Never mind!

On the way down the gravel hill to the flats, an old chap was walking up with what might have been his grandson, and he spoke to me as I hobble passed him: “Where’s yer skateboard, that’d make it easier?” I replied, quick as a flash: “I’ve been bungee jumping and left it on the platform!” Well, they both laughed out loud at that! I’m doing well at making folks laugh today up to now. Hehehe!

Got in the flat and put the fodder away, WRWW and made a cuppa.

I got the Appointment letter from the Treatment Centre at the Queens Medical out of the ‘Medical File’ and put it in the jacket pocket ready for tomorrow afternoon. Felt a bit proud that I had not lost it really. 

Had a pork loin cheesy cob. Feeling a bit better now. Took the dressing off the arm and I got the laptop on and updated this tosh. Did some graphicationalisationing.

Took some apples and bacon and went to visit Olive. It was super-good to find her in better spirits and welcoming me with her wonderful smile. We had a great chinwag and reminiscing session which I enjoyed so much. Kiss and a cuddle, and back to the flat to make use of the throne.

10Decided to have bacon cobs for my meal tonight.

Kept it smaller than usual, having had the pork loin cob earlier.

Two bacon (That I cooked in the oven) cheesy cobs, Gherkins, yellow tomatoes, a rice cake and beetroot. Followed by a banana and lemon flavoured yoghourt.

I placed the tray after eating it on the chair next to the £300 second-hand recliner, put the TV on, and faded fast! Eyes drooped, and I spent hours nodding off, waking to see what was on the goggle-box and nodding off again. Amazingly I had no calls to the water closet at all?

Around midnight I think it was, I gave up and turned the TV set off, and drifted into sleep, Sweet Morpheus!

Inchcock Today Wed 18 May 16: Deana (Flats Coordinator) to the rescue!


Wednesday 18 May 2016

Up and out of my recliner (Working again) chair and to the ‘tinkle room’. Little Inchy bleeding just a tiny bit. Heavy duty passage was okay.

Remembered that Deana (Complex Coordinatoress) is coming today to sort out a replacement wrist alarm – oh dear!

Made a cuppa and took the medications, did the BP checks then got yesterday’s diary finished and did some graphicationalisationing.

A quick check on emails and Facebook then did the ablutions.

The drizzle started, it looks like it may be going to settle in.

After several hours spent searching in one last effort to find the lost alarm and no Deana arriving, I wrote a note on a stick it thingy, explaining I’d gone to see her and I would be back if she is not there, to adhere to the door when I left to do so. (But I forgot to stick it on the door, cause going out, I had to go back for my hearing aids, Huh!). Deana and Julie were in the hut. Deana had forgotten about the replacement alarm and had also forgotten to take it with her when she visited the flats earlier. I told her not to worry as I was an expert nowadays on forgetting and losing things. She said she’ll be up later. Hope she is not too late, cause I want to go and get some chips, bread and fresh vegetables.

Returned to the min-apartment and waited.

02Did some more graphicalisationing and emailed Sister Jane, then Deana arrived: She was in a rush, gave me a reprimand or two, instructed me to give her the Wristlet if I found it later. She set-up the new one, then gave me a friendly smile as she left.

I think she might have forgiven me?

P1070238It was starting to spit with rain again; however, I ventured out for a walk up and through the park into Sherwood. Not a single footpath cyclist was seen en route at all, whatsoever… none, I was almost shocked! Mind you, the rain might have had something to do with it?

I took a nice photograph from underneath the mini-umbrella as I started down the hill towards the shopping area.

The left knee started giving way from here on and for the rest of the day? With the right one, that is usually the worst of the two playing up, I began regretting not taking the walking stick with me, Tsk! But that would have been interesting fumbling with the stick, the brolly and the shopping bag. Haha!

I only went into the Co-op store to shop, because I had the money-off vouchers, £1 off frozen foods and 50p off when I spend over £5. The veg I wanted was not in a good condition, short dated and wrinkled like. However, they did have the Blitz kitchen towels on offer again, so I got a three-pack, a packet of vegetable crisps (Beetroot, carrots & parsnip), Wholemeal loaf, Low-fat Oven Chips (McCains – horrible and tasteless!) and some marshmallows on offer 50p off two bags.

The rain had all but stopped when I got out of the store and made my way limpingly back to and through Woodthorpe Grange Park and down to the flats. However…


P1070245Hobbling by the copse on the gravel path down to the flats, I came across some of these flowers in amongst the weeds, dandelions, daisies and buttercups I came across.Wondered what they were like?

