Inchcock Today Sun 27 Dec 15: Out and About today!



Sunday 27th December 2015


Brekkers this morning


Gloomy looking this morning as well!

Up at 0425 hrs, Some dreams I’d had stayed in my mind and I wrote bits of them down.

The cut lip I acquired yesterday while cutting my toenails was a lot less painful – until I made a cuppa and took me medications – Oooh stinging!

Arthur Itis was playing up on me knees badly, but Anne Gina and ulcer were not bad at all. Hope it stays like this for a bit.

Laptop on and got the Saturday diary finished and posted.

Then perused my notes about the dreams. So glad I did write them down because by now they had evaporated into the ether.

The Dream/s:

I was in a battle and seemed to be in charge of some Wehrmacht troops hidden up high in a battle-scarred building. We had little ammunition left but had pre-targeted all the areas around us for our artillery to pick of some of the hundreds of T34 tanks attacking us before we ran out of ammunition.

Then I seemed to be in charge of the Russian troops weapons and tactics? I summoned aircraft to attack and use the German’s ammunition. Having made all the plans – I found myself back with the Germans, for some reason the troops were using Bren guns but with a different shell casing?.

The best bit of the dream, Kathy Kirby appeared walking towards the Russian lines singing ‘Secret Love’ and the weapons ceased firing? After she had sung it, both sides gave her a round of vigorous applause.

As for me, I was transported to Italy, Rome I think.

I was sat in the Bistro (If that’s the word, an outside cafe wine bar), listening to a bloke singing Dean Martins ‘June in January’ and I was reading a book about ‘Open all hours’ the TV comedy?

I believe I was singing that song when I sprang awake?

Made another cuppa and decided that weather permitting, I’d try to have another good walk in Woodthorpe Grange Park again after the weather ruined yesterday’s attempted walk about in the Park.

Set about to attempt to create an Ode, but the concentration wasn’t there. Tsk!


Lynton & I in a graphic wot I dun like…

I did manage to get some graphics done, though.


Marissa Bergen in a ‘Women’s poster.’

I was pleased with the result of one I made using a photo Lynton that had posted on Facebook. Added my mush to it, and made a background using French toilet rolls, linking it to a word used in Lynton’s comments.

Then I did one of Marissa Bergen out of a poster I found on-line.

I made a bit of a mess of the neck though I’m afraid. Tsk! And Huh! Still it looks a bit like a collar?

I hope she isn’t too cruel to me over this transgression.

I live in fear now…

S-M Hornj

Shirley and Mike as Moneypenny and Bond!

Then I created a mock 007 poster with Shirley Blamey and Mike Steedenski as Miss Moneypenny and James Bond.

Hope they both like it.

Took a few hours to do but I did enjoy doing these graphics.

Went to have a wash and shave, during which I blew my nose and blood came out of the left nose channel. Bit concerned about this I was at the time. But thankfully it hasn’t happened since again yet.

Little Inchy bled a bit more than yesterday as well.


Traffic Jams en route to town

Took me rubbish to the chute on me way out. I walked up the hill path into Woodthorpe Park, and down onto Mansfield Road.

Caught a bus into the City Centre. The last ¼ mile was bumper to bumper with all the Sale shoplifters, er, shoppers going to town for the bargains.


Plenty on loungers with ear pieces and phones in their ear-holes were spread around

Walked through Victoria Cente shopping mall, a busy mob of shoppers were about in number.

There were many new eateries in the mall, and they were all doing a brisk trade today.

Had a look at some of the prices on their menus that were on display.

All through the centre, the available seating was occupied.


INTU centre busy today.

Most shops were advertising ‘Sale – All sale items at 50% off or more’.

When I passed by the ‘Next’ door, thought I noticed my Sister Jane inside, so I phoned her, no reply. Went into the store but couldn’t see her.

I walked to the other end on the top floor and out of the above street passage and took a photo from above.


Upper Parliament Street from the walkover bridge

The rain was holding off nicely.

Jane called me back, it was not her in the store, she was at home getting ready to go to the footy match.walk.

I carried on and down the wonderfully kept and cleaned stairs that come out between the Pound store and the pub in this photo.


Nottingham – The Cleanest City in the East Midland – they claim?

Not exactly an area that contributed to Nottingham becoming the cleanest City in the East Midlands is it? Hehe!

At the bottom of the steps were removed shop security tags, what looked like parts of syringes to me, sick on the floor, nub-ends, empty beer bottles and cans, uneaten takeaways and blood. Welcome to Nottingham!


The Mob! Clinton Street.

Got to the end of Clinton Street to go down it into the slab square, but being as I didn’t have me stick with me and the crowds looked rather daunting, I walked along Upper Parliament Street to Queen Street, to check on the times for the 40 buses today. No L9 or L8 was running today being a Sunday.


Food Glorious Food – at a price!

Had half an hour until the ETA of the bus, so took a walk into the Slab Square to get some photographs of the shoplifter… no sorry, shoppers fighting each other for the bargains nad entertainments.Least of all the food stalls!

The food stalls were doing well, despite the prices they were charging!


View of the Council House from the bus-stop on Queen Street

Back up to the bus-stop.

Caught the 40 bus back to Winchester Street in Sherwood. Close to the flats, only a ten-minute walk from the bus stop where I dropped off at on Winchester Street.

Arthur Itis had been so kind to me today.


View approaching the flats

The view here from where I turned the corner onto Chestnut Walk. the flats.

The first block of flats is Winchester Court, and it’s sister block, further along, being my residence Woodthorpe Court.

I think it had been raining here during my absence because the gigantic puddle in the road near the flats seemed to have grown bigger?

Got in the flat and realised I’d spent nothing during my trip out at all! Good that!

WC’d and changed into my jammies, getting very tired again now.

Felt peckish. Beef pie in the oven then added some Chilli-con-Carne to it.

Devoured it with relish. Took my evening medications and settled to watch some episodes of ‘Hussle’ on the DVD thingy in the TV.

The picture and sound kept sticking. But it didn’t bother me too much as I fell asleep anyway. Tsk!

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