Inchcock Today Wed 30 Dec 15: Off to Derby in the wild wind…

It is unfair to believe everything you hear about solicitors.

Some of it might not be true!


Wednesday 30th December 2015


A ‘Moody’ photo of the hallway this morning

Woke at 0500 hrs, after a terrible night of my waking, aching and far, er, passing the wind.

The tummy was rumbling again, aching neck, back and shoulders: And a blinding headache behind the eyes. I felt like I’d not had any sleep at all. Fatigued and heavy eyelidded. Another late rising again for me.

A headache made a mental contact with a dream I’d had but blown if I could recall the details.

No call to the porcelain either – bit concerning that, so out of the ordinary.felt 

When I moved to make a cuppa and get me medications the knees and back were not happy with me. I really must get out and about today, loosen things up. I might try to get to Derby again, take some seed and earthworms for the ducks, grab my camera and call in to see if Primark has got any of the loose fitting undies left for sale. Yes good idea, I think I’ll do that. Oh better check me calendar first. All clear, medical appointments start next Monday again, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on. On Monday, I have three of them, GP, Clinic nurse! Hehehe!

Laptop on finished yesterday’s rather sad, aimless. Desolate diary, and started this one off.

At last I got a summons to the bathroom from me innards – Oh what a kerfuffle too! Little Inchy needed extracting from my disposable undies; the dried blood did not want to be removed. The haemorrhoids were flowing red. I even caught the cut inside my lip when I was doing me teggies, and that joined in bleeding. However, I’ve had it worse, just not all at the same time.

Good news came yesterday, I forgot to mention in Tuesday diary: Sister Jane rang, and she’d taken Fooey to the Veterinary, and he told her that the antibiotics were working on him. Great news, although of course Fooey being so old I must not get too excited. I asked Jane to take a photo of him and send it to me so I can post it.

Must get an early as possible bath. Can’t have one before 0800hrs in case it disturbs my neighbours. That doesn’t leave much time to get everything ready for going out before I have to get down to the bus-stop to catch the first bus at 0930hr.

Got an early bath and won the daily battle getting me socks off and new ones on.

All readied for me outing, I walked to the Winwood Community Shed and handed the mail I’d received for Margaret, the previous tenant. Had a chinwag with Deana the flats coordinator.

Back to the foyer and met some of the other tenants for another little chinwag and laugh, before catching the bus into town.


Could be a good one for a Caption Competition?

As I got off the bus in the city to go to the Victoria bus station to catch the Red Arrow to Derby, I couldn’t help but smile to myself when I saw the window of the John Lewis store that was being changed.


I walked through to the bank (Again) and called in to once more find out why I was not receiving me bank statements. The chap confirmed they had my correct address on their database. But could not tell me why I had not had any statements since I’ve been in the flats from last July? Again, just like the last three times, I’d called in to see them and find out why – he said I should receive one. 

Getting fed up with this now. 

I departed frustrated and walked to get the bus to Derby, just as the rain came down, and the wind was buffeting the vehicle all the way en-route.

Arrived in Derby bus station and the rain had eased a lot, but the wind remained bothersome.


Derby’s pigeons tucking into their nosh

Went to the Derwent river bank behind the station and gave the pigeons their seed and earthworms.

Then walked in the rain to the old market plaza. It was so sad, at least, another three stalls had been abandoned and closed since my last visit.

I don’t think it can last much longer at this rate.

Then down to the Primark store and got out of the rain and had a good wander around. I got another 3-pack of the loose-fitting undies extra large.

Had a walk around town to the Eagle Centre and had a saunter through to the Market there, another sad sight with so many stalls closed down and or unoccupied.

I was tempted at a stall selling used dvds at £1.50 each and purchased a few.

P1020782I espied at a jewellery stall these Amber things, took the photo to post on the Troll Free Site for the girls.

Out into the rain and wind again and over to the bus station.

I had a while to wait for the bus, so took a walk through the supermarket in there. Bought a 20p newspaper.

Caught the bus and read the Star on the way back into Nottingham. I can see why they charge only 20p for it – rubbish!

P1020783I dropped off the bus on Upper Parliament Street.

It never ceases to amaze me how the Nottinghomians ignore traffic signals and lights. They just seem to walk across the road with total disinterest in the oncoming traffic that was on the green lights to drive?

P1020784I just missed catching the L9 bus, so had an hour to wait for the next one. I had a saunter around the City Centre.

Plenty of well-wrapped up folk about despite the rain and wind.

I called in the Spar shop to get one of their bacon cobs but they didn’t have any in.

Back to the bus-stop. The bus left early and we were soon back at the flats.

WC’d and got me nosh started – it was supposed to have been roast potatoes and sausages. But I somehow foolishly put them both in the oven at the same time, the sausages were cooked to perfection but the potatoes were still almost cold. Wotta plonker! I threw away the roast potatoes and made some instant mash. Huh!

The rain and wind persisted.

Started to read my book… Zzzz!

Inchcock Today Tue 29 Dec 15: Flat-bound again

Nottingham – Officially the cleanest City in Britain?



Tuesday 29th December 2015

Up at 0415 hrs, recalled bits of some dreams, but only bits this time. I was being dragged out of an office against me will by ghosts? Then was in a cellar working on a sewing machine? 

As soon as I tried to move, the neck and back ache started.

To the bathroom, Little Inchy had been bleeding less than of late, and I failed in my attempts at my needed evacuation?

