Inchy: Wednesday 18th October 2023 – Mentally disintegrating?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
I can’t even find the fish bones!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Decent colour in the nocturnal pouch!

Lighter this morning… No, it’s not, I got up late!

My right leg looked a little battered?

Waste bags sorted.

Got the new drinkie in the cupboard for the nurses and carers to pick from. Keeping a list of those given out this year. I missed someone out last year. Tsk!

Well, that was unexpected.

Lunchtime treat.

A repeat evacuation for the first time in months.

The being-done-up for six months home has a ladder moved. Mayhap the builders have returned?

Carer Benjamin at work.

Gotten Himmel, changed again.
Getting regular summonings to the Throne?

My usual photographicalisationing skill showed through again on the evening snaps of the view.I got the colly wobbles?
I tried a close-up shot.

Midnight bag sorting again.

03:00hrs: Good Heavens – Again!
Well, seeing the time made me stop blogging
and make the meal of the day.

Oh, by the way…
Only went down as far as know.
Who also own or have shares in many other Internet providers throughout the world:

They own Virgin Media UK. Own or have a financial involvement in Telenet, UPC Switzerland, All3Media, VTR, Virgin Ireland, UPC Poland, Canal+, Focus Sat,. UPC Europe, Chorus Communications, Vodaphone UK, Priority Telecom, United Global, Vodafone, ‘3’, BT, EE, Zen, Open-reach, ITV plc UK, Sunrise UPC, 02 UK, Tesco Mobile, giffgaff UK, Vodaphone Netherlands, Ziggo, Vodafone Ziggo, Play Media Play 4, Play 5, play 6, Play 7, UPC Slovakia, Part of Liberty Global is separately listed as LiLAC (Liberty Latin America and Caribbean Group), operating in over 20 countries under the consumer brands VTR, FLOW, Cabletica, Liberty, Más Móvil and BTC. No doubt about it, Liberty-Global!

True Oligarchalists!

Liberty Latin America’s operations consist of Liberty Puerto Rico, a provider of pay-TV, Internet, and telephone services in Puerto Rico, and VTR, a Chile cable provider of television, telephone, mobile, and internet services. Through the acquisition of Cable and Wireless Communications, Liberty Global has become the owner of the largest pay-TV and broadband provider in the Caribbean. In addition, the company also owns CWC’s operations in the Seychelles, Cable & Wireless.

A fine-looking feast was prepared.
It tasted foul! Not sure what I must
have got wrong, but, Eurgh!
Flavour-Rating: 1/10.
The gravy was okay.


Inchcock: Saturday 15th October 2022

POLITICAL CARTOON– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I was up out of the second-hand, £300, charity shop bought, crumb-retaining, microorganism-microbe producing, gungy, moth-eaten, beige-coloured, non-working, incommodious, Haemorrhoid Harold testing, c1968 recliner on my feet, by 03:30hrs.
But the mind was so confused. I could remember the night before how well I felt in body and mind as well. It was as if a different person had woken up? Paramount in my head was being so far behind with my blogging. And apart from when the Carers called, I spent the next 16 hours trying to get caught up with it. But, it was a failed mission I’d given myself. Mainly due to my making cock-up after cock-up with trying to rush the job.
and made (that I know of, at least).

① Using CorelDraw to put some word info re the Ode. The CorelDawr progamme froze. I had to lose the progress I’d made. Turn the computer off, also losing the Ode I’d just written!
② Rebooted the computer, and some autosaved was available for the last used page. Opened it, and there were some bits of use on it. Then I had to save this one in a new name. Then find and delete the old one.
Then I got the Health Checks done. Copied the results on the NHS site and saved some graphics I could use to make up the finished product. But, No! The dam blasted Liberty-Global Virgin Media went down in the middle of it! How I hate that man, know-all Fries! Considering the salary he gets, he can’t even get his internet to work!
⑤ I had to wait for ages for the signal to return, then it was so slow!
I’d forgotten where I was when it came back on!
⑦ I made even more mistakes by getting all agitated and hateful of Fries.
⑧ Then, in the middle of mind-blank trying to sort things out, The kicked of with his tap-tapping and knock-knocking!
⑨ I’m afraid this was too much for me… Every knock he gave was returned by my trying to copy the noise with my Wooden-Wally Walking Stick against the top of the high bookcase. I’m not proud of this – but at the time, I even shouted out as loud as I could, “You Noisy *astard!” He gave me some more hassle later – which got the same response – but not the naughty language.

Not the best start to a day at all!

That’s all apart from the few things below that were not involved with getting on with the blog and making even more errors in it. I was fixated on getting it caught up with.

Genuinely worried about my lack of concern at the same time. As I said, it was like someone else ruling my mind.
At around 2150hrs, I still hadn’t done any ablutions or even changed out of my jammie bottoms. What’s going off

Here is a quick rundown of the day’s non-blogging events;

Carer Sam arrived. Can’t recall too much of it, but I’m sure I must have mentioned how I felt. Had a Snowball as a treat in thanks. ♥

I got the finished eventually.

The days’ events took the shine off of the results. I was actually down in the amber!!!

Checks were done on the taps and fridge/freezer doors. Heaters and stove not being left on.

The late morning mist was lingering a little.
I took these snaps of the view that seemed to look more like an artist’s watercolour effort than a photograph to me.

.Aha, sa trip to the Porcelain Throne was called for. After eight bloodless evacuations, it had to happen. Especially today… let’s cram some other Accifauxpas on the lad. ‘Humph!’
More blood from poor old than for ages. An almost grey-coloured torpedo slowly, bloodily and painfully escaped.

Many hours later, when I got around to putting the above snaps on, I found this photo on the SD card. I reckon I must have taken it when setting the Lumix before taking the two earlier photographs. An unintentional selfie of decent quality?

Then I also discovered the one below, of the car parking on Chestnut Way.
I can’t recall taking this one at the moment, though?.

Evening Carer Charley arrived, her usual cheery self.
I was getting the stuff out for a meal… this was at 19:05hrs. We had a natter and laugh for a minute when she’d done the medications giving. Cheeky-Charley selected a can of WooWoo and a choccy bar in thanks.

At long last, around 2I:40hrs, I got the chilli meal sorted.
Chilli, beans send 7- Roast smoked vegetable sauce added, and a pot of instant mash. Two out-of-the-oven part-baked rolls that went down well; and helped me to mop up the delicious, if a bit strong for me, chilli.
Sweet Morpheus was resistant again. Cragknangles!
TTFN all.

