Thursday 22nd September 2022: Cartoon, Ode & Diary

Inchies Ode Of The Day
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That’s all the photos, mates.
Unless I can sort out the Lumix later.
But I’m not up to much, not a good day.
Esther the cleaner just charged me £20 for doing the washing. And I caught her helping herself to at least one 1½ bottle of Spring Water. No idea if anything else is gone.

She seemed totally unconcerned about me seeing her?
No wonder she can afford to go for a four-week holiday to see her family in South Africa.

I am not up to challenging her at the moment. Wonder if she’s fiddling with any of the other residents, as well?

I’ll get something to eat now. I’m not feeling up to much still. But at least the shakes have eased off. I’ll have to do the Morrisons short-dated Parmentier spuds and a roast vegetable risotto, methinks.
Must sort out the shower and shave before the Carer arrives later on.
Then I can get the trolley sorted out with the bags and paperwork for in the morning and get the togs ready. I shan’t use the sock glide tonight, hopefully, I can cope with it in the morning easier.
Oh, I’ve got the potato cubes in the oven. In 25 minutes, I can get the Risotto in the microwave. I’ll have a go at the Lumix again. Not that I know what I did to lose it in the first place or have the foggiest idea how to get it back working.

Fell asleep, uncomfortably waking with Thought Storms raging so often; it got to me, I made the meal. Took a snap of it, but it didn’t show on the viewer or card. In the morning, to my amazement, the meal one was on the DS card, none of the others I’d taken, mind you. They’d gone off into the ether.

Overdid it by a wide margin quantity-wise.
But ate most of it, put ray down and drifted of to sleep again.
Until Care Cheeky Charlie arrived, full of the joys of spring.
As she got the medications sorted out, she took my temperature.

My temperature has never been so high in years! 36.1°f!
She selected a drinkie and a nibble. And reminded me to lock the door as she departed. Bless her!
I slept on and off until 03:15hrs.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow… Please!

31 thoughts on “Thursday 22nd September 2022: Cartoon, Ode & Diary

  1. Excellent ode. It seems everything is wearing out. Camera’s can be a pain. That was a nice pile of well arranged food.

  2. Another accurate depiction of the strained workers who already suffer burnout. Aaarrggghh!
    What a trial with Esther of recent return, why is everyone upping the ante? The new mission statement sounds like the old one: “What can I get away with.” We see it here as well. I wonder where solace, reason, and ethical behavior may be found? Heckish of a time for the Manor’s time machine to go kaput…darnagled thing has *always* been kaput. Sod it all.
    A thing alacritous is wot we lack.
    Glad indeed to hear that Charlie brought a bright spot to your Thursday, a blessing so sorely needed, mate. May Friday be more decent and kind.
    I saw my gastro doctor this morning, he is decidedly not a quack by any measure. It took a full two-hour wait, but ’twas worth it. Not even a trace of quackery in the good doctor.
    In the meanwhile, Petal has the full attention of Sweet Morpheus. Hopefully, enjoying fabulous dreams.

    • Well commentated Sir, humour and digs appreciated.
      I’m off again to the doctor this morning – but rather wish I was going to see your Gastro-Doctor instead. Sound a good one, to me, mate.
      AHa, SM listened to me demanding more vosits to HRH. Amazing! I must thank him after I’ve done this… keep him sweet?

      • The dastards come at us from all sides; it is not paranoia because these foes attack *anyone* who speaks for common decency, decorum, kindness, compassion, understanding, respect… all dismissed as signs of weakness. Whereas, ignorance, brutality and brutishness prevail.
        Somehow I happened upon two specialist doctors in gastroenterology and dermatology who are extraordinarily informed as well as decent chaps. The two hours waiting in a small room were absolutely worth it of course.
        Sour Morpheus would be Sweet’s brother. Haha!!
        Good doctors to you, kind Sir!

      • Cheers Billum.
        Got to agree with all you sayeth Sir.
        The lift to the Doctors yesterday for the much cancelled Severe Frailty Test… fiailed to arrive. The Foot lasy appointment I went to – to find a note; Salon Closed for Holidays.
        Phoned the Link transport; no one available until Monday 11:00hrs.
        Then got a phone call from the Doctors receptionist/assistant, enquireing why I did not go to this mornings appointment? The blessing on htis occasion was the lady had a voice tone my ears were hearing. Not sure if I bored her to death, with all my reasons and whyfores given her. Hahaha!