Made a cuppa, took my medications and finished the diary for Monday, then started this one off. Moved on to doing graphics after I’d checked me emails.

P1020778As the lightness appeared, the moon was clinging on this morning. was arising.

The Morrisons gentleman arrived with my order, and I now have a chocker-full freezer and food cupboards like never before.

I must use some roast ham I have in the fridge from last week today. Perhaps ham, baby carrots, beetroot and mashed spuds, or baked spuds even?

I got an email earlier from the Grammarly add-on. Apparently I’ll get a monthly report something like this one I got here.

01W01I joined this free version last week and found it so good that I bought the premium package.

But found it so good that I bought the premium package.

This can be used along with WordPress, MS Word and Facebook, it also Auto checks my emails.

I have to say I’m enjoying using this Grammarly add-in thing, and it’s easy to get used to for the uneducated like what I am.

You’re never too old to learn, and even at 49, I’m savouring the experience, despite my total lack of education at school. Fib2 Oh… all right then, 69. Humph!

I spent hours trying to do the Ode for a post, but for some reason today, I just could not concentrate and gave up on it?

P1020779Got me nosh ready.

Sweet potatoes in batter, beef slice, beetroot, cheese pops and baby carrots.

Rated this one as 9.5/10.

Again, I returned to try to create the Ode, and again gave up frustratingly after several failed attempts?

Took the rubbish bags to the chute. When I returned to the flat I felt so drained for some reason. The aching back and neck started off again too.

The usual performance of nodding off and waking went on for ages.

I watched some more ‘Heartbeat’ episodes, series two this time.

Eventually nodded off through until 0500hrs.

Inchcock Today Mon 28 Dec 15: An Odd Day


Did everything but name my solicitors this did! Humph!


Monday 28th December 2015

Up at 0510 hrs, felt like I’d not had any sleep, fatigued and heavy eyelidded. Late again for me.

One of my dreams involved me being trapped underground, and confused as to where and how, I think a bank teller was with me, but no idea why?

Back and neck ache along with Arthur Itis in me knees made it painful for me to get to the bathroom porcelain on my first trip of the day. Funny innit? How yesterday I felt so good and had most of my ailments being kind to me – today Little Inchy had to be de-clogged of blood cleaned and treated. The haemorrhoids were bleeding away, and as I said earlier, Arthur Itis had returned with a vengeance! Accompanied by Anne Gina letting me know she was there.

I finished off Sunday’s diary, made a cuppa and took me morning medications.

Started this one off and then did a bit of Facebooking. For far longer than planned (But I love those pesky Ether-friends) and I must get a bath now and catch the later bus than expected.

Not liking this neck and shoulder ache I’ve accumulated overnight at all!

Filled the bath and tended to me tender areas. Hehe, why am I laughing?

Thought I’d go to the bank today and sort out why I had not been getting my statements. Then go to Derby for me undies.

Got ready, took me bags to the rubbish chute on the way down and went to the bus stop. No other residents there – hello I thought? Decided to walk up and through the park to the bus stop on Mansfield Road, met Frank and his son on the way doing the same. They informed me that the buses for the flats are off for three days, should be back on tomorrow. Tsk!

P1020770Got the bus in Sherwood to town.

Walked through Victoria Shopping Mall, and nearly got myself knocked into and over by the crowds!

Bargain hunters on a mission methinks, but dangerous for those not so nimble on their feet like what I am.

P1020771It was a bit of a job getting out uninjured, due to so many shoplifters trying to get in through the same doors, but managed it safely.

P1020772A smell greeted me as I left from the other end?

It was from the unemptied bins.


I walked bravely down through Clinton Street to the City Centre, where the unsmiling faces of the crowds concentrating on their mobile phones indicated another danger of me getting bashed into.

P1020773Went across the amusements and down Exchange Walk to the bank.

Of course, it was closed.

I had a wander about then decided not to get the bus to Derby. But get the 40 bus back to Winchester Street after I’d nipped into the Pound Shop to get some Lemon Air-freshener. I ended up getting more than planned. Jelly babies, BBQ sauce, the last lemon freshener in the store and a Jasper Carrot DVD.

Walked up to the bus stop and found one was due in a few minutes. Ah, I thought, is my luck is changing?

P1020776The bus came in, and we were off – the bus broke down at the next bus-stop.

Another driver got on, and they failed to get it going so we were turfed off to catch the next 40 bus.

Cunningly as I milled about twixt the 20 or so other ejected passengers, I decided to walk back to the first stop. This, I thought, would ensure I get a seat on it.

Hobbled back and had to wait 25 minutes for it to arrives and we set off again, but I got a seat!

At the bus-stop where we had been abandoned earlier the flood of passengers was tidal! The bus filled up within seconds, and the others left an elderly lady struggling to stand along with many others. No one offered her their seat, so I got the man in the next seat to me to let me out, I protected the free seat from being taken by others and indicated to the lady to seat there. My faith in humanity is ever decreasing!

SquirrelGot to the Winchester Street bus stop, and the lady got off at the same time. I crossed the road with her, both of us a bit nervous I think.

It’s a dangerous bend above and below the bus-stop for seeing traffic coming in time.fats.

The lady was not very lucid, and I felt for sorry for her. She said something about the carers at her home not being very caring bless her.

I walked her to the back entrance of her Care Home and continued on to Woodthorpe Court at the end of Chestnut Walk.

WC’d just in time, phew that one was close!