Inchcock Today: Wednesday 21st September 2022


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

03:40hrs: Another shooting awake, the arms jounced, and slowly the brain woke up as well. The only thing it was interested in was my hastening to the Porcelain Throne. So, I did!
No injuries or Accifauxpas en route; I got settled in the regulation position, and the evacuation began. I should think it was 80% putrid air and 20% of watery kaki-coloured liquid, with a few bloblets of the expected stuff mixed in.
Not too messy it didn’t spurt out. No bleeding.
Again, I thought, well, I’m in here now; I’ll get the ablutions tended to. most another bit of the left back double molar again… I don’t know how it hasn’t all gone by now; the number of times I lose a chunk of it?
I took extra care with the shaving this time. A couple of tin nicks, no bother.
Ah, there were some difficulties here. The Germoloiding of Harrolds Haemorrhoids went perfectly smoothly, with minimum pain of any sort. Then, the Phorpain gelling was more or less in the same style. Then, for some reason, the applicationing of the
Daktacort can only be described as horrendously painful. I stopped as soon as I felt that much pain in such a delicate area. And went to fetch the magnifying glass to see if I could find a use-by date in the tube or box. Nope, couldn’t see one anyway. I went to the medical drawer in the kitchenette and ferreted about for another tube. None left! I must ask Richard or Deana to order some for me.
A smothering of Germolene in place was tried. Totally-ineffective. I dare not use what bit of Daktacort that was left in the tube, so threw it away.
Then, the Danger of the Day, so far, had to be faced. 

Of course, I wasn’t worried at all; a heroic man with so many ailments is not going to let a plastic-coated finger-crunching, blood-letting thing like metal Sock Glide intimidate me. Well, more than suspected!
I got through it and got the socks on. A plaster on the trapped bleeding finger was all I needed this time. Freshened up my wobbly short-overweight body with antiperspirant spray and aftershave. Got dressed and tackled the next job, the .
Back down again! SYS 137. DIA 72, Pulse 78 bpm, and body temperature a good return at 34.3°f.
Back in the High-Norm amber area. I suppose a being shown is okay?
The second lowest rating I’ve ever recorded! Now I shall be looking to get in the green soon… Hehehe!

Was banging about above early again, around 06:00hrs. He must be making things for Christmas pressies early, mayhaps? Come think of it, I reckon he was noisy late at night and early mornings this time last year? I may be wrong, of course. ♫ It’s not unusual for Inchcock to be wrong… ♫

I got the computer on, and many comments on my blogs were received. It was from Bill, so I answered him. Off to make a mug of Thompson’s Punjana, and I took this morning shot of the view from the kitchen window. Not exactly awe-inspiring, is it?

I went back to the computer and checked the Emails.

Morrison and J Sainsbury’s had set a list of their substitutions and not available goods in today’s orders to be delivered.
Not good, is it? Still, I can give away the Tikka substitute; Deana might like them. The tomatoes should be okay. It’s funny how they always send dearer than the original substitutions.
JS had done even worse than Morrisons; that takes some doing. Same thing, dearer substitutes.
But they failed to tell me that the cheaper chilli cans I’d ordered were going to be substituted with a lot dearer ones! Humph! Anyway, I started to get things stored away. The Imperfect Tasty Strawberries were one for Deana and one for Francis, who I hope she’s back from the hospital by now and feeling better. I’ll ask Deana later.
Ah, my treats to myself here! Vegetarian shepherd’s pie, roast potatoes, veggie pasta, and sliced potatoes (well, it cuts back on chopped fingers!). Seasoned fresh cut chips as well… Oh, and a new one to me, Silky Butternut Squash Risotto; no idea what it will taste like, but without trying it, I’ll never know. Did you see that? Words of Wisdom… from me! Hehehe! Beefburgers and pot noodles for Carer Richard. Some individually portioned sticky rice pots and substituted No Chicken Tikka Masala with rice. I tried the one I ordered cause I knew I was okay with sweet & sour sauce. But I’ve tried Tikka before and did not like it. Are J Sainsbury staff told to select lousy substitutions on purpose? Is not sweet & Sour Chinese? And Tikka Indian?

At least they didn’t send me a pot of brown shoe polish this time. I’m not joking; I ordered potato cakes once and got a shoe polish pad!
Still, the owner has just lost a family member, the Queen. So, say no more. At least Morrison’s managed to deliver my favourite ready meal of all time. Roast Vegetable Risotto. It’s cracking tasty! I always put just a drop of BBQ sauce with it. And the packet of mushroom risotto I had yesterday, I think it was, was grand.
This is a loaf got the Wardens, cause it keeps fresher longer… someone told me.
I got some brown cobs for me from Lord Sainsbury: J Sainsbury plc is the parent company of Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, the third largest chain of supermarkets in the UK, with a 16.4% share of the market.
As of 2021, the largest overall shareholder is the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar Royal Family Investment Authority, which holds 14.99% of the company. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. The chain’s annual report shows that chief executive Simon Roberts picked up £2.8 million in bonuses for the year to March 5, on top of his £878,000 a year salary and other benefits. His mammoth pay deal includes a £1.7 million annual bonus and £1.1 million in long-term incentive scheme shares. Shame no one there knows the difference between a Chinese meal and an Indian one. Just thought I’d mention it! Not that I have anything against the Indians, they have my greatest respect and admiration. It’s just that their food does not sit well with me. Where was I?

Oh, yes… These were some of the giveaway items. I bought a few trays of fluffy rice. I just thought Deana might like one to try. Hope she likes Tikka.
She did call later after I’d got everything put away… Ah, something else I forgot to mention… A pack of six 1 litre Spring Water was delivered today; luckily, it was the first thing I moved into the kitchen from the blocked by food doorway. I felt the leaking water running down my leg onto the carpet; I then dropped the bottles when I got into the kitchen. What a mess I got into, and cleaning it up was no fun!
I lost the plot there… Sorry.
I put the flowers on the trolley, ready for when Deana or Julie, or both, came to see me about the lift for Friday.
Richard told me Deana would be calling today to see me. Which she did.

She told me she’s arranged for the lift on Friday to be for 10:00hrs So, hopefully, I can get to the B&M store to get some of the canned drinks that the Carers took to. I got some last week… no, a fortnight ago. But they all went first, but  I just cannot remember what they were called. When I see the cans, I’ll know, He says… Hehehe!
Onto the computer to make a start on this blog at long last.

♫ Oh, Susana… ♫ Hello, who’s that? It was Esther, after her six-week break visiting her family in South Africa for two weeks, that turned out to for four more. Can’t blame her! She’s calling tomorrow to do the laundry. She asked for a pen so she could write a note to another customer and post it through his door – I made sure I got the pen back this time! Hehe! 

I believe the sudden fatigue is coming back again now. 14:00hrs?
I’ll get a vegetable risotto in the microwave and add one bay-sized fluffy rice after three minutes, so they are ready at the same time. A drop of BBQ sauce will be added after cooking. This week I shall try harder to avoid any burnt fingers or dropped items when struggling to get the lid off of the trays.
The foods were both nearly ready. I made up a pot of Idaho instant mash with bubble & squeak, adding some extra-strong grated cheese and a quirt of my made-up to the bottle of liquid salt & distilled vinegar to the pot. Added a mini-pot of lemon mousse to the tray and got into the recliner to feast!

I had a cough and thought I saw some specs of blood in the tissue, well, the paper towel I used.
The meal was cooling as I checked the nose and mouth. Nowt to fret over, but puzzlingly all the ulcers in the gums seem to have erupted at the same time. I didn’t realise I’d got so many pustules in the gums. As for why this happened, I remain, as ever nowadays, confused.
Finally, I began the feast, ’cause that’s what it was, and even though I’ll let it cool more than I meant to, it was delicious! A Taste-Rating of 9.3/10!