Wondered what they were like?

The wildflowers there all looked beautiful.

When I arrived at Inchcock Towers, I did my best to clean the wet, mud and grass from the shoes. But still had to wash them in the sink with the scrubbing brush, then clean the sink P1070246and brush, and when I’d dried them best I could and went to put them near the door, where I found some mail had been delivered – the left knee gave a terrible twinge and gave way. Huh! Walking about like a poor cripple for an hour or so. If I get to see the ‘Nice’ nurse in the morning, I’ll mention it to her, see what he says. The pain doesn’t feel like the work of Arthur Itis?

Made a cuppa and took the medications, slipped one extra codeine phosphate in amongst them. It (the knee) eased off after a while and I felt only the usual Arthur Itis bother after. Seems that it is coming on only after I’ve been doing a bit of hobbling.


Set to making the nosh, as was getting exhausted for some reason again.

Sliced up a large tomato, beetroot, beef slice, wholemeal bread partially buttered and the terrible oven chips (Eurgh!) followed by two small tubs of ice-cream.

Despite the tasteless chips, I ate it all up, though.

Washed the pots, then put the INR result sheet in my pocket for the mornings INR blood tests.

Watched some Hustle episodes from the DVD, but soon nodded off – blissfully.

Inchcock Today Thu 12 May 2016: Weekly Windwood Shed Social Hour today


Thursday 12th May 2016


Woke around 0540hrs and the knees and legs felt pretty good. The recliner shuddered a bit when I lowered it. 

Vague memories of dreaming about falling off of roof ledges or something like that?

 Sharpishly moved to the porcelain room and pain again in passing, but no bleeding?

Took the medications with a cuppa and I got onto the laptop to conclude yesterday’s diary and start this one off.

The Morrison delivery arrived and I struggled to put everything away due to lack of storage space and my foolishness in ordering too much stuff. Huh!

I had to rearrange the can cupboard to get the tins to fit in – now watch them fall off the wall!

Ablutions tended to and I took the rubbish sacks to the chute and then wobbled along to the Winwood Community Shed, meeting some of the girls going there on the way. Found put one of them had her birthday today. Luckily I had one of the new unopened umbrellas with me. So I gave it to her as pressie like. Not many folks in attendance today.Jenny and Frank, who were going to the dentist, showed interest in borrowing the Nottingham Pictures book gone to the dentist, Eddy not attended.

Jenny and Frank, who were going to the dentist, so would not be participating in the Social Hour, showed interest in borrowing the Nottingham Pictures book I was taking to show the tenants.


Photograph from an earlier session

I handed out the nibbles, and what few of us were there, seemed to have fun initially.

Toni arrived late, with her arm in a sling and marks on her forehead. I’m sorry no one informed me earlier, I could have gone to visit her and try to offer comfort. She told

She said she was getting on a bus when the driver pulled off just as she was getting down to sit on a seat and she feel banging her elbow and head. Poor thing! This upset me and I forgot to take any photographs as I wanted to let her get it out of her system as she told me all about it.

Deana, the coordinator, visited and I handed her the letters I’d received for Margaret the previous tenant and the Polish Country loaf I’d got from Morrison’s like as a treat for her.

The meeting broke up early, and we had a chinwag with her for a while. Then I made my way back to the flat.


Crude labels that help

Got in made a cuppa and got on with sorting out the glasses and marking them to avoid future confusion.

It might look a bit naff and crude, but now I shouldn’t struggle so much and get myself into a pickle when choosing whichever pair I’ll be needing?

I marked them as:

Read (Reading)

BF (Thinking of Bifocals, but they are actually Varifocal I think).

Long (Distance)

Sunlong (being a pair of Prescription Sunglasses I bought a while ago before the Internet started.) Hehe!

Then I nipped down to take the Photograph Book to Jenny and Franks flat, no one in so I put the book and folder through their large letter box.

Back up to the flat and updated this diary.

The weather has been beautiful today, but the others told me it will change later and tomorrow. So I decided to have a walk out through Woodthorpe Grange Park with the camera. Then remembered I’ve to fetch the prescriptions so decided to have a hobble into Carrington to do so.

As I was about to turn off the laptop, Windows Downloads started coming in. Took ages so left the laptop turned on.

Back soon. (I hope)

05Called at the Community Shed to see Deana, lovely lady, as I hobbled on my way to the Chemists. A little two-way laugh, and I was off again.

