Inchcock Today Wed 23 Dec 15: House… well Flat Bound again – Oh dear!



Wednesday 23nd December 2015

Up at 0525 hrs, What a state I woke up in too! Unbelievable! (As Victor Meldrew would say!)

This morning My Medical Synopsis (Fancy word for me eh?)

P1020724There were not many of my ailments that were not giving me some bother this morning.

The legs had swollen like never before; the stomach had bloated even more. Might not be abe to get me trousers on later?

The skin cancer wound on me back was itching like crazy. The duodenal ulcer was giving me a bit of jip. Arthur Itis was not liking it at all when I moved me knees or wrists. Anne Gina was causing breathing difficulties. The haemorrhoids were bleeding away merrily. The boils P1020722on my bum had increased to three now. Little Inchy had become a painfully matted chunk of dried blood that needed attention.

I’ll have to put the new disposable underpants thing on today, as I am not going out anywhere due to two reasons like: Had a super dizzy spell when I first got up, and the gurgling runs had returned, I took a capsule in the hope it UP92might help.

On my second trip to the porcelain, Little Inchy had been flowing again. A brighter red this time?.

Good job I’d got some swabs and cotton wool in stock.

If it hasn’t eased when I get me bath later, I suppose I’d better ring 111 for advice?

Now Anne Gina is getting worse as I write, well type.

So, as I said, no going out for me today. I’m too nervous of the dizzies and getting caught wearing those flaming lady-like disposable undies! Hehehe!

Made a cuppa, didn’t eat owt cause of the state of me stomach.

Not feeling too bad under the circumstances. Might get some sorting done today and graphicalisationing perhaps?.

Got the laptop on and finished Tuesdays diary. Shame I forgot to take me camera out with me, though.

Hello, a touch of the shivers then. I’ve just checked the thermometer in the kitchen, down to 55° now. Looks a bit windy out, but it’s in the right direction for me, not blowing at the front and coming in the holes in the kitchen wall at least.

Going to get in my bath now and see if I can do owt with Little Inchy and the haemorrhoids.

Back in a bit folks.

Lovely good soak that was, sorting Litte Inchy was less hassle than I thought it might be. Crossed fingers now.

Updated this diary then got me rubbish bags to the chute and called at the Community Hut to see if Deana was there.

She wasn’t, but Obergruppenfurheress Julie was. Gave her some nibbles and the letters for Margaret.

Met the lady from 84 on the way back and gave her a box of Terry’s Chocolates for Christmas and got a peck on me cheek (Nice!).

A hand-out letter had been delivered while I was out. It was from the Nottingham City Homes. They hope to do the improvements/modernisations to Winchester and Woodthorpe Court in 2016 – 17.

Had a cuppa and took me medications.

A sudden and abrupt attack of fatigue came over me after eating me nosh. I felt incapable of physically doing much at all?

All I could do was to sit down; I did watch some TV, but it was piecemeal viewing in between nodding off and visits to the porcelain to ease me rumbling innards.

The rest of the day was a lot better for the Angina and ulcer. Even the hernia eased a bit later. However, arthritis and stomach played up all the way through. Tsk!

I found a sort of inner peace, a feeling of my being composed and an acceptance of the situation? Not unhappy at all?.

I think that I turned off the TV about 2200hrs and felt like I’d been asleep for a few minutes, and it was 0530hrs as I sprang awake and made my way to the porcelain again.

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