Got me nosh and settled to watch some Heartbeat episodes on a DVD of the first series. This got me thinking about when they were first shown and what I was doing and living at the time. Mixed memories emanated from me muddled mind and I realised I was happier now than then. I think?

I nodded off and woke up hours later and foolishly tried to watch some more. After several nod-offs, I gave up.

Inchcock Today Sun 27 Dec 15: Out and About today!



Sunday 27th December 2015


Brekkers this morning


Gloomy looking this morning as well!

Up at 0425 hrs, Some dreams I’d had stayed in my mind and I wrote bits of them down.

The cut lip I acquired yesterday while cutting my toenails was a lot less painful – until I made a cuppa and took me medications – Oooh stinging!

Arthur Itis was playing up on me knees badly, but Anne Gina and ulcer were not bad at all. Hope it stays like this for a bit.

Laptop on and got the Saturday diary finished and posted.

Then perused my notes about the dreams. So glad I did write them down because by now they had evaporated into the ether.

The Dream/s:

I was in a battle and seemed to be in charge of some Wehrmacht troops hidden up high in a battle-scarred building. We had little ammunition left but had pre-targeted all the areas around us for our artillery to pick of some of the hundreds of T34 tanks attacking us before we ran out of ammunition.

Then I seemed to be in charge of the Russian troops weapons and tactics? I summoned aircraft to attack and use the German’s ammunition. Having made all the plans – I found myself back with the Germans, for some reason the troops were using Bren guns but with a different shell casing?.

The best bit of the dream, Kathy Kirby appeared walking towards the Russian lines singing ‘Secret Love’ and the weapons ceased firing? After she had sung it, both sides gave her a round of vigorous applause.

As for me, I was transported to Italy, Rome I think.

I was sat in the Bistro (If that’s the word, an outside cafe wine bar), listening to a bloke singing Dean Martins ‘June in January’ and I was reading a book about ‘Open all hours’ the TV comedy?

I believe I was singing that song when I sprang awake?

Made another cuppa and decided that weather permitting, I’d try to have another good walk in Woodthorpe Grange Park again after the weather ruined yesterday’s attempted walk about in the Park.

Set about to attempt to create an Ode, but the concentration wasn’t there. Tsk!


Lynton & I in a graphic wot I dun like…

I did manage to get some graphics done, though.


Marissa Bergen in a ‘Women’s poster.’

I was pleased with the result of one I made using a photo Lynton that had posted on Facebook. Added my mush to it, and made a background using French toilet rolls, linking it to a word used in Lynton’s comments.

Then I did one of Marissa Bergen out of a poster I found on-line.

I made a bit of a mess of the neck though I’m afraid. Tsk! And Huh! Still it looks a bit like a collar?

I hope she isn’t too cruel to me over this transgression.

I live in fear now…

S-M Hornj

Shirley and Mike as Moneypenny and Bond!

Then I created a mock 007 poster with Shirley Blamey and Mike Steedenski as Miss Moneypenny and James Bond.

Hope they both like it.

Took a few hours to do but I did enjoy doing these graphics.

Went to have a wash and shave, during which I blew my nose and blood came out of the left nose channel. Bit concerned about this I was at the time. But thankfully it hasn’t happened since again yet.

Little Inchy bled a bit more than yesterday as well.


Traffic Jams en route to town

Took me rubbish to the chute on me way out. I walked up the hill path into Woodthorpe Park, and down onto Mansfield Road.

Caught a bus into the City Centre. The last ¼ mile was bumper to bumper with all the Sale shoplifters, er, shoppers going to town for the bargains.


Plenty on loungers with ear pieces and phones in their ear-holes were spread around

Walked through Victoria Cente shopping mall, a busy mob of shoppers were about in number.

There were many new eateries in the mall, and they were all doing a brisk trade today.

Had a look at some of the prices on their menus that were on display.

All through the centre, the available seating was occupied.


INTU centre busy today.

Most shops were advertising ‘Sale – All sale items at 50% off or more’.

When I passed by the ‘Next’ door, thought I noticed my Sister Jane inside, so I phoned her, no reply. Went into the store but couldn’t see her.

I walked to the other end on the top floor and out of the above street passage and took a photo from above.


Upper Parliament Street from the walkover bridge

The rain was holding off nicely.

Jane called me back, it was not her in the store, she was at home getting ready to go to the footy match.walk.

I carried on and down the wonderfully kept and cleaned stairs that come out between the Pound store and the pub in this photo.


Nottingham – The Cleanest City in the East Midland – they claim?

Not exactly an area that contributed to Nottingham becoming the cleanest City in the East Midlands is it? Hehe!

At the bottom of the steps were removed shop security tags, what looked like parts of syringes to me, sick on the floor, nub-ends, empty beer bottles and cans, uneaten takeaways and blood. Welcome to Nottingham!


The Mob! Clinton Street.

Got to the end of Clinton Street to go down it into the slab square, but being as I didn’t have me stick with me and the crowds looked rather daunting, I walked along Upper Parliament Street to Queen Street, to check on the times for the 40 buses today. No L9 or L8 was running today being a Sunday.


Food Glorious Food – at a price!

Had half an hour until the ETA of the bus, so took a walk into the Slab Square to get some photographs of the shoplifter… no sorry, shoppers fighting each other for the bargains nad entertainments.Least of all the food stalls!

The food stalls were doing well, despite the prices they were charging!


View of the Council House from the bus-stop on Queen Street

Back up to the bus-stop.

