Inchcock Today Tue 29 Dec 15: Flat-bound again

Nottingham – Officially the cleanest City in Britain?



Tuesday 29th December 2015

Up at 0415 hrs, recalled bits of some dreams, but only bits this time. I was being dragged out of an office against me will by ghosts? Then was in a cellar working on a sewing machine? 

As soon as I tried to move, the neck and back ache started.

To the bathroom, Little Inchy had been bleeding less than of late, and I failed in my attempts at my needed evacuation?

Made a cuppa, took my medications and finished the diary for Monday, then started this one off. Moved on to doing graphics after I’d checked me emails.

P1020778As the lightness appeared, the moon was clinging on this morning. was arising.

The Morrisons gentleman arrived with my order, and I now have a chocker-full freezer and food cupboards like never before.

I must use some roast ham I have in the fridge from last week today. Perhaps ham, baby carrots, beetroot and mashed spuds, or baked spuds even?

I got an email earlier from the Grammarly add-on. Apparently I’ll get a monthly report something like this one I got here.

01W01I joined this free version last week and found it so good that I bought the premium package.

But found it so good that I bought the premium package.

This can be used along with WordPress, MS Word and Facebook, it also Auto checks my emails.

I have to say I’m enjoying using this Grammarly add-in thing, and it’s easy to get used to for the uneducated like what I am.

You’re never too old to learn, and even at 49, I’m savouring the experience, despite my total lack of education at school. Fib2 Oh… all right then, 69. Humph!

I spent hours trying to do the Ode for a post, but for some reason today, I just could not concentrate and gave up on it?

P1020779Got me nosh ready.

Sweet potatoes in batter, beef slice, beetroot, cheese pops and baby carrots.

Rated this one as 9.5/10.

Again, I returned to try to create the Ode, and again gave up frustratingly after several failed attempts?

Took the rubbish bags to the chute. When I returned to the flat I felt so drained for some reason. The aching back and neck started off again too.

The usual performance of nodding off and waking went on for ages.

I watched some more ‘Heartbeat’ episodes, series two this time.

Eventually nodded off through until 0500hrs.