Inchcock Today Wed 30 Dec 15: Off to Derby in the wild wind…

It is unfair to believe everything you hear about solicitors.

Some of it might not be true!


Wednesday 30th December 2015


A ‘Moody’ photo of the hallway this morning

Woke at 0500 hrs, after a terrible night of my waking, aching and far, er, passing the wind.

The tummy was rumbling again, aching neck, back and shoulders: And a blinding headache behind the eyes. I felt like I’d not had any sleep at all. Fatigued and heavy eyelidded. Another late rising again for me.

A headache made a mental contact with a dream I’d had but blown if I could recall the details.

No call to the porcelain either – bit concerning that, so out of the ordinary.felt 

When I moved to make a cuppa and get me medications the knees and back were not happy with me. I really must get out and about today, loosen things up. I might try to get to Derby again, take some seed and earthworms for the ducks, grab my camera and call in to see if Primark has got any of the loose fitting undies left for sale. Yes good idea, I think I’ll do that. Oh better check me calendar first. All clear, medical appointments start next Monday again, Tuesday, Wednesday and so on. On Monday, I have three of them, GP, Clinic nurse! Hehehe!

Laptop on finished yesterday’s rather sad, aimless. Desolate diary, and started this one off.

At last I got a summons to the bathroom from me innards – Oh what a kerfuffle too! Little Inchy needed extracting from my disposable undies; the dried blood did not want to be removed. The haemorrhoids were flowing red. I even caught the cut inside my lip when I was doing me teggies, and that joined in bleeding. However, I’ve had it worse, just not all at the same time.

Good news came yesterday, I forgot to mention in Tuesday diary: Sister Jane rang, and she’d taken Fooey to the Veterinary, and he told her that the antibiotics were working on him. Great news, although of course Fooey being so old I must not get too excited. I asked Jane to take a photo of him and send it to me so I can post it.

Must get an early as possible bath. Can’t have one before 0800hrs in case it disturbs my neighbours. That doesn’t leave much time to get everything ready for going out before I have to get down to the bus-stop to catch the first bus at 0930hr.

Got an early bath and won the daily battle getting me socks off and new ones on.

All readied for me outing, I walked to the Winwood Community Shed and handed the mail I’d received for Margaret, the previous tenant. Had a chinwag with Deana the flats coordinator.

Back to the foyer and met some of the other tenants for another little chinwag and laugh, before catching the bus into town.


Could be a good one for a Caption Competition?

As I got off the bus in the city to go to the Victoria bus station to catch the Red Arrow to Derby, I couldn’t help but smile to myself when I saw the window of the John Lewis store that was being changed.


I walked through to the bank (Again) and called in to once more find out why I was not receiving me bank statements. The chap confirmed they had my correct address on their database. But could not tell me why I had not had any statements since I’ve been in the flats from last July? Again, just like the last three times, I’d called in to see them and find out why – he said I should receive one. 

Getting fed up with this now. 

I departed frustrated and walked to get the bus to Derby, just as the rain came down, and the wind was buffeting the vehicle all the way en-route.

Arrived in Derby bus station and the rain had eased a lot, but the wind remained bothersome.


Derby’s pigeons tucking into their nosh

Went to the Derwent river bank behind the station and gave the pigeons their seed and earthworms.

Then walked in the rain to the old market plaza. It was so sad, at least, another three stalls had been abandoned and closed since my last visit.

I don’t think it can last much longer at this rate.

Then down to the Primark store and got out of the rain and had a good wander around. I got another 3-pack of the loose-fitting undies extra large.

Had a walk around town to the Eagle Centre and had a saunter through to the Market there, another sad sight with so many stalls closed down and or unoccupied.

I was tempted at a stall selling used dvds at £1.50 each and purchased a few.

P1020782I espied at a jewellery stall these Amber things, took the photo to post on the Troll Free Site for the girls.

Out into the rain and wind again and over to the bus station.

I had a while to wait for the bus, so took a walk through the supermarket in there. Bought a 20p newspaper.

Caught the bus and read the Star on the way back into Nottingham. I can see why they charge only 20p for it – rubbish!

P1020783I dropped off the bus on Upper Parliament Street.

It never ceases to amaze me how the Nottinghomians ignore traffic signals and lights. They just seem to walk across the road with total disinterest in the oncoming traffic that was on the green lights to drive?

P1020784I just missed catching the L9 bus, so had an hour to wait for the next one. I had a saunter around the City Centre.

Plenty of well-wrapped up folk about despite the rain and wind.

I called in the Spar shop to get one of their bacon cobs but they didn’t have any in.

Back to the bus-stop. The bus left early and we were soon back at the flats.

WC’d and got me nosh started – it was supposed to have been roast potatoes and sausages. But I somehow foolishly put them both in the oven at the same time, the sausages were cooked to perfection but the potatoes were still almost cold. Wotta plonker! I threw away the roast potatoes and made some instant mash. Huh!

The rain and wind persisted.

Started to read my book… Zzzz!

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