Caught the 40 bus back to Winchester Street in Sherwood. Close to the flats, only a ten-minute walk from the bus stop where I dropped off at on Winchester Street.

Arthur Itis had been so kind to me today.


View approaching the flats

The view here from where I turned the corner onto Chestnut Walk. the flats.

The first block of flats is Winchester Court, and it’s sister block, further along, being my residence Woodthorpe Court.

I think it had been raining here during my absence because the gigantic puddle in the road near the flats seemed to have grown bigger?

Got in the flat and realised I’d spent nothing during my trip out at all! Good that!

WC’d and changed into my jammies, getting very tired again now.

Felt peckish. Beef pie in the oven then added some Chilli-con-Carne to it.

Devoured it with relish. Took my evening medications and settled to watch some episodes of ‘Hussle’ on the DVD thingy in the TV.

The picture and sound kept sticking. But it didn’t bother me too much as I fell asleep anyway. Tsk!

Inchcock Today Sat 26 Dec 15: Bathroom Whoopsiedangleplop and got dirty in the mud?



Saturday 26th December 2015

Up at 0330 hrs, my first sensation was the lack of bother from Little Inchy! Maybe the treatment is working at last? Yahoo!

Noticed I’d left me nosh tray at the side of the chair with me dirty nosh plate and cutlery – but it seems I had eaten up all of the nosh.

Got up to go to the bathroom porcelain and saw I’d spilt/dropped some stuff on the floor – continued to the thrown and things went well there for a change, even the haemorrhoids were not leaking! Then returned to find that some tablets from the evening medication pot were lying on the carpet? Oh dear?

Made a cuppa and cleared the mess up, and then started the laptop and finished the last diary off and started this one. Opening my Google Calendar I realised it was Angie Winks Birthday today, so set about creating the graphic at the top of this diary, and posted it to Angie’s Facebook site. I hope she has a super time today and manages to take it easy as well. Love, kisses and cuddles Angie. XXX

I must thank Patti Beckert for her support and sense of humour over the year too! And wish Teresa all the best. All brave gals who take the bother to look after me over the ether. And the TFZers on Facebook, who I’d be lost without. Love to them all. X

Back to the diary.


No buses today or tomorrow, so if the rain stops, I’ll have a walk into the Woodthorpe Grange Park later.

Of cleared up from last night and found me Warfarin tablets left in the evening medication pot Huh!.

I spent hours doing what I thought would be a good graphic for the TFZers. Then to my chagrin, Coreldraw froze and I lost it all! Tsk, Huh, Dammit and a double Humph! Lost all heart in it now. Klaberwockers!

I had a good bath and soaked. When I tended to ‘Little Inchy’ he bled, but I don’t think as much as he has been doing lately, so good news there. When I Phorpain gelled my knees, Arthur Itis indicated to me that this was not going to do any good today as I struggled to get painfully out of the tub. Tsk!

I put some Brut all over me in case any elderly ladies wished to ravage me while I was on me walk around the park later.

Then set about cutting my toenails. One of the most difficult of all the ageing tasks for me this one is. This time, I lost my balance but stopped myself falling over with the shrewd move of using me chin on the sink. I cut my lip on the inside, swore a bit and dabbed some Antiseptic disinfectant on it… and swore some more! Hehe!

I put me bath towel in the airing cupboard, old clothes in the laundry bag and got the laptop out of sleep mode and updated this diary.

The rain had stopped so I got myself ready to go on me walk around Woodthorpe Grange Park, taking my camera with me in case owt interesting comes into view. Only mud came into view, Tsk!

TTFN, back in a bit.

P1020750 P1020751 P1020752 P1020754Back sooner than expected! I was going to go up to the Park via the back of the flats – but it was also muddy I decided to go up the front via the footpath

The wind was howling and I struggled up the path to the top to find it was even muddier up there, mixed in with all the fallen decaying leaves.

I thought about it and decided just to take a photograph of some of the brave folks and their dogs that had ventured out and then get back to P1020753the flat and get me dinner on..

Walking down the hill, I nearly got myself blown over a couple of times.

I felt for the folk up North who were having it so much worse that us in Nottingham.

Got in the flat and no call for the use of the porcelain either. I’m doing well today!

Got me nosh prepared and cooking and updated this while it cooked.

P1020755Instant mash with onions and added cheese granules, beetroot, garden peas, potato cakes and a beef slice.

Delectable. Rated it 9.4/10, and please note there was no cream cakes, biscuits or lemon curd swiss rolls! However, I did weaken and have some Raspberry & Vanilla mini rolls later.

Then I noticed that I had gotten mud all over me trousers legs on me little romp in the woods. I tried to clean it off, but it has not dried sufficiently and I made a bit of a mess – Huh… more washing for the next laundry session.

Watched an old film on the box ‘The Last Stand’ with Arnie, in twenty episodes, this time, I fell asleep for a longer period in the middle and woke up for the ending.

No dizzies all day, and apart from Arthur Itis and Little Inchy bleeding again later, had no complaints from Anne Gina, the ulcer, cramps, hernia or the split lip. Did I mention the split lip? Hence the instant potatoes on me nosh.


Inchcock Today 25 Dec 15: No buses for two day, shame!




Friday 25th December 2015

Up at 0440 hrs, Arthritis bad, all other things not so bad. Even Little Inchy was less itchy and painful this morning! Yahoo!

Cleared up from last night and found me Warfarin tablets left in the evening medication pot Huh!

