Inchcock: Friday 23rd September 2022

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03:25hrs: I so reluctantly stirred. I battled the willpower telling me to get up and get the ablutions sorted out. But I still rose delicately onto my feet and hobbled into the kitchenette and got the kettle on.
I recalled taking a decent photo yesterday of the morning view – whether or not I did is in question. Anyway, crossing my fingers that the Lumix will still be working, I selected an option for the SCN choices for a nighttime starry scene. Unbeknownst to me, it then told me to wait for 30 seconds after taking the photo and not to move the camera. Haha! Me, hold anything still for 30 seconds with Peripheral Neuropathy? Not a cat in hell’s chance! But I did my best and had hopes of it coming out alright. As you can see above, it didn’t! So I shot the next effort in Auto-setting.
Not so bad, but should have been better. a smidge disappointing.

I got the teeth, shaving and showering done. All went well, with no problems.
The body temperature was high again, a new highest ever, I think. 36.2°f. Mmm?
SYS at 144, DIA 71 and Pulse at 85 bpm. It looked like this was going to be another low; I put the figures into the NHS assessment site.
In the res, I didn’t expect that. I thought it was a certainty to go in the High-Normal Amber zone.

But, No! It was in Hypertension – 1. But only just, so it’s still better than recently. So, things, apart from the temperature, were looking good for once. In fact, looking at the graph, an improvement.
I got the waste bags made up.
Then sorted the waste out of the three-wheeled-walker trolley. On the computer, and found I’d received a comment on a blog. Replied to it, stopped computering, and got some suitable clothing on ready for the trip to Bulwell.
  ♫ Oh, Susana rang forth from the door chime, and in walked Carer Jodie ♫. She looked at the Blood Pressure Health Check chart. And gave me another Temperature check, which was higher than the earlier one, at 36.70°f! So, she gave me a Covid Test. Nope, I’m Covid-free. A little concerned about these high temperatures of the last couple of days? Particularly with it being low every time for the last two years and four months! Gave Jodie some

I thought I’d check everything to take again… not that I’m over-forgetful, a ditherer, waverer, vacillator, or dimwit. I was so pleased; over-the-moon with the Lumix working. Now I can take snaps of the riverside, the birds, the Market Place today. I was almost getting gregarious. I took a photo from the window, but nothing showed on the screen. My heart sank, so tried again, several times to take pictures, each one to no avail!
The day just went down to level three in the pissed-off stakes! I put the camera b battery on charge and had to leave it at home. Time to rush out for the Link minibus. Not in a good mood now!

The driver was looking rather annoyed as I stumbled out from the foyer on the ground floor. But he did not moan at me; bless him. We were pulling up at the Riverside Complex car park; it seemed to me in no time. Of course, I spent the journey nattering, and he couldn’t hear a word I was saying. A shame that!

Of how I wished that I had the camera with me. As I walked into Bulwell, the birds around the river Leen bank were bounteous and beautiful. I’d have loved to have taken some photos.
Over the next hour and a half, I visited three stores, and I got a carrier bag of this and that from each one. B&M, Heron, and Iceland.
Spent a bit!

Had I got the camera, I could have photographed the shop that I worked in back in 1962, a travel agent now.
The butcher’s van with tons of meat on show. Most likely horses, judging by the cheap prices he was asking. Hehehe!
The river Leen, not so many people around, and the fancy ducks and birds had abandoned the place to the many pigeons. Which is to who I fed the seeds.
A fist fight near the no longer open toilets on the other side of the road between two blokes, the shorter man had a good upper-cut. It was broken up before any police arrived… mind you, that’s not surprising in Nottingham. Three women sorted them out, and the bloke wandered off and into the pub together, laughing it looked like?

On my hobble to the Centre to catch the bus, there were an awful lot of escooters flying about and some damned dangerous disability scooter riders!

The good news? Was that was as good as gold to me. And  I did a fair bit of hobbling around with three heavy food-filled bags hanging on the trolley, too.
At the centre, I sat down near the end door to and from the car park… When I say sat down, I mean clumped down! I really didn’t see how low they were, and I think , burst a few papules… well, I know he did. Tsk!