The next stop en route was to take a photo of the Dogweed, or was it Chickweed? I’ll have to ask Lynton again, and my memory, or lack of, is worrying me lately.

Walked down Winchester Street and up Mansfield Road and down into Carrington. It was a little hard going, the sun was getting hotter.

09Called in the Chemist and collected the prescriptions, almost filled my bag with em. Hehe!

To Lidl, got razors, bag for laundry (cause my current one is getting a little wether-worn now), some English tomatoes, a Nottingham post (to see if my letter about Pavement Cyclist had been printed, it hadn’t), and some pots of Lyle’s syrup flavoured porridge.

Had a short dizzy spell while perusing the shelves.

07Out to the bus stop and to Sherwood. Where, being so late in the day, I found there were no link buses to catch back up to the flats. Hey-ho!

So I walked to and up through Woodthorpe Grange Park and down to the flats.

08I stopped and took in the wonder of nature for a while. And, there were no pavement Cyclists, very few dogs walking their owners, the wind was gentle.

The flora fighting through, the grass was getting thicker and I had a ‘Wonder Moment or two’.

Life and my living were starting to be appreciated for the first time in ages?

Then I wondered if Steve Age UK will ever get back to me to sort out the bank payments and debit thingies, and I lost the warm feeling and sense of thinking things might be improving.

Got in the flat and found the laptop had still not finished updating the Windows updates?

To the throne in the WC, no joy again. Oh, ‘eck!

Still, not complaining, though, Little inchy and Haem Aroids were not bleeding, Arthur Itis was being very kind indeed, Anne Gyna no too bad at all, the right wrist and arm only giving a little bother, Rea Flux also being kind to me, but a couple of dizzy spells while walking back to the flat worried me a bit.

The updates finished loading and the machine reset itself.

10Got the nosh prepared. Easy one tonight. Boiled then minted potatoes, Bread thin ham sandwiches, tomatoes and beetroot.

Followed by a lemon yoghourt, and took the medications.

I had hoped to have some of the red peppers with it, but once again I tried and failed, to get the lid off, huh!

I reckon it will be out of date by the time I embarrassingly remember to ask someone to help with getting the top off of the jar for me! Hehe!

The recliner chair was jumping a bit again when I moved in it?

Watched some Rumpole of the Bailey episodes from the DVD and was soon ready to get my head down.

Slept well, despite the dreams.

Inchcock Today – 18 Mar 16: Lousy start, but it got betterer!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


0001aaA horrible, dreadful start to the day today, chronic!

I burst (Mentally like, not physically) into life, the brain totally doing its own thing for several minutes. I realised I’d only had about three hours sleep, but no way could I convince myself to go back to kip?

Little Inchy was stinging and damp, Anne Gyna was a bad girl, even the ulcer joined in first thing.

I made a cuppa took the medications and onto the laptop sharpish, it was like a magnet.

I just had to get on with the Nottingham City Homes funnies. For some reason, it seemed so important to me?

Graphicallised away for hours and hours.

Got the bath runnings and did my ablutions.

Then started the creating for the posts for another hour or so.

Got wrapped up well, and planned to have a walk up through Woodthorpe Grange Park and find the Tropical House to take some photographs.

Sorted the rubbish bags out ad tool the to the chute on the way out.

One of the lifts was kaput again.

Deerhat1Jill was in the lobby as I passed by.

Luckily, I had some nibbles to hand to her.

Then I went the back up to the park. A bit muddy, but not too bad.

I slid up the hill (Hehe), one pace up one pace down for a bit.

But managed to climb it.

Up to the end and in the entry gate to P1050262 where the Tropical Garden was. They had put up some new signs, so this time, I found it!

The legs were aching a bit, and Anne Gyna was ever present.

Two women with their dogs were hobbling along nattering, and one of the dogs, being friendly like, jumped on a woman passed by and left muddy paw marks on her jeans! Oh, if looks could kill there would have been two dead women and their dogs!

I got it through the doors to the giant glasshouse, and it was wonderful. Not a very big place, but I took my hat and gloves off, it was so well heated, if a little unkempt. At the back, a bloke was sat on a bench dozing; I didn’t half make him jump when he heard me.

Took some photographs of the plants.

P1050264 P1050266 P1050265 P1050267

P1050268No idea what they were. Just thought they were beautiful. I came across a Chilean lemon tree in the Tropical House, massive lemons on it.

P1050270Hobbled down across to the Plant Shop.

