I get so excited you know…


Being a handsome man, healthy, educated and debonair too,

Of course, that was years ago, when I wasn’t always running to the loo,

I could handle women, money, passing wind and Vindaloo,

I’d put my socks on, bend down and drink ale without any ballyhoo!

Things would not be like this for long, I knew.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

1959 I visited a fortune teller; one look at my palm and she cried,

I used to be able to handle finances and food that was fried, 

Many requests for a girls cuddle were not denied,

Parts of my body had not yet shrunk, shrivelled or dried!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

But now I’m seventy, and getting once again excited,

Although the body sags, and I’m very short-sighted,

With bragging, yearnings and hopes, I’m no longer blighted,

When something is happening, I don’t get invited,

Less hassle and bladder retention you see, I find I am delighted!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

I feared my memory going if you get me drift?

But it went all the same, and my hearing’s gone adrift,

Behind with the rent now, I’ve become a spendthrift,

At least, there’s no more working the graveyard shift!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _

Excitement comes more frequently and easier nowadays,

Getting on the right bus, and my spirits will raise,

Getting through the day without setting flat ablaze,

Excitement comes in any forms and ways,

Having the time to just stargaze,

Ready for the end of days!

No Inchcock was harmed damaged or sanitised during the writing of this crap

Inchcock Today Thu 21 Jan 16: Jejune filled day…


01W01Thursday 21 January 2016

When I awoke at 0400hrs, it was with the pleasurable sensation of far less pain from Arthur Itis and Anne Gina. But bother from the reflux valve. A good start I thought.

To the porcelain throne – for a long time too! The constipation was worse than yesterday, and it caused much bleeding of the haemorrhoids too!

I made a cuppa and took the morning medications, then pondered a while; It’s odd how my ailments come and go.

  • Yesterday I couldn’t bend down without too much pain – Today I can get up and down without excess pain?
  • Anne Gina was almost too much yesterday, this morning she’s being kind to me?
  • I’ve had two or three days with the duodenal ulcer giving me agony – today, I feel no bother at all?
  • The Hernia has been so kind to me for weeks, today he starts off again?
  • The water retention in my legs and feet has suddenly started to go down a bit at last, but why? The problem with this is, of course, now the urine evacuations are larger, more frequent and a bit painful. Oh, and they are a good bit more urgent as well!
  • The Reflux Valve is changing all the time, several times a day – sometimes I can hardly breathe others I forget the problem is there? I think this ailment will be the one that gets me in the end. I’d have a bet on it being so, but don’t see the point. Hehe!
  • The ticker replacement is doing well mind, no apparent problems at all there.
  • Little Inchy and his lesion are at last (I hope) beginning to disappear! No blood last night, and none today so far. The clinic did me proud with their treatment procedure and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.
  • After having the rumbling innards and diarrhea for weeks, the none day of normality, suddenly I get it replaced with painful Constipation instead? Tsk!

I thought I’d try to get out and about today, try to get some decent photographing done. I  might call at the Arboretum to see if I can catch any wildlife or floral stuff?

I started the laptop and finished Wednesdays diary off and got it posted.

IMG_0021Then I put the kettle on to make another cuppa and noticed some emergency vehicle lights flashing in the distance through the kitchen window.

Started this diary off to here, and then did some Facebooking and WordPressing.

I was working away on me graphicationalisationing, and thought I’d give Jane and Pete a ring, seconds later Pete rang me!

NN08They’re coming on their first view of the flat tomorrow around 1100hrs.

Why do I get the memory of the words “By your Beds!” come back to mind?

Finished off a graphic and posted it to WordPress.

Then I got myself spruced up and bathed.