I put the tray on the Carers desk next to the £300, second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously grungy coloured, Harold Haemorrhoid-testing, easily-falloutable from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner. And drifted of with a satisfied stomach into a wonderful – but short-lived, dream-filled sleep.
♫ Oh, Susana… ♫ chimed out and brought me rudely to a state of semi-wakefulness. Blow it; I can’t remember her name now. Humph! She apologised for being late and mentioned how rushed she was. She soon got the medications sorted; and, with what seemed a reluctance, ask if there was anything else. There was, but she seemed so pressed I didn’t mention anything. A nice gal, I told her to pick a treat on her way out.
I think I was about to nod off again when I remembered I’d not locked the door. So, I locked it

Turning back from locking the door, I thought I’d have a look through the spy hole – which proved near fatal. Hehe! I twisted my back as I turned again, setting off poor and, at almost the same time, stubbed my toe on the three-wheel walker guide wheel… but I’d not finished yet. Oh, no!
Cursing my bad luck under my breath, and went into the wet room for a wee-wee and apply some Phorpain gel to Shirley. And walked into the doorframe, hit the shoulder, stopped, and automatically pee’d in my PPs, and I felt like crying. But I resisted it, after all being the heroic, stoic, brave, strong young man that I am…
At least Bladder-Belinda’s sudden leak came when I was in the wet room.
I evacuated the remaining few drops of urine from Bladder-Belinda. Stripped off and had a good clean-up. Germoloided Harold’s Haemorrhoids,
And got the crap, not very effective  MedPhorpainPhorpain gel, rubbed into my back as best that I could get at. Surprisingly, the toe stinging started to ease off?
Got some fresh PPs on, the Depend brand that had coped admirably well with Bladder-Belinda’s earlier escaping mini-torrent. was left until last. Because the shoulder charge on the wet room doorframe had set her off shuddering away, but now she had calmed down.
It took me so long to sort things out that by the time I was leaving the wet room, the and , were of little bother now.
Of course, now I had to rely on to get me through the doorway without any . Easy-peasy! I think that when I go going into the room and the light blaring at my eyes is why there are more walk-intos than when leaving the wet room?

A momentary Sherlock Holmesian conclusion there?Haha!

I got settled into the c1968 recliner seat…
Tired out, with Thought STorms to compete,
My mood was just a tad downbeat,
Thought of the Risotto… that was a treat!
Cramps now, in the fingers, legs and feet!
I must be getting closer to the scrapheap,
Losing my battle for peace and sleep…
My life seems full of things grossièreté!
Don’t know when, but I got nodded off alreet…
Dreamt I was on holiday; it looked like Crete?
2:55hrs, I sprang wide awake. Did I oversleep?
Asleep only five minutes, I could weep!


Inchcock Today: Saturday 13th August 2022

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

12:05hrs: I was abruptly woken by the mind-numbing regulation jolt this morning.  It took me a few minutes to gather the time, where I was, and who I was! Hehehe! Most annoyingly, because I was having a dream, enjoying a dream. The nature of which may not be suitable for blogging. It didn’t do me as good as it happens; Being torn from heavenly bliss, and believing it was actually happening, is cruel in the extreme. The sadness and disappointment in realising it just being a dream is heartbreaking. However, it’s best not to have such goals in the first place. I may need an extra beta-blocker!

Bootiful moon. I had to lean out of the kitchenette window to get it. Had to take four shots to get this one that was usable for my readers. Har-har! Mother Nature at her finest! Sorry, I could not get a better photo of it; I dun me best!

Closing the window, I knocked a bottle off of the window ledge. Although it didn’t break, it landed on a soft part… my big toe that the foot lady cut yesterday! It had to be a heavy glass bottle, the Squid Vinegar.

I needed a wee-wee, it didn’t seem urgent, so I got the kettle on and nipped into the Throne Room. It was a trickling affair that must have taken five minutes to get rid of a few fluid ounces. Zipping up Little Inchies spy hole, I only just got it down again in time for the after-micturition to drip. Minutes later, the zipper was utilised likewise, and the same thing happened. Which must have been another five or six minutes! Worra life! So I decided to have a sit down as I waited patiently for the leaking to stop.

However, such matters… well, anything concerning the brains malfunctioning, mentally, like; is nowadays down to the Demoness Dementia Doreen, I’m afraid.
Like yesterday’s mind-blank in Bulwell, I think I lost about half an hour of memory. How could I walk all that way to the Poundland Shop without my recalling anything about it?
The worrying bit about this one was when I sort of realised where I was, in the shop, with some products already picked and put into the three-wheeler trolley basket; I didn’t panic at all. I seemed to feel lucky I wasn’t mugged or been run over.

Trying now, looking back, to find any other reason or cause other than Doreen. I lay there this morning musing over this incident and my reactions to it.  I know I had just had a lot of hassle with the Diabetes meeting going all wrong… The farce with the hearing aids and strangers trying to help me, well, they did, and that was heartwarming! But cataracts and deafness made it impossible for me to participate in the proceedings.
Disgustingly, I felt sorry for myself and sulked with the frustration of it all. It was immediately after my departure that the mind-blank occurred. This may be part of the causes of the blanks. I don’t get them often, but each time previously, they worried me. But this time, I just accepted the situation. I started fretting, later on, mind. Hehehe! I hope someone reads this who knows me, and friends and family… no, both of them, maybe then they’ll understand my situation better. The guilt at my self-centred actions is still fresh in my mind – I see that Dementia Doreen has not stolen that memory… Bitch!
There are bound to have been people in that room with worse ailments than I have, but all I could think of were mine. I intend to make some amends at the next meeting, and be upfront, and tell Nathanial about my needing to be facing any talker, even with the hearing aids in, and not facing any light or sunshine, to give my one semi-good eye a chance. And importantly, to apologise to the others for ruining their meeting. If they accept me back, this must be done.
Waffled on a bit there, didn’t I? Sorry!

Up A Bit More Today!
SYS 151, DIA 67 Pulse 72 (Down a smidgeon) Body Temperature, 34.3°f, excellent.
The room temperature was 81°f, and the outside one from the web information was 85f. Another warm one?
Put the numbers on the NHS DVT page and got this graph up. Not the photo of me and writing. That was me trying to be creative.

, Is kicking off early today. Blimey, it must be a big order; it’s been non-stop for ages. Nowt too loud this time, just sounding like annoying tap-tapping and scratching, scuffing sounds. Richard the Caring-Heart may have a rush job on… or not. He might be having a bath. Hahahaha! I am awful!

This on the left is the message I got back from the NHS about the test results. I offered a few comments on their comments and suggested recommendations and actions to take to lower the BP.

Got yesterday’s blog completed; it took a few hours. Posted it off, and I sent the email links. Went to make a brew of Glengettie, and ♫Oh, Susana♫ chimed out.
Samantha came in, and I’m delighted to report she was patient and listened to my tale of woe, from yesterday’s Diabetes Lesson, the mind-blank, the punch-up on the Vale, the foot-lady trying to sever my big toe, patiently! Bless her cotton socks!

I came across some more undecipherable parts of the reminder notes again. Just a line and a half of terrible scribble. Can’t work out many words, but it went like this… No, I’ll take a photo of it, and then someone may be able to read it and let me know. Hang on, I’ll get the camera…
Gorrit took a photo of it, and here it is on the left.
I think the Nicodemus’s Neurotransmitters must have been offline when I wrote some of these notes, comical reminders.