I felt guilty disturbing the chap in charge!

I was the only person there.

Still, I found two plants I liked. Might show the photographs to Sister Jane and casually ask her she likes them, P1050269then I know which one to buy for her later? Cunning eh?

I limped down through the park and into Sherwood.

Called in Wilko and got another cheap saucepan to replace the one I burnted yesterday and some window cleaning vinegar.

To the bus stop. No dizzies today, although Anne Gyna stayed present all day.

Got back to the flat and I made towards the porcelain. No blood from the haemorrhoids.

P1050271Got the nosh on. Potato Gratin, giant battered fishcakes, baked mini potatoes, beetroot and some Irish Batch bread.

Followed by a banana and strawberry dessert.

Tasty. Rated this as 8.9/10.

When doing the washing up afterwards, I bent and stretched to pick up the bleach bottle and – crack! The right shoulder presented me with a sharp crunch of bones, so loud I hear it without my hearing aids in. Ad Nauseum followed.

I watched s couple of episodes of Dr Who without falling asleep.

Back on the laptop and did more work on the Nottingham City Homes Repair series of posts.

I had a quick wash. The shoulder gave me one more crunch as I dried myself with the towel. Left me with mild pains when I used the arm now.

Soon nodded off for a change, but soon shot awake again. Did this several times for no apparent reason?


Inchcock’s Partially Photographicalised Hobble

001aA Marathon (To me anyway) of mixed incidents and occurrences, I thought might be worthy of mentioning.

Perhaps due to the dwindling level of acuity I have been suffering with, I’m not sure. But the pain of this hobble was quite severe physically.

And yet, I really enjoyed it so very much.

The Main Reasons for my lengthy Hobble-Out today, was to try to get a photograph of the wildlife that would be good enough to post on the Nature Facebook page.

Also to get some fodder in.

The walk was only about two miles, although it felt an awful lot more to Arthur Itis, Anne Gyna and me. Hehe!

Observations along the route were of mixed emotions and memories.

01I set off, from the flats.

Up the gravel footpath to Woodthorpe Grange Park.

Then down the sparsely populated for a Saturday path and down onto Mansfield Road.

Turned right to the North, and 02Daybrook.

Tried to wipe the mud off of shoes best I could.

Then ventured along the A60, main intention to get to the B&M store to see if they had any cheap Easter eggs in stock, so I could treat the old folks at next Thursdays Community Hour 03in the Windwood shed.

A lady walking towards me looked me up and down as she passed by.

Offered a sneer and tutted, shaking her head a little as she did so? I thought I’d better have a look at my reflection in the first shop window I came to?

04Slightly puzzled, I pressed on.

Then a really sad observation; The Old Headway respite charity place, had now closed down, and the trees had already been pulled down.

I couldn’t see what was to built, but expect it might be more student flats.

05So many memories of when I was a volunteer helper there. I mused on this and wondered where they had all gone now. Such a brave lot of people who I admired, and got such satisfaction and joy from knowing. Some names returned to, Kathy, Roger, and Damian. I was in Daybrook without knowing, I was so deep in thoughts.

06Called into the B&M store and had a plod around. Got some individual Strawberry jam packs, a pot of porridge and a pack of five Cadbury cream eggs for £1-89.v

I purchased some an individual ten pack of Strawberry jam, a pot of porridge and a pack of five Cadbury cream eggs for £1-89.

07I also collected a glare of doom from the lady on the till, then as I left the shop, had a look at my reflection in the glass door. I could see nothing untoward; My nose wasn’t running, my zip was fastened up?

As I left and moved onto Mansfield Road and up to cross it, I espied some Nottingham Street Art at 08the bus shelter. Not up to the usual high standard I thought. Hehehe!

Over and down passing the Part-Time Fire Station and down a bit further to the Arno Hill Park.

Memories came to the surface again here. In about 1985 I had to respond to an alarm activation at this station, 09no key holding, just an assessment visit.

It turned out they had a fire but their Fire Alarm did not activate, the Intruder one did when the doors buckled.

Memories again!

10Through the pretty, but dirty park gates and into the grounds.

More Nottingham Street Art on the path around the pond.

This time made with some partly singed paperwork?

I plodded on where the birds and ducks were gathering and got out my Camera and had a great time.

11 14

18N13ot that I got any photographicalisations that were terribly good.

A lady came up to me, and I was expecting funny looks again. But no! She told me there was an owl on the 20island I might like to take a shot of.

