Inchcock Today Tue 9 Aug 16: Nowt much to get excited about… Tsk! But I did see Olive for a good natter!


Tuesday 9th August 2016

Woke a few times for a WRWW during the night, finally roused and moved my bloodied flobby-body around 0550hrs for another WRWW.

The memories of yesterday’s and last nights Whoopsiedangleplops still heavy on my mind, the bleeding from Haem Aroid, Little Inchy and the two wounds on the right legs shin, the pain from stubbing my already blackened left foot toe on the scales (I’ve now moved them) didn’t bother me much. I was too depressed and pitifully saddened. I felt I was not connivent with reality somehow.

Made a cuppa and got the medications taken, laptop on and updated Monday’s sad tale of woes. One of the worst days for the amount of Whoopsiedangleplops ever I think. Humph!

10bWent to make another cup of tea, and oh dear, I felt so bad with myself again when I saw the Fresh Cream French Horn in the fridge – with the mayhem of last night’s meal on the floor Whoopsiedangleplop and altercation, I’d forgotten to eat it!

Too late now, it was dried up, so into the bin, sadly. But I am so glad I got the other one to Olive earlier.

Got some graphics done, and finalised Monday’s real farce and got it posted off.

Did some Facebooking, too much Facebooking again. I was nearly late for going to the surgery in time to get there for the INR Warfarin blood test!Rushed about and had a shave and shower, changed into clean togs and set off in a bit of a panic on my journey.

MC001It was brightish weather, with the threat of rain in the air, as I legged it as fast as I could manage to Carrington and the surgery nurse. And, what’s more, and further as well as, I made it in a record time of 39 minutes!

This despite the new injuries joining in with the regular ailments today. I amazed myself in getting there just in time for the appointment. The feet were aching something rotten, but no other hiatus. (Should that be hiatuses?)

The nurse soon had me in her room and taking the blood. I asked her if she would take a look at the black toe on me left foot and the two scars on me right shin for me, which, she did. She could not help bursting into laughter when I told her how they had occurred. She said to take the new plasters she’s put on them off tonight and dab with lesions with antiseptic cream or TCP, then leave the plasters off so they could dry naturally.

I thanked her, gave her the nibbles and walked down into Carrington proper and called in Lidl to get some fruit and veg. Apples, bananas, yellow and red peppers, some nibbles for the nurses later and a pack of four cheese covered cobs. I thought perhaps tonight I might have two bacon cobs, with tomatoes beetroots and gherkins maybe? Oh, and I got some Magnesium tablets at an excellent price too. Since Sandra Lentz recommended them to me, the night cramps have got a lot less often and severe. (Thanks, Sandie my flower XXX)

The lady on the checkout didn’t sneer at me or overcharge me either (I checked) a new employee obviously, mind you she has got the knack of throwing the goods at me all off pat.

Out to the bus stop, I must have looked knackered or something, because a lady offered me her seat in the shelter? With the state of my piles, I thanked her and declined the kind offer.

The bus came, and I rode into Sherwood. There I alighted and went to the Pelican light to cross the road and hope a bus to the flats would be coming soon. It wasn’t, I’d missed it by three minutes, the next one due in 57 minutes, Tsk!

So, I hobbled, and I was hobbling now, the haemorrhoids and feet were giving me grief, up over the hill and into Woodthorpe Grange Park, as a few drops of rain tried to force their way down.

MC01The park was free of Pathway Cyclists, and many dogs were enjoying taking their owners for a walk and ball games. I loved seeing the wagging tails. (On the dogs like, not the owners).

Up towards the end of the footpath, there were groups of young lads in twos with their mobiles out – I think they might have been looking for the, erm… what’s it called, the new thing where they chase after an icon figure? Sorry, I mentioned it now I can’t remember the name of it, a game of some sort? A new craze, I saw it on the news the other night. Never mind!

On the way down the gravel hill to the flats, an old chap was walking up with what might have been his grandson, and he spoke to me as I hobble passed him: “Where’s yer skateboard, that’d make it easier?” I replied, quick as a flash: “I’ve been bungee jumping and left it on the platform!” Well, they both laughed out loud at that! I’m doing well at making folks laugh today up to now. Hehehe!

Got in the flat and put the fodder away, WRWW and made a cuppa.

I got the Appointment letter from the Treatment Centre at the Queens Medical out of the ‘Medical File’ and put it in the jacket pocket ready for tomorrow afternoon. Felt a bit proud that I had not lost it really. 

Had a pork loin cheesy cob. Feeling a bit better now. Took the dressing off the arm and I got the laptop on and updated this tosh. Did some graphicationalisationing.

Took some apples and bacon and went to visit Olive. It was super-good to find her in better spirits and welcoming me with her wonderful smile. We had a great chinwag and reminiscing session which I enjoyed so much. Kiss and a cuddle, and back to the flat to make use of the throne.

10Decided to have bacon cobs for my meal tonight.

Kept it smaller than usual, having had the pork loin cob earlier.

Two bacon (That I cooked in the oven) cheesy cobs, Gherkins, yellow tomatoes, a rice cake and beetroot. Followed by a banana and lemon flavoured yoghourt.

I placed the tray after eating it on the chair next to the £300 second-hand recliner, put the TV on, and faded fast! Eyes drooped, and I spent hours nodding off, waking to see what was on the goggle-box and nodding off again. Amazingly I had no calls to the water closet at all?

Around midnight I think it was, I gave up and turned the TV set off, and drifted into sleep, Sweet Morpheus!

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