♫Oh, Susana♫  burst into life again. It was the Amazon delivery lady with the boxes of various nuts I’d ordered.
Seems like a lot looking at the boxes, but they weighed very little, apart from one.
The delightful chocolate walnuts and white yoghourt cashews were a real treat for me.
The extra unique trial crisps of a sort I looked forward to trying with a certain relishness! Seaweed crisps and Shitakka dried mushroom crisps! I shall report on them after I’ve tried them. (Lower down) Cleared away the boxes to the waste chute and started making something to eat. Using the shortest use-by dates that I could read. Any I can’t read will have to be dished.

Success! Fishless fish sticks,  chips, tomatoes and two oven-baked bread rolls. Not classy stuff, but it suits my essentially lower-class, impecunious, plebian, proletarian and bourgeoisie upbringing. I was ten before I had my first hot meal, and I had to toast that on the coal fire. I tell a fib there, not intentionally. I’d get home from school and do my evening paper rounds to find the chipped enamel off-white bowl on the homemade kitchen sink lean-to, with a couple of Oxo cubes and some mouldy bread. There would be a note left somewhere “Dinner on draining board” Happy days. So this was a feast for me. Waffled on a bit there, again. Tsk!
The eyes are getting tired sooner every day. I’m hoping cataracts can be done sooner rather than later. They played a big part in my getting into such a mess, frustrated, and in the end, having the memory blank at the Diabetes session at the Riverside.

I had the meal and drifted off with the tray and things still on my knee. Got a couple of hours in. The tray was in the same position when I woke up.

Arrived; unfortunately, I’d just taken off my trousers. But Valerie always presses the doorbell, so I had time to get behind the door, wave my hand around it, asking her to wait a while. It’s job gerrin’ owd, innit! I’m not sure when Val is leaving, but I’ll miss her. She’ll miss me too; there may not be treats for her at the care home she’s going to work at. Hahaha!
After Val left for another hour or so, I nodded again, then got up to tend to the blogging needs.
But, being so tired, the concentration and eyes not working correctly – I got into the same pickle with CorelDraw as two days ago. It took me well into Monday morning to sort it out again. So no point in getting my head down now. At least I got some sleep in earlier. Humph!

Morning All!

Inchcock Today – Monday 15th January 2018: Whoopsiedangleplops and Accifauxpas aplenty… Tsk!

Monday 15th January 2018

Sesthoso: Mantaha 15 January 2018

0255hrs: After another night of very little sleep, and all of it seemingly in repeated five to ten-minute spells, I felt so tired. Forced my short-plump wobbly body mass out of the £300 second-hand recliner, to be met with Dizzy Dennis as I finally got up into a semi-perpendicular position. The brain joined the body shortly afterwards.

I decided that this morning, I will get down to the laundry room first-thing and do the washing.

Collated the clothes into the bag with the already prepared accoutrements and down in the ‘making a grating noise’ elevator.

Got the machine going and nipped outside the foyer doors to take this dreary photographicalisation of the view and weather. Wet again!

I got back up to the flat sharpishly and to the Porcelain Throne. I was sure that things would be messy, but no. Just wind. Nothing else. Despite the strangely different. Louder than usual rumbling and grumblings from the innards.

Down to move the stuff to the dryer. This was when I noticed the state of the machine. Whatever it was spilt or dropped onto the top of the dryer, it took some moving. Luckily I’d bought some cleaner and towels down with me.

Bits of similar marks were removed from the sink. It had dried hard.

The filter, I’d never seen so clogged and dirty. I think that maybe some new tenants might not have been aware of the need to clean them? But, there are notices on the wall asking us to clean the filters?

Back up to the dwelling and back in the wet room in another attempt at evacuation. All wind and aroma!

Set the timer to remind me about the washing. Got the computer on and downloaded and edited the photographs to use in this and yesterday’s diary. Started this blog off.

Made a brew and took a photo from the kitchen window.

Got the Health Checks done and took the medications. Made up last weeks record card.

430hrs: Alarm chirped into life, and off down to collect the clothing.

I saw that Jenny had some different posters up on the lift lobby notice board. Well, I say new, I haven’t been out for two fun-filled days.

Got the clothing out of the dryer, folded and into the bag.

Up again to the apartment and got the clobber put away.

To the Porcelain Throne yet again. Still all wind and aroma!

Did an Emergency Wrist Alarm Battery Check. Told it was okay. Thanked the chap, and had to adopt an ‘Urgent Ooh’er Mode’ and get to the Throne ASAP! – I needn’t have rushed. I got through two chapters of the Clarkson book waiting for something to happen. When it did, oh the pain. Rock solid – which confused me having all the rumbling innards earlier? How many other people toss-up a Senna and Dia-limit capsule in the air, and whichever one they catch first, they take that morning? One extreme to another nearly all the time. Humph!

Things developed a little contrarily. Little Inchy was now bleeding, Haemorrhoid Harold was bleeding. I was uncomfortable in the extreme, and I stubbed my toe on the floor cabinet while applying the Betamethasone cream. Then dropped the lid off of the Daktacort tube and clouted my elbow as I bent down to retrieve it and Hippy Hilda started playing up! I was turning into a wreck! Hehehe!

Pressed on updating this post up to here, and then went to the WordPress Reader. Next to the comments, not many, so I visited Facebook.

Made another mug of tea. (The thirst is still lingering?)

Tended to the ablutions. Took all five black bags to the waste chute, and readied everything, remembering to take the Audio-Clinic book with me to get some more batteries.

Off down and out into the rainy morning, but it was not cold with it.

The workmen were busy, deliveries coming in regularly.

Had to be careful on the wet leaves in the puddles and pavements.

I stopped half-way to the Obergruppenfureresses Wardens Shed and took this photographicalisation of the progress in the new four-storey apartment block being built.

The new higher crane had had its concrete blocks fitted.

Went into the shed and found Obergruppenfurheress Deana and Obergefreiteress Julie busy and just leaving on their duties. Quick greetings and off they poddled. Jenny and about six other tenants were in there, keeping dry and warm while waiting for the bus. A welcome and chinwagging session ensued.

Jenny asked if the radiator blocking the kitchen cupboard and drawer had been moved yet. I said no. I think it was only Thursday when I noticed this, and Jenny mentioned it to Deana, so I should hear something from them soon. So kind of Jenny to look after me.

Out to the bus stop and another natter with Roy and Gladys.

I snapped this drab picture of the two blocks with the cranes showing. The one on the left was blowing about a bit in the wind. I also caught Roy, bless his cotton socks as he adjusted his lethal four-wheeled shopping trolly. Great chap Roy and his better half. I’m lucky in some ways here. Jenny, the Newcastle gal, Margaret, Deana, Julie, Roy and many other folks I consider as ‘Special’, and all might pull my leg, but they seem to give me time, and I love them all for that. Without them and my Cyber-Buddies, life would not be so good.