It turned out to be an imitation dummy one. Hehe!

I left and carried on into Arnold proper. The sign said nine minutes by foot. Not with my feet and legs it wasn’t, more like fifteen. Humph!

22As I approached the traffic lights I took a photo to show how little traffic was about.

Seconds after taking this picture, a lady driving the 4×4 vehicle clouted into the back of the one in front of him.

They seemed quite civil to each other 23about it I must say.

I entered into the pedestrianised area of Front Street, and it felt so strange not seeing any mobility scooters or pavement cyclists about.

I checked myself in the Peacocks window reflection again to see if I’d missed something odd or out of place 24on my earlier checks. Why, might you ask?Because a woman passed me by and turned and gave me a rather disapproving stare again?

Because a woman passed me by and turned and gave me a rather disapproving stare again?

I was approaching paranoia (Not 25really, but I was still confused).

Got into Asda, and found they were selling the box’s of five Cadbury Cream Eggs for £1.79. Huh! I bought a good selection of individual mini eggs, so I might have enough now to give each tenant at the social hour one each. If no more than 15 turn up that is.

I also got some more desserts at 2 for a quid and another Irish Barn loaf.

At the checkout, the lady was very patient with me as I struggled to handle the money to give her. Then I dropped some of the eggs, as my finger froze while putting the in the bag. The lady waiting behind me get served shot passed me and picked them up for me. I thanked her profusely.

26Made my way to the bus stop and caught a bus back into Sherwood. Dropped off at the same bus stop where I caught a number 40 bus the three stops up Winchester Hill. I was so glad it arrived within a minute of me dropping off the other bus; For two reasons. I was shattered, and needed the bathroom urgently!

At the time of taking this photograph, I thought it was the best of the lot.


Inchcock Today. Sunday 6 March 2016: He has an involuntary mud-pack applied?

GC (4)

* * * * *

Sunday 3rd March 2016

Been awake for ages, stirred into action around 0500 hrs, carefully mind! Roger Reflux valve and Anne Gyna had both been giving me grief during the night. The lower back seems to have calmed down after all the bending to clean up after last nights series of Whoopsidangleplops!

Not feeling so good again (So tired and again already) now, but not complaining, at least, the ulcer and Arthur Itis are both being kind to me this morning. I made a cup of tea and took the medications. Getting low on Glyceryl trinitrate now, good job I’m going for the INR blood level test tomorrow, I’ll ask for some extra. Dentists on Tuesday.

Found some bits on the carpet from last night’s Whoopsidangleplop with the fodder, that I’m missed when cleaning it up. Very gently I got down and picked them up, took them to the bin, and returned with a damp cloth and got down again delicately, to try and remove the stains. Did a reasonable job, then getting back up again I felt the warm wet feeling coming from Little Inchy’s area. I’m managed to get the lesion bleeding again. Into the bathroom to clean him up, then applied the Dakacort cream again.While in there, I popped on the throne. As I sat there, I noticed the carbolic soap in the tray near the bath, and felt cheered up a bit somehow? Is it, or not is not sad for an old fart to get himself taken to heart at the thought of having a bath using his beloved carbolic soap or not?

While in there, I popped on the throne. As I sat there, I noticed the carbolic soap in the tray near the bath, and felt cheered up a bit somehow? – Is it, or not is not sad for an old fart to get himself taken to heart at the thought of having a bath using his beloved carbolic soap or not?

I looked at the laundry bag; it was getting filled up again, so decided today to get the laundry done. If I can catch a machine, that’s not in use. Decisions decisions Hehe!

After I get the laundry done, I might get a walk in the Woodthorpe Grange Park while the dryer is working and get some photographicalisationing done?

P1050130Best see how the weather develops.

The scene from the kitchen window was nice looking.

The thermometer on he window side was up to 57ºf.

I got the laptop on and completed yesterday’s diary. Then, checked the weather forecast for today; Cloudy, 44ºf and the winds twixt 7 and nine mph, doesn’t sound too bad that.

Had a good wash and brushed up, the shave producing several cuts on te chin and one on the neck.

Took my bag with me with the dirty washing, and got down to the Laundry Room. Got the washing machine on ‘Fast mode’, and did some crosswords in the foyer while waiting. Not many folks around today and those that did pass-by were not in a talkative mood to reply to my “Good Morning, are you keeping well” greeting.

