Inchcock Today Mon 21 Dec 15: A Tiring Painful Hospitalisation day – Hey-ho!



Monday 21st December 2015

Up at 0515 hrs, laid a while pondering on what me schedule was for the day: Make sure all the things for the possible stay in the City hospital were in my bag to take with me. (Although I’m sure they will not be keeping me in this time now the bleeding from Little Inchy has abated so much – typical, after eight weeks it stops just before I manage to get an appointment  – huh!).

Then I’ll get the diaries done as far as I can. Must call BJ and keep him informed later.

To the Queens Medical Centre Haematology for me warfarin Blood INR test – then hopefully, catch the inter-hospital bus to the City Hospital. Timing this to arrive near the right time might be dodgy.

Then into the GUM clinic and go through the embarrassment of having Little Inchy examined again – then see what decision they take about me. They just might decide to do surgery, and I’ll be kept in overnight for it in the morning, but I don’t think this will happen now it’s bleeding so much less. I anticipate being given some more creams again and given a new follow-up appointment. If this is the case, getting home will take some effort unless the 40 bus us still running that late at night, it means having to catch two buses and a good walk when I get to Sherwood up to the flats. I know from experience how uncomfortable things will feel after having him prodded, poked, twisted and being laughed at. Hehe!

UP10eI stirred myself and got to the bathroom to check on Little Inchy – who for the first time in months didn’t feel tender when I woke.

This blood did not come from Little Inchy this morning, there were only a few specks from him – this was from another area of my anatomy! Tsk!

P1020711Nice looking view from outside the kitchen window – then the rain started again. Tsk!

Took my medications with a cuppa and set out to do a graphic in Coreldraw – oh dear, what a picklement I gotten into!

Everything froze when I tried to download a fill-pattern from the Corel Store. Had to force close windows and restart. It got to the green screen loading and stayed there for two hours. I was fretting now, force closed again and left it a while then restarted again. Much flashing and shuddering but eventually I got into windows and nervously tried out Coreldraw – everything was so much slower, but it worked in the end. Tsk!

Facebook, WordPress and Coreldraw a while.

Had a bath and got my things for the medicationalistical activities to follow later.

Took bags to the rubbish chute and called at the Community Shed but no one there left some mail I’d had for Margaret the previous tenant, the a chin-wag with some others waiting and caught the bus to town.

P1020712 P1020714

The wet pavements and road tempted me to take these shots of the Nottingham folk as they unsmilingly mope about in search of bargains and pressies.

Still a little early for me go to the QMC for me INT blood level tests, so I had a wander about for a bit searching for something of interest to photograph and taking in the lack of smiles from the crowds.

P1020715 P1020716.

As they rushed around looking morbid and depressed.

Caught a bus out to the Queens Medical Centre. The atmosphere in the bus was one of darkness and despair I’m afraid to say.

Into the haematology department and took me ticket filled in my form and waited for my number to be called out, which it was in a couple of minutes!

The staff in the treatment room all seemed pretty melancholy this morning – I supposed because they had to work when they didn’t want to in the holidays? The nurse who did me was almost obnoxious in her attitude and curt replies to me efforts to cheer her up. Oh dear, poor thing!

Got done and left and caught a bus into town, arrived with plenty of time to spare.

P1020713Dropped off early and had a potter around again waiting for the time to catch the 40 bus to the City Hospital and the GUM clinic there.

I managed a semi-moody shot, helped by the laying rainwater and dark lighting on Talbot Street in the City Centre.

Then I walked around trying to capture the nature of people’s moods as they rushed and hurried round the shops in search of a bargain to buy or shoplift.

P1020717 P1020718

P1020719Getting busier now in town.

Caught the bus out to the City Hospital, and was glad to find it dropped me very close to the clinic I was after.

The visit was one of frustration, pain and left me with a most nervous disposition and feeling grumpy, very grumpy with things. Normally I would just write what happens, usually with, I’m told, far too much detail.

Afterwards, they gave me some Betamethasone 0.2% w/w cream. The same cream they tried to cure the problem with back in Aug 2014?

So the procedure that I went through will not be mentioned in any detail this time – suffice to say, three hours later I left in the dank darkness and had to walk all the way back to the flat – in pain and feeling sorry for missen!

They made an appointment for me to return on 18 January 2016 and gave me a number to ring in the event of the blood flowing too freely in the time in between.

Having missed the bus, I started to walk home in the dank dark night.



Weary I began the long walk home in the dark – Dang dang dang dang!

Feeling somewhat sore in certain areas, the walk was not a pleasant one in the least.

It took about an hour and a quarter or so I think, maybe a tad more.

Going through the park in the dark with no lights at all was an eerie feeling.

BJ rang en-route and told me he would call to collect me twixt 0800>0830 hrs in the morning to take me to the launderette bless him.Once in the flat, for the first time in months, there was no demand for the use of the porcelain?

Once in the flat, for the first time in months, there was no demand for the use of the porcelain?

Once in the apartment, for the first time in months, there was no requirement for the utilisation of the porcelain?

Put my things away and stored the cream in the bathroom. Got the kettle on for a very welcome cuppa and somehow I think I forgot about me evening medications. Tsk!

When I did need the porcelain, the haemorrhoids were bleeding a lot, and the system did not clear the pan, despite several attempts. More hassle!.

Fell asleep in the chair, but with mind racing?

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