Inchcock Today: Wednesday 21st September 2022


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03:40hrs: Another shooting awake, the arms jounced, and slowly the brain woke up as well. The only thing it was interested in was my hastening to the Porcelain Throne. So, I did!
No injuries or Accifauxpas en route; I got settled in the regulation position, and the evacuation began. I should think it was 80% putrid air and 20% of watery kaki-coloured liquid, with a few bloblets of the expected stuff mixed in.
Not too messy it didn’t spurt out. No bleeding.
Again, I thought, well, I’m in here now; I’ll get the ablutions tended to. most another bit of the left back double molar again… I don’t know how it hasn’t all gone by now; the number of times I lose a chunk of it?
I took extra care with the shaving this time. A couple of tin nicks, no bother.
Ah, there were some difficulties here. The Germoloiding of Harrolds Haemorrhoids went perfectly smoothly, with minimum pain of any sort. Then, the Phorpain gelling was more or less in the same style. Then, for some reason, the applicationing of the
Daktacort can only be described as horrendously painful. I stopped as soon as I felt that much pain in such a delicate area. And went to fetch the magnifying glass to see if I could find a use-by date in the tube or box. Nope, couldn’t see one anyway. I went to the medical drawer in the kitchenette and ferreted about for another tube. None left! I must ask Richard or Deana to order some for me.
A smothering of Germolene in place was tried. Totally-ineffective. I dare not use what bit of Daktacort that was left in the tube, so threw it away.
Then, the Danger of the Day, so far, had to be faced. 

Of course, I wasn’t worried at all; a heroic man with so many ailments is not going to let a plastic-coated finger-crunching, blood-letting thing like metal Sock Glide intimidate me. Well, more than suspected!
I got through it and got the socks on. A plaster on the trapped bleeding finger was all I needed this time. Freshened up my wobbly short-overweight body with antiperspirant spray and aftershave. Got dressed and tackled the next job, the .
Back down again! SYS 137. DIA 72, Pulse 78 bpm, and body temperature a good return at 34.3°f.
Back in the High-Norm amber area. I suppose a being shown is okay?
The second lowest rating I’ve ever recorded! Now I shall be looking to get in the green soon… Hehehe!

Was banging about above early again, around 06:00hrs. He must be making things for Christmas pressies early, mayhaps? Come think of it, I reckon he was noisy late at night and early mornings this time last year? I may be wrong, of course. ♫ It’s not unusual for Inchcock to be wrong… ♫

I got the computer on, and many comments on my blogs were received. It was from Bill, so I answered him. Off to make a mug of Thompson’s Punjana, and I took this morning shot of the view from the kitchen window. Not exactly awe-inspiring, is it?

I went back to the computer and checked the Emails.

Morrison and J Sainsbury’s had set a list of their substitutions and not available goods in today’s orders to be delivered.
Not good, is it? Still, I can give away the Tikka substitute; Deana might like them. The tomatoes should be okay. It’s funny how they always send dearer than the original substitutions.
JS had done even worse than Morrisons; that takes some doing. Same thing, dearer substitutes.
But they failed to tell me that the cheaper chilli cans I’d ordered were going to be substituted with a lot dearer ones! Humph! Anyway, I started to get things stored away. The Imperfect Tasty Strawberries were one for Deana and one for Francis, who I hope she’s back from the hospital by now and feeling better. I’ll ask Deana later.
Ah, my treats to myself here! Vegetarian shepherd’s pie, roast potatoes, veggie pasta, and sliced potatoes (well, it cuts back on chopped fingers!). Seasoned fresh cut chips as well… Oh, and a new one to me, Silky Butternut Squash Risotto; no idea what it will taste like, but without trying it, I’ll never know. Did you see that? Words of Wisdom… from me! Hehehe! Beefburgers and pot noodles for Carer Richard. Some individually portioned sticky rice pots and substituted No Chicken Tikka Masala with rice. I tried the one I ordered cause I knew I was okay with sweet & sour sauce. But I’ve tried Tikka before and did not like it. Are J Sainsbury staff told to select lousy substitutions on purpose? Is not sweet & Sour Chinese? And Tikka Indian?