Caught the bus, had a bash at the crossword book en route. Dropped off in town and went into the Poundland Shop in search of some Payne’s Chocolate Brazil nuts and any Pork Farm Pork Pies if they had any. I came out with two Pork Pies and four screw-lid containers, well pleased with that. I can use the lidded boxes to keep the potato chips now and have a fresh nibble at leisure. Haha!

The rain got a little heavier as I made my way down into the soggy slab-square.

Crossed through the square and up Friar Lane, then right and along to the end of Maid Marion Way then left up Standard Hill to the Audio Centre. I have to mention that Hippy Hilda, Arthur Itis and Anne Gyna were all gentle with me, and I got up the hill almost with ease! Great stuff!

As I arrived, I thought we were going to be in for a right storm. Darkness fell, and the rain turned into a drizzle, but by the time I’d crossed over to the clinic, it had brightened up a bit, and the rain stopped altogether? Weird that. Being as it was not open, I did not go in. Hehehe! But, not to worry, I can get some from batteries from SpecSavers. Which entailed me walking back the way I came from, Tsk! At least it was downhill this time.

Down to get the batteries, and called into the Poundland shop on Fletcher Gate en route. Maybe they will have some Payne’s brazils at this branch?

Nope! I came out lugging a full shopping bag now. With, a pack of sliced wholemeal rolls, Zoflora disinfectant, Bliss Lemon Yoghourts and some bars of chocolate called ‘Twin Peaks’. Should come in handy as Raffle Prizes at the Tenants Social Hour on Thursday, because they are different? Methinks anyway.

I forgot all about getting the flipping hearing aid batteries, due to my excitement at getting something interesting for the raffle and the screw-lid containers. Sad, innit?

I hobbled to and over the slab square and up Queen Street to the bus stop. Only the plates-of-meat (Feet) was hurting now. But they were making an excellent job of it. Haha!

The Newcastle Lady and a bloke tenant were waiting alongside me. I Wished I were better at remembering names. She is a right character and lovely woman. We had a chat, and all got on the bus. We were soon back at the apartment. We both walked from the bus stop, having another chinwag. She got off at the floor below mine, we said our farewells and wished each other well, and I got in and id the Health Checks and visited the Porcelain Throne, and sat and waited for yonks! Blow me, back to all wind again this time?

Washed up well, and wiped the contact surfaces with antiseptic disinfectant. Best be safe I thought, with the ever-changing evacuations modes, and the non-stop thirst, something might be brewing-up, a cold perhaps. Getting wet again won’t help.

I took the cellophane off of one of the lidded containers, and found it had a second slightly smaller one inside! So I washed them an filled both up with potato chips. One with beef flavour, the other with plain salted and added some BBQ flavour powder to it. I’ll have some of these on tonight’s meal later on.

Got onto sorting the photos and updating this post.

I stored the other bits I’d bought away and got the Health Checks and medications tended to.

Readings a bit up & down today. Hey-Ho!

Must get these trousers off and into the jammies, the legs and feet feel terribly cold now. All done! That’s a bit warmer now.

Got the nosh sorted.

Not as enjoyable or good as the last one, but I still enjoyed this one. The Pork Pie was delicious. (Note I removed the fatty crust this time, due to the increase in my weight of late!)

Gave it a rating of 8/10.

After washing the pots and settling to watch a DVD, dear old Herbert above was clanking and banging away again. But it didn’t last for long this time.

I got the DVD on, fell asleep and woke with the phone tinkling away. Getting out of the £300 second-hand recliner and over to answer the ringing, I stubbed my toe on the Ottoman. It was my old mate, Mike. Saying he would visit me in the morning. I explained about the blood test I had in the morning, and he kindly thought about it and said he would call Wednesday morning if I was free, which I was, and informed and thanked him. I think, being half-asleep at the time. Great of Mick to call again.

It took a hell of a while to get back to sleep after the grey-cells had been activated again. They went off on their own thought patterns again, determined that I should solve the problems of the world. Haha!

Settled and seconds later I had to go off to the wet room for a wee-wee. Bit of a Dizzy Dennis as I got out of the recliner, and banged my shoulder against the door frame en route. I believe I might have uttered words to the tune of “Oh, blow!”, or something similar.

Eventually, I got off to sleep a much-needed sleep, thankfully.

Inchcock – Friday 14th April 2017


Friday 14th April 2017

Irish: Dé hAoine 14 Aibreán, 2017

0425hrs: Stirred, head full of memories of the dreams spinning around and made some notes scribbled quickly, before they evaporated. 5Fri02

Out of the second-hand £300 rickety recliner and to the porcelain thrown. Hard, painful work in more ways than one.

Coming out of the wet room, a flashing green light near the door caught my eye, and I put the light on in the hall to investigate and photographicalised the culprit up on the wall near the ceiling.

What the heck is it? Not to worry, the light, whatever it symbolises, was slowly flashing green.

Made a cuppa and took a Senna with the medications.

Drank the tea and pondered over the dream notes. Seems I was a German soldier somewhere in Russia. There were three others with me – In a building hiding from thousands of Russian troops with dozens of T34s and Katyusha’s knocking the hell out of the area around us – We had no ammunition left, but made up a bottle of vodka mixed with my Betamethasone ointment? But we were calm and talked among ourselves, amazingly it appeared we heard each other’s voices amidst the cacophony of noise – It was like a comedy really. We were putting our Party Membership cards in envelopes with our resignations, and worried that the mail might not get through?

Then I found myself in a sparsely decorated room with large attractive ladies of all ages and origins coming through one of two doors, laughing, or sneering at me then, going out of the other door? A chap came in eventually, after seemingly hours of the visiting ladies of all sorts of ages and types ended – Told me they had failed to find one that was willing to have a date with me? And the agency will not charge me for the assessment – or something like that?

As I wrote the above from my notes, I thought what good ideas for a comedy sketch? Wish I had the energy, willpower and concentration to write them.

Got out the sphygmomanometer and did the first Health Checks. I looked this up on Google. (sphygmomanometer. 1891, from comb. form of Greek sphygmos “pulse,” from sphyzein “to beat, throb” + -meter. An instrument for measuring blood pressure in the arteries, especially one consisting of a pressure gauge and a rubber cuff that wraps around the upper arm and inflates to constrict the arteries)

Many thanks to Tim Price in America for the word sphygmomanometer! I might not be able to pronounce it, but I can write it. Hehe!

5Fri02aThe first readings of the day for this week seem to be settled and okay? Despite having missed two of the evening doses of my medications, which of course include the Warfarin doses.

Had a dizzy as I made another cuppa, a long one this time. Tsk!

Got the dairy for yesterday finalised and sent off. Started this one off, then did some WordPress reading and commenting.

Went onto Facebook. Realising then, why I was so confused yesterday. It was Easter. No wonder the crowds in Nottingham were so few, no wonder there was L9 buses not turning up, no wonder I thought it was Saturday today. Sad indeed!

TupperThen worked on the next TFZer graphicalisation, and got it finished.

Then began on the next one.

This one is Lona Dean, at her individualised Tupperware Party.

Noticed the serving trolley well stocked with alcoholic beverages?


Hopes she likes it.

Had a campaign leaflet delivered on behalf of the Tory candidate in respect of the upcoming local Council voting poll. Usual splurge of nothingness, and who believes them anyway… from any party!