WC’d; Then changed and took a walk down the 12 flights of stairs to loosen me knees a bit. Popped outside the foyer doors, raining and windy – not a soul about inside or out. Still, I should be abe to get a washing machine free later on.

Back to the flat and a cuppa, medications took, and laptop on to finish yesterdays diary and start this one off.

Then I did a bit of Facebooking. Then sorted and got rid of hundreds of photographs that were duplicated on the hard drive between Google Photos and the Windows Photographs. At least, I hope they were.

Hours later I struggled into the bath – had a good soak – tended to Little Inchy, then struggled out of the tub.

IMG_0093Got my laundry and things ready and waddled down to the empty and very cold laundry room.

The washing machine managed to take another 60p off me without responding to the buttons I pressed, so I fed it another 60p, and it allowed me to do the washing this time.

I went out into the foyer to have a seat and do me crosswords, and the lady tenant who lost her key the other week when I was able to help her was sat looking like she needed help again in a chair.

P1020744I gave her a bag of chocolate eclairs to nibble, and she told me she was waiting for the woman to bring her a meal and she was a bit bothered because the lady was now coming at 1500hrs instead of 1400hrs. She added that she could have had her meal herself by now from those delivered by the Social Services?

I tried to find out who the lady was and where she was from, but the old dear seemed a little confused bless her. She said the lady was from a flat above hers and was going to go into Sherwood to get the meal and bring it back for her, and she will refuse it and tell her it was too late?

The poor woman could only talk about the cold weather with any clarity. Still I waffled on about all and sundry, and she seemed happy, apart from the late free meal.

I swapped the clothes from the washer to the drier, and that took an extra 60p off as well. You’ve got to see the funny side of it!

P1020749The rain stopped a for a while, and I nipped outside with my camera when I noticed some squirrels out and about. 

I took some photographs from a good way off of some squirrels as they seemed to be playing jumping up and down fro the top of some concrete bollards. But I didn’t do a good job, and only one of the photos came out reasonable. 

I noticed what looked like fungi growing from the concrete of the posts; I’ll have to have a closer look, not now, though – the rains started again.

As I went into the laundry room to remove my now dried clobber, the lady left to go back to her flat, muttering about being hungry and she would tell the woman to sod-off! Oh dear. I hope the woman bringing the meal was not doing it for charity, cause she’ll feel terrible when she gets rejected now.

Back up to the flat and the usual weariness dawned on me. Managed to get a meal, but fell asleep in the chair yet again, woke up in the dark, thought about clearing up me food tray and empty stuff from me nosh – fell asleep again. Woke up later and noticed me evening medication pot, took them (Well I thought I did?) and nodded off again.

Inchcock Today Thu 24 Dec 15: Visit to Sister Jane granted



Thursday 24th December 2015


A Wet start to the day


Up at 0525 hrs, Little Inchy a bit uncomfortable, other ailments apart from Arthur Itis much improved, but the rumbling tummy still churning away. 

Had a cuppa and took me medications then got the laptop on. I had received an email from Sister Jane granting me permission to visit them later today. At last, I can see Fooey the cat who is not doing very well and according to the Veterinary, they expect the worst any time now for him. I’m sad about this, but would like to see him and fuss him some before the end.

Jane and Pete are so busy it’s been a while getting to see them. They are either out at a Concert or cinema, at the Football match, at a party or visiting friends. But it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m glad they are fit wealthy and happy and don’t want to come and see me at the flat! Hehehe!

I’m using the new Grammarly add-on that checks the spelling. For a small fee, I’ve added synonyms and grammar checks to it. The problem is I’ve had no education to speak of and didn’t understand some of the explanations they use, Accusative, Ellipsis and Pronouns that I had not been taught about before. I looked up one on the web and didn’t understand the description! Someone said ‘Ignorance is bliss’ but I don’t think it is.

I deleted hundreds of photographs to free up space on the hard-drive. I just hope they still appear on WordPress and Facebook now? Incidentally, Grammarly checks on Facebook and WordPress as well, I like it, even if I don’t understand it all, just goes to show your never to old to learn.

Then I finished Wednesday’s diary and started this one off.

Did some Facebooking then got I the bath water flowing.

Looks like a clinic in there with all the medical paraphernalia now. Hehe!

Struggled out of the bath, medicated certain areas of my blobby physique then got all the things needed for me the visit to Jane Pete and Fooey in the bag or pockets.

Then went out to catch the L9 bus into town. Five minutes after the departure time of the L9 bus, I got the L8 to go down into Sherwood and catch a bus from there into town. We passed the L9 coming to the flats late as we travelled down Winchester Hill.

P1020735Caught a bus into town.

Plenty of traffic was heavy going into the City Centre today, as one would expect of course.

The rain continued, but now I was lower down the landscape the wind lessened a tad.

Caught the number 7 West Bridgford bus from town. Well packed it was too.

I walked along in the now lighter rain to Jane’s mansion.

P1020739The rain turned to big hail stones.

By the time I’d got me camera out, it had turned back into heavy rain – but the photo of Jane here shows the remnants of the hailstones that had not melted on her mat outside her patio doors.

Got Jane to pose quickly for me. Hehe!


Battered Brave Fooey

Poor old Fooey looked battered, but this didn’t change his nature and he enjoyed a cuddle or two.

He’s on painkillers and antibiotics from the vet.

The wound some animal had inflicted on him around his jaw looked nasty. However, he did manage to gobble P1020738some nibbles that I took for him, and the other cats joined in.