      • I had an inkling of a suspicion that the lift would not arrive. Eine ganz grosse Scheisse, oder? And then Plan B at the Salon leaves that note. Sunday lives up to its reputation.
        A long list to relay to the receptionist/assistant. I hope she rested comfortably…or…perhaps…death by your drone. Haha!!!

      • Snf thry’ve never let me doen before, Billlum. Then again it was the first one on a Saturday. Gigantische Scheiße in letzter Zeit (I needed help from Google trasnslate on that one, mate). They charge £25 for three minutes of nail cutting, so no wonder they take so many holidays! Hehehe!
        I’ve often wondered if I could buy and operate a drone from the balcony window, but will the cataract op ever happen? How long I’ve been waiting, all those assessment tests at the EENT, then get one the list… would they be kind enough to dig up my body and do it, so I can see St Peter? Hahaha!
        Thanks so much for your humour, which reminds me, is the Humira still working, mate?

      • Saturday appointments are indeed the most problem-ridden, support is much harder to obtain on those two days. I remember when almost every place shut down on a Sunday. ’twas the day for taking a drive on a country road, the days before 24/7 freneticism. Gigantisch ist super gross, besonders wenn es um Scheisse geht. £25 is astonishingly high. Yes, a long wait for EENT.
        And, indeedy, the Humira is still working. And it was *I* who decided that I did not need it anymore. Am looking at the mirror to see what that idiot looks like. Haha!!

      • Thaknk you kindly.
        Ah, yes, Billum. Those Sundays were so different. I liked those Sundays. In the Boys Brigade band with me symbols or drum, a march around the exact smae streets, and backl to the Chapel, a drink of Dandylion & Burdock, and home to get Dad’s meal prepared, and chop the wood, break up some coal for the coming week. Loved it!
        Now that looking in the mirror is me all over Hahaha!
        Best wishes to all at the Manor Laboratories. ♥

      • Reminds me of John Cleese and the marching up and down the square. Haha!!
        Gus Google has much to inform me on Dandylion & Burdock, something new what I’ve learned today. Very celebratory stuff.
        Breaking up coal and getting my Dad something eat as hobbies? Fib detected?
        Mirrors don’t lie, Gits!
        Cheers, mate!

      • D&B, Dad’s favourite soda. Now the coal, moght need explaining mate: Dad worked for the STate Owned British Railways, and twice a year we would a ton of coal delivered free off charge, as all state workers did in those days. But, they would send the coal in gigantic lumps, drop the min the coalhouse and I kid you not, sometimes there were just two lumps of it! Often up to four. Then who got job of braking it all up to use in the fire? It was sheap coal that was aooarently used in the power stations of the time. Thankfully we only got it twice a year. Hehehe!
        Morrors remind mr of Putin and Mr Fries, neither can be trusted either. Haha!
        Thanks, Billum. Love to all at the Manor. ♥

      • That was a fascinating tale, mate. I hadn’t known about those deliveries, not to mention the big-ass lumpy and clumpy plumps of coal aggregate. You — probably the only one in that household tasked with chipping duty — would also be coated with black dust. Harump! Many barges of coal still flow down the Ohio River, not far from the Manor. Just saying.
        Fank *you*, Gerrum from the Manorites ♥

      • At the time, Billum, I just got on with it, assuming and thinking all the other kids had the same jobs to do. (I’ve led a sheltered life, Hehe)
        Oddly enough, some of the barges laid up when I was thrown in the canal were coal ones.
        Things have changed so much, as you know, Sir.
        Doctors this morning, if the transport arrives. I’m going to mention to the nurses about the tumbles getting more frequent.
        Manyu thanks for caring, to all at the Manore Laboratories. ♥

      • The antonym of “sheltered-life” is wot I calls it, mate. Got the stories right here on IT.
        Boris made some proper moves toward a better energy policy, but, so far, Liz is still incoherent — and not just on energy. But maybe I missed those stories?
        May your tumbles lessen, Sir!
        It is our esteemed honor to care; we thank you in return. ♥

      • Marci Mon Ami.
        Fingers crossed for cock-up with the food delivery and Doctor… Oh dearie me!
        May all of your wishes be granted, especially with SM.
        Sontar Ha!

      • Well, Billum, midduck: No carer called. I left the flat at 08:00hrs, down to the lobby to catch the easyliink bus – half an hour later it hadn’t arrived.
        Back up to the flat, phoned Meridian, told they arrived at 08:15hrs, but could not get in. They are sorting it for me (Scary!)
        Then the Morrison delivery arrived, usual crap substitutions, and out of stocks.
        Put the food away, and now I have to get in touch with the Doctors, and Easylink. Must do that now, or might not get my lift tomorrow to the diabetes course. Tried to get Deana again, no answer.
        Pretty fed-up!