I put it to one side so I could ignore it later in comfort.

Carried out the ablutions and medical checks. Little Inchy was bleeding far even less than earlier, so that was good, still a bit tender mind. Haemorrhoid Harold, just a few spots of haemoglobin leaked. Couldn’t even see the burn on the hand now.

Got ready and set off to town to see if I could get a set of headphones to replace the one’s that have started to break up on me.

Good chinwag in the foyer with some residents before catching the bus into town with Mary (Or is it Sheila?). The bus filled up en route.

5Fri04Dropped off the bus and into Victoria Centre and up to the Fruit & Veg Market. Got some more garden peas, a leek and a turnip. Then to the nut stall and got som dark chocolate cashew nuts.

To the end of the mall and down into Tesco. Got a Sourdough loaf, vegetarian hot dog sausages appetising! And astonishingly, another pack of two Fresh Cream Horns jumped into the basket! (Hard to believe I know [Cause this is a lie], Hehe!)

5Fri05Paid up and departed across the road in the rain to the Curry-PC World shop to look at the headphones.

I had to admire the staff in there, they managed not to see me or ignore with every time I began or even thought of approaching one, and they it with style, ease and determination. Once I moved over to the computer section, I was mobbed by staff who seemed to appear suddenly, as if they were in Dr Who or a Star Trek episode! They, of course, lost their adopted artificial fake-phoney smiles immediately on hearing I wanted help with selecting some headphones to suit my needs and I didn’t understand the jargon on the tickets on shelves: “Oh, no, I’m on the Computer side!” Etc.

I departed.

5Fri09Walked up through Trinity Walk and could not resist taking this photographicalisation of one of the new giant eateries, branded as ‘Curious Manor’.

The open sign lit up and not a soul of customer or even prospective patron, inside or out of it.

I wondered if they had got enough chairs and tables to cope with the stampede? Hahaha!

5Fri12bI noticed in the jewellery shop window these two ladies watches and took a photograph to use as a competition to guess the prices on the TFZer site.

Wondered if they were real diamonds.

If I remember of course.

Thought they looked a bit different like?

Wondered into5Fri11 the town centre and down Exchange Walk and had a potter around the M&S store.

I got tempted in the Food Hall again, Tsk! They had some really tiny packs of Chinese Pork Ribs that are usually £4 each at £1.50 cause they only had one day left on the sell by date. So I got one.

Then, the same with the Potato Rostis, 4 for 85p instead of £2.99. That’s tonight’s meal sorted I thought.

5Fri12Out and wondered down to the Argos Store to see if they had any suitable headphones, not that I knew much about them. But if they didn’t have Wifi – Mobile Phone or cordless on the descriptions I should be alright?

But if they didn’t have Wifi – Mobile Phone, Connectivity or Cordless on the descriptions I should be alright?

Looked in the catalogue and selected a set of Sony MDR-XB450AP RRD Over-ear-headphones!

I know this because it is written on the receipt. I managed to fend off the ladies rather insistent request for me to take out a three-year insurance policy on them, as well as she wanting me to become an Argos Fan and sign up with them? She did wrangle my email address out of me, though.

5Fri10I walked back into the Slab Square, feet aching a bit now.

Popped into the Primark Store, but only got a few yards into it. It was like Goose Fair or a Cup Final in there!

Too dangerous for me in my condition. I retreated back out.

5Fri12aI noted a, well I don’t know the word really, milliners perhaps?A shop that did clothes mending sewing and

A shop that did clothes mending sewing and adjusting, stitching. It made me think of TFZer Nancy, so I took this picture hoping to add Nancy to it for a bit of fun later.

Up to Queen Street and caught the L9 bus back to the apartment… on my own. I was the only passenger on it, no one got on en route either! It was like catching a large taxi – apart from the route of course.

Got in and had a wee-wee. Little Inchy had been leaking, but only a tiny bit. Cleaned and Betamethasoned him!

Emptied the bins and took the bags to the chute. Got the oven warming up ready to put the Rostis and Ribs in later.

Made a mug of tea and set about updating this diary. Took the evening medications, a bit early, but I didn’t want to miss any more doses.

Went in to check on the fodder in the oven – by gum the view was beautiful. Not sunny, just calm and nice.


Got the meal sorted and cooking.

Another dizzy-spell, again a bad one (Two bad ones in the same day, not good that).

Put the computer off and took a St John’s Wort with a glass… well not glass, I don’t have any, a mug of spring water, and the usual medications.

5Fri12dGot the plate filled with a spread of Potato Rostis, Asda vegetarian sausages, beetroots, fresh Garden Peas, Sourdough bread, orange yoghourt and a banana.

I really enjoyed this one.

Had to sort out the pod peas from the stalks, there was probably more stalk than pods! I forgot to ask the lady at the fruit and veg stall where they came from. Egypt would be my guess. Not anything like as sweet as the English, but having been deprived of the flavour for so long, I still liked them. And those Asda veg sausages are good too.

Had a peep at what was available on the TV – Too much, many programmes on different channels at the same time that I fancied seeing. Tsk!

Not that it mattered though, I spend a larger proportion of the next three hour nodded off than awake.

Up for a wee-wee.

Took the plate and cutlery from the meal and put them in to soak overnight, had yet another dizzy (Not a bad one this time, though), and settled into the ‘Even-more-shaky £300 second-hand recliner and was off into the land of nod, almost immediately.

Inchcock Today Thursday 17th November 2016: Social Hour turned out to be 15 minutes.


Thursday 17th November 2016

In Ukrainian: Четвер 17 листопада 2016

Woke at 0210hrs: The warm wet sensation from my nether regions prompted me to visit the wet-room and investigate Haem Aroid and Little Inchies conditions. Big clean-up job required, Inchy had bled a bit and needed cleansing and medicating with the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream, Haem Aroid situation messy, never lost so much blood before from this area in one go. Cleaned up and creamed. Jammies in the washing basket. (More washing to do again, Tsk!) Clean jammies on and washed up and sprayed myself with Brut!

I reckon the extra high INR level is not helping with the blood being so thin, feeling the cold more too this morning. Although, when I went to make a cuppa and take the medications, the temperature in the kitchen was 59°f, and outside it was 40°f I found out on Google later.

Got the things ready for the Tenant’s Social Hour.

Computer turned on and did some diary work and posted yesterday’s off. Then some graphic creating.

Brother-in-law Pete rang, nice to hear from him. Things seem okay their end.

Morrison order arrived.


The delivery chap carried the fodder into the kitchen for me. I set about sorting the stuff away. Rather overdid it today, cupboards, fridge, freezer, shelves all overloaded a bit. Still, plenty of ready meals in stock to use in case the GUM clinic treatment is anything like last time. The concentration was wickedly bad last year after being treated. So I  won’t be doing any proper cooking for a while until I know how I am reacting.

Popped in to see Olive for a nice chinwag, but she was not in.

Got ready and taking the bags with me I went to the social hour. I was going to catch the 40 bus into town, so couldn’t stay long. Handed in the raffle prizes and dished out the nibbles. BJ arrived as I was about to leave to go to the GUM clinic. Quick natter and off I went.

