Inchcock Today Thu 17 Dec 15: Housework – sorting Day

How do you say to get a group of Solicitors to smile for a photo?

Just say ‘FEES’!



Guess where he fell asleep this morning?

Thursday 17th December 2015

Up and to the porcelain room at 0405 hrs, ‘Little Inchy’ in a right state again, but the innards were much improved… thankfully.

Managed to nod off on the throne – Tsk!

Woke a tad confused… made my way to make a cuppa to take me  medications with.

Remembered that Steve from Age UK is calling today, this afternoon, made sure I’d got me an application to divert mail documents safe for when he arrives.

Started this diary and did some Facebooking.

Took me bags to the rubbish chute.

P1020680Getting myself ready to go I went out of the door and realised I had not got me hearing-aids in – back to search for them. An hour later I gave up searching in despair.

Looking gloomy now.

Down to the Community shed to see if Deana was available. Met Frank outside the door having a fag, that was Frank having a fag, not the doors.

Told him about me losing me hearing aids and he pointed to the top of a radiator in the foyer where they were lying where I must have taken them out for some reason? Humph, Tsk and huh!

Deana not in so I returned to the flat.

Sorted my medication pots for the month. Updated this tosh and then set about cleaning the kitchen.

Marinated the baked beans in Bovril, brown sugar, mustard, Worcester sauce, Rosemary and vinegar.Updated this tosh and then set about cleaning the kitchen.

Updated this tosh and then set about cleaning the kitchen.


Prettified kitchen – although it cost me a bruised knee, back and neck ache and a lot of hassle! Hehe!

How hard could that be then…?

Cleaned the window inside only, cupboards and surfaces.

WhoopsieHoovered around, then got me mop and bucket out, just finishing the moping when the mop collapsed, down banging me knee on the bucket and tipped it all over the kitchen floor! Swore at this point a bit!

The mop apparently breaks into three pieces and doesn’t go back together with any rigidity. Cleaned up again and while it dried I nipped out to the Community shed again. Tsk!

Gave Obergruppenfhureress Julie her and Deana pressies.

Back to the flat. While I’d still got the fresh water in the bucket to clear the kitchen I did a quick mop over of the bathroom floor.

Hoovered the hallway and front room.

Updated this diary again.

Waiting now for the arrival of Steve from Age UK.

Steve arrived and got the paperwork done for me – I have to take it into the Post Office tomorrow with the ID’s needed and pay them £59 for the honour of getting me mail diverted to the new flat for three months.

Got my caramelised sausage rolls in the oven, beans on the hob.

Tasty, very tasty!.

Stomach a lot better now, but the knees ain’t.

No dizzies today.

Watched some TV in between nodding off.