Inchcock Today Thur 10 Nov 15: Feeling much better today – worrying innit?

They told me I was gullible and I believed them!

Thursday 10th December 2015


Up late at 0600hrs – Wondered why I had stopped dreaming lately? Or why I can no longer remember them if I am still having them?

To the WC and tended to Little Inchy again – still no news from the hospital or surgery about this?

Made a cuppa and took me medications. found a mess in the kitchen where I’d failed to clear up last night after cooking – Naughty Boy!

Laptop on. Message from Kentucky Angel Angie this morning – so happy she is not poorly. Great news to start the day off. Her turns of phrase I find so witty, here is one she wrote when referring to Solicitors: “All nincompoops, found at the bottom of the slime ponds in life.” Thanks Angie, spot on methinks?”

Coreldraw is still playing up and I can’t do the work I want to on it, still, I’ll have another go later.

Me over Christmas order is coming today for the long life stuff from Asda (Wal-Mart).

Got a message from Steve Age UK asking if all right? After not answering so many of my messages and not getting back to me about the Building Society query too?

I’ll send him an Email methinks. Yes… I’ll do it now.

Done it, updated him on things and Jane too.

Deana will be calling today she said, so I’ll get missen spit and polished and bathed now.

Back in a bit…

That’s better. Sorted the laundry things for doing and got down to the laundry room and the washing in on ‘Quick wash’.

Windy and rainy again today.

01W01bFrank (another tenant) came down and out for a fag at the front of the foyer.

Many folk coming in and out, and I really enjoyed a good few natters and listening to their stories as they passed though the reception and by the laundry room.

Frank told me to take a look at his 01W01home-made card he’d left on the table in reception with the others.

Apparently since the others started calling him a ‘Christmas Scrooge’ three ears ago, he makes one of these each year now.

Got to like his humour haven’t you. He used an old soap powder box torn out and wrote on the inside “Humbug and Festivities to all!” Hehehe! I told him I’d post the photo and let him know if any comments came in on it. 

Saw Norman from the 12th floor and we managed a natter.

Got the washing from the machine into the drier. Not very good though, i shan’t use the ‘Quick mode again!

Deana joined us and had a seat and natter with some tenants. I nipped up to the flat to get the ‘Sign-here’ stickers for her.

I had a read of some of the signs on the boards near the lifts when everyone had disappeared. Mostly waffle with some telling us not to dry anything on the balconies, not to use the rubbish chute twixt 2000 > 0800hrs (Although someone is doing so), n not to use two washing machines (there are only two) at the same time, and not to use a drier if you are not using the washers when a washer is in use. (But folk are doing, like the bloke who’d just got back off holiday did and I had a barney with over his doing so!), And not to do noisy repairs or maintenance after 2000 hours – Like someone was doing last night when I wanted to get to sleep!

So, it appears these notes messages and warnings are as effective as the UKIP Party are in bonding the citizens of this Nation together and getting an MP into Parliament.

Took the rather less than clean washing back to the flat and put me washing away.

The Anticoagulant Service INR Warfarin level blood test results had been delivered. Down a bit to 2.7 this time. I Emailed the GP surgery to get appointment as told for Mon 14 December.

Got a reply in a few minutes from the GP surgery! Booked in for Monday 14th at 1115 hrs. Good that!

Tesco had sent an email wanting to know why I had not been shopping with them lately. I informed/reminded them that last time I did they delivered a broken clock and crushed cakes with no offer of recompense and not to bother now after so long. Nicely mind!

Did some Facebooking before the Asda delivery was due.

When the delivery arrived there were three substitutions:

Kettle Beetroot and Parsnip crisps – subbed with Pita Crisps?

Warburton Brown Thins – subbed with Wholemeal thins.

Jam doughnuts – subbed with Caramel Choux Buns. (Eurgh!)

I knocked on the lady in the next flat’s door and gave her the crisps and Choux buns.

P1020620Got me nosh, beef pie, pickled egg, beetroot, sweet potato mince, carrots and potato scones.

Sat down to eat it and realised I’d cooked the pie and potatoes on the wrong setting in the oven and it was not cooked through.

Still, I ate the beetroot carrots and pickled egg.

Finished reading me classic car paper, must save it to give to the flats caretaker Robert when I see him.

Nodded off and on trying to watch TV – gave up and in to the onslaught of sleep… Zzzz…

TTFN folks.