Inchcock Today 25 Dec 15: No buses for two day, shame!




Friday 25th December 2015

Up at 0440 hrs, Arthritis bad, all other things not so bad. Even Little Inchy was less itchy and painful this morning! Yahoo!

Cleared up from last night and found me Warfarin tablets left in the evening medication pot Huh!

WC’d; Then changed and took a walk down the 12 flights of stairs to loosen me knees a bit. Popped outside the foyer doors, raining and windy – not a soul about inside or out. Still, I should be abe to get a washing machine free later on.

Back to the flat and a cuppa, medications took, and laptop on to finish yesterdays diary and start this one off.

Then I did a bit of Facebooking. Then sorted and got rid of hundreds of photographs that were duplicated on the hard drive between Google Photos and the Windows Photographs. At least, I hope they were.

Hours later I struggled into the bath – had a good soak – tended to Little Inchy, then struggled out of the tub.

IMG_0093Got my laundry and things ready and waddled down to the empty and very cold laundry room.

The washing machine managed to take another 60p off me without responding to the buttons I pressed, so I fed it another 60p, and it allowed me to do the washing this time.

I went out into the foyer to have a seat and do me crosswords, and the lady tenant who lost her key the other week when I was able to help her was sat looking like she needed help again in a chair.

P1020744I gave her a bag of chocolate eclairs to nibble, and she told me she was waiting for the woman to bring her a meal and she was a bit bothered because the lady was now coming at 1500hrs instead of 1400hrs. She added that she could have had her meal herself by now from those delivered by the Social Services?

I tried to find out who the lady was and where she was from, but the old dear seemed a little confused bless her. She said the lady was from a flat above hers and was going to go into Sherwood to get the meal and bring it back for her, and she will refuse it and tell her it was too late?

The poor woman could only talk about the cold weather with any clarity. Still I waffled on about all and sundry, and she seemed happy, apart from the late free meal.

I swapped the clothes from the washer to the drier, and that took an extra 60p off as well. You’ve got to see the funny side of it!

P1020749The rain stopped a for a while, and I nipped outside with my camera when I noticed some squirrels out and about. 

I took some photographs from a good way off of some squirrels as they seemed to be playing jumping up and down fro the top of some concrete bollards. But I didn’t do a good job, and only one of the photos came out reasonable. 

I noticed what looked like fungi growing from the concrete of the posts; I’ll have to have a closer look, not now, though – the rains started again.

As I went into the laundry room to remove my now dried clobber, the lady left to go back to her flat, muttering about being hungry and she would tell the woman to sod-off! Oh dear. I hope the woman bringing the meal was not doing it for charity, cause she’ll feel terrible when she gets rejected now.

Back up to the flat and the usual weariness dawned on me. Managed to get a meal, but fell asleep in the chair yet again, woke up in the dark, thought about clearing up me food tray and empty stuff from me nosh – fell asleep again. Woke up later and noticed me evening medication pot, took them (Well I thought I did?) and nodded off again.