Here, a battered but brave Fooey gets his deserved cuddles from Sister Jane and me.

Pete then reminded me of the bus times and I gave them their nibble-bag, said my farewells and departed to catch the bus P1020742back to town.

Some of the hailstones had survived on the roads as we moved into Nottingham and I dropped off on Friar Lane in the City Centre.

Lots of last minute shoplifters, pavement cyclists and fun seeking pickpockets at the Fayre in the Slab Square.

P1020740 P1020741

I had a walk around as I had half an hour or more before the last L9 was due to leave.

Called in Tesco and got some bread. Please note that since the clinic asked me to photograph certain parts of my anatomy twice a day so they could assess things using them (Embarrassment at its worst here) – many bulges and wobbles came to my attention; Thus, I managed bravely to stop any fresh cream cakes falling into my shopping basket. Will-power at its best I thought?

The flats looked deserted as I got off the bus all alone. Didn’t see any tenants on my way in, up the lift or in the foyer.

Got in the apartment and to the bathroom. The stomach was rumbling far less today thankfully. Cleaned up little Inchy and applied his cream, took a photo for the clinic, and then changed into a pair of the disposable thingies. Itches anticipated.

Took me medications and got me nosh cooking away.

P1020743Looked at the TV paper and found plenty of good old stuff to watch with my rather larger than originally planned dinner.

I did enjoy it, though. Chestnuts, ham, three Frikadellen, oven fries, beetroot, followed by a strawberry dessert thingy – the last one for me now I’m on my self-imposed diet. He says full of confidence in his ability to maintain this

When I got the TV on a different programme was on than the TV paper had printed? I checked on the TV listing on the set, and yet another programme was indicated as being on at the same time?

Not that it mattered much, cause I fell asleep regardless.

Inchcock Today Wed 23 Dec 15: House… well Flat Bound again – Oh dear!



Wednesday 23nd December 2015

Up at 0525 hrs, What a state I woke up in too! Unbelievable! (As Victor Meldrew would say!)

This morning My Medical Synopsis (Fancy word for me eh?)

P1020724There were not many of my ailments that were not giving me some bother this morning.

The legs had swollen like never before; the stomach had bloated even more. Might not be abe to get me trousers on later?

The skin cancer wound on me back was itching like crazy. The duodenal ulcer was giving me a bit of jip. Arthur Itis was not liking it at all when I moved me knees or wrists. Anne Gina was causing breathing difficulties. The haemorrhoids were bleeding away merrily. The boils P1020722on my bum had increased to three now. Little Inchy had become a painfully matted chunk of dried blood that needed attention.

I’ll have to put the new disposable underpants thing on today, as I am not going out anywhere due to two reasons like: Had a super dizzy spell when I first got up, and the gurgling runs had returned, I took a capsule in the hope it UP92might help.

On my second trip to the porcelain, Little Inchy had been flowing again. A brighter red this time?.

Good job I’d got some swabs and cotton wool in stock.

If it hasn’t eased when I get me bath later, I suppose I’d better ring 111 for advice?

Now Anne Gina is getting worse as I write, well type.

So, as I said, no going out for me today. I’m too nervous of the dizzies and getting caught wearing those flaming lady-like disposable undies! Hehehe!

Made a cuppa, didn’t eat owt cause of the state of me stomach.

Not feeling too bad under the circumstances. Might get some sorting done today and graphicalisationing perhaps?.

Got the laptop on and finished Tuesdays diary. Shame I forgot to take me camera out with me, though.

Hello, a touch of the shivers then. I’ve just checked the thermometer in the kitchen, down to 55° now. Looks a bit windy out, but it’s in the right direction for me, not blowing at the front and coming in the holes in the kitchen wall at least.

Going to get in my bath now and see if I can do owt with Little Inchy and the haemorrhoids.

Back in a bit folks.

Lovely good soak that was, sorting Litte Inchy was less hassle than I thought it might be. Crossed fingers now.

Updated this diary then got me rubbish bags to the chute and called at the Community Hut to see if Deana was there.

She wasn’t, but Obergruppenfurheress Julie was. Gave her some nibbles and the letters for Margaret.

Met the lady from 84 on the way back and gave her a box of Terry’s Chocolates for Christmas and got a peck on me cheek (Nice!).

A hand-out letter had been delivered while I was out. It was from the Nottingham City Homes. They hope to do the improvements/modernisations to Winchester and Woodthorpe Court in 2016 – 17.

Had a cuppa and took me medications.

A sudden and abrupt attack of fatigue came over me after eating me nosh. I felt incapable of physically doing much at all?

All I could do was to sit down; I did watch some TV, but it was piecemeal viewing in between nodding off and visits to the porcelain to ease me rumbling innards.

The rest of the day was a lot better for the Angina and ulcer. Even the hernia eased a bit later. However, arthritis and stomach played up all the way through. Tsk!

I found a sort of inner peace, a feeling of my being composed and an acceptance of the situation? Not unhappy at all?.

I think that I turned off the TV about 2200hrs and felt like I’d been asleep for a few minutes, and it was 0530hrs as I sprang awake and made my way to the porcelain again.

Inchcock Today Tue 22 Dec 15: Launderette and nodding off!

What’s the ideal weight for a Lawyer?

5lb including the Urn!


Tuesday 22nd December 2015

Up at 0505 hrs, My first thought was to get to the bathroom and check out the tender, tingling and sore ‘Little Inchy’ – what a mess the poor thing was – bruised bloodied and damned tender! Washed him and applied the Betamethasone cream – talk about make myself jump!