At the clinic, I handed in the card I’d received and waited in a room with some other chaps to be called in by a young female doctor minutes later. The same embarrassing procedure as last time had to got through. Into an examination room, other specialists called in and consulted. In the end, as I expected, the same treatment as last time was decided upon, and that took months to clear up the problem. Oh dear! The man doctor told me the name of the infection on the lesion, something like ‘Balenoposis’?

 At least they gave me a tube of Betamethasone cream, so that saved me going to the chemist with a prescription.

Bus into town and straight to PC World to see if the hacked laptop data retrieval had been done. Well, would you believe it, it had been done, but they had not cleaned the actual laptop? Another £60 had to be paid, and they told me it would be done by tomorrow morning after 0900hrs? This, after they telling me last month that the laptop cannot be cleaned safely cause of the infection. I was getting answers from the PC world folk I wanted to hear from the GUM clinic! Hehehe!

Confused now. They had some TV’s on display, but I could not understand what all the description meant. I’ll ask Pete to have a look again for me, perhaps next time he’s in town. (Bet I forget to ask him)

It started to rain, and with the high winds, it was hard going even in town to get around. I called into the PoundWorld shop and got more than I had planned. They had some of the fingerless gloves I use now in stock, so I got some as spares so I can keep a pair in my pocket and a pair in the bag, also I’m holding a pair near the £300 second-hand recliner to have on when sleeping while the radiators are still not working. Also, I was pleased to see they had some Lavender soap, so I got a couple, one for me and one for Sister Jane.

4thr03The lower region accoutrements were beginning to sting badly now, so I made my way to catch a bus home to check on things. Walked through the Victoria Centre and noticed the American, California Tortilla Food place was not doing very well this afternoon.

As I got to the slab square, the building being erected that I thought 4thr03alooked like a Western Cowboy Saloon was nearly finished.

Apparently, an eatery of some kind, take away I think it will be. Coffee, Doughnuts, Pancakes all advertised on the hoarding above.

The Little Inchy problem needed investigating, but Arthur Itis, Roger Reflux, even Anne Gyna were going easy on me. (Big gob me, shouldn’t have said this!)

4thr04The rain poured, but only once I was safe on the bus, and it stopped just before we arrived at the flats. Nice. Th winds did not abate, though, howling it was. Still wailing away and I could hear it easily when I got into the flat. This must be very annoying for the residents who have good hearing. Poor things.

Once inside, I had a check on Little Inchy. Not bleeding much at all, but oh so tender to touch, or even if I walk or sit wrongly sometimes. Which can me problematical with me already seated in a particular position to accommodate Harry Haemorrhoid… and I must not cross my legs either! Humph!

4thr08 4thr06Ready meal prepared, Morrison’s Beef in Black Bean sauce, all I did was add some Sharwoods Black Bean Sauce from a jar to it. Oh, and a baked potato.

I settled down after the meal, turned on the TV and drifted off into oblivion.

Inchcock Today: Tuesday 15th November 2016: Stuck indoors till the nurses arrives


Tuesday 15th November 2016

In Sesotho: Labobeli la bo15 November 2016

Awake at 0015hrs. Pondered on the bits of the odd dreams I’d been having. I was in a long queue of people on a rooftop. We all wanted to jump it seemed, there were gendarmes in helicopters shooting anyone jumping before it was their turn? Only one at a time was allowed to jump, as the street cleaners were on strike? I told this posh looking bloke on me right, “Might as well just jump anyway and get machine-gunned to death. What’s the difference for us?” “Do as you wish, you are no longer a European Member ? Mon Ami!”

So I jumped, quite happily over the edge, and yodelled as fell to my death – unfortunately, it didn’t happen. Frank Ifield caught me in a giant saucepan out of a window a few floors down? Dragged me into the room, which was full of people in fancy dress at a party, and he started singing “She taught me how to Yodel”. The Gendarmes burst through the door and shot everybody apart from me, and they escorted me up to the roof, handcuffed me and said I’ll have to go to the end of the queue now? I wrote this down on my pad, and nodded 0ff again.

Managed to sleep until 0235hrs and when I woke this time, an urgent need for a WRHD session forced me to arise from £300 second-hand recliner and make use of the porcelain. And, Oh dear! Little Inchy, who I thought was fully recovered from his lesion was bleeding badly again! I felt too embarrassed to go see the doctor to get me on the GUM clinic list again yet. I’ll see how things go and use the Betamethasone cream I’ve still got in the medicine cupboard from last time and keep my fingers crossed. Tsk! Every time I think things are improving something starts off again. The thing that worried me most, was that the thicker bloblets of the haemoglobin  had a sort of yellowy clear jelly around them? The lesion was not bleeding after a few minutes.

I cleaned myself up, made a brew and took the medications. Checked again, and the leaking again blood seemed very thick? No, I’ll have to go see the GP then. But today the district nurses are coming to give the Enoxaparin injections. I’m waiting (probably in vain) for the delivery of a loan heater from Nottingham City Homes and I’ve got the ticker-clinic appointment coming up too. Thankfully I have some of the nappy-like undies left to use.

Got going on the computer, WordPressing and CorelDrawing.

2tue02Took a photo from the kitchen window around 0520hrs.

It doesn’t show on this terrible photo, but there were many blue lights flashing in the distance.

WRWW and I checked on Little Inchy again. Now got a tingling sensation all the time, but the bleeding was minimal, hardly any, just specks.

Got on with doing graphics for the TFZer site. Then did some work on the Words To Use file. Best part of seven hours grafting away, but I enjoyed it.

Kept checking on Little Inchy, but he was ‘leaking blood’ slowly throughout the day.

Not ffeling too good about this, but still enjoyed the getting much done on the computer.

The nurse arrived and gave me the Emoxaprin injection telling me this was the only one due. In a rush she was very busy.

Got the nosh cooking. lanned to watch just the England – Spain footy match later.

2tue03The meal was delicious.

A meal in a giant Yorkshire Pudding.

I added some bacon and mushrooms, had two cheesy cobs with it.

Then the Fresh Cream French Horn cake and an apple.

Took the medications and cleaned up Little Inchy again.

Settled to watch the match, but nodded off before it even started!


Inchcock Today Sun 20 Mar: Spring has just Sprunged!



Sunday 20 March 2016

I woke up, bounding about dancing, singing and showing all the signs of what a healthy, fit, dynamic, handsome young man does when Spring arrives! 01W01

I’ll start again then; I awoke, feeling groggy, in pain and urgent need of the bathroom porcelain.

P1050281More pain, I might have to go back on the Entrolax.

In fact, I’ll take one now with my lovely strong cup of tea and the other medications.

Got the laptop on and titivated Saturday’s dairy and got it published.

I have to say, the shoulder and neck are a lot easier this morning.

Finished Part Two of the ‘Repairs’ series and got that posted.

P1020226Got the laundry things ready and in the bag, added my book and took the rubbish bags to the chute on my way down to the Laundry Room.

Got the washing machine working then sat in the Foyer to read my book.

When it had done I moved the clothes into the dryer.b

P1050282I had planned to go out and have a walk around outside, but, although it looked nice out there, it was flaming cold!

Cold enough for me not to go out after all and return to my book sat in the foyer.

