Inchcock Today Sat 19 Dec 15: My specialist undies arrive – without any holes in the front! Tsk



Saturday 19th December 2015


Up at; wait for it: 0830 hrs! 

I did wake much earlier but somehow managed to nod off again repeatedly.

Not like me at all. But a type of satisfaction was accrued within me limited stunted addled brain over this?

P1020692Blimey it was light when I eventually ventured into the kitchen to put the kettle on!

To the WC to find ‘Little Inchy’ had only bled a little bit.

Typical, now I’ve got me appointment coming up on Monday after waiting for three weeks to have him looked at again – and now he stops bleeding! Huh!

Monday will be interesting, though. With the appointment being so late in the day, it’ll be hard for me get in touch with BJ to tell him if I’ve been kept in or not and if I’ll be going to the launderette Tuesday or not. Even if I get released that night, I’ll have a hell of a job to get back to the flat at that time of night; it’ll either be a marathon walk or catching two buses then walking up the hill back to the apartment. Unless I can get out before the number 40 stops running, then I can get it to Winchester Street and only have a little walk back to the flats?

Then again, they might keep me in overnight, so all I have to do is ring BJ and Jane to tell them I’ll not be free. I’ve confused myself now…

I got a few phone calls in succession where whoever rang didn’t say anything at all?

The laptop on and finished yesterday’s diary off, and then started this one.

IMG_0241I then realised I’d not took me morning medications. I was wondering why me ulcer reflux valve and the angina were playing up.

I took em straight away – must remember to take em late tomorrow as well then to balance things out?

Did some Facebooking and checked me emails.

My new undies from the clinic via the mail arrived – without any holes splits or gaps in the front! Still, they are supposed to stop any blood from getting out I assume?

Got ready for me evening soak. Antisceptic disinfectant and bath liquid added as I ran it.

Did me teggies and I had a shave.

Just struggled into the bath and settled and the phone rang – I wondered how I could hear it? Painfully got out of the tub, very painfully with the knees and opened the door to go to the living room and realised it was the Intercom phone on the wall in the hallway that was ringing. Picked it up to find someone was ringing the wrong number. Tut!

Back into the bath and had a good scrub up and soak.

P1020695‘Little Inchy’ was not bleeding too bad again.

Once more struggled painfully to get out of the bath, but managed it without any Whoopsiedangleplop.

Then after drying off, and cleaning the bathroom up, I opened the disposable underpants to wear one and see how I went with it.

Well, They looked like ladies to me without any slit in the front, and they had some ornate decoration at the top? I took a photo of them but decided not to publish it in case someone thought I was weird like.

But they are too tight even for ‘Little Inchy’. Still, I’ll see how it goes tonight.


Tasty, very Tasty!

Got me nosh on, Baked potatoes and Frikadellens, with some butter and bit of salt on the potatoes.

Smashing tasting that was!Then got on with updating this tosh while they cooked.

Then got on with updating this tosh while they cooked.

Spent hours on the web – even did another order for Morrisons to be delivered Sunday evening. Facebook, WordPress and Coreldraw.

Tooke e evening medications.Phone Sister Jane and had a chin-wag. She was not feeling well, I hope to get up to see her this coming week, providing they don’t keep me in on Monday of course, but I don’t think they will.

Phoned Sister Jane and had a chin-wag. She was not feeling well, I hope to get up to see her this coming week, providing they don’t keep me in on Monday at the City Hospital of course, but I don’t think they will.

I managed skillfully once again to watch a film, “Con Air” all the way through to the very last commercial break again before nodding off and missing the end! I’m annoying myself with doing this lately – I might get rid of the TV and give it someone who can stay awake to watch it. Hehe!

WC’d and checked the new disposables with the frilly edges. I don’t think I could wear these if going out with them on, though… what if I had an accident, dizzy spell, angina attack or something like that: Whatever would the medical people think seeing me in frilly disposable knickers without any ‘Little Inchy’ opening? Regardless, believe it or not, there was no blood at all? Had the design of the pads helped, or is the lesion healing on its own? Just when I get to go in to have it looked at it stops on its own? Confused now.

Made a cuppa and some biscuits to nibble and attempted to listen to the radio. Asleep withing minutes, waking up an hour or so later to go to the WC, and got up without realising I’d got the headphones on. Made a bit of a mess as the wires caught the bottles of orange juice and tipped them over. The headphones shot off me head and knocked some photo’s off me corner display stand, and I stubbed me toe on the base corner of me easy chair knocking me charging mobile onto the floor and I hit me head on the door bending down gently to pick them up and I had a dizzy spell!

I abluted then I got my head down and drifted off quickly…