Feeling well drained from yesterday’s activities still.

IMG_0134BJ should be lifting me to the launderette later, must make sure I don’t keep him waiting.

It’s good for him to help me out, even at this time of year with his family holidays to sort out he offers – good mate is BJ.

The haemorrhoids were flowing again. Huh!

The toilet still not flushing properly again. Trouble is with it being in the flats with so many on the go so to speak; it takes ages for the cistern to refill each time. I did try pouring water from the bath down, but the bending down has started me back off aching! Tsk!

Made a cuppa and took me morning medications, I think I missed last nights cause I can’t find an empty blue lidded pill-pot anywhere?

Got the laptop going and started the graphics and this diary off.

Then did some Facebooking and started some graphics on Coreldraw.

Amazingly and for the first time ever; BJ rang early to tell me he was on his way to pick me up.

There was a bit of a panic to get ready in time to go down to meet him outside.

Struggled down with me two big bags of laundry and he was already there sat waiting in his car.

Had a chin-wag on the way to the laundry, and I realised I’d forgotten to take me coins with me for the machines.

Mandy was on duty and we managed a few laughs. She had very few coins other than twenty pences and we had to use those instead of £1 coins. Gave her some nibbles.

I actually finished a crossword off competely, without peeping. First one ever for me.

It took us about 2.75 hours to get all the laundry done and finished.


BJ giving me a ‘Behave Yourself’ look earlier in the year at Papplewick Station

BJ ran us to Asda.

I looked for some trousers that were a little wider around the grith – due to me water retention and over-eating… perhaps more to the over eating, maybe, perhaps? (Guilty).

I found a pair of trews that suited and also besides that – saw they had some loose fitting underpants on sale as well, so I got a pack of those.

I pondered around and got a Bath Sheet at £3.50 – although I’ve never heard of a bath sheet before. It looked like a towel to me? Potato cakes, Sharon fruits and some cream french horns fell in bag as I passed. Being of a strong will power – I told myself I’m not going to get any more of these owing to me bloated stomach and tendency to gain weight recently. But did I put it back in the fridge where I got it from? Did I ‘eck as! Tsk”

At the check-out after going through the lady threw me trousers as they were along the counter and I asked her if I could have a bag to put them in to keep them clean. I was was told “No, not unless you pay 5p for one!” I suggested that the 5p charge was for carrier bags not individual bags and got a scowl of immense intensity back for my cheek!.

Found BJ and as we were going out a lady in a disabled scooter, who obviously was struggling to get through the crowds as she manipulated the machine using her only working hand – the crowd would not give way for her and didn’t even notice her suffering. I placed my trolley to make a way through for her and held up the shoppers – boy did I get it in the neck verbally from the shopping mad swines who were held up for all of a minute while the lady got through..

This left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

Out and to the car and BJ called to get some petrol. 99.7p a litre it had come down to, BJ was pleased with this.

BJ dropped me outside the flats with me two laundry bags and bag of things from Asda. He had a lot to do preparatorily for his family for Christmas, so I thanked him and tackled getting me and me bags into the complex..

It was a bit of a struggle getting me things up to the flat but I proudly managed it without any Whoopsiedangleplops..

They were some letters on the floor when I got in and I checked them first, fearing one might be from the Solicitors again. Nothing from the bank again! Two for Margaret the previous tenant and one from Age UK. I realised then why out of the blue Steve of Age UK called me the other day to see if I was alright? It is a survey of satisfaction (Nine pages) for me to fill in when I get the chance, about the service quality.

Into the bathroom and checked out Little Inchies condition. It wasn’t good, another pair of undies for the wash and discomfort in cleaning him up again. Thought it best if I had a bath before putting on the new/old Betamethasone cream – but there was no hot water for a bath?

I soon saw why this was as I went into the kitchen to put the kettle on and saw that I’d left the hot water tap running in me rush this morning to get out to meet BJ. A few well chosen self-deprecating words were uttered!

I hung up my new trousers and put away the fodder I’d bought and took me midday medications, a little late but still.

Got some nosh in the oven, waffles, beetroot, chestnuts and polish ham on the plate ready and potato cakes to add to the waffles half way through their cooking time, and some green beans in the saucepan.

Meanwhile, I checked the TV paper and was pleased to see there were lots of things I could watch, a film, two Top Gear programmes on different channels and Open all Hours.

P1020721I enjoyed this meal, only the Polish ham let it down, due to its lack of flavour of any type!

The onset of fatigue gain returned to me and I fell asleep after eating the dinner.

Not easy cleaning the dishes etc. with using the kettle for hot water, but there you are.

Who would have thought that a man of my calibre could leave the tap running? (Coy Mode Adopted)

Woke up and it was dark. Took me evening medications and noticed the hot water was warming up, so thought I’d give it a while and get the bath running again..

I fell asleep watching the Open all Hours on the TV and think I dreamt of my Cyber-mate Lynton Cox. Oh boy, was he having a go at me, I was in front of a giant blackboard and Lynton was drawing food on it and telling me off about something, much finger wagging took place and I managed to escape down into a sewer somehow and he locked the trapdoor I’d climbed down? Moments later he opened it and threw down my hearing aids and walking stick to me? The Doctor who treated Little Inchy so cruelly on Monday appeared and chased me down a passageway… I’m sure much more took place in this dream, but cannot remember details.