At least they didn’t send me a pot of brown shoe polish this time. I’m not joking; I ordered potato cakes once and got a shoe polish pad!
Still, the owner has just lost a family member, the Queen. So, say no more. At least Morrison’s managed to deliver my favourite ready meal of all time. Roast Vegetable Risotto. It’s cracking tasty! I always put just a drop of BBQ sauce with it. And the packet of mushroom risotto I had yesterday, I think it was, was grand.
This is a loaf got the Wardens, cause it keeps fresher longer… someone told me.
I got some brown cobs for me from Lord Sainsbury: J Sainsbury plc is the parent company of Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, the third largest chain of supermarkets in the UK, with a 16.4% share of the market.
As of 2021, the largest overall shareholder is the sovereign wealth fund of Qatar Royal Family Investment Authority, which holds 14.99% of the company. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. The chain’s annual report shows that chief executive Simon Roberts picked up £2.8 million in bonuses for the year to March 5, on top of his £878,000 a year salary and other benefits. His mammoth pay deal includes a £1.7 million annual bonus and £1.1 million in long-term incentive scheme shares. Shame no one there knows the difference between a Chinese meal and an Indian one. Just thought I’d mention it! Not that I have anything against the Indians, they have my greatest respect and admiration. It’s just that their food does not sit well with me. Where was I?

Oh, yes… These were some of the giveaway items. I bought a few trays of fluffy rice. I just thought Deana might like one to try. Hope she likes Tikka.
She did call later after I’d got everything put away… Ah, something else I forgot to mention… A pack of six 1 litre Spring Water was delivered today; luckily, it was the first thing I moved into the kitchen from the blocked by food doorway. I felt the leaking water running down my leg onto the carpet; I then dropped the bottles when I got into the kitchen. What a mess I got into, and cleaning it up was no fun!
I lost the plot there… Sorry.
I put the flowers on the trolley, ready for when Deana or Julie, or both, came to see me about the lift for Friday.
Richard told me Deana would be calling today to see me. Which she did.

She told me she’s arranged for the lift on Friday to be for 10:00hrs So, hopefully, I can get to the B&M store to get some of the canned drinks that the Carers took to. I got some last week… no, a fortnight ago. But they all went first, but  I just cannot remember what they were called. When I see the cans, I’ll know, He says… Hehehe!
Onto the computer to make a start on this blog at long last.

♫ Oh, Susana… ♫ Hello, who’s that? It was Esther, after her six-week break visiting her family in South Africa for two weeks, that turned out to for four more. Can’t blame her! She’s calling tomorrow to do the laundry. She asked for a pen so she could write a note to another customer and post it through his door – I made sure I got the pen back this time! Hehe! 

I believe the sudden fatigue is coming back again now. 14:00hrs?
I’ll get a vegetable risotto in the microwave and add one bay-sized fluffy rice after three minutes, so they are ready at the same time. A drop of BBQ sauce will be added after cooking. This week I shall try harder to avoid any burnt fingers or dropped items when struggling to get the lid off of the trays.
The foods were both nearly ready. I made up a pot of Idaho instant mash with bubble & squeak, adding some extra-strong grated cheese and a quirt of my made-up to the bottle of liquid salt & distilled vinegar to the pot. Added a mini-pot of lemon mousse to the tray and got into the recliner to feast!

I had a cough and thought I saw some specs of blood in the tissue, well, the paper towel I used.
The meal was cooling as I checked the nose and mouth. Nowt to fret over, but puzzlingly all the ulcers in the gums seem to have erupted at the same time. I didn’t realise I’d got so many pustules in the gums. As for why this happened, I remain, as ever nowadays, confused.
Finally, I began the feast, ’cause that’s what it was, and even though I’ll let it cool more than I meant to, it was delicious! A Taste-Rating of 9.3/10!