The minibus came dead on time; it was Beryl who lifted me last Friday. Bless her. Likes a natter, my sort of gal. I don’t know her real name. Enjoyed the lift home. Bade farewell and off inside the foyer of the flats. Where neighbour Josie launched into Sherlock Holmesian mode. Where have you been? Did you meet anyone? You’ve bought more food? Do you need it? Hold on, I’ll come up with you… Did you get yourself some bananas?

I was slightly dazed when I got into the flat. Hahaha!
A drop of rain fell, but it only lasted for a few seconds.
I got the things put away and ended up with a mightily cramped-up load of fridge contents.
I think you must have noticed that the Lumix was working again? !
Definitely, I won’t need any substituted and short-dated food delivery for a few days or longer! I will have to ask Carer Richard to check the dates on the stuff in the fridge on Monday. Since I can no longer read many of the smaller-printed dates on such a lot of the things in there.

I’ll be spoilt for choice for a few days now.
I did manage to get some of the drinks from B&M.
I got a few non-alcoholic drinks of different types for the Carers and Nurses. A can of Mango Juice, one of Grape Juice. A couple of bottles of Coke signature drinks, which are Smoke flavoured? Cans of Rhubarb & Gin with Ginger Ale and a Passion Fruit Martini!

Then things got back to normal. Huh! The Link Service called me to tell me that they are picking me up tomorrow, at 07:55hrs. To go to the doctor. Needless to say, I’d forgotten all about this. I’m not sure if it is the Memory Test, Severe Frailty Check or the Flu Jab?
I thanked her kindly and checked the date on the calendar. Hmm! I’ve also got the Chiropodist at 11:15hrs. Oh, dear…
Then WordPress played up. And half of the screen was taken up with telling me the LinkedIn link needed updating. But it wouldn’t let me!
④  Kicked off with his noises again Concentration was hard enough without that uncommunicative, unamicable, unneighbourly, superior-natured, snotty, gits banging about!
⑤  Then I realised I did not have enough cash to pay for the bus in the morning!
Huh! I only dropped the spring water bottle, and it landed right on big toe!
Suddenly I realised it was a Saturday tomorrow. (I can be sharp sometimes) The problem is, most Saturdays… well, all of them, Carers come much later in the day. So I’ve now got to talk t.o whichever Carer comes tonight (Not always an easy task). And explaining that I needed them earlier tomorrow.
Life is not easy when one gets older and is on their own! Problems that cannot be solved. I bet you they let me down in the morning, and I have to go to the doctor without taking my medications? That is, if I can solve the shortage of money to pay for the minibus with – if I can’t, the whole day is going to be a further problem-bringing nightmare!
I’ve gone from almost contented to depression in ten minutes!

Blimey! The Carer is due anytime now.
Just started to eat the meal, and ♫ Oh Susana ♫ rang out. had arrived, and I had to explain the cock-up with the doctor’s appointment timing. He rang into his Meridian Care HQ and told them. The man said: “You are getting an outside Carer tomorrow, so they should be early. It would have been better to have informed us earlier…” If he thought about who he was dealing with for a moment, someone with Vascular Dementia who has had all the appointments changed on him by the surgery twice, he may have found it unnecessary for sarcasm.

I ate the three-quarters of the now cold meal left, washed the pots and took these evening shots from the kitchenette window 


I used two different modes to see which was best. Naturally, I forgot to write them down so I’m none the wiser

12 thoughts on “Inchcock: Friday 23rd September 2022

  1. Putin sauntering onto his famous long table. I can’t imagine the stress of sharing that table with His Royal Hauteness. Russians exist in a continuous state of fear. The guy is 99.99% Pure Evil. Just saying.
    Necolatry. A bit of synchronicity there, mate. A word that fits being in the same room with V. Putin. Whoa.
    That fistfight does seem to represent a certain side of Nottingham, as I read somewhere. Might have read it here, hear?
    Magnificent photography, Sir!