I made a cuppa and lay there thinking to myself “Well I’ll never get to sleep again now…” But I was wrong, I nodded off again! Huh!

Inchcock Today Mon 21 Dec 15: A Tiring Painful Hospitalisation day – Hey-ho!



Monday 21st December 2015

Up at 0515 hrs, laid a while pondering on what me schedule was for the day: Make sure all the things for the possible stay in the City hospital were in my bag to take with me. (Although I’m sure they will not be keeping me in this time now the bleeding from Little Inchy has abated so much – typical, after eight weeks it stops just before I manage to get an appointment  – huh!).

Then I’ll get the diaries done as far as I can. Must call BJ and keep him informed later.

To the Queens Medical Centre Haematology for me warfarin Blood INR test – then hopefully, catch the inter-hospital bus to the City Hospital. Timing this to arrive near the right time might be dodgy.

Then into the GUM clinic and go through the embarrassment of having Little Inchy examined again – then see what decision they take about me. They just might decide to do surgery, and I’ll be kept in overnight for it in the morning, but I don’t think this will happen now it’s bleeding so much less. I anticipate being given some more creams again and given a new follow-up appointment. If this is the case, getting home will take some effort unless the 40 bus us still running that late at night, it means having to catch two buses and a good walk when I get to Sherwood up to the flats. I know from experience how uncomfortable things will feel after having him prodded, poked, twisted and being laughed at. Hehe!

UP10eI stirred myself and got to the bathroom to check on Little Inchy – who for the first time in months didn’t feel tender when I woke.

This blood did not come from Little Inchy this morning, there were only a few specks from him – this was from another area of my anatomy! Tsk!

P1020711Nice looking view from outside the kitchen window – then the rain started again. Tsk!

Took my medications with a cuppa and set out to do a graphic in Coreldraw – oh dear, what a picklement I gotten into!

Everything froze when I tried to download a fill-pattern from the Corel Store. Had to force close windows and restart. It got to the green screen loading and stayed there for two hours. I was fretting now, force closed again and left it a while then restarted again. Much flashing and shuddering but eventually I got into windows and nervously tried out Coreldraw – everything was so much slower, but it worked in the end. Tsk!

Facebook, WordPress and Coreldraw a while.

Had a bath and got my things for the medicationalistical activities to follow later.

Took bags to the rubbish chute and called at the Community Shed but no one there left some mail I’d had for Margaret the previous tenant, the a chin-wag with some others waiting and caught the bus to town.

P1020712 P1020714

The wet pavements and road tempted me to take these shots of the Nottingham folk as they unsmilingly mope about in search of bargains and pressies.

Still a little early for me go to the QMC for me INT blood level tests, so I had a wander about for a bit searching for something of interest to photograph and taking in the lack of smiles from the crowds.

P1020715 P1020716.

As they rushed around looking morbid and depressed.

Caught a bus out to the Queens Medical Centre. The atmosphere in the bus was one of darkness and despair I’m afraid to say.

Into the haematology department and took me ticket filled in my form and waited for my number to be called out, which it was in a couple of minutes!

The staff in the treatment room all seemed pretty melancholy this morning – I supposed because they had to work when they didn’t want to in the holidays? The nurse who did me was almost obnoxious in her attitude and curt replies to me efforts to cheer her up. Oh dear, poor thing!

Got done and left and caught a bus into town, arrived with plenty of time to spare.

P1020713Dropped off early and had a potter around again waiting for the time to catch the 40 bus to the City Hospital and the GUM clinic there.

I managed a semi-moody shot, helped by the laying rainwater and dark lighting on Talbot Street in the City Centre.

Then I walked around trying to capture the nature of people’s moods as they rushed and hurried round the shops in search of a bargain to buy or shoplift.

P1020717 P1020718

P1020719Getting busier now in town.

Caught the bus out to the City Hospital, and was glad to find it dropped me very close to the clinic I was after.

The visit was one of frustration, pain and left me with a most nervous disposition and feeling grumpy, very grumpy with things. Normally I would just write what happens, usually with, I’m told, far too much detail.

Afterwards, they gave me some Betamethasone 0.2% w/w cream. The same cream they tried to cure the problem with back in Aug 2014?

So the procedure that I went through will not be mentioned in any detail this time – suffice to say, three hours later I left in the dank darkness and had to walk all the way back to the flat – in pain and feeling sorry for missen!

They made an appointment for me to return on 18 January 2016 and gave me a number to ring in the event of the blood flowing too freely in the time in between.

Having missed the bus, I started to walk home in the dank dark night.



Weary I began the long walk home in the dark – Dang dang dang dang!

Feeling somewhat sore in certain areas, the walk was not a pleasant one in the least.

It took about an hour and a quarter or so I think, maybe a tad more.

Going through the park in the dark with no lights at all was an eerie feeling.

BJ rang en-route and told me he would call to collect me twixt 0800>0830 hrs in the morning to take me to the launderette bless him.Once in the flat, for the first time in months, there was no demand for the use of the porcelain?

Once in the flat, for the first time in months, there was no demand for the use of the porcelain?

Once in the apartment, for the first time in months, there was no requirement for the utilisation of the porcelain?

Put my things away and stored the cream in the bathroom. Got the kettle on for a very welcome cuppa and somehow I think I forgot about me evening medications. Tsk!

When I did need the porcelain, the haemorrhoids were bleeding a lot, and the system did not clear the pan, despite several attempts. More hassle!.

Fell asleep in the chair, but with mind racing?