P1050131One washer machine and one dryer were in use. As soon as my wash had finished I got to clobber into a drier. The one that was in use had ended earlier, and someone had left a green bag on top of the machine. I took their stuff out, and folded it into the green bag and left it on top of the dryer. I was obvious by the clothing, it belonged to an old dear.

I got the dryer going and departed for a walk up to the park with my camera.

P1050132I decide against going round the back of the flats into the park, as it looked rather muddy.

Hobbled up the gravel footpath instead, not that was a lot less muddy.

The Copse had many broken branches strewn around, as did the path at the top the of the hill.

P1050133Up, on the main footpath, at the head of the hill, the mud was unavoidable and very slippy. I noticed some daffodils or narcissus growing under some trees and foolishly tried to walk closer to get a photo of this wonder of nature.

I saw some daffodils or narcissus growing under some trees and foolishly attempted to walk closer to get a picture of this wonder of nature. What a P1050134plonker! Got myself stuck in the mud, nearly lost a shoe, and had a hell of a time finding a way back to the path without slipping over! Tsk!

I walked up the path to watch some football match for a while, but gave up, even the road was covered in mud at that end.

On the way back after deciding to retrace my steps to the flat, I met the Greyhound Lady with a different Whippet. He was friendly enough, and the lady told me this dog refuses to walk in mud and always avoids it. I wish I had been as wise!

P1050135Many people out in the park today.

I managed to get down the gravel path and into the foyer. Tried to clean off some of the mud on the kerb beforehand, not very successful, though.

I went into the laundry room and used some tissues and ran water from the tap to clean up my shoes best I could, and then tackled mud on the bottom of my jeans when I noticed it putting my shoes back on.

I wished I’d known who’s the washing in the green bag was, it had still not been collected, I could have taken it to her flat for her.

Did some more cross-wording while waiting for dryer, to finish. Got the togs folded into my bag, and got back up to the flat. Put the clothes away and made a cuppa.

NCCwalk01Laptop on to update this diary, the started the ‘Ode post’.

Got it done and posted, and then went on Facebook.

Feeling a bit better now, Anne Gyna has eased off a lot.

01WGot the fodder prepared. Beef slice, potato cakes, roast vegetables, four little potatoes, made gravy, beetroot, and put black bean cooking sauce on the slice. Then when I served it up, dropped two chicken thighs on the tray. Greed!

Crossed fingers it comes out okay. Strawberry dessert (Last one, sob!) for afters.

No Whoopsiedangeplops while making or eating this gastronomic delight. Pigged it and ate the lot! (Coy mode adopted)

However; when I did the washing up afterwards, I found it no effort at all to drop the washing-up liquid bottle and coat my trousers socks and slippers in Morrison’s Savers green liquid. Then slid painfully about for a few seconds on the now almost like an ice rink floor.

This incident and the cleaning up afterwards brought on Anne Gyna, Little Inchy bleeding again and even Arthur Itis joined in. Notwithstanding, I kept me pecker up, cleaned it up, changed clothes, took me late medications and settled into the even more damaged 1959 imitation leather arm chair, painfully.

Watched a lot of TV tonight, over three hours. Fair enough, it was interspersed with nodding-off periods, but overall, I did well staying awake. I eventually went off into the land of nod, much needed after the last two nights, managing four hours without hiatus. Zzzz!

Mon 29 Feb 16 Inchcock Today: A Nasty Late Whoopsiedangleplop spoilt the day – Humph!

Firstly, A funny Solicitor bashing joke I found I enjoyed so much!


Monday 29 February 2016

Woke at 0245 hrs, to the porcelain. ‘Little Inchy needed de-coking and cleaned up, I put some anti-bleed cream on him, then returned to get my head down again.

Woke once more around 0600 hrs and shot down to the laundry room and got my remaining clothes done and dried. Returned and put them away like a good boy. All caught up now.

Set about trying to get the Ailments post finished, managed to get it nearly done, before I had to prepare myself and the things ready for the INR Warfarin blood test at the surgery in Carrington.

Got a most enjoyable (Even the getting in and out seemed easier!) bath, teggies done, shaved (Only three cuts this morning, well; I was rushing like), changed togs, assembled everything needed and went off into the cold sunshine for a walk to the Doctors.

P1050093Most pleased with the rate of knots achieved, it only took me 36 minutes to get there. I even remembered to take a photo of the new houses being built without any bricks as I could see the other day. I spotted some today, though, can you see them in the photo?