      • I think you should just stay at home and see if they even notice that you are not there. Then, if they ask, say that you had written the appointment down on another calendar. Bureaucrats waste enough people’s time in my opine. Gits!!
        The entire logistics chain in the UK seems to be struggling at many points, but that doesn’t make the crap substitutions taste better. Would Iceland and Sainsbury be possible improvements?
        Fed-up and starving at the same time?
        Wishing you peace of mind despite assaults from all sides, mon ami!

      • Oh, Billum, what a fardicality ridden life. Everything seems to have changed. No banks. Failures up my standards, seem rife from life.
        Tour views are spot on, Sir!
        The EasyLink lift today, they told last night, is coming at 10:20hrs. She sounded so positive as well. Hehe!
        The new lady in charge at Meridian visited me yesterday. I hold judgement, but she dounded nice and caring. But still failed to get a carer to me, and I had to guess at what I was taking were the right ones. But had to have a Beta-Blocker and angina tablet, cause the ticker was racing and thumping, and Anne Gyna was giving me ahard time, moving shooting pains. I began to feel better later in the night, so matbe I took the right ones. The Evening Carer Sinead came. So glad it was her, she listens, many do not, just go through the motions. Nothing she can do of course, buy little pretty sympathy goes down a treat.
        Santar-Ha! – Santar-Ha! – Santar-Ha! – Santar-Ha! – Santar-Ha!… Oh, got carried away there. Hehehe!
        Thanks mate.

      • HardLink should be their actual name. Barstards and Gits. The Führer at Meridian would have mad a better presentation had she not even called. False witness is what I call it.
        Sinead always acts professionally, a very rare quality these days.
        I’ve read that Liz’s approval rating is 15%. Gad.
        Five Sontra-Has! I fank you, kind Sir!

      • I may get Sinead tonight (Sat), I hope Billum.
        Bit of a sad and enbarrassing incident this morning with Carer Sam. He came late, which id usual foe a Saturday/Sunday. I was in the wet room doing my ablutions. I did not hear the doorchimein their of course. I came out, I thoght, in my birthday suit to get a pair of trousers to get into, and there she was… It shook me a smidgeon. Thank heavens I had just put my PPs on, unfortunately the type that looks like a nappy (diaper). Tsk!
        Mant Sonar-Ha’s in returneth, Sir.
        Oh, go on, have another; Sontar-Ha!

      • Worra a way to wake up Flat 72. Ha! Well, you can’t do the ablutions fully clothed, can yer? A birthday surprise is wot it were. At least Sam did not arrive similarly attired, but then he would have noticed the wardrobe malfunction. Haha!!
        Excellent Sontar-Ha’s, Sir.
        Sontar Hahaha!

      • Ah, she likes to be called Sam, does Samantha, Billum.
        Ah, a thought cometh…
        Sonatar Sam, Ha! No? Maybe not. Haha!
        I fannketh you, and appreciation sent to all at the Manor Laboratories. Even those on level 29… any luck with the worms yet?

      • Well done Martin Luther, glad he was never treated to the Papal slaughter.
        I had to read that up. I am thick.
        But so are the Sontarans, do Sontar-Ha! To all!
        I think their make-up was the best og the lot.

      • Twelve years of Papist education left me with a profound appreciation for Luther. I have been planning to write another blog entry about EWTN — the juggernaut of a media voice that pollutes Tellurian TV and radio from Birmingham, Alabama. You encourage me to carry on. Kindest Thanks for the inspiration, mate!
        Had to look up the date for the Diet of Worms. Haha!!
        Sontar-Ha to all. That make-up was nothing short of brilliant.

      • I’m pleased you’ve been blog-wise inspired, Billum.
        Sontarans are not in Superman, Spiderman or Batman’s followings. HAs not someone thought of the film about, mayhap; “The Sontarans Take Over Policeing London”?
        Sontar-Ha! – Sontar-Ha! – Sontar-Ha! – Sontar-Ha! – Sontar-Ha! – Sontar-Ha! – Sontar-Ha!… I like ’em!

      • You have indeed provided me inertia to get the words churning. I fank you.
        The Sontarans deserve a greater audience. Were they to take on the task of policing that enormous megaverse-sized mass of humanity. A formidable task…or Liz could do it in her spare time, and by herself. 🙂

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