Inchcock Today Mon 28 Dec 15: An Odd Day


Did everything but name my solicitors this did! Humph!


Monday 28th December 2015

Up at 0510 hrs, felt like I’d not had any sleep, fatigued and heavy eyelidded. Late again for me.

One of my dreams involved me being trapped underground, and confused as to where and how, I think a bank teller was with me, but no idea why?

Back and neck ache along with Arthur Itis in me knees made it painful for me to get to the bathroom porcelain on my first trip of the day. Funny innit? How yesterday I felt so good and had most of my ailments being kind to me – today Little Inchy had to be de-clogged of blood cleaned and treated. The haemorrhoids were bleeding away, and as I said earlier, Arthur Itis had returned with a vengeance! Accompanied by Anne Gina letting me know she was there.

I finished off Sunday’s diary, made a cuppa and took me morning medications.

Started this one off and then did a bit of Facebooking. For far longer than planned (But I love those pesky Ether-friends) and I must get a bath now and catch the later bus than expected.

Not liking this neck and shoulder ache I’ve accumulated overnight at all!

Filled the bath and tended to me tender areas. Hehe, why am I laughing?

Thought I’d go to the bank today and sort out why I had not been getting my statements. Then go to Derby for me undies.

Got ready, took me bags to the rubbish chute on the way down and went to the bus stop. No other residents there Рhello I thought? Decided to walk up and through the park to the bus stop on Mansfield Road, met Frank and his son on the way doing the same. They informed me that the buses for the flats are off for three days, should be back on tomorrow. Tsk!

P1020770Got the bus in Sherwood to town.

Walked through Victoria Shopping Mall, and nearly got myself knocked into and over by the crowds!

Bargain hunters on a mission methinks, but dangerous for those not so nimble on their feet like what I am.

P1020771It was a bit of a job getting out uninjured, due to so many shoplifters trying to get in through the same doors, but managed it safely.

P1020772A smell greeted me as I left from the other end?

It was from the unemptied bins.


I walked bravely down through Clinton Street to the City Centre, where the unsmiling faces of the crowds concentrating on their mobile phones indicated another danger of me getting bashed into.

P1020773Went across the amusements and down Exchange Walk to the bank.

Of course, it was closed.

I had a wander about then decided not to get the bus to Derby. But get the 40 bus back to Winchester Street after I’d nipped into the Pound Shop to get some Lemon Air-freshener. I ended up getting more than planned. Jelly babies, BBQ sauce, the last lemon freshener in the store and a Jasper Carrot DVD.

Walked up to the bus stop and found one was due in a few minutes. Ah, I thought, is my luck is changing?

P1020776The bus came in, and we were off – the bus broke down at the next bus-stop.

Another driver got on, and they failed to get it going so we were turfed off to catch the next 40 bus.

Cunningly as I milled about twixt the 20 or so other ejected passengers, I decided to walk back to the first stop. This, I thought, would ensure I get a seat on it.

Hobbled back and had to wait 25 minutes for it to arrives and we set off again, but I got a seat!

At the bus-stop where we had been abandoned earlier the flood of passengers was tidal! The bus filled up within seconds, and the others left an elderly lady struggling to stand along with many others. No one offered her their seat, so I got the man in the next seat to me to let me out, I protected the free seat from being taken by others and indicated to the lady to seat there. My faith in humanity is ever decreasing!

SquirrelGot to the Winchester Street bus stop, and the lady got off at the same time. I crossed the road with her, both of us a bit nervous I think.

It’s a dangerous bend above and below the bus-stop for seeing traffic coming in time.fats.

The lady was not very lucid, and I felt for sorry for her. She said something about the carers at her home not being very caring bless her.

I walked her to the back entrance of her Care Home and continued on to Woodthorpe Court at the end of Chestnut Walk.

WC’d just in time, phew that one was close!

Got me nosh and settled to watch some Heartbeat episodes on a DVD of the first series. This got me thinking about when they were first shown and what I was doing and living at the time. Mixed memories emanated from me muddled mind and I realised I was happier now than then. I think?

I nodded off and woke up hours later and foolishly tried to watch some more. After several nod-offs, I gave up.