Inchcock Today Thu 31st Dec 15: Laundry problems, New Year meeting and Little Inchy bleeding again. Tsk!

What’s the difference between a mosquito and a lawyer?
One is a blood-sucking parasite, the other is an insect.


Thursday 31st December 2015


The view from the kitchen window

Woke at 0400 hrs, the rumbling innards back again! after a terrible night of my waking, aching and far, er, passing the wind.

Still, it took me mind off of the creaking neck pains. Hehehe!

To the bathroom to find Little Inchy had had a bad night and needed untangling of the matted blood. Huh!

Had a few shakes this morning too.

Made a cuppa and took me medications.

Made up a bag of goodies for the meeting tonight at the Comunity shed. I shan’t be capable of waiting up to see in the new year with them, so I’ll go early and leave early leaving them some nibbles.

Laptop on to do the diaries. Had a proper dizzy while I was at at the laptop – scared me for a few seconds, yet it was all over and done with in a minute? Did some Facebooking and WordPressing.

Got the bath ready and had a shave. Did me teggies, got in the tub for a good soak and sorted Little Inchy out afterwards. Cleaned the bathroom and got me laundry and myself ready.

I’d thought if I get the laundry out of the way early, I would be able to get a kip in before the New Year Meeting at 1930 hrs in the Community Shed. Then I might avoid falling asleep in the meeting?

Took me rubbish bags to the chute and went down to the laundry room. sadly 

Sadly all the machines were in use. So I walked to the Community Shed to take the mail delivered to the last tenant and give the gals some nibbles. I’d left the letters near the flat door, though. Huh!

Came back to the flats and took note of the finishing time of the washers. Nipped up to the apartment and updated this diary, and then went down again to the laundry room with my washing and crossword book, hoping to get a machine free this time.

Got one this time. Started the washing machine and a chappie came down and began to empty a washer, he then used both devices and when I pointed this out he was not a happy laddie. He then started both driers going. Meaning, that my washer would be finished in 40 minutes, and I’d have another half hour to wait for a drier to come free. Humph!

01W01I sat in the lobby, and the frail lady from the 11th floor came down.

We had a nice chinwag while I waited for the drier to come free. The chappie didn’t come down by the time it had finished so I took out his washing and put mine in it.

He was not happy when he came down, and told me the washing was not dry and assumed I’d taken out his finished laundry early, so I could get mine in. I calmly told him I had not taken out his washing before the drier had completed its cycle – and he shouldn’t have been using two machines, and I thought he had shown his ignorance lack of respect in doing so. He turned a bit nasty and left the laundry room chuntering. Proving to me his lack of thought and consideration for others. I anticipate further bother from this crude animal at a future time!

P1020788I enjoyed a further natter with the lady while waiting.

Got my washing out so someone else could use the washer.

Got me drier going as the rain pelted down and the darkness fell.

Boy did the rain come too!

Deana came through the lobby, and I mentioned the ignorant one who used all the machines. I have no fear of conflict with this big bloke oddly enough – his disregard for others overpowers my nervousness in this instance.

Managed a chat with some others coming and going, and then took my laundry out and back up to the flat.

Hunger pangs sprang to life, and I got some battered fish fingers, fish cakes and pollock in the oven and updated this diary again.


Tasty but too large Fish Nosh

Got my nosh and added a bit of ketchup to it, and ate it with relish and some bread thins. Fish night nosh; Battered fish fingers, battered fish cakes and battered cod wedges, with baked beans.

Far too much and it was far too nice too as well and besides as well as.

Ate the lot, thus ruining me recent attempts at going on a diet of sorts and eating less. Humph!

Nodded off for an hour or so and found I was late for the New Year get together at the Winwood Centre (Community Shed).


On my way to the Community Hut

Got myself ready with the nibbles I was taking and ventured out into the drizzle and walked to the hut.

I was wondering how many of the 400 + tenants would be present., and looking forward to.

Despite the late time for me, I was looking forward to meeting the residents I might not have met before.


The Cheery Four tenants there

Not a full house by any means.

The frail lady from the 11th floor was there, (Second left), The amazing 94-year-old Gentleman Frank from Woodthorpe Court (At the end of the table in yellow) and another man and wife who I had not seen before – and that was it. But it was early yet, hours before midnight and the New Year.

Frank and I eventually mastered the music machine, and we got some DVDs of 1940 and 50’s music playing.


Royalty and Comedian?

The man and woman put on some masks and asked me to take a photograph of them.


It was wonderful listening as best I could to their stories and reminiscences.

The frail lady left and I realised I’d have to follow her soon. I’d missed my medications and the stomach was rumbling, but even worse I was being tempted by the alcohol, although it was not offered to me; I began seeing it as desirable. No way can I afford to start drinking again after the battle to stop many years ago now.

The tummy started rumbling. Oh dear. I said my farewells and wished them a Happy New Year and made my way back to the flat in the dark and drizzle. I think they thought I was a bit anti-social leaving so early?

Back in the apartment, I took some stomach settler but it was too late for me to take my evening medications. WC’d and doctored Little Inchy. Made a cuppa and decided to watch the film Space Cowboys, one of my all time favourites, and planned to take a photo of the fireworks that go off at midnight through the kitchen window. I fell asleep and missed the film and fireworks!

12 thoughts on “Inchcock Today Thu 31st Dec 15: Laundry problems, New Year meeting and Little Inchy bleeding again. Tsk!

    • Cheers Tim. I was thinking the same myself. Anticipation and hope are in abundance here this morning, as my guts rumble away again. Hehe!
      Have a real good one Sir.

  1. Had an uncle who was a lawyer. “All lawyers are crooks!” he’d say. “But you are a lawyer, uncle…” “I repeat: ALL lawyers are crooks!” He was lots of fun!

    • Thanks Sir. started not so good, I can’t find me camera this morning? Didn’t go out yesterday at all, used it last night? Perhaps the flat has a black-hole in it? Hehe!
      All the best to pets and yourself Sir. TTFN

  2. Happy New Year Mr. Inchcock! I have enjoyed keeping up with what’s going on in your life over the last year. I have always enjoyed your writing. I hope things go more your way in 2016.

    Chris McManus

    • Thanks Chris sir. I thought it as getting better… This morning I can’t find my camera? Used it last night, haven’t been out of the flat since? Oh dear!
      I wish you and Barb a great new year and much good luck in it. Cheers.

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