I put the tray on the Carers desk next to the £300, second-hand, c1968, charity shop-bought, eyesorely-horrendously grungy coloured, Harold Haemorrhoid-testing, easily-falloutable from, unfit-for-use, not working, recliner. And drifted of with a satisfied stomach into a wonderful – but short-lived, dream-filled sleep.
♫ Oh, Susana… ♫ chimed out and brought me rudely to a state of semi-wakefulness. Blow it; I can’t remember her name now. Humph! She apologised for being late and mentioned how rushed she was. She soon got the medications sorted; and, with what seemed a reluctance, ask if there was anything else. There was, but she seemed so pressed I didn’t mention anything. A nice gal, I told her to pick a treat on her way out.
I think I was about to nod off again when I remembered I’d not locked the door. So, I locked it

Turning back from locking the door, I thought I’d have a look through the spy hole – which proved near fatal. Hehe! I twisted my back as I turned again, setting off poor and, at almost the same time, stubbed my toe on the three-wheel walker guide wheel… but I’d not finished yet. Oh, no!
Cursing my bad luck under my breath, and went into the wet room for a wee-wee and apply some Phorpain gel to Shirley. And walked into the doorframe, hit the shoulder, stopped, and automatically pee’d in my PPs, and I felt like crying. But I resisted it, after all being the heroic, stoic, brave, strong young man that I am…
At least Bladder-Belinda’s sudden leak came when I was in the wet room.
I evacuated the remaining few drops of urine from Bladder-Belinda. Stripped off and had a good clean-up. Germoloided Harold’s Haemorrhoids,
And got the crap, not very effective  MedPhorpainPhorpain gel, rubbed into my back as best that I could get at. Surprisingly, the toe stinging started to ease off?
Got some fresh PPs on, the Depend brand that had coped admirably well with Bladder-Belinda’s earlier escaping mini-torrent. was left until last. Because the shoulder charge on the wet room doorframe had set her off shuddering away, but now she had calmed down.
It took me so long to sort things out that by the time I was leaving the wet room, the and , were of little bother now.
Of course, now I had to rely on to get me through the doorway without any . Easy-peasy! I think that when I go going into the room and the light blaring at my eyes is why there are more walk-intos than when leaving the wet room?

A momentary Sherlock Holmesian conclusion there?Haha!

I got settled into the c1968 recliner seat…
Tired out, with Thought STorms to compete,
My mood was just a tad downbeat,
Thought of the Risotto… that was a treat!
Cramps now, in the fingers, legs and feet!
I must be getting closer to the scrapheap,
Losing my battle for peace and sleep…
My life seems full of things grossièreté!
Don’t know when, but I got nodded off alreet…
Dreamt I was on holiday; it looked like Crete?
2:55hrs, I sprang wide awake. Did I oversleep?
Asleep only five minutes, I could weep!


6 thoughts on “Inchcock Today: Wednesday 21st September 2022

    • Richard had a look this morning, he thinks it was the mouth ulcers bleeding… I hope so.
      No so good today either mate.
      ♫ Shaking all over ♫
      Two in the PM here, not even started to do the blog. Might just do an ode (I was working on it, hope to get it sone) explaining, not up to much. I wanted to be in good form for the visit to the DVT people as well. Still, if get this; fatigue out of the way again, I may feel betterer in the morning.
      The vague haze is back. Never had it with the shakes before though. I think l’ve buggered the Lumix up trying to use when I shopuldn’t have in this state, and mistakes on the computer, well – no idea what key cobination I’ve been hitting with the flying hand and fingers, but this mornings blog ended up in the Bin again?
      Must get ready for tonights shower and shave session, gonna take my time with it.
      Poor old sausage. Hahaha!
      Cheers, Tim.