As I got to the top of the hill on Mansfield Road, a group of ankle-biters were walking up with carers. Each carer had four kids in hand, and the children clasped hands together. I was P1050094impressed with how each toddler had a reflective jacket on, and the way the little one behaved.

At the surgery, the wait for the nurse was a long one, but I had me Classic Car magazine to read. The test went well; even the bleeding stopped quicker today.

I was getting a little concerned with everything going so well now. Will something happen that will ruin things? Hehe!

P1050095I gave them their nibble-bag and set off to the bus stop and caught a Pronto bus into Mansfield.

I think the driver was in a rush, because boy, did he move at speed.

We were in Mansfield within 30 minutes! And that is 15 miles of heavily used roads we got through.

P1050096I poddled down to the precincts. I still looked a sad place, in fact, there was yet another retail outlet closed down this visit.

I called in the B&M store to see if I could get some more of those 15p tins of garden peas, but they had gone up to 25p. No cheaper than Morrisons and Asda, so didn’t bother with getting any. Had a walk around and saw they were offering a box of two Top Gear Specials at £5. I got a box. Along with two tins of Mini hot dogs and two tubs of cheeselets at 50p down from £1.50. I can give these to the Community Shed Social people to hand out on Thursday. I must remember to go this week.

Hobbled to the Poundstretcher shop further up, and got some bird seed for the ducks, mini chocolate eggs at 50p from 99p it said, and some wagon wheels for the Community Club.

P1050097Back to the bus station and caught the bus back into Sherwood. Had another bit of luck there, the 40 bus was due at the bus stop I dropped off at in only 16 minutes. So I nipped in the nearby co-op and got a small loaf of brown bread.

Back to the bus stop and caught the 40 bus up the steep hill and walked back along Chestnut Walk to the flats.

As I got in, straight to the porcelain. Then as I unpacked my bags, I glanced at the contents of the Royal Dane mini hot dog sausages. Mechanically separated pork (31%), Pork Meat (27%) Blood pork plasma, water, potato starch, salt, milk protein, glucose syrup, stabiliser, spice extracts, antioxidant, preservative smoked and cooked brine, water. Made me wonder, that in red did?

I bravely put some in the saucepan with a tin of curried baked beans to have later with some bread and the just out of date Polish cooked ham.

Got the laptop on and finally finished and posted the Ailments effort.

NCCwalk06DSCN0053Got the nosh and took the medications with it.

I enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to.

Rated this one at 8.9/10.

Washed the pots and took a bag of rubbish to the chute. As I entered the door to where the chute was, a rather painful Whoopsiedangleplop occurred.

I bent down to open the chute and slipped on some wet on the floor, went over backwards and cracked my bonce on the wall on the way down, and landed twisting my back. I lay there feeling a fool for a while. Hehe!

I got back up without too much difficulty, but by gum, t’was painful.

Got the bag down the chute, and then fetched the mop and bucket and got the wet up. It smelt of something I could not identify; it was like a ladies perfume, but not strongly? It was even odds in the pain stakes at that time between the head and the back pains, Humph! My fault for not noticing the wet.

In future, I’ll remember to put the light on in the chute room before entering when it’s dark. (He says wisely and too late, Hehe”)

I just knew things were going too well today you know!

After that, it was ‘feel-sorry-for-myself’ time for a while.

Put some antiseptic cream on the head, and despite being on my limit for the day, I took an extra 30g Codeine painkiller. The back was now easily, winning the fight to claim to become the most painful of the two faux pas from the Whoopsiedangleplop.

The lower back pain was almost like an electric shock; that comes on when I move, but only seems to last minute or two at most, but repeated the attacks pretty regularly tonight.

This made sleeping a bit hard, but after waking many times, I did manage to drift off.

Waking again at 0215hrs with the twinges rampant.

Hey-ho, I’ll see how it does go. Hehe!

TTFN all.

Inchcock Today Sat 30 Jan 16: Whoopsiedangleplop and the return of rumbling Innards!

GC (5)

I woke up in the chair I’d fell asleep in, the TV flickering away, and made a rather grave error! I felt the wind building up inside, and was so glad that constipation seemed to be easing off, and eased out a little wind, just to see if I could like: I could!

Then the uneasy feeling of being desperately in need of getting to the porcelain came. Despite Arthur Itis not liking it, I rose unsteadily and in haste to me feet – treading on the TV remote-control thingamajig as I hobble as quickly as I could manage to get to the WC.

Too late I’m afraid! I won’t go into any details of this incident, just let you all know it took me a good few minutes to sort out the resulting embarrassing Whoopsiedangleplop.

