Inchcock Today 1 Jan 2016: Happy New Year to all… Well, do yer bestest anyway!



Fri 1st January 2016

Woke at 0435 hrs, Felt horrible this morning, back and neck ache, Little Inchy in a right state, stomach grinding and rumbling away (That’ll teach me for eating a big meal yesterday).

Had to hasten to the  bathroom to try and pass and sort Little Inchy out. While sat on the thrown some memories came back of a dream I’d had, I wrote what I could recall on some toilet paper.he rumbling innards back again! after a terrible night of my waking, aching and far, er, passing the wind.

No luck with the passing but got Inchy treated. Put the kettle on and got my medications ready.he rumbling innards back again! after a terrible night of my waking, aching and far, er, passing the wind.

P1020796Then I perused the notes of the dream I’d made. Took a photo of them.

Most of the memories had gone from my mind by now – not being able to decipher my own handwriting irked me a bit.

I was on a train, a steam train engine and had to collect some sliced red potatoes in a small bag from a net at the side of the track as we passed… Couldn’t climb up in time… Somehow got the bag with the sliced raw redskin potatoes and people were then chasing me to get them off me? I’m sure there was much more but not able to read my notes and all the recollections being dissipated left me frustrated.  

Arthur Itis was niggling me, the back and neck in a state and I kept needing (Or thinking I needed) to use the WC to no avail, though. I thought with the breadbasket rumbling away it would be easy, but no.

I set about finishing the last and starting this diary off on the laptop.

No buses again today or tomorrow from the flats. So maybe I’ll get to finish my Ode to post later? Or, perhaps I can get some cleaning done? Mmm?

Did some Facebooking, for several hours.


Patricia Kopf’s Graphic. Best wishes and prayers for her speedy recovery. XXX

One of the Troll Free Zone Angels, Patricia Kropf  has had a nasty tumble and broken her patella and damaged her wrist. Set about creating a graphic to try and cheer her up a bit.

Posted this to her Facebook page.

Thinking of her now, I just hope she is not in too much pain. Bless her.

LindaBirthIt was TFZer Linda Novak’s birthday today as well.

Did her a  graphic with some hunks on it for her celebration.

Hope she likes it alright?

Got carried away with the graphicalisationing somewhat and did some more.

Marie and Sandra on their tandem M-S bikemotorbike next.

The tummy started rumbling a bit worse, so the bathroom had many visits for the rest of the day.

Mostly failures.

Had me nosh then I took the evening medications.

Fell asleep.