  1. Habromania. That’s a grand one, Grandiloquent Habromania — two words that go together somehow.
    Out with the old PM, but still using his mop. A great cartoon that speaks true.
    Khaki-coloured liquid, brings forth an image of something fell methinks.
    Sock-glide Glenda is one of the more forbidding creatures that haunt Flat 72, it do. A scarish-looking beastlette is my opine on a mechanical device that belongs in the Middle Ages, but would sadly fit in one of Putin’s torture chambers. A record number of men are fleeing Russia, as many as can afford it anyway. Mr. P has absolutely no redeeming social values, not an iota’s worth. Evil incarnate.
    Good to see Esther back in the realm. Hope she enjoyed her jaunt to a different hemisphere, me do. Your anthropomorphized laundry is glad about her reappearance me is thinking.
    grossièreté: Official Word of the Day for 22 September. A good chunk of French, are it not?

    • Yes, agreed, as does The Phrontistery. Hoe I’d love the time to muse there, Billum.
      I avoided using Glenda today, at least the injuries were different, just bruised where banged agains many articals getting the socks on. Haha!
      Your description of Pukin, is perfect!
      Problems with Esther, it in the blog mate.
      Being rude is taking over… daying don’t be rude to a kid nowadays, just attracts a furrowed brow and hunch of the shoulders.
      If I get time, going to Bulwell today, I’ll out your Word of The Day in the blog mate.
      Mess of a day yesterday.
      TTFNski all and each, and furries besides! ♥

  2. Hello my Darling! I Have emailed you a few times but didn’t get response so I wonder if perhaps they are not coming through or you may be too tired after doing your blog to react. That’s okay too. I’m still here watching over you. Now Esther needs to be put in her place Inchie. She is doing your domestic work. She has no right to use any of your products or help herself to anything you have laid in for your own use. You are an elderly man who has limited income and she is charging a great deal to do your laundry. Once again, I urge you to contact church outreach groups who do services for people who are in need of care and compassion to keep their lives liveable. They in turn may have people who need to earn money and would gladly help you with far more respect and support for the same amount of money, not expecting to be fed and wooed with treats and plonk! I WISH I was close enough to make these calls around and find you worthy support. Using the services attached to the neighborhood council and professional nursing care is not the only way to go. Could you reach out to local churches dear:? the youth groups come to cheer people up and just chat. Then there are probably people who need to supplement their income looking for work that way too. It would be so much more pleasant than Esther. I also feel concern about possible sticky fingers in the temptation filled quarters of the elderly. I said it and I won’t take it back. We have both experienced the rough parts of life so it’s time to take a whole new tac on this issue. If I can help, please let me know. I will make calls for you for aid. I’m not sure how international charges are but I can check with my phone service.
    BTW, got Bill new hearing aids from the same company where I got yours. These were cheaper (49 each) and are rechargable! He said it is the best by far, You have only volume and a switch for two levels of hearing. We can exchange yours for those if you would work with me on

    • Thank you Petal, Bless you heart ♥
      I am not coping very well recently. The eyes are still waiting to be done, well one is, the other will have to wait until the right one is sorted, than I’ve have to go through te six assessments all over again to see if they will put me on the list again.
      My concentration is shot to pieces, the meory is all over place.
      I thought I’d replied to your emails, flower, I’m so sorry.
      I get so irritable with not being able to cope… with myself that is.
      I’m hoping to see Deana on Monday, to ask about someone else to do the laundry. I can see it now, Esther will say something like; ‘Oh, I told him I’d five some back next week – she is conavincing liar. Fooled me many a time. I’m hoping that Carol who stood in for Esther may want to do it.
      I’m getting tireder early each day now.
      Self-pity is not the answer, I know. But something always goes wrong that I cannot solve on my own, and rememebring what’s been done and not confuses me, Lisa-Petal.
      Glad Billum is hearing betterer. A grand chap and cyber-cheerer-upper of the top quality! So glad I’ve met the Manor Clan on the web! ♥
      I talk to the family each morning, I’m not bothered what the others say. They do not know of the history & kindess.
      I’ve not long been back from a trip to Bulwell. Where I called in three shops, purchasing 3 carrier bags of food. No need for a home delivery next week now, Lisa-Petal. So substitutions and short dated items will not be a problem. I feel a smidge smug at getting this done. Hehe!
      Thanks again for caring sweetheart.
      I’ve been talking to Sweet Morpheus about visiting you more often, ♥

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