Inchcock Today Sat 30 Jan 16: Whoopsiedangleplop and the return of rumbling Innards!

GC (5)

I woke up in the chair I’d fell asleep in, the TV flickering away, and made a rather grave error! I felt the wind building up inside, and was so glad that constipation seemed to be easing off, and eased out a little wind, just to see if I could like: I could!

Then the uneasy feeling of being desperately in need of getting to the porcelain came. Despite Arthur Itis not liking it, I rose unsteadily and in haste to me feet – treading on the TV remote-control thingamajig as I hobble as quickly as I could manage to get to the WC.

Too late I’m afraid! I won’t go into any details of this incident, just let you all know it took me a good few minutes to sort out the resulting embarrassing Whoopsiedangleplop.

All cleaned and fresh again, I cleaned the bathroom and went into the kitchen to make a cuppa and get my medications. Luckily, I had two Loperamide Hydrochloride capsules from the last attack a couple of weeks ago.

I thought about having some porridge or cornflakes, but I decided not to.

I’ll have to try and get out today, despite the winds and rain that’s falling, and get some more in stock.

Into the living room with my cuppa and tablets to put the laptop on. The trodden-on TV remote on the floor, in two bent pieces, surrounded by glittering bits of exposed electronic stuff. It looked as if I’d bashed it with a hammer? Struth, I only stepped on it once? Hey-ho!

Got down and picked up the oddments the Hoover and brush wouldn’t get hold of, and collected all the bits. It took me awhile to get back up again mind.

Ten minutes later, it was back to the porcelain in another hurry. Made it okay, though.

Oh sorry, nearly forgot my Solicitor bashing joke of the day.

CG poorly2

Finished and posted yesterday’s diary and started this one off.

Managed to finish off a graphic I’d been working on for ages for TFZ on Facebook. Didn’t know which final touches one to use:


Ended up posting the first one. I hope they like it.

Did some more work on CorelDraw. I spent three hours or so on this task, during which I had to have a wee-wee eight times and a sat-on-the-porcelain job one more.

Went onto Facebook and played for a bit. Hehe! Four hours!

Three more wee-wee trips, but no heavy duty visits again – mind you I haven’t eaten yet, what do I have that is the question.

Got me ablutions and shaving finished.

GC (01d)Decided to have a circular walk into Sherwood from the flats and back, to get the Diarrhoea tablets.

The winds were still somewhat bad, but not as bad as earlier I must say.

The wind from the innards was worrying just a bit; I was concerned I may not make it all the way back before things started bubbling and brewing again. Oh dear!

The feet were giving me some gip by the time I arrived in Sherwood. Called in the Co-op store. I purchased a TV paper, crispy bacon and the Classic Car Weekly. I get the Classic Car paper just to relive old memories of them.

GC (01c)When I paid, the lady gave me four bits of paper.

The standard till receipt, one telling me to swipe my Co-op card as I could be a winner, one coupon for 50p off. My next spend valid up to 6 February if I spend over£4. Then another voucher telling me I swiped and won! £5 off valid up to February.

I wobbled ungainly down Mansfield Road and as I passed by the hot food takeaway place started off the olfaction processes of my nose. It also brought hunger pains to mind.

I got in the queue in the shop, and the procrastination started to hassle me: Should I risk eating anything that might make my diarrhoea any worse? By the time I got to be served, I just got a small tray of lightly roasted potatoes that I could re-warm later.

Out and down the road, left up Winchester Street hill. Struggled with this to start with, but the gurgling from my innards seemed to boost my perambulation abilities, and I got a decent move on. Only up to the laundry where I was to turn left along Chestnut Way and the flats.

Deerhat2It was here (See red cross on the map above) that I realised I’d forgotten to get the tablets for my diarrhea.

What a plonker!

I pressed on and got in the flats, straight to the porcelain throne. Excellent timing!

I opened the potatoes and took out of the tray and into an oven dish ready to rewarm; Blimey the smell? It seemed to give off the scents of everything they sold in the shop? Curry, beef, chilli, fish, etc.?

I was not sure whether to risk eating them? Still, I put the in the oven with the BBQ sausages to warm through.

Updated this on the laptop, and then had a look and smell of the fodder in the oven tray, to test out if it was okay to eat.

P1020947I tried one of the potatoes, it seemed to taste good to me. Made the plate up it all looked fine.

The first slice of a sausage and eurgh!

Threw them all away, horrible they were. I checked the wrapper, and the sell-by-date was 8 Feb, so I don’t know what the problem was with them? Gone off getting any more now.

So I replaced them with the crispy bacon rashers and enjoyed the meal then.

The trips to the WC for a wee-wee started and stayed with me for most of the night. And yet, despite the rumbling innards, no calls to the throne.

Took my medications, and tried to settle down to watch the TV. I soon realised I had no remote thingummajig following my earlier Whoopsiedangleplop, to change channels, or even turn it on! And… I spent ages picking out what to watch in the TV magazine. Memory deficient Fool! 

Unusually, there had been no nodding off today, but still I couldn’t get to sleep. I even managed to read several chapters of my book (Leningrad) before nodding off.

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