Inchcock Today 1 Jan 2016: Happy New Year to all… Well, do yer bestest anyway!



Fri 1st January 2016

Woke at 0435 hrs, Felt horrible this morning, back and neck ache, Little Inchy in a right state, stomach grinding and rumbling away (That’ll teach me for eating a big meal yesterday).

Had to hasten to the  bathroom to try and pass and sort Little Inchy out. While sat on the thrown some memories came back of a dream I’d had, I wrote what I could recall on some toilet paper.he rumbling innards back again! after a terrible night of my waking, aching and far, er, passing the wind.

No luck with the passing but got Inchy treated. Put the kettle on and got my medications ready.he rumbling innards back again! after a terrible night of my waking, aching and far, er, passing the wind.

P1020796Then I perused the notes of the dream I’d made. Took a photo of them.

Most of the memories had gone from my mind by now – not being able to decipher my own handwriting irked me a bit.

I was on a train, a steam train engine and had to collect some sliced red potatoes in a small bag from a net at the side of the track as we passed… Couldn’t climb up in time… Somehow got the bag with the sliced raw redskin potatoes and people were then chasing me to get them off me? I’m sure there was much more but not able to read my notes and all the recollections being dissipated left me frustrated.  

Arthur Itis was niggling me, the back and neck in a state and I kept needing (Or thinking I needed) to use the WC to no avail, though. I thought with the breadbasket rumbling away it would be easy, but no.

I set about finishing the last and starting this diary off on the laptop.

No buses again today or tomorrow from the flats. So maybe I’ll get to finish my Ode to post later? Or, perhaps I can get some cleaning done? Mmm?

Did some Facebooking, for several hours.


Patricia Kopf’s Graphic. Best wishes and prayers for her speedy recovery. XXX

One of the Troll Free Zone Angels, Patricia Kropf  has had a nasty tumble and broken her patella and damaged her wrist. Set about creating a graphic to try and cheer her up a bit.

Posted this to her Facebook page.

Thinking of her now, I just hope she is not in too much pain. Bless her.

LindaBirthIt was TFZer Linda Novak’s birthday today as well.

Did her a  graphic with some hunks on it for her celebration.

Hope she likes it alright?

Got carried away with the graphicalisationing somewhat and did some more.

Marie and Sandra on their tandem M-S bikemotorbike next.

The tummy started rumbling a bit worse, so the bathroom had many visits for the rest of the day.

Mostly failures.

Had me nosh then I took the evening medications.

Fell asleep.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today 1 Jan 2016: Happy New Year to all… Well, do yer bestest anyway!

  1. Hello luv, look who’s back from the near dead. Looks like it’s about time too, with your innards churning around like that. Believe me, I share your discomfort + 25, or maybe X 25, since it seems to be lasting forever. Only choked one time on dinner today though, good sign there’s still life in the old gal here. I’m a year older than the last time I spoke to you, so be sure you show respect here.
    Are you feeling better now? Any whoopsiedangleplops you didn’t mention? Better not be. None on this end, but a few close calls that had me sitting back down rather abruptly.
    Love your riddle at the top. Should have guessed the answer, but didn’t think it thru fast enough so you got me on that one.
    Shoulder is hurting a lot, cold getting to it now so that is one I’ll have to live with I guess. I overdid things a bit and now have to pay the piper, but it sure was a great run while it lasted.
    Take care of you luv, and I almost forgot to ask — did you find that lottery ticket yet? It’s cold here and I want to take off for the south seas soon.

    • Hello hello hello Angie, I’m afraid we both have to suffer at the same time again. Tsk! Things do seem to be going on a bit this time for us both doesn’t it?
      Expect respect, Cause I suspect, Love and appreciation I do detect, I’ll keep my thoughts circumspect, Consider me your very own knecht, One day we will connect, And joy fun will be unchecked!
      I hope your shoulder will not give you too much bother gal. Your spot on with the things the GP’s etc are telling us we will have to live with. Hey-ho, a if we didn’t know!
      I’m afraid the lottery ticket, along with the Dixon of Dock Green DVD and the instruction manual for the hoover are all managing to hide themselves away from me still. Humph! Mind you, I did find me camera after searching for six hours. Wotta plonka I be!
      I’ve been thinking (Well, trying to), I think the barge-restaurant might be beyond me yer know. Would a balloon with a gigantic basket get over there to you? Just a though pet.
      Many more and happier less painful New Years to you flower. Thanks for being there. XXX

      • I’m limiting myself to one hour on the computer each day now Gerry, to try and rest all my painful parts, so this is your lucky hour, (even though the lottery ticket is lost). That balloon is a better idea, because the hot air could be just the ticket on those cold flights. A lot less time involved also, so that will be much better all around.
        Love your poetry, as well as your prose. And glad you found your camera, that gives me hope about some of the things I’ve lost. The ones I put down for a few seconds are the most irritating ones. I’ll never understand how they can disappear in such a hurry.
        Ah, my shoulders are both about to fall off now, because this cold is going straight thru them. I think that means time to stop typing and get my heat pad working. Take care of you luv. I’ll check in as often as I can. Just don’t forget about me, okay?

      • That is very heroic of you to limit your Web-time. I wish I had the will-power to do it.
        I was wondering what sort of ‘Air’ we’ll need to power the balloon? There is plenty of air here in the flat, but I don’t think it is of the type we could or should use though. Hehehe!
        Thanks for caring gal. Finding that camera was the highlight of me week.
        Got to wait for test results the Dr did yesterday on my legs and Little Inchy.
        Losing things has become so regular and assured nowadays, I think we should be given an award or something yer know; A plague, a mention on the World News, or be invited to write a weekly column in a newspaper? We could become the “I’ve lost it again Agony Aunt and Uncle” in a national?
        They just don’t appreciate what they are missing out on do they? You humour and understanding of the situation folk find themselves in memory-wise would be invaluable!
        I could never forget about you Angie, your my essential ingredient for me to get through life. XXX
        I’ll nip off now and do my sky diving and ballerina exercises. Haha! TTFN

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