The ‘Sniper’ book, is one of those annoying ones that you have to fight to keep the pages open and is printed too close to the centre when open.

P1050208I gathered the cleaned things and returned to the flat. Put them away in the airing cupboard, visited the porcelain and made a cuppa.

Got the laptop back on, opened CorelDraw X8 and WordPress, then I updated this earth-shatteringly interesting dairy off.

Then did some work on Part Three of the Repairs Advice post.

Took a while that did.

Hours and hours on Facebook, WordPress and CorelDraw X8. Then I checked the emails.

Pains across the chest rib-cage started itching like mad and stayed like that ever since. I’ll mention this to the nurse tomorrow. Because it got worse when I settled later?

P1050284Got the nosh on.

Lamb hotpot, roast vegetables, beetroot and sticks.

Rated at 9.22/10

Ate this all up with relish.

The itching getting annoying, and the scratching causing bleeding was irresistible and unavoidable. Driving me bonkers it is!

TTFN folks.

Inchcock Today Sun 14 Feb: Valentine Day?

Saint Peter was having a slow day at the Pearly Gates, so he took a little stroll. He noticed that the fence between heaven and hell was in need of some repair. So he hollers over the fence to Lucifer.
Saint Peter: “This fence needs some repair. I’ll see to it that it gets fixed if you will help pay for it.”

Lucifer: “If you want it fixed, you pay for it.”

Saint Peter: “The fence is partly your responsibility, and you will help pay for it, or I will sue you for that amount.”

Lucifer: “Ha! And where do you think you are going to get a lawyer?!”


Sunday 14 February 2016

Valentines Day – I expect to be busy! 01W01

Gave up trying to sleep. I arose around 0250hrs, got up, I passed wind, visited the porcelain, then made a cup of tea.

I found myself in a sombre mood for some reason or other. Perhaps the dreams had been of a particular melancholic nature? 

Another visit to the bathroom, this time, to use the throne. This revealed the agony and blood from the rear end Hemorrhoids to be of a tenderness and inflammability not known before!

Laptop on to start this diary, and when I sat down, I almost took off again with the surprise at the shock at the pain the little devils were giving me!

Oh, dearie me!

Settling down after a few minutes trying to arrange things between my rear-end and the cushion that was mutually agreeable to both, and not too painful: Another sudden involuntary escapage of wind developed, that felt a little risky. So I had to get up and go to visit the bathroom again to check things out. Then go through all the palaver again of re-settling in the least painful position possible. Tut!

Inchcock was not very happy at all at this stage of the day. Humph!

No chance of doing any of the plans of cleaning up yet.

I had hoped to get the kitchen done today, but the piles were preventing me from doing so; Well, the pain and bleeding from them every time I moved, sat down or passed any wind, were.

Horrible isn’t it? One thing after another. Hey-ho, never mind, looking back at some of the stupid stuff I did as a youngster, makes me think I deserve to suffer like this. Gloom and self-reproach dawned.

0400hrs: took the medications – the dosage pots will need doing later. This task I can manage I reckon, no bending involved. Of course, all I have to do now is remember the job need doing, and stay awake long enough to get it done. Hehe!


Pretty scary eh?

I visited the bathroom again, to clean my teeth because the inside of my mouth felt, dry, furry somehow. More bother here.

On looking in the mirror (Something I like to keep to a minimum), I espied blotches all over me face, cracked lips and bleeding from inside and around the gums?

Was I rotting away? Haha!

Dispirited even more now, I spoke with myself and told me, “You can only expect these things at your age mate! With all your problems you’re lucky to be here, you should have croaked ages ago!” This did cheer me up a little.

I Considered changing the instructions for my gravestone wording to: “He Came, He Failed, He Went – It was cruel that he was allowed to come in the first place!” Hehehe!

I settled (gingerly and carefully) back into the chair at the laptop and finished yesterday’s diary off and posted it.

Started an Ode post, hoping it would sound amusing to anyone reading it like.

NCCwalk02Got it finished and posted.

The morning had shot by; it was gone 0700hrs already.

I think I might, after my bath, have a walk up into Woodthorpe Grange Park and see if I can find something decent to photographicalise?

The main event – the Bathing!

Fun was getting out of the bath today. Oh yes! The right leg was easier, but this didn’t stop it giving way on me as I tackled the job of standing up after my scrub and soak. Oh No! Then the task of actually getting me leg over (Not good at this) left me sprawled half-in-half-out of the tub, spreadeagled so as to speak. Eventually, I did manage to free myself only to bang the leg on the side of the bath as I did so. some surprising language burst forth, but I couldn’t resist seeing the funny side of it all.

Took the last of my Angina under-tongue lozenge. The GP is stopping them. 

Then I got Little Inchy well dried and the Betamethasone corticosteroid cream on his lesion. Phorpain gelled the knees ankles and hands. Cetraben creamed the marks on my face neck and arms. Applied the pile’s cream on me rear end.

I’ll be glad when they get around to doing the Haemorrhoidectomy, I think.

NCCwalk01Sorted out the medication into their time-related colour coded little dosage pots

All proof that here: that growing old can have just a few drawbacks. Hehe!

Then I got myself wrapped up well, and set off on my walk up to the park.

The weather was surprisingly good this morning. No rain, the winds had dropped at last, and the sun was out! The sky and clouds were bright!

NCCwalk02I went via the back route over the field. The climb was a bit dodgy underfoot, as the rain had not drained away. But the sight of the Bluebells forcing their way through the muddy soil cheered me up a bit.

NCCwalk03I hobbled up to the path, turned and took a photographicalisation of the Woodthorpe Court flats I’d departed from earlier. Then I walked along the road, and onto the grass (Bit dodgy again underfoot here) and down to the end of the park, to take a photograph of the full-size model of a train-engine front, cleverly added to the old entrance to a tunnel.

NCCwalk05I was sad to see that the yobboes had added some more graffiti around it.

Getting out from there was another task that needed care on my behalf. The soil and what bit of grass thereabouts were very wet and slippery.

Hey-ho, I managed to get back up to the footpath without any undo hiatus.

NCCwalk04Farther up the walkway, I took a photograph to the North of Nottingham, towards Mansfield and Sutton.

I don’t know if the detail will show in the distance on this shot, but it is virtually nearly all housing estates.

I stood and watched some of the locals with their dogs, all having a good time.

Although there were not that many out and about today, perhaps it was a little early?

Then made my way down the gravel path to the flats.

NCCwalk06The clouds in the sky looked amazing to me.

Got to the bottom of the hill and, Whoopsidangleplop; I hit me leg on one of the giant stones as I passed it.

I’ve flipping been in agony with it since.M

I had to catch it right on the torn muscle part didn’t I?

Humph and curse!

I limped up to the flat.

Took the medications. Laptop on, and updated this effort.

IMG_0026Got some fodder ready, took me a while and I got it wrong in places.

Lamb and veg stew, I added some gravy, but it had gotten a bit cold somehow? And when laying it out, I put the potato scones back in the oven to warm a bit longer and forgot about them.

Oh dear!

I was so tired and weary again. I did nothing of any value other than watching some A-Team videos in between nodding off and rewinding!

I’d forgotten how bad, yet funny they were.