    • The Russian revolution, Tzar gone. Communist oppresion was even worse. Their heroic soldiers, sent across the volgar to attack the Germans in Stalingrad. With ine rifle between five men, told to take a weapn off of the next man to die and kill as many Germans as possible. Boats with troops in being sunk no resue for the men. And so many Russian Prisoners of war executed afterwards for surrendering… and still the revolution does not start again. Now the troops being sent into an unwanted war again… so sad.
      Nottinghamians depress me sometimes, but not as much as Putin does.
      Carer Sinead this weekend, lovely gal.
      Dreampt last night of the Tardis, with HRH, Alan, me and you as the Doctor – and you had a yellow slide rule with you. Can’t remember what we were up to, vague thoughts on resuing an escape pod?
      Cheers, Sir! Love to all!

      • The history of Russia is an unending stream of tragic events, unrelentingly sad. Their travails seem absolutely eternal. Was there ever a time of sustained hope? Or even three weeks of well-being for the majority of her citizens. Many men who are threatened with enlistment in their army are breaking their own arms to avoid it. I imagine that they are now making self-harm a capital offense. Nottingham and Cincinnati are paradises by comparison.
        Sinead saves the day. Yay!
        What a great bit of dreamery. And we are all dashing about in the Tardis. Splendid stuff. My yellow slide rule goes everywhere and everywhen. Slide Rules Rule. Harhar, Sar.
        Sending cheers and Love to your inimitable self, my friend!

      • Well sated about Russia, Bill. Spot one!
        Sinead is a cut above, bless her.
        I’m loking forward to seeing Richard this morning, and having a proper chinwag about nothing, and everything. If he’s not too sleepy, of course. Bless him.
        Santar, SAntar, Santar! I hate it when I can’t remember dreams properly, occasionally I can, but not often. The trusty notepad reminded me of that one. How can I when supposedly asleep, write squiggly notes to find when I wake, and not know I’ve done it? One for a lab, perhaps?
        Keepeth well, love to all.

      • Aha, another SM devotee! Hehe! I liked that one.
        Psychoactive drugs… never tried them, Billum.
        The secret is to rite them in you sleep and not know until the morning that you have done. A little new skill acquired a year or so ago. Hahaha!
        Took a tumble this morning (Tues), by good fortune, Richard was here yawning in the other room, but he musthave heard my landing on the kithcen floor kocking over his bag of treats, and hastened to me. A bit of a job getting me back up, both knees tender, I usually fall on one, but not today (Another new skill?). I was so pleased Richard got me up again, else I might still be on the deck. (I’m not though, I just checked, I’m in the computer chair. Har-har!
        I might be bold enough to give a little advice here, Billum. If you want to write your dreams nocturnally, its best to be up for 28hours the day before, and eat far too much Roast vegetable Risotto before retiring. Of course this may have no effect, in that case, I apologise.
        Santar Ha! my freind.

      • SM is known by many names, and there are many ways to summon him. Everyone sleeps…as far as I know, I haven’t met most them. Haha!!
        Taking tumbles is a skill you share with Petal, Alan and I play the Richard role — reestablishing equilibrium. And, yes, her knees take the brunt as well.
        Good observation regarding your non-presence upon the deck. Astute. Haha! And by wild coincidence, I am also in the computer chair. Another Haha.
        Sontar Ha! mon ami.

      • At this moment, Billum, SM is in my good books after last night.. ready for this Sir?… 6-hours!!! I suppose I’ll pay for saying that?
        I hope he’s not wasting time sending me into oblivion and not ignoring HRH, and Prof, Billum?
        I so look forward to your humour-lifting comments, mate.
        Damn, I forgot to look up what causes Anne Gyna attacks to furst forth. I’ll do it today. (Well…)
        Oh, s Lady in the flats is on a medication, that she looked up and another name for it came up as Humira! Now I wouldn’t have known that if the bus had arrived and I had a natter with her in the foyer. I can’t remember how Humira came into the nattering session?
        So many links twixt us keep coming up – I love the idea!
        Santar – Ha! Santer – Ha! Well, I’ve got to get the Enoxaparin injected in a bit… I swear the needles are getting longer and longer. Hahaha!
        Awaiting Richard’s visit as of now, I don’t inject until the Carer has gone, since Carer X came in while I was doing the the fourth and final one, and nearly passed out – theres a word for fear of needles… I’ll have to look it up when I ask Mr G about the angina.
        Keppet safe please, and thanks again.

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