All cleaned and fresh again, I cleaned the bathroom and went into the kitchen to make a cuppa and get my medications. Luckily, I had two Loperamide Hydrochloride capsules from the last attack a couple of weeks ago.

I thought about having some porridge or cornflakes, but I decided not to.

I’ll have to try and get out today, despite the winds and rain that’s falling, and get some more in stock.

Into the living room with my cuppa and tablets to put the laptop on. The trodden-on TV remote on the floor, in two bent pieces, surrounded by glittering bits of exposed electronic stuff. It looked as if I’d bashed it with a hammer? Struth, I only stepped on it once? Hey-ho!

Got down and picked up the oddments the Hoover and brush wouldn’t get hold of, and collected all the bits. It took me awhile to get back up again mind.

Ten minutes later, it was back to the porcelain in another hurry. Made it okay, though.

Oh sorry, nearly forgot my Solicitor bashing joke of the day.

CG poorly2

Finished and posted yesterday’s diary and started this one off.

Managed to finish off a graphic I’d been working on for ages for TFZ on Facebook. Didn’t know which final touches one to use:


Ended up posting the first one. I hope they like it.

Did some more work on CorelDraw. I spent three hours or so on this task, during which I had to have a wee-wee eight times and a sat-on-the-porcelain job one more.

Went onto Facebook and played for a bit. Hehe! Four hours!

Three more wee-wee trips, but no heavy duty visits again – mind you I haven’t eaten yet, what do I have that is the question.

Got me ablutions and shaving finished.

GC (01d)Decided to have a circular walk into Sherwood from the flats and back, to get the Diarrhoea tablets.

The winds were still somewhat bad, but not as bad as earlier I must say.

The wind from the innards was worrying just a bit; I was concerned I may not make it all the way back before things started bubbling and brewing again. Oh dear!

The feet were giving me some gip by the time I arrived in Sherwood. Called in the Co-op store. I purchased a TV paper, crispy bacon and the Classic Car Weekly. I get the Classic Car paper just to relive old memories of them.

GC (01c)When I paid, the lady gave me four bits of paper.

The standard till receipt, one telling me to swipe my Co-op card as I could be a winner, one coupon for 50p off. My next spend valid up to 6 February if I spend over£4. Then another voucher telling me I swiped and won! £5 off valid up to February.

I wobbled ungainly down Mansfield Road and as I passed by the hot food takeaway place started off the olfaction processes of my nose. It also brought hunger pains to mind.

I got in the queue in the shop, and the procrastination started to hassle me: Should I risk eating anything that might make my diarrhoea any worse? By the time I got to be served, I just got a small tray of lightly roasted potatoes that I could re-warm later.

Out and down the road, left up Winchester Street hill. Struggled with this to start with, but the gurgling from my innards seemed to boost my perambulation abilities, and I got a decent move on. Only up to the laundry where I was to turn left along Chestnut Way and the flats.

Deerhat2It was here (See red cross on the map above) that I realised I’d forgotten to get the tablets for my diarrhea.

What a plonker!

I pressed on and got in the flats, straight to the porcelain throne. Excellent timing!

I opened the potatoes and took out of the tray and into an oven dish ready to rewarm; Blimey the smell? It seemed to give off the scents of everything they sold in the shop? Curry, beef, chilli, fish, etc.?

I was not sure whether to risk eating them? Still, I put the in the oven with the BBQ sausages to warm through.

Updated this on the laptop, and then had a look and smell of the fodder in the oven tray, to test out if it was okay to eat.

P1020947I tried one of the potatoes, it seemed to taste good to me. Made the plate up it all looked fine.

The first slice of a sausage and eurgh!

Threw them all away, horrible they were. I checked the wrapper, and the sell-by-date was 8 Feb, so I don’t know what the problem was with them? Gone off getting any more now.

So I replaced them with the crispy bacon rashers and enjoyed the meal then.

The trips to the WC for a wee-wee started and stayed with me for most of the night. And yet, despite the rumbling innards, no calls to the throne.

Took my medications, and tried to settle down to watch the TV. I soon realised I had no remote thingummajig following my earlier Whoopsiedangleplop, to change channels, or even turn it on! And… I spent ages picking out what to watch in the TV magazine. Memory deficient Fool! 

Unusually, there had been no nodding off today, but still I couldn’t get to sleep. I even managed to read several chapters of my book (Leningrad) before nodding off.