Inchcock Today Sat 26 Dec 15: Bathroom Whoopsiedangleplop and got dirty in the mud?



Saturday 26th December 2015

Up at 0330 hrs, my first sensation was the lack of bother from Little Inchy! Maybe the treatment is working at last? Yahoo!

Noticed I’d left me nosh tray at the side of the chair with me dirty nosh plate and cutlery – but it seems I had eaten up all of the nosh.

Got up to go to the bathroom porcelain and saw I’d spilt/dropped some stuff on the floor – continued to the thrown and things went well there for a change, even the haemorrhoids were not leaking! Then returned to find that some tablets from the evening medication pot were lying on the carpet? Oh dear?

Made a cuppa and cleared the mess up, and then started the laptop and finished the last diary off and started this one. Opening my Google Calendar I realised it was Angie Winks Birthday today, so set about creating the graphic at the top of this diary, and posted it to Angie’s Facebook site. I hope she has a super time today and manages to take it easy as well. Love, kisses and cuddles Angie. XXX

I must thank Patti Beckert for her support and sense of humour over the year too! And wish Teresa all the best. All brave gals who take the bother to look after me over the ether. And the TFZers on Facebook, who I’d be lost without. Love to them all. X

Back to the diary.


No buses today or tomorrow, so if the rain stops, I’ll have a walk into the Woodthorpe Grange Park later.

Of cleared up from last night and found me Warfarin tablets left in the evening medication pot Huh!.

I spent hours doing what I thought would be a good graphic for the TFZers. Then to my chagrin, Coreldraw froze and I lost it all! Tsk, Huh, Dammit and a double Humph! Lost all heart in it now. Klaberwockers!

I had a good bath and soaked. When I tended to ‘Little Inchy’ he bled, but I don’t think as much as he has been doing lately, so good news there. When I Phorpain gelled my knees, Arthur Itis indicated to me that this was not going to do any good today as I struggled to get painfully out of the tub. Tsk!

I put some Brut all over me in case any elderly ladies wished to ravage me while I was on me walk around the park later.

Then set about cutting my toenails. One of the most difficult of all the ageing tasks for me this one is. This time, I lost my balance but stopped myself falling over with the shrewd move of using me chin on the sink. I cut my lip on the inside, swore a bit and dabbed some Antiseptic disinfectant on it… and swore some more! Hehe!

I put me bath towel in the airing cupboard, old clothes in the laundry bag and got the laptop out of sleep mode and updated this diary.

The rain had stopped so I got myself ready to go on me walk around Woodthorpe Grange Park, taking my camera with me in case owt interesting comes into view. Only mud came into view, Tsk!

TTFN, back in a bit.

P1020750 P1020751 P1020752 P1020754Back sooner than expected! I was going to go up to the Park via the back of the flats – but it was also muddy I decided to go up the front via the footpath

The wind was howling and I struggled up the path to the top to find it was even muddier up there, mixed in with all the fallen decaying leaves.

I thought about it and decided just to take a photograph of some of the brave folks and their dogs that had ventured out and then get back to P1020753the flat and get me dinner on..

Walking down the hill, I nearly got myself blown over a couple of times.

I felt for the folk up North who were having it so much worse that us in Nottingham.

Got in the flat and no call for the use of the porcelain either. I’m doing well today!

Got me nosh prepared and cooking and updated this while it cooked.

P1020755Instant mash with onions and added cheese granules, beetroot, garden peas, potato cakes and a beef slice.

Delectable. Rated it 9.4/10, and please note there was no cream cakes, biscuits or lemon curd swiss rolls! However, I did weaken and have some Raspberry & Vanilla mini rolls later.

Then I noticed that I had gotten mud all over me trousers legs on me little romp in the woods. I tried to clean it off, but it has not dried sufficiently and I made a bit of a mess – Huh… more washing for the next laundry session.

Watched an old film on the box ‘The Last Stand’ with Arnie, in twenty episodes, this time, I fell asleep for a longer period in the middle and woke up for the ending.

No dizzies all day, and apart from Arthur Itis and Little Inchy bleeding again later, had no complaints from Anne Gina, the ulcer, cramps, hernia or the split lip. Did I mention the split lip? Hence the instant potatoes on me nosh.


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