Inchcock Today Thu 24 Dec 15: Visit to Sister Jane granted



Thursday 24th December 2015


A Wet start to the day


Up at 0525 hrs, Little Inchy a bit uncomfortable, other ailments apart from Arthur Itis much improved, but the rumbling tummy still churning away. 

Had a cuppa and took me medications then got the laptop on. I had received an email from Sister Jane granting me permission to visit them later today. At last, I can see Fooey the cat who is not doing very well and according to the Veterinary, they expect the worst any time now for him. I’m sad about this, but would like to see him and fuss him some before the end.

Jane and Pete are so busy it’s been a while getting to see them. They are either out at a Concert or cinema, at the Football match, at a party or visiting friends. But it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m glad they are fit wealthy and happy and don’t want to come and see me at the flat! Hehehe!

I’m using the new Grammarly add-on that checks the spelling. For a small fee, I’ve added synonyms and grammar checks to it. The problem is I’ve had no education to speak of and didn’t understand some of the explanations they use, Accusative, Ellipsis and Pronouns that I had not been taught about before. I looked up one on the web and didn’t understand the description! Someone said ‘Ignorance is bliss’ but I don’t think it is.

I deleted hundreds of photographs to free up space on the hard-drive. I just hope they still appear on WordPress and Facebook now? Incidentally, Grammarly checks on Facebook and WordPress as well, I like it, even if I don’t understand it all, just goes to show your never to old to learn.

Then I finished Wednesday’s diary and started this one off.

Did some Facebooking then got I the bath water flowing.

Looks like a clinic in there with all the medical paraphernalia now. Hehe!

Struggled out of the bath, medicated certain areas of my blobby physique then got all the things needed for me the visit to Jane Pete and Fooey in the bag or pockets.

Then went out to catch the L9 bus into town. Five minutes after the departure time of the L9 bus, I got the L8 to go down into Sherwood and catch a bus from there into town. We passed the L9 coming to the flats late as we travelled down Winchester Hill.

P1020735Caught a bus into town.

Plenty of traffic was heavy going into the City Centre today, as one would expect of course.

The rain continued, but now I was lower down the landscape the wind lessened a tad.

Caught the number 7 West Bridgford bus from town. Well packed it was too.

I walked along in the now lighter rain to Jane’s mansion.

P1020739The rain turned to big hail stones.

By the time I’d got me camera out, it had turned back into heavy rain – but the photo of Jane here shows the remnants of the hailstones that had not melted on her mat outside her patio doors.

Got Jane to pose quickly for me. Hehe!


Battered Brave Fooey

Poor old Fooey looked battered, but this didn’t change his nature and he enjoyed a cuddle or two.

He’s on painkillers and antibiotics from the vet.

The wound some animal had inflicted on him around his jaw looked nasty. However, he did manage to gobble P1020738some nibbles that I took for him, and the other cats joined in.

Here, a battered but brave Fooey gets his deserved cuddles from Sister Jane and me.

Pete then reminded me of the bus times and I gave them their nibble-bag, said my farewells and departed to catch the bus P1020742back to town.

Some of the hailstones had survived on the roads as we moved into Nottingham and I dropped off on Friar Lane in the City Centre.

Lots of last minute shoplifters, pavement cyclists and fun seeking pickpockets at the Fayre in the Slab Square.

P1020740 P1020741

I had a walk around as I had half an hour or more before the last L9 was due to leave.

Called in Tesco and got some bread. Please note that since the clinic asked me to photograph certain parts of my anatomy twice a day so they could assess things using them (Embarrassment at its worst here) – many bulges and wobbles came to my attention; Thus, I managed bravely to stop any fresh cream cakes falling into my shopping basket. Will-power at its best I thought?

The flats looked deserted as I got off the bus all alone. Didn’t see any tenants on my way in, up the lift or in the foyer.

Got in the apartment and to the bathroom. The stomach was rumbling far less today thankfully. Cleaned up little Inchy and applied his cream, took a photo for the clinic, and then changed into a pair of the disposable thingies. Itches anticipated.

Took me medications and got me nosh cooking away.

P1020743Looked at the TV paper and found plenty of good old stuff to watch with my rather larger than originally planned dinner.

I did enjoy it, though. Chestnuts, ham, three Frikadellen, oven fries, beetroot, followed by a strawberry dessert thingy – the last one for me now I’m on my self-imposed diet. He says full of confidence in his ability to maintain this

When I got the TV on a different programme was on than the TV paper had printed? I checked on the TV listing on the set, and yet another programme was indicated as being on at the same time?

Not that it mattered much, cause I fell asleep regardless.

4 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Thu 24 Dec 15: Visit to Sister Jane granted

  1. merry xmas, inchy – you planning to hang about in the foyer today with a sprig of mistletoe held above your head?

    p.s. might be best to start your self-imposed diet AFTER you’ve got your xmas dinner out of the way? 😆

    • A a happy time and New Year to you mate thanks.
      I’ve only seen one person so far this Christmas to speak to. Although I did get a peck on the cheek from the lady in number 84 when I gave her a nibble for Christmas last week (Very nice thank you).
      I hope Seren and Co. are doing well. Did you get the woofies a pressie?
      TTFN mate.

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